Season 2 Episode 1

See No Evil

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 2004 on CBS

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  • Amazing way to start off season 2.

    I thought that this was a really good way to start off season 2. First of all, I liked that McGee was finally able to become a field agent. Second, I thought that Abigail Breslin did a great job playing the blind girl. Third, there were alot of things that made me laugh in this ep; like the beginning, the part where McGee and Kate go to check out the house where the girl and her mom were kidnapped. The part when McGee suggests that they break a window to get in like Tony did was hilarious, also when they (actually just Kate) decided to climb on the roof and into an open window was funny. I also liked the part when McGee and Abby were setting up in the morgue and McGee saw the blood on the table and he was sitting there trying to clean it off and Gibbs comes in and yells at McGee and tells him to get to work. Overall, this is one of my favorite eps of all time and I highly recommend watching it if you haven't seen it yet.
  • Gibbs and the team help to find a kidnapped girl and mother

    What an episode! This was a great first episode. Thw storyline about the guy being held hostage by his computer and then the kidnapper demanding a ransom for his wife and daughter, then there was how the NCIS team investigated the case, that was very well written, also it was nice to see a bit of humor and a bit of developed chemistery between the NCIS team, also they gained a new member "Tim Mcgee" I loved the part about the blind girl, because she was so clever and made the story that little bit more interesting - bottom line - 10/10!
  • Emotional.. and some brilliant acting

    That was beautiful episode. I mean.. what a twist in the end. It was just.. so so scary and so awful at first.. but you learn the truth and everything is put on new perspective and it is even more horrible.

    I loved that little girl. She was so scared.. so sweet and little genius. And the acting. Just brilliant. And having McGee around as a field agent. That's something new.. and will have probably whole new dynamic of the team. Like to see how that comes to work.

    So, it was very emotional story.. great char and team moments.. great way the episode was build.
  • An excellent season opener. One of my favourite episodes of season 2.

    This is an excellent season opener and one of the best episodes of the series so far.

    The child actress is excellent and just beautiful; the crime was smart and well planned, except that Watson underestimated how much the guy hated him; it was lovely to see the team fussing over the little girl, especially Abby, Gibbs and Ducky.

    Enjoyed the story very much, the twist at the end was excellent, how does someone do that to his own family?! His wife and child will be traumatized for the rest of their lives, not to mention that his daughter has to grow up knowing what her father did to her and her mother, and that he's a criminal too. That's an incredibly ugly thing to do to people you claim to love.

    Dear God, Mark Harmon is gorgeous! He looks divine in that uniform.
  • An incredible start to the second season!

    This episode is the first of the second season, and it is one of my personal favorites. The storyline is very interesting, and the ending is a marvellous twist that you could never see coming.

    I was extremely shocked when the little girl could make out what frequencies she needed to hear to listen to the required content.

    This case was a very unique one, with an extremely unique way of solving it. It was so incredible, if I could, I would personally rate it 20 out of 10.

    This episode is just unmissable, in my opinion. It is so great, and it must be watched.

    Incredible effort, NCIS!
  • A great way to start off season two. One of my favorite cases.

    What a good storyline! I have no complaints about this episode, actually, which is really rare. The character interaction was great, but for once the case was actually more entertaining.

    This episode was intense and totally believable since the acting was spot one. The little blind girl was perfect, but her father was so believable that the ending twist was a total surprise. This episode was loaded with intensity unlike most cases where the victim is already dead, and I was really concerned for the outcome. I never saw the twist coming at the end, but that's one of the reasons why NCIS isn't like all of the other boring crime shows. It's a step above.
  • One of my all times favourites

    The episode opens with a woman answering the front door, and being told that her husband has been in an accident. Her daughter is in the next room and hears everything. We then see the husband who has been injured and he is perfectly fine, we then see that his wife and daughter have been kidnapped. The kidnappers are contacting the husband through his computer.
    He manages to pass a note to his sectary and she goes to NCIS to inform them of the problem. It is here that we learn that his daughter is blind. Gibbs poses as a Gunny and goes into the office and places a camera and voice recorder in the room. After a talk with the kidnapper the husband gets a phone call from his daughter. He lets her and so Gibbs sends Tony & Kate to pick her up. When Abby and McGee hack into the captains computer, her computer fries, and so they take it down to the morgue for it to cool down. We then Daughter, Sandy is brought into NCIS Ducky gives her a look over to make sure that she is alright. The team pull prints off of the little girl's clips and trace the pints back to a former petty officer. When the little girl hear s train in the background of the live feed of her mother ad so the team discover where the train was at that time and go there. The team find the kidnapper and the wife just in time. When Abby and McGee trace the $2million they discover that the husband was the one who hired the kidnapper. At the end of the episode as McGee is leaving Gibbs stops him and tells him he had been promoted to field agent and will be staying on at NCIS.
  • This episode was a great way to start this new season.

    First of all, McGee is now part of the team as a full-time field agent, which is great, cause I love McGee. I think he really adds something to the team dynamics. And second of all, the case was really a NCIS classic, just very well written and certainly cleverly plotted. Captian Watson's wife and his blind daughter are being held hostage for two million dollars. Abigail Breslin, who played Sandy Watson; the Captains' blind daughter did an amazing job at it. I also did not see the end coming, I mean I would have never guessed that Captain Watson was behind everything. I loved Gibbs' reaction on this, and later we learn exactly why he reacted the why he did. Fantastic episode!
  • Blind daughter and mother kidnapped.

    Real sad for the blind daughter and mother to get kidnapped, but I thought the tricks in the season 2 premiere episode was great. Overall, this is my favorite season premiere, or maybe it might be the season 3 premiere that excited me the most. NCIS, was doing really great during season 1, and season 2 just brought it more better. The evidence was great too, but a question that bugs me; is that tool, I forgot what it was helped NCIS, to figure out the kidnapper. Don't know if it was used or not. This overall is a good season premiere.
  • Captian Watson's family is being held hostage for two million dollars.

    As it turned out, Captian Watson was behind everything for the very beginning. Why would a man risk the lives of his family for money? You can not take anything with you in the afterlife or prison, so why do people need to do these things? It is here today, gone tomorrow.

    Tony was not his usual chipper self. The air conditioner was on the fritz, so could have something to with with that. McGee has just been promoted to full- field agent. We get to see him on a regular basis now, Yea! To congradulate McGee Tony and Kate slapped him up side the head.
  • A wife and an 8-year-old blind daughter of a Navy Captain are kidnapped and the Captain is a hostage in his own office, communicating with kidnappers, who watch his every step via computer camera.

    Funny, but serious as well. It was great to see Gibbs in uniform and of course to see, Tony doing his slob bit. The ending,now that you realise what will be happening in future episodes make you realise where the whole story lines are going.The whole programme was handled with taste. Oh also the banter between Kate and McGee when they were breaking into the house was just classic.
  • Great Episode!

    I really, really loved this episode. From the first watch to repeats on the Season 2 DVDs. The Captain's daughter charms from the start, announcing to her mother, "There's someone at the front door, Mom" before the bell ever rings. Gibbs is his normal self, which is fantastic any day. The way he gets Tony to believe he was talking about Kate and McGee when he was actually talking about DiNozzo was hilarious. "Put your d@mn shirt on." He is very sweet in his interactions with the daughter. Add that to the way he reacts when they realize the father is the man who arranged to have his own family kidnapped and it foreshadows his loss that is revealed in Hiatus at the end of Season 3. The line he tells the Captain about there isn't any good reason why he threw away what he had definitely gives us a glimpse into a loss that the viewer doesn't understand until later on in the series. The writers did an excellent job on this episode and set things up well to go with later Seasons revelations.
  • A Navy captain's wife and blind young daughter are being held hostage by kidnappers who are demanding 2 million be transferred to an account by him by 1800 hours. Meanwhile the NCIS team race to assist the captain and find his family before it's too late.

    Wow. This is one of my favourite episodes from the early seasons. As much as I relish the actual plotlines and action of this program, it always delights me when we see more of the main characters' personalities. The humanity of Gibbs with the little girl, Ducky's fatherly comforting presence, and the already nicely developing character of 'Probie' McGee were lovely highlights. It especially delighted me that I simply did NOT see the surprise twist at the end coming...but I was also a bit surprised that Gibbs didn't react even more strongly, no matter how many witnesses there were.
  • Perfect start to a brilliant season

    I have watched "See No Evil" about fifty thousand times and I never get sick of it.

    First off, a nine year-old blind girl is kidnapped. Can I just say that whoever played her did an amazing job. That little girl was awesome.

    Second, the NCIS offices don't have any air conditioning so Tony tries to take his shirt off (shame that he had an undershirt on), and everyone is sweting but Gibbs. Although Kate doesn't seem to be too overheated.

    Third, the father is responsible. I couldn't believe that. I loved Gibbs' reaction. It's pretty much explained in Hiatus.

    Fourth, McGee gets promoted. Oh yes! Our favourite probie isn't so much of a probie anymore. Although along with that promotion he gets a double head slap from Tony and Kate. It's kind of ironic how the only time they get along is when they're being mean to McGee.

    Brilliant episode. 10/10
  • In this episode the team aids a Naval Captain who is being held hostage by his computer and his family is being held hostage by a former subordinate to this Naval Captain who the captain had arrested.

    This is one of my favorite episodes - not only is it the episode where McGee formally joins the team, it is one of those episodes that has a truly surprising ending. As I watch it over and over again on the DVD I see many hints now that lead you to the conclusion that was there in the end, but it is just so odd for a procedural to surprise you and NCIS does on a regular basis. I also love to see the moments where Gibbs is so tender with children - you know it points to some additional elements of his character that have not yet been revealed.
  • When a Navy officer's family is kidnapped to force him to come up with 2 million dollars NCIS must help rescue his family and stop the kidnappers from getting the money.

    This was a very good episode. The story line kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. I found it enlightening that Gibbs would go undercover as a Marine and Tony would go undercover as a Chinese food delivery guy. I was disappointed that in the end it turned out that the officer had put his family through that ordeal to get the money. Wouldn't he have realized that the ex petty officer would want revenge for having gone to prison? Gibbs' reaction to the Navy officer's actions were much easier to understand in the light of having found out at the end of season three that Gibbs had a wife and child taken from him.
  • A man comes to work and is starting to work when he finds out that his wife and cute daughter have been kidnapped.

    A man comes to work and is starting to work when he finds out that his wife and cute daughter have been kidnapped. The kidnapper is contacting him through the sound system and watching him through the web cam. The man can see his wife and kid. The man gives a note to one of his workers, telling her to contact NCIS (the best move he can do) So the NCIS team works to get the wife and kid out. The kidnapper has told the man that he wants a ransom of 2 million from the petagon account. This is a twisty episode!
  • See no evil, but hear everything

    Sometimes I wonder how on earth Tony made special agent in the NCIS, he seems to open his mouth without thinking. The story line, with the man held hostage with his computer and his wife and blind daughter kidnapped forced the team to resort with ingenuity and sneakiness whilst dealing with no AC. I thought it was a legal requirement for windows to open but nevermind.

    McGee continues to be a delight torn between the boundries of properness and helping out. His desire to fit the network at the start of the episode seems to be a way of putting off going home, because it seems that he has a very close relationship with Abbey rather than a way to get noticed for promotion but his also proves himself competant as an agent.

    Tony seems insensitive to the blind girl, he often seems somewhat ignorant but Ducky's way of showing how acute the girls hearing is was very subtle and clever, it shows how much more use blind people put into their hearing and sense of smell than regualr people who rely on their sight. A lesson for us all, with the final twist being a stroke of genius.
  • This is a brilliant start to series 2. All the way through you think that the whole family is going through the ordeal and then they hit you with the biggest surprise ever - I did not see it coming.

    It is based around the story of a captain being held hostage by his computer in the Pentagon and his wife and blind daughter are being held by a man controlling the computer. The man wants $2 million or he kills the wife and the daughter. NCIS come in and try to save the family. The blind daughter is left in a railway station and the NCIS team picks her up. Back at headquarters they discover that the daughter has brilliant hearing and what frequency different sounds are. She helps the team find her mother and so nobody dies. But before the team can stop the father he sends the $2 million to an account in Asia. But Abby and McGee track the money and follow it until it comes straight back to Washington D.C. The team then goes to arrest the master mind behind the whole thing. The biggest shock is who it is and it certaintly shocked me, I did not even see it coming but it is certaintly a very good ending. As to who it is you will have to watch it yourself! It is one of the best episodes I have seen so far and it definately deserves the score I gave it.
  • As season 2 starts it starts with a bang.

    ok what a good start to season 2

    i will start with the fact it was rather good. After season 1 season finale we were left confused as what was happening. personally i left confused. This episode was good thank to that little girl almost bought a tear to my eye. That was such a difficult role for young actress to do and she nailed it first time which rather fantastic in my opinion . i thought they went a little bit too far with her know exact frequency of certain sounds. Still i didn't see father stealing money at end. i can't believe he would put his family through that mind you i'm glad he got caught.

    We find out that McGee is new NCIS guy and it does look like Kate and Tony are going to haze him and try to make his experience rather difficult. Abby and him working together was rather sweet.
  • Funny and entertaining, yet still has the plot twist you don't see coming.

    This episode was one of the best NCIS episodes I have ever seen. At times it is lighthearted and humorous, but it can switch to serious and tense as well. I never saw the plot twist coming, and it just made the episode so much better. My cousin was visiting and had never seen NCIS before, and this was a perfect episode to show her. She learned that the show is not always serious, that you really get to know the characters, and that it stil has great story lines. This episode was definitely a reason i watch this show.
  • What a great episode.

    What a great episode. I was really amazed at the quality of acting that went into this episode. For such an intense subject matter, I was stunned at home much enjoyed and still enjoy watching this episode. The acting was top notch and what a great way to bring in Mcgee. I really enjoyed watching Special Agent Mcgee and Abby working together. They really seem to have the "hackers" personality down. I enjoy how comfortable everyone is with each other. Special Agent Timothy Mcgee is an asset to Gibbs team and i'm glad that he gets to "shine" in this episode somewhat. It keeps me interested in watching what's to come in the near future for this team.
  • i think this is funny but serious episode. i wish all the episodes could be this funny and exciting and seriuos all the time.

    i dont know wat to say but....little blind girl gets kiddnapped and her mother mcgee and kate go to their house and have a funny moment then tony and kate find little then go out and fiind her mum and the bad guy. mum,dad and daughter go home alltogether again.
  • Nice...

    This is one of the earliest ones I watched, and it is still my favourite. Some great Abby/McGee sequences and incredible humour and twists and turns make it a brilliant episode. Better than the very poor previous episode. This is one of the coolest episodes, simply because of the plot, not to mention some classic one-liners. A perfect example of a brilliant blend of genres from DPB. With a bit of luck, we will see many more episodes just like this one. My favourite quote from this (that I can't add cause I'm only level 1): "I love it that you love it". Classic.
  • A really god episode where a officer is held hostage by his computer

    In this one the air condtioning breaks down which causes Tony to run around sweating like a pig in just a tank top. and then McGee gets a look up Kate's skirt and of course Dinozzo must know where she is a Panty or thong kinda girl.
    Tony also discovers his ture calling... lookinf like a teenage fast food worker! A really good episode.
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