Season 6 Episode 10

Road Kill

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 02, 2008 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • GOOF: When McGee is typing in the BOLO for Bennett's car, the license plate he types in is 724 TJA which was also the license plate of Ari Haswari's SUV in season 3.

    • GOOF: Gibbs has a little trouble handcuffing the culprit at the end of the episode, so he ends up shoving the cuffs in the suspects hand.

    • GOOF: The analysis of the silver paint on the victims car by Abby is wrong. Xylene and MEK are volatile solvents used in the application of the basecoat. They totally evaporate in the baking process. Titanium dioxide is a white pigment which is THE most common pigment in paint. If it was a silver car the aluminium pigments would have made up the majority of pigment in the color and TiO2 would have been in trace amounts to allow for after market color matching.

    • GOOF: McGee says, "By pinging the site's DNS cache, we can see what computer last logged in to Jodi's page." Ping is typically used to test connectivity and is not relevant in this context. One cannot view access logs using a DNS cache - it has nothing to do with finding out who accessed a website. Actual server access logs are not publicly accessible and would likely be very difficult to obtain.

  • Quotes

    • Tony: (as Tabitha Summers eyes Tony) That is what they call the eye of the cougar, probie.
      McGee: Isn't she married?
      Tony: She's a hot jungle cat. The cougar is always on the hunt. It's the nature of the beast.
      McGee: Huh. I always thought cougars liked young guys.

    • McGee: Check out the air-guitarist yet?
      Tony: I'm in third place right now.

    • Ziva: I remember my first fight. I was eight. Shmuel Rubinstein.
      Tony: Sounds like a real stud.
      Ziva: One punch and it was over.
      Tony: What did poor Shmuel do to deserve the wrath of Ziva?
      Ziva: He said he liked me.

    • Tony: Reminds me of my first apartment in college. You can almost smell the Ikea.

    • Tony: (photographing a wrecked car) Huh, someone didn't know how to parallel park!
      Ziva: I have always found it hard to park when someone is shooting at you.

    • Ducky: It appears our deceased had an unfortunate accident before his unfortunate accident.

    • Abby: I'd pay a lot of money to see the right bout, like Leroy Jethro Gibbs, versus...
      McGee: Ziva.
      Abby: Oh, McGee, I was thinking like Terminator.
      McGee: Which model? T-X? T-1000?
      Abby: All of them. Gibbs terminates.
      McGee: Alright, how about Gibbs versus Godzilla?
      Abby: King of the Monsters, toast.
      McGee: Mothra?
      Abby: Wingless in a nano-second. Come on McGee, give me something fierce, boss man's got mad skills.
      McGee: Alright... ooh OK, what about Gibbs versus (Gibbs appears silently behind Abby and McGee notices) Gibbs.
      Abby: Uhhoo that's good, so, like evil twin or a clone...? (Gibbs holds little piece of paper in front of Abby, who spins around) Gibbs, good timing. I've got something to show you.

    • Abby: No match on the partials on Collin's car, and this (points at screen) is the best I can do. Partials are a little tougher, but that hasn't stopped me, nor will it ever, because I am the energizer bunny of forensic science. I never sleep and I never give up. (takes big slurp of Caf Pow and finishes it) Help, I'm losing power. (Gibbs hands her new one)

    • Tony: Uh... follow the blood trail. (Ziva goes off through trees) Wait for me, Pocahontas.

    • Ziva: (about What is the point?
      Tony: (thinking she was talking about "The Hustle") What is the point of ANY dance? It's about letting loose, it's - you know - having a good time.
      Ziva: I meant the website, Tony.
      Tony: It's fun. It is amusement, light hearted pleasure.
      Ziva: (laughing) I know what you are doing, I know how to have fun, Tony.
      Tony: Really? Do tell.
      Ziva: The hustling and the deep-thinking photos, those were all just, you know, child's play. Tell him McGee.
      (They look at McGee who is taking a photo of himself)
      Ziva: McGee!
      McGee Uh, I'm working on my best psycho face here.

    • Tony: That's not a Chuck. (Gibbs gives Tony a glare) Collins was wearing a Chuck Taylor. Converse. All-Stars. Basketball shoes.

    • Gibbs: Would you two like sometime alone together?
      McGee: Ah... no boss we were just...
      Ziva: Acting like children.
      Tony: You say that like it's a bad thing.

  • Notes

    • Rocky Carroll is credited but doesn't appear.

    • Original International Airdates:
      Denmark: January 18, 2009 on TV3
      Norway: June 16, 2009 on TV3
      Spain: July 21, 2009 on La Sexta
      Slovakia: January 28, 2010 on Markiza
      Finland: March 23, 2010 on Nelonen
      Czech Republic: July 26, 2010 on TV Nova

    • Featured Music:
      "After All" by Saving Abel (during the party in the teaser)

  • Allusions

    • Tony (To Ziva): Lead the way Pocahontas.

      Pocahontas (1595-1617) is an Indian princess who resided in Virginia. She is well known for helping colonial settlers in Jamestown.

    • Tony So, you like going through my photos, huh? Yeah, I like reading, Hemingway, Dostoevsky... guess what he wrote?
      Ziva: The Idiot.

      Tony refers to famous Russian author Fyodor Dostoevsky, though the novel he had in mind was most likely the well known Crime and Punishment, rather than the author's less well known novel titled The Idiot.

    • DiNozzo refers to Wisteria Lane. In the television series Desperate Housewives, this is the name of the street upon which the show's events revolve (a normal looking street from the outside, but holding dark secrets inside). In this case, DiNozzo is comparing the two streets, each of which hold a dark secret.

    • Tony: Why does it always have to be rats on boats?

      This is a reference to the NCIS episode 5x06 "Chimera" in which the team has to investigate an abandoned ship. There's a dead rat aboard ship and Tony freaks out, fearing that he is dying.

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