Season 2 Episode 1

See No Evil

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 2004 on CBS
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A wife and an 8-year-old blind daughter of a Navy Captain are kidnapped and the Captain is a hostage in his own office, communicating with kidnappers, who watch his every step via computer camera. NCIS team investigates the scheme where a large amount of money is involved.moreless

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  • Amazing way to start off season 2.

    I thought that this was a really good way to start off season 2. First of all, I liked that McGee was finally able to become a field agent. Second, I thought that Abigail Breslin did a great job playing the blind girl. Third, there were alot of things that made me laugh in this ep; like the beginning, the part where McGee and Kate go to check out the house where the girl and her mom were kidnapped. The part when McGee suggests that they break a window to get in like Tony did was hilarious, also when they (actually just Kate) decided to climb on the roof and into an open window was funny. I also liked the part when McGee and Abby were setting up in the morgue and McGee saw the blood on the table and he was sitting there trying to clean it off and Gibbs comes in and yells at McGee and tells him to get to work. Overall, this is one of my favorite eps of all time and I highly recommend watching it if you haven't seen it yet.moreless
  • Gibbs and the team help to find a kidnapped girl and mother

    What an episode! This was a great first episode. Thw storyline about the guy being held hostage by his computer and then the kidnapper demanding a ransom for his wife and daughter, then there was how the NCIS team investigated the case, that was very well written, also it was nice to see a bit of humor and a bit of developed chemistery between the NCIS team, also they gained a new member "Tim Mcgee" I loved the part about the blind girl, because she was so clever and made the story that little bit more interesting - bottom line - 10/10!moreless
  • Emotional.. and some brilliant acting

    That was beautiful episode. I mean.. what a twist in the end. It was just.. so so scary and so awful at first.. but you learn the truth and everything is put on new perspective and it is even more horrible.

    I loved that little girl. She was so scared.. so sweet and little genius. And the acting. Just brilliant. And having McGee around as a field agent. That's something new.. and will have probably whole new dynamic of the team. Like to see how that comes to work.

    So, it was very emotional story.. great char and team moments.. great way the episode was build.moreless
  • An excellent season opener. One of my favourite episodes of season 2.

    This is an excellent season opener and one of the best episodes of the series so far.

    The child actress is excellent and just beautiful; the crime was smart and well planned, except that Watson underestimated how much the guy hated him; it was lovely to see the team fussing over the little girl, especially Abby, Gibbs and Ducky.

    Enjoyed the story very much, the twist at the end was excellent, how does someone do that to his own family?! His wife and child will be traumatized for the rest of their lives, not to mention that his daughter has to grow up knowing what her father did to her and her mother, and that he's a criminal too. That's an incredibly ugly thing to do to people you claim to love.

    Dear God, Mark Harmon is gorgeous! He looks divine in that uniform.moreless
  • An incredible start to the second season!

    This episode is the first of the second season, and it is one of my personal favorites. The storyline is very interesting, and the ending is a marvellous twist that you could never see coming.

    I was extremely shocked when the little girl could make out what frequencies she needed to hear to listen to the required content.

    This case was a very unique one, with an extremely unique way of solving it. It was so incredible, if I could, I would personally rate it 20 out of 10.

    This episode is just unmissable, in my opinion. It is so great, and it must be watched.

    Incredible effort, NCIS!moreless
Mark Harmon

Mark Harmon

Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs

Sasha Alexander

Sasha Alexander

Special Agent Kate Todd

Michael Weatherly

Michael Weatherly

Special Agent Tony DiNozzo

Pauley Perrette

Pauley Perrette

Forensics Specialist Abby Sciuto

Sean Murray (I)

Sean Murray (I)

Special Agent Tim McGee

David McCallum

David McCallum

Chief M.E. Ducky Mallard

Abigail Breslin

Abigail Breslin

Sandy Watson

Guest Star

Ely Pouget

Ely Pouget

Julie Watson

Guest Star

William Mapother

William Mapother

Kyle Grayson

Guest Star

Brian Dietzen

Brian Dietzen

Asst. M.E. Jimmy Palmer

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (13)

    • TRIVIA: At the end of the episode, Captain Watson tries to justify why he did what he did. Gibbs then shoves him against a wall and shouts at him saying "Don't you dare tell me that there's a reason for throwing away what you had!" His strong reaction was probably due to the fact that he knows first hand what it is like to lose a wife and young daughter.

    • GOOF: When Gibbs and his team go after the kidnapper, their bullet proof vests identify them as being "Police", not NCIS agents. Usually their vests are labeled "NCIS."

    • GOOF: When hacking in Abby's lab you can see that McGee wears his watch on his right wrist (like most left handed people do) but in the close-up shot of his hands typing on the keyboard it's on his left wrist.

    • GOOF: In the scene where Gibbs wants McGee to "reboot" his phone, if you look closely in the wide shot Tony has already got the new phone box in his hand but the next scene Tony is getting the phone box out of the cabinet.

    • GOOF: In the beginning of the episode Kate sits down at her desk only to find McGee lying under the desk to work on the network. In order for McGee to lie under the desk like that Kate would have either have spotted him when she walked past the front of the dek, or, since she was focusing on DiNozzo, she would have tripped over McGee's legs.

    • Goof: Grayson says he is going to give Captain Watson an IP routing number, but actually gives him a hostname.

    • TRIVIA: When Capt. Watson tells the kidnapper he only had $1.8 of the $2 million ransom, the kidnapper says "How would you like 1.8 of your wife?" This makes no sense, since that would be more of the wife than originally existed. He probably meant 90% of the wife.

    • GOOF: At the beginning of the episode when Kate pulls McGee up from under her desk while he is running the network, when she pulls him up she has her suit jacket on. When Gibbs walks by, her suit jacket is off.

    • TRIVIA: In Abby's lab, Gibbs and Abby signed something that was never voiced. Gibbs signed, "You don't have to yell." Abby replies, "Sorry." When Tony says that their signing is annoying, Gibbs signs, "Peabrain!"

    • GOOF: The little girl picking up on certain audio frequencies is not possible with the tech setup. Lossy audio compression is used in transmitting audio across the internet which removes a range of frequencies. This would mean the girl could not have picked up the sounds, unless it was lossless compression which is highly unlikely in a webcam setup. Further more: where would the kidnapper obtain an internet connection in an abandoned railway station?

    • GOOF: In the beginning of the show, the girl has no front teeth, but later on she has them.

    • GOOF: When Kate and McGee go to search the Watsons' house, they have gloves (and, one would assume, evidence bags). So why, when they find the sweater, do they both touch it with bare hands and McGee shoves it in his backpack? And then, why do they never give it to Abby? It could have been a very useful piece of evidence - especially since they didn't find anything else.

    • TRIVIA: The scene when Gibbs tears into the abandoned train station where the Watsons are being held is the same setting used for the parking lot of the club in episode 1.17, "The Truth is Out There" - some of the same shots are even used of the car pulling in.

  • QUOTES (35)

    • Captain Watson: I cannot believe this is happening! The perfect plan. Even Grayson didn't know who hired him. How the hell did you figure this out?
      Kate: Next time, you might want to send your note to the FBI.

    • Palmer: It's not the left ear?
      Ducky: It's the left. It's just not the right left.

    • Captain Watson: You have to understand, I needed the money because... (Gibbs throws him against the wall)
      Gibbs: Don't you dare tell me that there's a reason for throwing away what you had!

    • Ducky: Well, now that you mention it, I did have a great uncle who drowned in a vat of alcohol.
      McGee: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
      Ducky: Of course he reportedly climbed out three times to go to the bathroom.

    • Tony: Yeah, I'll get that APB out on the lollipop guild.

    • Gibbs: What can you tell me about the voice?
      Abby: It sounds like a particle physicist that I used to date. He had this tiny little chicklet like teeth and an Eiffel tower tattoo.
      Gibbs: (holds up Caff-Pow) You want this Abby or not?

    • Tony: You know, considering no one in this room is actually deaf, that's really annoying. (Gibbs signs something to Abby) Hey! That was about me, wasn't it.

    • Abby: NO! My baby just French Fried!

    • Gibbs: (to Tony) If NCIS doesn't work out, I hear General Wi's Chinese Restaurant is hiring.

    • Kate: Are your eyes closed?
      McGee: Yes!
      Kate: Well then open them before you kill us!
      McGee: But this morning you -
      Kate: McGee, can't you tell when someone's kidding with you?
      McGee: I used to and then I met you guys.
      Kate: If you want to work with Gibbs, then you're gonna have to get over that. Trust me, I know.
      McGee: Eyes open it is.

    • Gibbs: Well, I got some good news, and some bad news for you. You've just been promoted. To a full time field agent.
      McGee: Really? That's incredible, what's -
      Gibbs: You belong to me now.
      Kate: Congratulations.
      Tony: Yeah. What she said.

    • Kate: Well, we need to get in. Suggestions?
      McGee: Last time I encountered a situation like this Tony threw a rock through the window.
      Kate: Yet another glaring difference between boys and girls.

    • Gibbs: Okay, would you two, just for a sec, just pretend I don't know anything about computers?
      Abby: Pretend?

    • Gibbs: Did we, Special Agent Todd? Grayson doesn't have the smarts to be in this alone. We still have to find out who hired him.
      Tony: Not gonna get it from Grayson.
      Kate: Why not? Get him to roll for a deal.
      Gibbs: I don't deal.
      Kate: He doesn't deal?
      Tony: Not when Grayson doesn't know who hired him.

    • Ducky: Well, you've been a very brave patient, so I think you deserve a surprise.
      Sandy: A Hershey bar?
      Ducky: Yes. Are you sure you're blind?
      Sandy: I can smell it.

    • Tony: And my name's Tony. We're NCIS agents. It stands for -
      Sandy: I know what it stands for. You spoke at my school.

    • Kate: When I'm a mother, I'm never letting my kids out of my sight.
      Tony: Yeah? Well how do you plan on doing that?
      Kate: GPS locator strapped to their ankle. Audio and video surveillance built into their clothes.
      Tony: No, I mean the part about becoming a mother.

    • Gibbs: So take it someplace cooler.
      Abby: Where? This whole building is like an illegal sweatshop.

    • McGee: Yeah. Right, scan for open UDP and TCP connections on the Geosock VPN...yes, multiple incoming packets. Port 139, 445. Looks like a variant of the DMC Trojan.
      Abby: I love it when you talk geek.
      McGee: I love it that you love it.

    • Kate: We're taking a really big risk here, Gibbs.
      Gibbs: Yeah, Kate? What happens to the little girl and her mother once this dirtbag gets the money?
      Kate: What, you think he'll kill them?
      Gibbs: You're the profiler. You tell me.

    • Gibbs: You inside his computer yet?
      Abby: Oh, um...I think, um...
      Gibbs: Need help?
      Abby: Yeah.
      Gibbs: All you had to do was ask. One of the smartest people I know told me that once.
      Abby: Who?
      Gibbs: You.

    • Tony: Well, you think I could pass for a Marine?
      Gibbs: I don't know. Let's shave your head and find out.
      Tony: Actually, I was leaning more toward a Merchant Marine kind of thing.
      Gibbs: I got a better idea, don't eat that.

    • Gibbs: DiNozzo! I need a way to communicate with Captain Watson.
      Tony: Communication problem solved, boss. Earwig radio receiver, used them all the time undercover in Baltimore.
      Gibbs: How do we get it in his ear?
      Tony: Did I also mention there's one tiny flaw in my plan?

    • Abby: I don't know if I can do it.
      Gibbs: DiNozzo, get McGee on the phone.
      Abby: Wait. I'll get in.
      Gibbs: Yeah?
      Abby: Yeah.
      Gibbs: I believe you.
      Tony: Relax. When's the last time Gibbs was wrong? Discounting the whole marriage thing, of course.

    • Abby: Gibbs, we are talking about the Pentagon here. Even their encryptions have encryptions.

    • Kate: Let's roll. She either left in a hurry or was forced to.
      McGee: What makes you think she just didn't leave it there?
      Kate: Because she's a little girl, McGee. They're not typically slobs.
      McGee: Remind me to introduce you to my little sister.

    • Tony: Where're you going, boss?
      Gibbs: Talk to Watson.
      Kate: Wait, Gibbs, if you show up -
      Gibbs: I'd better hope they don't notice.
      Kate: That is not a good call.
      Tony: Relax; you think Gibbs keeps that haircut to save on shampoo?

    • McGee: They could be using a Trojan. Well, she said that they were using his computer. A Trojan would give them backdoor access.
      Tony: You kiss your mother with that mouth, McGee?

    • Shirley: When I brought him his coffee, I heard the computer talking to him.
      Kate: You've got mail?

    • (he was under her desk and she is wearing a skirt)
      McGee: Ah, morning, Agent Todd.
      Kate: McGee!
      McGee: Yeah?
      Kate: You have two seconds to tell me what you're doing down there.
      McGee: I'm, ah, upgrading the computer network and, ah...
      Kate: Time's up!
      McGee: Ah, ah, I wasn't looking, I swear, ow, ow, I wasn't looking, ow...
      Gibbs: Tony.
      Tony: Yeah?
      Gibbs: Did I just see what I thought I saw?
      Tony: Out of respect for my co-workers, boss, I'd have to say yes you did, and it's very disturbing.
      Gibbs: I agree, put your damn shirt back on, this is a federal office building, not a gym. Damn, McGee, why are you still here?
      McGee: Ah, the, the contractors, they won't wire the network until the air conditioning's fixed, it's a union thing, so...
      Gibbs: So you decided it's more important for an NCIS Special Agent to crawl around all day by yourself?
      Tony: Man asked you a question.
      McGee: Well, I just, I, I wanted it fixed, before I returned to Norfolk.
      Gibbs: Yeah? You have any idea where thinking like this is gonna lead you?
      Tony: Yeah, do you, McGee?
      Gibbs: Promotion. You need any help, you ask Tony here. Looks like he could use a workout.
      McGee: I, he, he, he, eh, it's not that difficult. So, I, I guess I could do it myself.
      Tony: Good answer.
      Kate: Don't let him intimidate you, McGee. That's my job today.
      McGee: I didn't look.
      Tony: Oh, no. I believe you. I just have a little question that I want to ask you. Is she a pantyhose or a thong girl, 'cause I'm thinking thong...ah!

    • Kate: Oh, have you been working out?
      Tony: All summer long...thanks for finally noticing.
      Kate: No, I mean right now, 'cause you're sweating like a pig and it's not very attractive.

    • Tony: Anyone? I mean, anyone know when the air conditioning's getting fixed? What about the name of the genius who invented windows that don't open? What are we, on a space ship? Windows should open!

    • (Gibbs is drinking coffee)
      Kate: Gibbs? It's, like, a hundred degrees in here. How can you drink that stuff?
      Gibbs: Keeps me cool. How's she doing, Duck?

    • Tony: Hey. The only train in the area's an Amtrak. It left DC at 1620 and arrived Lorton 1730, average speed 65 miles an hour. Now, we know it passed our dirtbag at 1706, right? So...dammit. I owe Mrs. Powers an apology.
      McGee: Who?
      Tony: My tenth grade math teacher. I told her I'd never be able to use anything she taught us in real life.

    • McGee: Gibbs, he sent it, I think he's gonna shoot her, what do I do?
      Gibbs: Something, McGee, anything!

  • NOTES (4)

    • Original International Airdates:
      Croatia: September 02, 2005 on NOVA TV
      France: September 02, 2005 on M6
      Germany: September 01, 2005 on SAT.1
      Sweden: April 16, 2005 on TV3
      Denmark: October 12, 2004 on TV3
      Estonia: January 16, 2009 on TV3

    • This was actually the third episode produced for this season. In some countries, NCIS was aired in production order, which raised confusion between viewers, because episode 2.7 "Call of Silence" was aired as the first episode, and McGee was already a full-time agent, but he actually becomes that in this episode.

    • The show was called Navy NCIS during the first season but from this episode onwards the word Navy was dropped, leaving the show title as NCIS. The creator knew that he would change the title of the show but he had to wait to make the change because everyone believed that the title would be too similar to CSI, to which many people compared the show.

    • The title of the episode in pre-production was "In the Dark", a title that was later used as the title for the 22nd episode of the fourth season.


    • Episode Title: "See no Evil"
      The title is a spoof of a popular saying See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, commonly used for episodes of TV shows.

    • (After the voice is changed to a high frequency)
      Tony: I'll get that APB out on the lollipop guild!

      He is obviously referring to the Lollipop Guild in the Wizard of Oz where the little boy has an extremely high voice.

    • David Keith, who guests as Captain Watson, plays the father of a blind child whose other senses are greatly heightened, much like he did as Jack Murdock in Daredevil.

    • The line Sandy (Abigail Breslin) says "Can I have a glass of water?" is the same she used in the movie Signs.