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Season 10 Episode 18


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 19, 2013 on CBS

Episode Fan Reviews (12)

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  • Brilliant!

    This episode was absolutely brilliant and unique!

    The storyline was spectacular and I absolutely love the events! It was really interesting!

    It was also quite moving to watch and it was really a superb episode.

    Season 10 continues to wow!
  • Loved it!

    Perhaps my favorite episode ever! And I've seen them all! :)
  • Absolutely Breathtaking

    This is a SUPREME episode.

    I am not a film critic nor do I like them very much! But I have to mention the music in this episode, which was on point... Especially when Ziva and McGee were at MTAC listening to the guy going on about why he thought the victim (forgot his name dammit!) didn't have any enemies. Just from beginning to end, it was a pleasure to immerse myself into yet another blisteringly wonderful episode. Interesting fact, my sis told me that Tony directed this episode!
  • Most original Episode

    The episode displays the potential close relations between humans and their dogs, a mutual emotional support and collaborative efforts for a common goal. Great episode!
  • Weatherly directed

    Excellent episode. The last shot of the widow and the dog looking at the coffin was perfect. Well done, Michael Weatherly.
  • So Vance is a racist

    Good episode lots of humour and interaction between the characters. But the ''sub plot'' involving Vance interviewing for a ''nanny'' is racist and spoils it. He appears to reject every person that interviews (Presumably because they are white) but then gets taken by the only black girls?? PROOF if EVER that in the TV and REAL world racism goes BOTH WAYS!
  • One of the best episodes!

    This was an example for the best of NCIS. Nothing more to say, cause I dont wanna spoil ;)

    But I always thought, Gibbs is the canine-type of guy, why doesnt he already have a dog? Someone to share the Bourbon in the basement...
  • And so, it begins!!!

    I said in a previous review that I suspected two possible outcomes for the Ziva/Vance/Bodnar situation and it looks like the season finale will be based around the outcome of this.

    Also, as Cote de Pablo STILL hasn't confirmed for season 11, the storyline might give some indication of what's going on.

    While I am an admirer of Ms. de Pablo's acting ability, I have to say that the ongoing "Prima Donna" act is getting tedious. This isn't the first time she's been the last to sign up and she should remember that the show's producers aren't afraid to kill off a main character and being one of the highest paid actors on the highest rated show in America isn't to be sneezed at.

    Anyway, on to the episode.

    Apart from the soldiers death at the start, this was a pretty good episode and let's face it, anything with a loveable mutt in it is going to be a winner, hands down.

    The side story of Vance's search for a nany was excellent with a fabulous Mary Poppins clone showing up at one point.

    The last nanny is a shoe in for the job after standing up to the stoic director and being a Jackie Vance look alike certainly wouldn't hurt.

    Other parts of the episode were funny as Hell with McGee running away and leaving Tony in the path of danger.

    However and I do understand that the pet lovers will hate me for this but Doberman versus handgun???? Hmmmm! Methinks the dog loses, big time. Sorry, but I would have shot both dogs and went after the handler to show him the error of his ways.

    Not so many laughs, mind you.

    A good episode overall with plenty to keep the viewers entertained.

    Now, to my review title.

    After several weeks, with no mention of Bodnar, as I expected, Ziva is hot on his trail and I suspect that internet traffic would be monitored in a Government agency, so Vance might very well know she's hunting him down as was hinted during their conversation.

    My two ZIva/Bodnar solutions are that she goes off the rails and goes all "Buffy" on his ass, with hopefully Tony providing backup, or the agency as a whole goes after him. Unlikely, as the storyline would have the excitement of "Vendetta".

    I'm looking forward to see how it goes.

    I will, however, make the point again Ms. de Pablo, only Mark Harmon is indispenable to NCIS. I'm pretty sure the writers could work their way round the loss of anyone else. We might hate it but I reckon it could be done.
  • Amazing episode

    I loved this episode from start to finish. I laughed til I cried when Tony and Tim were running from the dog and at the end when Dex and the wife were at the cemetery. Sott Williams did a great job writing this episode and Michael Weatherly did a great job directing it. The scene between Ziva and Leon was sweet and dramatic. Both Vance and Abby know she is up to something. Should be fun waiting for the upcoming action. Can't hardly wait. Loved it when Gibbs said Dex wasn't a dog but a Marine. Also once again Ducky showed such respect the the dead victim. All of this is what makes NCIS the great show it is. Keep up the great work NCIS. This has been a great year so far.
  • "He's not a dog, he's a marine".

    Once again NCIS continues to impress when a marine is killed in Afghanistan and NCIS use the help of his trusted dog Dex to catch the killer Although McGee and Tony didn't have much look with the other dogs that was chasing them which was a very funny part of the episode Overall the episode ended with a good conclusion and a good job from the director Michael Weatherly who got his chance this week.
  • NCIS.

    Really a fantastic episode, i loved the moment Ziva & Vance shared, so glad Dex the dog survived. Well written episode.

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