Season 6 Episode 10

Road Kill

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 02, 2008 on CBS

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  • it was ok....

    it was ok.... i thin i wasn't as impressed with this episode as i usually am with other NCIS episodes because of all the hype and excitement that has been happening throughout that last couple episodes... this one just didn't seem to live up to the standards that were set after the last few episodes... maybe i wasn't ready to close that chapter of Special Agent michelle Lee in my book of NCIS Episodes... overall it was average, there was nothing particually special to me or that made this episode one to watch again... like i said before... it was ok...
  • Another great one

    In this episode of NCIS the following happens. When a dead Petty Officer, is found dead in the woods, the NCIS team are called into investigate. They soon learn that he was beaten before he was killed. The wounds from the fight/attack had begun to heal. They soon learn that the Petty officer was involved in a secret fight club. The team soon learn that the Petty Officer was blackmailing married men who were having affairs. This lead to his murder. His murderer was also killed later on in the episode. Tony asks Ziva at the end of the episode if she wants to go and see Goodfellas, but she says no.
  • Our team investigates a murder and finds a fight club.

    The murder of a petty officer leads our team down the road of secret fight clubs. Although the case does have the seriousness it should, we were also given some flashes of amusement from our team. The team figures out the murderer petty officer wasn't so innocent, yeah there was the fight club but he also had a blackmail scheme going. But ultimately, as always the murderer is caught and justice is served. Some of the giggles like Tim teasing Tony about being to old for the "cougar" brought in for questioning. then Tony trying to teach Ziva about fun, then Tim and Abby's banter on who would be the best fight opponent for Gibbs and then Gibbs catching them. Very appropriately placed.
  • Wait for me Pocahontas!

    And they call them "fillers"...but that doesn't necessary mean that they suck. in this case, filler is a synonym of nice.
    Nice episode, cleverly plotted and full of the office-bickering we all love to watch.
    A car accident reveals a hidden 'fight club' where opponents struggle with each other.
    Maybe the plot is not the main focus of the episode, but the character interaction is absolutely to remember. Great performance by Tony, McGee and especially Ziva. who would have thought to see Ziva air-guitaring in the middle of the bullpen?
    After the seriour mood of the latest episodes, it's good to see that NCIS is still that complete mixture of comedy, drama and action.
  • I hate summary' point what so ever.

    I really liked this epeisode, especially the air guitaring part! I thought the plot could have been a little more interesting, but hte all the actors did a great job. I loved the part with the whole cougar conversation part. and the part at the end was very halarious with Ziva ari guitaring. I can't wait untill the next episode, i think since its around christmas time it's going to be amazing! hopefully we'll se some tony ziva action? ^^ But anyways very well put together, not my favorite crime scence episode, but loved the all the other scenes. :)
  • A fun break from the intense story lines of the past few weeks.

    Road Kill:
    With featuring from the first scene - what wasn't to love about Road Kill? From the moment the first scene in the bullpen opened you could tell that this was going to be a fun episode, and it was. Steven Kriozere, Shane Brennan and Thomas J. Wright did a great job of lightening the mood from 'Dagger' with the sub-plot of Ziva needing to just have some fun! I absolutely loved the start where Ziva was trying to get McGee to back her up whilst he was not only ignoring her but also proving Tony's point. In my opinion, the story around Ziva 'having some childish fun' really reminded me of Kate, I always thought Ziva did do fun activities (with her Fighting and Sexual encounters with many people) however the fact that she read books for enjoyment, more than anything else, just screamed Kate. But back to the case: The 'Fight Club' storyline was very interesting and brought back our favourite, bubbly, enegizer-bunny forenzic scientist, one that had been slightly ignored throughout the 'Agent Lee' storyline. There were moments in the episode that were very similar to other episodes; the start was a lot like the beginning of 'Frame up' and the bit on the ship was obviously bouncing off 'Chimera', with the lights going out and the rat running near Tony. The episode also did not fail to remind us of Dagger with Gibbs' eye still bruised from his encounter on the bus with Ted Bankston thus reminding us of the way that ended.
    I don't know what else to say except this was a well written, fun and light-hearted episode however there was a hint to it that something big is coming - like the calm before the storm.
    Thankyou for reading,
    9/10 (I vote 10 because I like to keep the stats up)
    Still looking forward to: Silent night, however not looking forward to the two week wait!
    Have a fantastic two weeks!
    xox. Mel.
  • NCIS comes face to face with a real fight club.

    Gibbs sported a nice cut above his eye proving that the idea of continuance is alive on NCIS. He received the cut when he Lee let him take the kill shot, killing both her and the kidnapper.

    Tony, McGee and Ziva all participate in contests this week. What is neat is that if you check the website you can find these agents' profiles and entry submissions.

    Tony pushed Ziva again this episode. At the end of the episode we got to see Ziva let loose playing air guitar. It is nice to see her character growing. Ziva had to grow up fast in Israel, it's nice she finally gets a chance to be a kid.

    Tony was impressed with McGee's take down of the suspect. Too bad, McGee shot himself in the foot and let Tony know the suspect tripped and fell. Sometimes McGee is too honest.
  • Solid episode.

    This episode was not particularly pivotal or intense, but it was solid. The continuation of Gibbs' injury from last week helped tie the sequence of events together, and is an example of one of the small touches that helps keep the series realistic (as realistic as a fictional show can be, anyway). The humor was classic NCIS, and I appreciated the attempts to lighten Ziva up. The case was engaging, and the guilty party surprising, which made for an interesting episode. It was nice to see the team return to normal, after "Cloak" and "Dagger." While it was not particularly unique, "Road Kill" was a strong episode, and I appreciated the more lighthearted break from the two previous weeks'.
  • GREAT!

    Absolutely love this episode although it is a bit lower than all of the other episodes it is great! this was not the best episode ever though but still is was a great work of art and i think it was a great episode with great acting and great scenes and it was just all around great. Hopefully the next episode will make a great one and they will soon put something in to make the new episodes great and absolutely lovable. I am happy to say that this was a great episode but mainly average compared to some of the other episodes in the past.
  • Very uniqeu and well thought out episode.

    This turned out to be an episode that I thoroughly enjoyed. The storyline behind it was sensational, and they really developed it quite well. I was hooked from the get - go.

    I thought the beginning scenes were a little bit weird, and I wqas very disappointed because it certainly isn't the first time we've seen a party in the woods and a dead guy appearing. That was a letdown, and I thought the episode wasn't going to go well tfrom that point forth.

    However, the episode vcertainly went uphill from there. I highly enjoyed it, and I thought there was many great moments with the temam. Ziva's air guitar was hilarious and that was an awesome ending.

    Great episode, and keep it up, NCIS!