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  • 11/21/17 Episode - Worst One Yet

    It's bad enough Gibbs is no longer a Marine, what with his grandpa haircut, Tony - a man's man - is gone, whereas Ducky has been all-but replaced by the clueless big kid Jimmy. Now though, McGee has been effeminated to previously unseen levels. He was always a dork but his artisan facial hair and touchy-feely demeanor ramp it up to new heights (or, more accurately, lows). The liberal media's march to "cuckify" the men on our screens continues relentlessly. That's one. Then came the Thanksgiving '17 episode. Good gods, it was beyond abominable. McGee notices a suspect, the suspect tries to make a getaway, shoots a security guard in the process, but McGee (fully armed, mind you), fails to neutralize the suspect and instead engages in a Mexican standoff, which he - naturally - loses. Cue 40 minutes of exasperatingly bad dialog, atrocious acting, and mind-numbingly tedious cliches. The quick-witted (without the wit) Delilah's repartees, the which-wire-do-we-cut eye-roller from the Torres and the Brit duo, the juxtaposition of tweezering out a bullet with yanking out Delilah's twins... - ugh! It was a hybrid of the Gilmore Girls, Lethal Weapon, and Dr. Phil. Here's some pro-tips for the writers: Lose the arriviste headshrinker whose name I don't even know, get McGee to man up, turn Gibbs into a high-and-tight Marine again, more Ducky and less Jimmy, and confine Abby to scenes of her discovering things in her lab. I still remember Sasha Alexander more than a decade on; most of the newcomers I forget even before the closing credit finish. What does that tell ya?!