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  • Abby`s Replacement needs replacing!!

    I used to love NCIS and never missed an episode until Agent Bishop joined the team. Her whole personality and stage presence just doesn`t cut it as a believable NCIS agent. I found the show hard to watch after she joined the team, but I would still tune in occasionally. Until the addition of Diona Reasonover - her character is just too over the top annoying for me to handle. Maybe I could appreciate her in another role on a different show, but definitely not as a forensic specialist on NCIS!!! I do still watch the show sometimes, depending on the content/story line of an upcoming episode, but I find myself muting the volume everytime Casey is on the screen. She really ruined the show for me. I hear Ducky will be back this season though and I love his character so I may just have to mute my way, where necessary, through the rest of the season to see how it plays out, since I believe the series is coming to an end.
  • Steve Urkel's sister

    Steve Urkel's sister has replaces Abby. I used to love this show, but I am disappointed in the show now.
  • Do the producers really watch these shows??

    Having my fill of Emily Wickersham and the poor writing I stopped watching the show last season. But I decided I would turn in this season in hopes that the NCIS of old would have returned. Alas, not to be! But It is not without hope! Adding Maria Bello to the show has brought back an actor who can act! Who would have believed it!! Now if the producers would reduce McGee's role to that of only a supporting tech character and have Bishop in a recurring role you would be back on track to return to the NCIS we all loved. Oh, please don't kill off every actor who leaves the show. You might want them back for guest appearances. I will turn back in next season, if it has been renewed.
  • What happened?

    I haven't liked Abby since the goth was taken from her so I have nothing against her replacement. Watching Bishop has been hard enough. She just isn't a very good actor in my eyes and doesn't really 'fit' with the are WAY too many other shows that hold my interests. Ever since Tony and Ziva left I lost interest. I just can't watch this anymore. So sad because I LOVED the show. Never messed an episode. Now I don't even record them anymore. NCIS New Orleans is much better. Sorry Gibbs and McGee.
  • Bishop

    Her acting is so annoying. I can't believe they let Ziva go and take this wanna be. Why would the boys accept her so readily. The writers seem to be drinking on the job
  • I thought at first they were joking.

    Diona Reasonover is virtually unwatchable. Unquestionably the worst actor ever to have a major part on the show. I never thought about not watching any longer until this incompetent showed up. She needs to go immediately.
  • Just a TV show, or something more??

    With obvious support by government agencies NCIS is a bittersweet production that involves mixing lies and government propaganda/positions with previous excellent acting. The fact that Osama Bin Laden died late December, 2001 is ignored and the lie that a Seal Team took him out for one. The writing is definitely leftist/PC stuff with an obvious formula of anti male bias.

    I think the show was at its peak when the cast was all white and not some forced "inclusion" thing. When the Ellie Bishop character appeared it was beginning of the end of common sense. Compared to Ziva and Kate she is an asexual wimp constantly dressed to hide any sexuality and looks like some UCLA student and not a real agent. I always mute the volume when that cartoon character Abby is onscreen. Disgusting presentation of an honorable profession.

    I discovered this show last year on Netflix where there is no commercials and one can easily re-watch episodes. I doubt I will ever go beyond Season 11 #9 where the Ellie character is introduced.

    Has anyone ever answered the question about how Gibbs gets his boats out of the basement.
  • Atrocious acting with atrocious writing and atrocious filming

    I've been binge watching Season 15 and trying not to throw a lamp into my TV. Who writes this show ?

    In what world will a "special agent" (McGee) while in a standoff with a terrorist in a hospital, lay down his weapon and give up ? In what world will a "special agent" (Torres) blow his and his partner's cover by divulging to some low life scum that they are undercover feds ? Why do we have to keep seeing these close up stills of Gibbs with his short head swivel and pedophile hair cut ? What a bunch of misfit feds huh ?The season finale should have them all being gunned down with some stray bullets hitting the writers and taking them out as well.

    On a slightly more positive note, I'm happy to see all the work place head slapping and kissy face hugging and groping has apparently stopped. In what world would a manager be able to head slap a subordinate, and in front of others to boot, and get away with it ? In today's climate with sexual harassment allegations springing up every half hour what manager would get away with hugging and kissing someone who works in a subordinate position ? Totally atrocious from beginning to guess what be back with more !!

  • No longer a fan, so dislike the show now

    It has been bad enough that so many of the really enjoyable cast members that made the show have gone, I actually like Bishop and Quinn but where is Quinn Abby leaves (while understandable as she is almost 50 playing an almost childlike person) but you take Clayton with her, I really liked Clayton. And what do you give in return?? Torres and Kasie with no love for either. How far down has the quality of the writers gone? They try to replace Tony with another whiney little boy character - it worked with Tony but they should have simply replaced him. Same for Abby - you try to replace her with a ditzy kind of dorky works once but just give us someone to like that is not like those they replaced!! I used to look forward to each episode and find that now if I miss it, it is - ho hum, maybe I will catch it later but with a lack of enthusiasm. Too bad the writers and developers could not do better with cast know I am not alone as I have not really found many of those I have talked to that like Abby's replacement and no one is charmed by Torres as they were by Tony ;-(
  • NCIS character review

    I am a fan of NCIS by watching on Netflix, not by watching it for many years week by week.

    I agree with some other comments that Casey (working as Abbey at end of Season 15) is extremely annoying. If she becomes a regular, she will be worst ever. My thoughts on NCIS characters:

    Best for show:

    -Gibbs, Tony, McGee, Ziva, Abby, Ducky, Vance, Vance's wife, Delilah, Reeves, Gibbs mentor who lived in Mexico, Gibb's dad, Tony's dad


    Jimmy, Kate, Bishop, Torres, Kate's sister

    Didn't like so much:

    Lauren Holly's character, Maria Bello's character - she overacts

    Really dislike:

  • Casey is the worst!

    I've been a loyal fan of NCIS since the beginning. I hated Ziva and Tony leaving, the addition of Bishop, and now Abby leaving. However, if you replace Abby with Casey, I will no longer watch the show. She's SO obnoxious to say the least! While I like Jack and Torres, and was sad when Reeves was killed, the magic of the show is just not there anymore. Jimmy and McGee are made to look too stupid anymore. Quite out of character for the way they were! Sigh...
  • Ellie Bishop character

    I am a dedicated and avid fan of NCIS. I have seen every episode from the first Episide thru recently. Love how the characters interact and Gibbs is the man! BUT... my disappointment with the addition of Ellie Bishop is very pronounced. What were they thinking of? She is useless and I have not seen an episode yet where she could qualify as an agent of any kind. She is NOT a team player and she makes a lot of mistakes. She talks too much and doesn't listen. I have stopped watching. Except for the reruns she is not in. I miss Ziva. She was the Essence of what a female agent should look like and who can kick butt and take on any man. Ellie is a toothpick and can b blown over with a push. She is not taking anyone on without backup. Sorry. Not impressive in this type of show where women and men should b equal partners. Miss Tony too and now that Abby is gone the show has lost its appeal in my opinion. Well I guess I'll just b happy watching reruns. Just had to vent!
  • Going down the drain

    What is CBS thinking replacing Pauley Peretti with this awful actress. She makes me cringe.
  • - Is Heading for the Crime Drama Graveyard....

    I have been a NCIS fan since the end of JAG. I hardly believe any fan can deny that Tony / Kate / Mcgee where the trio that made the show. With Kate leaving and Zeva coming in the chemistry between Tony and Zeva and the innuendos from Mcgee and Abby were perfectly matched.

    I was concerned when Zeva left but the show managed to hold its ground with Eli. But with Tony leaving I knew it was going to be a huge void to fill. Now adding Nick wasn't a bad choice and I can see the network trying to fill in with Tony's jokes and mastery of Mc - Jokes but it's not working. Although Nick is a character you can slowly get use to liking it is not Tony. Fast forward - Jimmy is ok but for as smart as the character is the network makes him sound stupid at times, I cant get use to this but trying, Behind the scenes you have Reeve's - the character and the subtle relationship with Eli was going somewhere, Lets face it although i am very partial to blondes Eli's character comes with way too much drama. I seen it moving in the opposite direction with the interactions with Reeves and then it all went down-hill. Now Abby is gone and they bring in (Heck i don't know what to call it) but i do know my time with NCIS is slowly degrading. If this is CBS permanent replacement for Abby I will not be as enthusiastic to watch. Thank goodness there is NCIS LA and New Orleans - But honestly New Orleans is going the same route I loved watching NCIS N/O when Brody was on. After her absence and the role going too Sonja i can see the character took a Nose Dive - at least they finally got rid of that character.

    All i am saying is NCIS was the leading Crime Drama I patiently waited for on a weekly bases - Now not so much. As a consumer and a fan i hope the CBS big wigs take time to read! Loosen up Eli's character - Get Jimmy out of the stupid Funk Role - Do Not use the temporary ABBY Actress cause she is not even appealing enough to watch - Back to the Old School Boys! If not we will see another show tank by years end.
  • Since Abi's gone

    It was bad enough to lose Abi but we are not happy with the choice of her replacement. We did not like her when she showed up with Ducky earlier this year and we really don't like her now. If she is going to stay we will not be watching the show any more.
  • NCIS Replacement

  • NCIS Replacement

    I am like the post below. I also will not watch if that is ABBIES replacement. That is horrible acting. You have always hit the spot with those who came after top people in NC*IS... This you missed it by a mile. COME ON MAN

  • They Balanced Each Other Out

    DiNozzo, Ziva, Abbey, McGee, Gibbs- all their characters balanced each other in a wonderful way. Now the show is boring... Too bad they all left... They made NCIS what it was. I used to LOVE watching it but since Ziva & Tony left, it hasn't been the same. Time to wrap it up because now all the characters are drab. How could they replace Ziva with boring Bishop anyway?! I'm so disappointed in what I rated the best crime drama on television!!

  • Mystery Woman

    Does anyone know who Gibbs' mystery woman was and who played her?
  • 11/21/17 Episode - Worst One Yet

    It's bad enough Gibbs is no longer a Marine, what with his grandpa haircut, Tony - a man's man - is gone, whereas Ducky has been all-but replaced by the clueless big kid Jimmy. Now though, McGee has been effeminated to previously unseen levels. He was always a dork but his artisan facial hair and touchy-feely demeanor ramp it up to new heights (or, more accurately, lows). The liberal media's march to "cuckify" the men on our screens continues relentlessly. That's one. Then came the Thanksgiving '17 episode. Good gods, it was beyond abominable. McGee notices a suspect, the suspect tries to make a getaway, shoots a security guard in the process, but McGee (fully armed, mind you), fails to neutralize the suspect and instead engages in a Mexican standoff, which he - naturally - loses. Cue 40 minutes of exasperatingly bad dialog, atrocious acting, and mind-numbingly tedious cliches. The quick-witted (without the wit) Delilah's repartees, the which-wire-do-we-cut eye-roller from the Torres and the Brit duo, the juxtaposition of tweezering out a bullet with yanking out Delilah's twins... - ugh! It was a hybrid of the Gilmore Girls, Lethal Weapon, and Dr. Phil. Here's some pro-tips for the writers: Lose the arriviste headshrinker whose name I don't even know, get McGee to man up, turn Gibbs into a high-and-tight Marine again, more Ducky and less Jimmy, and confine Abby to scenes of her discovering things in her lab. I still remember Sasha Alexander more than a decade on; most of the newcomers I forget even before the closing credit finish. What does that tell ya?!
  • sad new writings

    I agree. the show has deteriorated badly with too much focus on violence and weirdos, too much like every other cop show. we loved the humans interacting all those years, but now I can't even watch. I agree Torres is not a good about muscle and violence. Please find a writer that is about adult humans being normal, geeks can be geeks, but drop this present writer. There is way too much instant "knowing" about how things happen too. Maybe YOU should watch several of the older show that had Ziva and Tony in them.
  • Don't join junk tv

    What separated NCIS from the other CIS shows, is the likable characters that are interesting but believable. I love Bishop and the quirky stubborn way her mind works. Torres belongs on NCIS Los Angeles. A show that's over the top and pretty much ridiculous. It's hard to see such a well written series add a character like that. It's really hard to watch. I don't have a verdict on Quinn, but I don't feel drawn to her character. While I still love the main cast and the addition of Bishop, Torres does not belong. I do think Wilmer Valderrama can act, but if you want to keep him, My opinion is that you should tone him down and make him believable. Let him get shot and come back with a sense of reality and make him believable.
  • Flogging a dead horse, an insult to loyal fans

    I used to absolutely love NCIS and enjoyed the quirky balance of drama and comedy but as much as it pains me to say it, season 14 was disappointing and season 15 is bordering on woeful. The main characters are now over-the-top and cartoonish and Mark Harmon is just too old to pull off the role anymore. Just watch a couple of episodes from a few years ago and even the die-hard fans would find it hard to not see the decline in plots and genuinely funny banter and humour. Poor Sean Murray is forced to play a cowed husband with no gumption and there is no replacing the wonderfully inappropriate Michael Weatherly. What a shame, but I have to say that I wish that they would cancel this before it gets any more disappointing for all those fans who haved watched from the very beginning. Another example of a major network flogging a dead horse as it is too much trouble to find another hit show.
  • NCIS Is Now Liberal (Progressive) Indoctrination

    I really don't like attempts to indoctrinate me, and it seems like NCIS has to make at least one attempt at indoctrination in every episode. I thought I'd give last night's (3/3/18) episode a shot--I hadn't watched it for a long time. There were these sweet, Spanish-speaking kids whose parents apparently hadn't survived the dangerous trek to enter the US illegally. OK, I'm sure there are little kids crossing the border, and I'm sympathetic. But what about equal time for the other side? What about the growing population of MS13 members in this country? How about the creep who killed Kate Steinle? How about the American victims of crimes committed by illegals? They should have equal time.
  • Love/Hate

    I have enjoyed NCIS throughout the years. I never minded any of the many personnel changes until Maria Bello. I cannot stand her her character and maybe she plays it so well that I cannot stand the actress either. Or she is just obnoxious. It has become hard to watch when she is on the screen.
  • Really really bad characters

    Why is that MI 6 agent even there? He's terrible, the profiler lady doesn't add anything, McGee needs to step up and be an agent. The show lacks good story telling, too much PC crap. No longer real... if a sailor or marine screws up or dies off base, the local law enforcement takes care of it.. NCIS takes care about what happens on base or a military facility. Just cancel the damn show.
  • Season 15 - alternative viewing

    It was 8:29pm and NCIS was about to come on in 60 seconds. I quickly went to the toilet. I sat down and took a dump. I could hear that NCIS had started with Gibbs saying 'previously on NCIS' ... so I rushed out of the toilet and looked at the tv. First thing I saw was Bishop. I went back to the toilet and stared into the bowl for the remaining 59 minutes .... then the ending music started playing. Best episode in a long time .... I think it was called 'waving, not drowning' ..... i gave it 9/10 ... though something didn't smell right ...... yep - that's how bad NCIS has become, that even Mr Hankey is more entertaining....
  • Season 15

    Having watched ncis since its inception I was disappointed with the last season particularly after Tony's departure. We were then introduced to too many new characters including the dreadful Jennifer Esposito who, thankfully has now departed. Still not sure about Clayton with his clipped, enunciated generic English accent. Bishop still falls short on the feistier and funnier Ziva and Kate. That said I really enjoyed episodes 7 and 8 of the new season with their clever twists. And now back to reality with a bump as up comes episode 9 where we see an MI5 legend confront an international terrorist whom they have been chasing for years and he doesn't hold a gun on him and is shot quite easily. How he gained his reputation who knows or how he managed to survive so long without being killed is a mystery. The team are discussing spending yet another Thanksgiving together. Seriously have none of them friends and family. And please can Sloane please stop telling Gibbs how good he is. Enough already. Delilah goes into labour and Tim meets security guard, Morgan at the hospital. Soon they are best buddies, seriously, and even as I watch it now I can feel Tim wanting to call his baby, Morgan. And yes he does it. Boring and predictable. Jury still out. Disappointed but ever hopeful
  • DIsappointed

    Have watched this show since season 1 and loved it. Lately, however, the quality of writing has dropped dramatically, the direction seems to be completely missing and the characters are absolutely flat. The Maria Bello character is way too "pop psych"cheap psychoanalysis found in pulp self-help books. The plots are unintelligible and formulaic. Slow slide into mediocrity.