Season 9 Episode 5

Safe Harbor

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 2011 on CBS

Episode Recap

NCIS arrives at the scene of what appears to be an abandoned ship. A petty officer of the coast guard has been shot and killed there. They also find a family of four locked behind the panels of the ship seeking asylum. After going through stool samples, Abby is able to figure out that no one else has been on the ship except for Farid Bawali and his family. The team figures out that the family was not being held captive on the boat which means one person in the family of four is the shooter.

After further investigation, they learn that Farid Bawali is a wanted man from a bombing in Lebanon in 1984. Miriam, Farid's wife, admits to shooting the officer but it is obvious that she is covering from someone else in the group. Ziva has a conversation with Miriam and sees a glimmer of the mother she wished she had. Farid places the blame on his son, Rafiq, for being the shooter since he's the more rebellious child. He did this in order to deflect the attention from his other son, Hakim, who was planning on attempting a suicide bomb mission on the Norfolk port.