Season 9 Episode 15


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 14, 2012 on CBS

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  • A super Valentine for the fans

    This episode is going on my list of favorite NCIS episodes just for the sheer fun of it all.

    First of all, I think Abby makes an adorable Catwoman (even tho' Catwoman wasn't actually a super hero).

    I also enjoyed Tim and Ziva teasing Tony about Wendy. They rarely get an opening like this.

    Yet Tony still managed to get in a dig at Tim: ""If things had gone differently this (playing super hero) could have been McGee." :-)

    Remember the scene in "Ex-File" when Gibbs was faced with his ex-wife, former lover and current lover? And Tony and Ziva were so amused at the "train wreck?" I loved it when Tony found himself in a train wreck of his own in Observation with Ziva and Wendy. Hee.

    I also throught it was really cool that super hero ICU took down the killer of his friends.

    And finally...

    "You should tell her how you feel. Whoever she is."

    I hope Tony will take Wendy's advice.

  • Good Episode

    I enjoyed this episode. I liked the whole super hero's that save the day. Wendy was also good in this episode, especially when she told Tony in the end "You should tell her how you fell, who ever it is". I really think its Ziva because in the past few episodes, there has been a lot of Toga and in an up coming episode, Mike Franks is suppose to help Ziva with her love complications. Just saying....good episode!!!

  • Secrets

    Whats better than Gibbs playing cupid? haha... And I so did not expect him to return the bow...
  • Superhero theme is great fun!

    The super hero theme isn't exactly original any more, but is still good fun, and there were some typically 'NCIS' special touches. Gibbs' very unexpected bow at the end was hilarious, as were most scenes involving Abby.

    I also liked the way the character of Wendy was handled. To me, this seemed to be a very believable instalment of Tony's back-story, and did not seem intrusive or out of place. I also enjoyed seeing Tony in a similar situation to Gibbs' in 'X-File'.

    Overall, this was an enjoyable episode. Recommended!
  • Delightful!

    Perfect! Just loved everything about this episode. Fast moving, lots of laugh out loud moments, great characterization of our favorite team members (e.g. Abby meeting Wendy, Tony and Ducky's insightful conversation, a slightly lighter Gibbs - playing Cupid no less, McGee concerned about Tony and Ziva being a subtle investigator! Wendy was delightful but I agree with another reviewer that the show felt like it gave Tony the option of moving on. And the Superheroes were a hoot (to begin with) but a respectful bow to all in the end. Great episode for sure. Now all we need by seasons end is a little more tension/danger from time to time.
  • Abbey Needs to Grow Up

    I am begging the writers to please do something about the character of Abbey...she is too old to be acting like a child all the time. Everytime she came on acting like a cat I changed the station! Also, the show lacked soon as the camera focused on that idiot super hero's butler (or whatever he was) I said aloud "He did it" and I was right. This show needs new writers and if these are the new writers then for goodness sake bring back the old ones!
  • Great episode

    Tony's face was so funny when he found out Wendy and Ziva were alone together. And when Wendy said that he should tell her how he feels/. He looked really shocked/scared. Wonder if this was cause he was scared she'd figured out he loved Ziva. Really hope that he takes her advice and tell Ziva how he feels!
  • One forgotten part

    I agree with the other reviews. Glad to see how Tony became who is and who made him that way. One hilarious part that was missed was when Tony blew up at Ducky, all because of a word. Defensive much? Tony hated being caught. What about when her son caught Tony kissing her? Did anyone notice that his age is roughly about 9-10 years old? That would be a coincidence with why she left Tony and the fact they hadn't talked in about 9 1/2 years. Granted, I might be reaching on this last part.
  • What happened......

    To Tony's wardrobe that's what I would like to know....from the time 30mins and 54secs(appx) to

    time 31mins and 46secs his apparel has changed,gone from a dark suit to a light grey suit in less

    than a minute.Now I know the episode dealt with R.L.S.H.s but come on Tony ain't that good.

    Unless he is one too But I still rate this episode way above Gibbs's...!!!!
  • I loved it! It was a little funny, a little quirky and a little different! Just what I like to see! :)

    No point preetending that this season has been particularly good. There have been some excellent/above average episodes, but also a fair few boring ones. Luckily, tonight's falls into the former category.

    The Tony storyline was interesting. Great to see Wendy, and I wonder if anything else will happen in that regard within the future. Hard to predict, but whatever ahppens, I hope it is entertaining!

    The Real Life SuperHeroes (RLSH) was a great concept for an NCIS episode! It was a little quirky and off centre, and I enjoyed seeing that. It added a bit of colour and vibrance to a show which has been getting a little bleak in some recent episode.s

    This episode definitely was a fun one for me! I hope they can continue to produce great episodes, and I am hoping that next week is just as good, if not better! :)
  • A Navy Captain's Death Leads The NCIS Team To Discover A Secret Society Of Everyday Superheroes.

    "Secrets" is an entertaining and very good episode despite being a little goofy at some points. The case was great but I had some problems with the superhero-theme. Do these guys actually exist? I still liked seeing how the superheroes told explained their actions to the agents. But the highlight in this episode are the confrontations between Tony and his ex-fiance Wendy. We have seen lots of relatives from other characters: Gibbs' father, Ziva's father, Tim's sister and grandmother, Ducky's mother but before this episode Tony's father has been the only relative that has been shown. I'd like to see more of DiNozzo in the future. Great episode. Hopefully the next one is as good as this!