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  • Season 15

    Having watched ncis since its inception I was disappointed with the last season particularly after Tony's departure. We were then introduced to too many new characters including the dreadful Jennifer Esposito who, thankfully has now departed. Still not sure about Clayton with his clipped, enunciated generic English accent. Bishop still falls short on the feistier and funnier Ziva and Kate. That said I really enjoyed episodes 7 and 8 of the new season with their clever twists. And now back to reality with a bump as up comes episode 9 where we see an MI5 legend confront an international terrorist whom they have been chasing for years and he doesn't hold a gun on him and is shot quite easily. How he gained his reputation who knows or how he managed to survive so long without being killed is a mystery. The team are discussing spending yet another Thanksgiving together. Seriously have none of them friends and family. And please can Sloane please stop telling Gibbs how good he is. Enough already. Delilah goes into labour and Tim meets security guard, Morgan at the hospital. Soon they are best buddies, seriously, and even as I watch it now I can feel Tim wanting to call his baby, Morgan. And yes he does it. Boring and predictable. Jury still out. Disappointed but ever hopeful