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  • Bishop is still employeed?

    Why was she not fired and then arrested?
  • We're dying out here

    The show has taken a steady decline since the days of Jenny and multi episode villains like Jonas Cobb and Harper Dearing. The loss of Ziva hurt and adding Bishop didn't help. But this crew with "Fez" is just ridiculous. The acting is bad, the scripts are boring, there is no meaningful interaction between characters and no major villians to carry as a thread from episode to episode. Lastly, why did they neuter Gibbs ? They need to kill off another character and piss him off. I nominate Bishop and Torres together.
  • What Gives!

    I am a hair's breath from chalking NCIS off my watch list. What the heck has happened to the writers. I wasn't a great fan of "Tony" but your additions suck! Plus what is with this touchy feel stuff - where is the old steely blue eyes!!!! The plots have great story potential then get executed so unbelievably that if it weren't so say it would be laughable.
  • Bishop ruined NCIS

    NCIS used to be one of my favorite shows until Bishop ruined it.
  • What happened to the Great NCIS???

    OmG this season is just absolutely horrible. I have been a fan since conception but this year is just painful. I agree with most reviews yeah get rid of Esposito & Vlad no fit whatsoever & to top it off they are horrible. This show just became blah & blah. Where's the humor where's the action. Either the writers have to step up to the plate & the producers have to get rid of the above actors or this show is definitely on the way out & you better act soon because your viewers cannot take anymore of this. Bring the old Mgee back & Gibbs. What happened???
  • What is going on

    Have always been an avid NCIS viewer. This year the stories haven't been very good. Did they change writers too? The new actors/actresses on the show are horrible and make the show almost unbearable to watch. I love the old cast and would rather watch with fewer cast members than watch these new bad cast members.

    I sure hope they get rid of the newbies soon. I'd rate higher if the newbies weren't on there. I'd even rate 20 if possible, if they'd bring Tony and Ziva back and keep the old cast.

  • Tell me again how Bishop and the other newbies add to the team?

    bishop is still working that ratings magic, I see. lowest premiere rating and now continued series lows.....

    the new characters have taken the show even lower if that was possible

    poor writing, bad story lines and even worse acting -- all usually add up to low ratings

    Guess the producers were wrong, the show DID NEED ziva
  • ncis goes blonde

    Get rid of blondie, she could not make it on Blue Blood. The new guy is a whimp. Timmy is not Tony. The show has lost its edge. Bishop is better than the new crew. The show should be called Pee Wee Hermin

    meets the 3 Stooges.
  • Not the same

    I really miss Ziva & Tony! Even if they just come back for one episode... those characters need to come back!
  • New season a flop

    The new girl is so boring. Putting me to sleep. Very disappointing storyline. I have just gotten used to Bishop but this new one (can't even remember her name) where did they pick her up from?? Come on producers be serious
  • NCIS is failing

    Tony, ifl has moved on. That doesn't mean there aren't other interesting characters they could develop and bring back the old vibe which is sorely missing!

    I loved this show, but with Wilmer and the new girl it is just awful. I was very surprised at what their method was in adding these particular actors and it's worse than I predicted. The writing is sub-par.

    It's on it's last legs if they don't find someone charismatic fast, and ditch the new characters above.

    They don't work at all!
  • Downhill

    The show took a DIVE! Too many new characters. None fit in. bishop wasn't wasn't good to begin with... Where is McGee? Gibbs and hardly no stories from from Ducky, Abby and even Palmer. BRING Tony back PLEASE....
  • Where are the fantastic 4?

    With the 3 new characters (2 too many to replace Tony) we rarely see McGhee, Bishop, Abby or even Gibbs! This isn't even the original NCIS anymore! They need to get rid of the new girl (she so unremarkable I still can't remember her name) and choose one of the new guys and get rid of the other (I'm leaning towards ditching Reeves only beacause his accent sounds fake and is annoying as hell). Do the producers want to can NCIS after this season? If so, they're doing a bang up job of losing all their faithful viewers in the process.
  • Can't watch anymore

    I never used to miss an episode of NCIS ( what used to be my favourite programme ), now I don't care. It was bad enough when Ziva left but I eventually came to accept Bishop as the third member of the Gibbs team. These new two members are a waste of space, especially Quinn who seems to be pushing herself to the front, why they let her I don't know, she wasn't even all that good in Blue Bloods, but even Gibbs seems to have taken a back seat. I understand that he has to have three members for his team but why not bring back Clayton Rees (who was in the few episodes of the last series ), he was likeable and would have been a good fit to the cast. The ratings are going fall if the writers don't do anything about it NOW and soon there won't be anymore NCIS.

    Just seen the latest episode, what the hell, story line was awful script was awful and once again all about her,and where is Vance these days. Never thought I'd say this but it's time NCIS had its Swan Song
  • Given up

    I to have watched NCIS since it's beginning. It (has been) my favorite show for all these years. I enjoy the repeats and find myself watching them always.

    I understand charters leave, but I think that the writers and the people behind ncis need to pay attention to the viewer comments and suggestions. The new characters and storyline are awful!

    This is the first year I can say ncis is not my favorite show, in fact I have given up watching the new episodes and turned my attention to Blue Bloods.

    I go way back to JAG and have watched NCIS for many many years. I liked the character substitutions over the years. Ziva for Kate, and Leon for Jenny, but Emily W has just never fit in. The writers now have her front and center, like the recent episode of Bishop's brothers coming to town, trying to get the public to like her. She's not a good actress and not likeable in the role. There's been enough time to develop this character and it hasn't been accepted by the public. It's getting too painful to watch now, like the episode where training specialist Quinn comes in to work relating a racy dream about Gibbs to her co-workers. So bad! The show is on its last leg if someone doesn't step in.
  • Ncis needs help

    Where are the writers? Gibs is becoming a wet noodle, the new characters have no substance. Who wrote for Tony's character, make another fun and loveable person. Have the writers all left, on strike?

    Come on guys, we are all out here wanting to continue to love the show. Give us something
  • They can bring them back

    Even though Ziva and Tony are gone, they could shoot the ratings through the roof by bringing them back. So many senerios where they could come back and make Ziva the badass character she is and Tony spending his time finding her because he doesn't believe she's dead. They could bring them back because we love Gibbs and Abs and ducky and Palmer and McGee but part of the family is missing and the new characters do not fit in the show. Very disappointed hope the writers and producers really think about getting Tony and Ziva back and making a come back of a life time for NCIS and bringing ratings through the roof by getting them back to the show.
  • To bad

    Wilmer is ruining the show, get rid of him and the show can succeed. Any character would be better, just not an arrogant A-HOLE.
  • with a whimper

    I have been a dedicated ncis fan - have some dvd's, still sit through the commercials on the old syndicated episodes on cable channels. The writing was great, the characters engaging. Abby is still cute and Ducky is still charming, but it couldn't last forever. The current writers should get a motorcycle for Gibbs so he can leap the tank and get it over with. Cote cannot be replaced, no matter how many new characters are thrown into the room. And now they are recycling plots from the spinoff ? (Lead goes undercover in anti-gov militia Tedious. Disappointing. Might be too late to go out with class.
  • Are you kidding???

    I loved NCIS for last 13 seasons. (My rate was 9 out of 10) But now, if you ask me, I dont know what to say!!

    What the HELL is going on???

    I feel like Im betrayed!!!!
  • ok, let's all settle down

    miss Tony? who would miss a co-worker who wasted time doing everything but his job and was a bully besides? his character was definitely based on someone in one of the continuing writer's life.

    the replacements are fresh and we get to watch as their personalities develop. no more yawns for quite awhile.

    and re Abbie - when is she ever going to grow up? we're getting sick of all her unprofessional interruptions and diversions. during the first two years we might have considered her cute but still, on and on ad nauseum.

    I have been an NCIS fan from the beginning. This new cast is awful!!! You should have ended the show when Tony left!! I am going to quit watching. It's just too painful to watch a ghost of a show.

    And for the other reviews I liberal leanings... get over yourselves!! I totally agreed with everything you said until you threw politics in it. Good grief!
  • bored and disappointed

    ncis is getting worse every week but I think this is the worst episode yet; I can't stand the newbies at all (Torres is weak and ridiculous, Quinn is annoying beyond belief and the MI6 guy whatever his name is is pretty ridiculous too plus is accent is atrocious). Gibbs is a pale imitation of himself and lets everyone walk on and talk back to him (one headslap to McGee brought back fond memories!); McGee is dangerously thin and the plot line with Qasim was so clichd. there is no camaraderie or even an attempt and though I liked bishop in the beginning now she is just preachy. Michael Weatherly's absence is sounding the death knell for this show as he was a comic relief that you believed and had fun with everyone (what happened to the writing???( and had layers of mystery and pathos under the comedy plus he was believable as a cop. Pretty soon I'm changing the channel

  • Abby meets Greg Sanders

    I love the character Abby. Her quirky ways and idea's are such a delight. My ideal episode would be having Abby meet Greg Sanders from the Las Vegas crime lab at a seminar at Quantico.
  • Completely Disappointed!

    It was a mistake to let Cote de Pablo go and now letting Michael Weatherly move on :( I have watched this show since it started as a JAG spinoff and quite honestly the latest cast changes and storylines are demeaning to viewers. Also Sean Murray is supposedly on a health kick which is why he is so thin I hear however he either needs to put on a little muscle mass to keep from looking like an anorexic! I just finished watching Bishop bail out a terrorist and had to turn it off because I know where this is going :( Sadly it will be the last time I watch this show unless I hear chatter of some better actors and less liberal pandering. It was great during the Ziva years, better than average after she left until the last episode in season 13. Might want to scrap the writers, scrap the new cast members and get Tony and Ziva back to improve the ratings which have tanked this year. And finally shoving Sean Murray and Brian Dietzen to the back of the bus has annoyed me from the first episode this year!.
  • Betrayed

    I have watched NCIS from the beginning .

    This new season has left myself and many fans feeling betrayed .

    The new cast does not meld whatsoever.

    Vilmer I guess was supposed to be the new badass but instead plays comic relief .I mean he puts a picture of himself as Fez from That 70's Show on his desk so viewers will recognize him .

    Many are saying they like the guy who plays Reeves. Oh my god the worst British accent ever .

    None of the new actors fit what we have come to love about this show .Bishop I have never liked . She is just plain annoying,and blah .The whole she is in love with a Muslim storyline could be seen coming from a mile away . Yes CBs not all Muslims are terrorists .I really don't watch shows to be indoctrinated with liberal viewpoints or conservative for that matter. I watch to be entertained not be preached to . .

    The show has also taken on a very one sided liberal slant .

    Gibbs no longer wears the military shirts sent to him from members of the military who are fans of the show.

    He has become a kinder ,gentler Gibbs . Who needs that ?

    This seasons episodes definitely were slanted to help get the Dems and liberals points across during this election year .

    Yea , CBS we are not swayed what you did was very very obvious.

    With the loss of Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo the shows has suffered .

    I do not see myself continue watching if things stay on the road they are on .

    I believe we are seeing the final death throes of NCIs.
  • NCIS is going down the tubes

    I agree with everyone's comments for the same reasons - NCIS has lost its edge. McGee looks gaunt (thought he was riddled with some terminal disease), the newcomers don't jell with the group and are just annoying - especially Jennifer with her perpetually downward pointing mouth. But at least Bishop's "crater" between her eyes giving her a perpetually angry look has either been filled or botox'd. We're watching old repeats on USA channel now...
  • NCIS Sucks Now!

    I've loved this show since it began. I can watch the older episodes and never get tired of them. This new season sucks! I can't stand Wilmer Valderrama, he is a horrible actor! I can't stand his voice or his face and he does not fit the special agent role at all. He brings nothing to the show whatsoever. If they're trying to wow us with a hot Latino guy, he is not it! He is so boring and he looks pathetic trying to be tough. Get rid of him! Jennifer Esposito is not good either. I do like the guy who plays Reeves. Get rid of those 2 and keep Reeves! He's more interesting than those 2 put together!
  • Worst casting EVER!

    I've watched this show from the very beginning but, I'm ready to walk away!! Wilmer Valderrama and Jennifer Esposito are the absolute worst!! They are ruining this show! I don't think I can stand one more episode with Valderrama!! So much is wrong with him in this role--he just doesn't fit. I can almost watch Esposito---but only in wonderment of just how bad her acting is at times. I'm sure they are lovely people but, get them off this show PLEASE!! The newest addition Duane Henry seems to be a good fit and actor---keep him and ditch the other two :)
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