Season 4 Episode 7


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 07, 2006 on CBS

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  • Again great show as the team must put on thinking caps!

    When someone dies on a golf course that is from
    The Army, the team must put aside their differences with
    The Army Criminal Investigation team and help out in this investigation as we get to see Tony's girlfriend with whom he is dating. Don't you just love Tony a lot! I do! But the CIA figures in on this as the team are trapped as McGee works his computer to free them!
  • good episode...

    The team investigates an explosion on a golf course. The army CID join in on the case because the golf course was on their base. A man is killed in the explosion and his son is injured, but alive. I really hated the whole victum/Tony thing in this episode. Tony was being all nice and thoughtful and caring and it was really boring. I really liked Gibbs and Mann though. They're really cute together...and she's not a's weird. Oh well, it was a good episode. The case wasn't that good, in my opinion, and Tony was annoying, but Gibbs was halarious as usual.
  • A pretty interesting episode, but not a memorable one, in my opinion.

    Although I did enjoy parts of this episode, as a whole, I didn't like it too much, because I thought the storyline became confusing and frustrating to understand at a certain point.

    Also, I thought the episode had a few funny moments, such as when the man on the bench was playing Tetris, and when DiNozzo made the joke about McGee's name meaning 'he who is about to pee his pants'! I was laughing hard through this!

    I also enjoyed seeing two new characters, Hollis Mann and particularly, Jeanne Benoit. Their additions gives the show another dimension, in my opinion.

    Overall, a decent episode of NCIS, but nothing too special in this one. I wouldn't recommend it too highly, but it is worthwhile.
  • Very interesting inter-agency squabble.

    Army CID – this is the first time we've seen a squabble between them and NCIS. I think it would be an NCIS case since the victim was a marine. Gibbs does seem to like his ferocious females, there's a reason everyone's making jokes about ex-wives. Even Jenny looks worried. She shouldn't be – Mann's not his type, she's a blonde.

    It's meaningful that Gibbs is naming his latest boat after his daughter, his previous ones are usually named after his wives then he burns them. Given that he never mentioned his wife and daughter to *anyone*, I think it's really healthy that he's actually subtly referring to them since the revelation about them in 'Hiatus'.

    Tony's mysterious girlfriend – Tony seems serious but it's probably something about Tony's equally mysterious mission for Jenny, the 'grenouille'. This is several times Jenny's been seen doing this.

    For all Tony's whining, when Ziva goes to disable the bomb, he's right behind her. That's the enigma that is Tony DiNozzo – all fluff on the surface but with fascinating hidden depths.

    First time we've seen Abby and Gibbs sign in a very long time.

    Liked the scene with Abraham, Gibbs does so well when he improvises.
  • Another great episode

    This episode opens with a boy and his father paying golf. As the father swings sis club, there is an explosion. NCIS are called in when it is learned that the father was a marine. Homeland security are also informed of the explosion. NCIS are working the case with the Army, as it took place at the Army Navy golf club. The team find (using CCTV tapes) that there was a car there when the attack happened and it's not on their list of checked vehicles. They then find the car empty. McGee get again get poison ivy, all over his body. The team track down a home grown terrorists group. When they go to the warehouse, they find it empty and also find a bomb is there, set to go off at any minute. The building is evacuated and Ziva slips back in to disarm the bomb, Tony goes in with her. They manage to track down the man who tipped them off about the warehouse. He claims he heard about the attack from someone who was in the store the day before the attack.
    They learn that the cell phone found with the bomb, was used before. They track down the user of the cell phone and discover him in a public place with a bomb. Ziva is called into defuse the bomb before it goes off. She manages to do so with only 2 seconds to spare. Before the team can find the man who set up the bomb, he has vanished into thin air.
  • Tony bonds with victim's son.

    McGee gets poison Ivy for the second time. This bit wasn't as funny as the first time, and I'm not sure why they did it other than for a cheap laugh. I thought at some point Tony taught McGee what the plant looked like. I guess he wasn't paying attention. I did laugh at one scene when Palmer walked in on a half naked McGee standing with Ducky. Palmer probably told everyone as soon as he left the office.

    Tony bonded with Josh after his father died on the green's. He kept him from making a rash decision about joining the service. The scene with Tony iterating the thing people says was amusing. At least he wasn't being condesending by saying he understood how he felt.
  • great episode

    A marine colonel dies in a fatal explosion at an army navy golf course. The ncis team investigates a suspected terrorist of masterminding the attack. The army's CID helps out in the investigation of the case. Gibbs and his team tracks down an informant to ask him something about a terrorist who might have been to a convenience store that he owns. This turns out to be a mistake as the terrorist gets to the informant as well. It's a really exciting episode. But unlike other episodes, this one if a cliffhanger. It's well made, it's a good one. The writers did a good job.
  • this episode was that good it was mind blowing and it makes you want more to watch

    Last night the episode of sandblast was aired, it was so good that when it finished you just wanted more of it to watch. In this episode we saw the other side of Tony, the sensitive and serious guy he can be, and it’s great to see him with a woman he might be serious with but she doesn’t look like a person that you could trust that’s the way I see it, I could be wrong. And Gibbs you can see he hasn’t lost the touch with women and is still going for a red heads, good on him.
  • Dinozzo still doing all the cheeky stuff wonder when that\'s gonna get him into trouble.....

    What\'s fun to watch: the checking out between Gibbs and Mann, Mcgee scratching his crouch, and Dinozzo with the flow of sugar into his Starbucks, ouch! Oh got to remember: baking soda with vinegar for poison ivy. The part when the colonel was about to get blown while swinging his golf club was unbearingly painful to watch, even though the anticipation was already there. The epsisode did not end with the culprit getting caught, guess that the war with terrorism is elusive, and/or it might recurr in another episode down the season, probably at victory then. Better luck next time.
  • Full of laughs, cheesy lines that didn't make the episode suck, and suspense.

    Definitely another great installment. Sorry for being so late on the review part, long week, but at least I taped it! So, on with the review. Comedy was through the roof. When that Army Colonel said the body was theirs, I honestly thought Gibbs was going to steal it like he did in the Pilot episode.

    Poison Ivy + Tony and a camera phone = humiliated McGee. Man I feel sorry for the poor probie, luckily, Abby was there to save the day. Heehee, I was half hoping someone would walk in on McGee with his hand down his pants, but It hink the writers figured that would have overkilled the McGee-taunting.

    When they found the second bomb, I thought they wer going to pull a CSI: Miami and have the characters run out of the building and the building blow up. But, Ziva put her skills to good use and set to work on disarming it. I wonder if those terrorists are going to show up again like Ari. OMG, maybe they'll do like they did with Kate, only Tony's in a coma and we get to meet his rizy-rich family and see Gibbs blow more fuses than a 1950 vehicle.
  • Another site of Tony!:D

    I liked this episode very much. There were so many great parts- but I think my favorite was tony trying to convince the Col's son not to join the Corp in his desire to avenge his father.
    Then it was interesting to see Tony with this new woman. Wondering if she is part of his undercover op, but she used his real name. I liked how everyone stuck around while Ziva had to deactiviate the second bomb. It showed that they really do stick with each other through thick and thin.
    Oh! and the part where Gibbs and the col were in the basement,checking each other out.Boring.Cute,but boring.I KNEW something like that is going to happen-the all scene is little like /excuse me for the rude phrase/"show me your's and I'll show you mine',but not in the pornographic aspect.Not fond of Col. Mann or her interactions with Gibbs, seemed kind of forced to me, though I did like the bit with the boat and him removing her hand from it. I think she got a little too comfortable around him too quickly, and he put her back in her place.But I think also that she is mature and confident without being hardnosed and unattractive.I wish they to just slow down a little.. She made the mistake of pressing about the name of the boat. After the look of death she got from Gibbs, she backed off. Learns fast, that woman. PS:I've watched that quiz/coffee scene again. I got the feeling that I was watching Michael instead of Tony
  • wow... another brilliant ep!

    talk about funny! tony at a "doctor's appointment"... that was hilarious.. but i LOVED the character development in this one. i loved tony watching over the kid and guiding him (sort of) and i think the ep was really trying to re-inforce that tony's grown up. whether he really has or not.. i guess we'll find out later. and the steady(?) girlfriend.. she seems nice

    but i do not like gibbs' "fourth ex-wife" as quoted by ziva... and the bit with kelly as the girlfriend was annoying. but i heart gibbs' reaction. it was sweet. :) and before anyone asks... yep. thats basically all that i was focused on during the ep.
  • Not another obsessive Gibbs story

    First season Gibbs became obsessed with finding Ari and that lasted three or four episodes. It looks like another Gibbs determined to find the new terrorist guy story. Didn't care for the Army CSI people. The woman was way too much like Gibbs. Like Tony with the new girlfriend but I feel like there is more to this story.
  • We finally get to see a new side of Tony :D

    Being both a Gabby and Tiva fan I didn't think i would like last nights episode.....but after watching it twice now I totally love it. Even though they introduced new love interests for both Gibbs and Tony i still couldn't help myself :D Getting to see a deaper side of Tony was great, I'm so glad they are finally giving his personality some layers, and the few Tiva scenes were priceless :lol: I still don't understand why they would give that Army CID women such a horrible name, I mean Col. Mann! :lol: I was over joyed to see that Gibbs had name his boat "Kelly" I mean that is priceless......
  • A great episode with a little character development.

    After a Marine dies from an explosion at a golf course, NCIS must investigate his murder, while sharing the investigation with the army. This episode is suspenseful and will keep you watching to the end. This episode was truely not a filler episode as Tony and Gibbs have smaller story lines within the episode. First, Gibbs and the army commander start to have chemistry through the story and most viewers will enjoy the extremely subtle flirtation, which means Gibbs is really back. Tony also has a revealing moment during the episode. He seems to have found a girl he wants to be with. It's far from confirmed, but viewers will surely pick up on it. If this is a relationship, many viewers are likely to reject it. It would mean that we've lost the classic Tony that we've grown to love after 3 years. And who else do we have but Tony to fill in? McGee?
    Overall, you will love this episode and its exciting ending. Be sure to watch!
  • An awesome episode...

    this episode was as good as it gets.i think the idea of blowing up someone while their golfing is good but i don't think they would be able to find out who did it. that easy, actually, probabily not at all. this episode was very funny how DeNoso is looking down Zevas shirt. and how the guy on the bench was to stupid to know that he had a bomb on his lap. it was funny when the colonel goes to the morgue and Duckie is talking to the dead body. i hope they make many more seasons of this show.later.
  • When a Marine Colonel dies in an explosion at a military golf course, the NCIS team must investigate a suspected terrorist attack with the help from Army Criminal Investigative Unit.

    An outstanding example of why I continue to watch this series. Susanna Thompson is an excellent addition to the list of people who deserve to be brought back in subsequent episodes, and her Lt Col Hollis Mann is an excellent foil for Gibbs, able to take as well as give. The scene in Gibbs\' basement is one of the funniest and yet saddest I\'ve seen in a while--funny because the two play off each other so well, and yet sad because of the name Gibbs has given his nearly finished boat. The ending was a shocker, but primarily because it really wasn\'t an ending: apparently they\'ll be returning to this storyline later in the season.
  • Good, good, good, great.

    I really enjoyed this episode. It made a return back to the real NCIS cases that we really love, injected a hell of a lot of humour and it managed to avoid getting too bogged down in the two-three different romantic relationships that are being formed.

    The character development with Tony was really good, and his new 'girlfriend' is intriguing. Likewise with the flirty banter between Tony and Ziva while dismantling the bomb.

    I liked the fact that it ended without catching the guy. They'll probably extend it out like they did searching for Ari.

    All in all, a really great episode, and a fine example of why I watch this show every week.
  • A man who is about ready to ship of to Iraq, gets blown up on a gold course.

    A man who is about ready to ship of to Iraq, gets blown up on a gold course. So the team comes to investigate and there they meet Lt. Col. Hollis Mann. Ziva then claims that she thinks that Gibbs has found his fourth ex-wife! This episode is cool. Even though it wasn't really resolved... will they finish it later?
  • This episode gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "Blasting out of the bunker".

    This was a great episode and apparently the lead-in to several intertwined episodes similar to the 4 "Ari" episodes from the first season. The interaction between Gibbs and Colonel Hollis was fun to watch, especially the way they kept building off of each others observations. I'm very interested in seeing how the writers move this relationship forward. I was touched that Gibbs named his boat after his daughter. I like that they are allowing Tony's character to grow and mature, particularly with the new girfriend. I was a little suprised that it was Tony that was used to talk the deceased Colonel's son into going to Princeton instead of into the Marine Corps but it was very nicely done in any case. All in all this was an episode I will watch over and over again.
  • A Navy colonel is killed by a bomb while on a golf course. Gibbs has to share the investigation with another person...from the Army.

    This was an awesome episode. I really enjoyed it. I thought that the way the revealed everything was excellent. We finally got to see DiNozzo's girlfriend. That was awesome. A couple of other things:

    1. Gibbs is almost done with his boat. He has it varnished and everything. All that is left was for him to name it. Which he did...he calls it Kelly. Why? That is one of the mysteries we have to solve.

    2. It was cool how Ziva disarmed the bombs. That was funny the way Tony followed her and he didn't know why he was.

    This was a great episode except for one detail. They didn't really finish it. They left it very open. It was weird because I kept watching it, waiting for them to solve the case, and they didn't. My only thought on this is that they will pull the plot out for another episode later in the season. This was a great episode.