Season 6 Episode 24

Semper Fidelis

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 12, 2009 on CBS

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  • A great way to set up the season finale

    The episode starts with NCIS investigating the death of an ICE agent, it soon turns out that Ziva's boyfriend Michael Rivkin was the murder. The ending was great too the fight between Tony and Rivkin was an entertaining scene too, it ends with Ziva discovering them setting up the tone for "Aliyah"
  • Wow that was good

    Well written episode when you think about where it started (card game) to where it ended with Tony and Rifkin. Everyone was on form and it was good to more of the teamteam rather than Gibbs at the forefront.
  • Tony vs Rivkin

    In the investigation of an ICE agent Dinozzo believes Rivkin is involved and is getting impatient after he an Gibbs has told Rivkin to leave but he hasn't listened Eventually it came down to a fight between Rivkin and Tony With Ziva walking in shortly after Tony killed Rivkin it makes things look bad for Tony because Ziva knew that Tony never liked him and who knows how she will react It will be a good way to start the season finale.
  • But why can't we watch the reruns online?

    If this episode is so wonderful, why can I not watch it?
  • 624

    One of the great things about NCIS is that they load up each season with episodes. We are due 25 this year. Most shows have 22, many even less, due to various reasons. But the result of that is some episodes are a little low on entertainment; this would explain tonight's penultimate episode.

    They tried to do too much (tease Ziva's loyalty being elsewhere, tracking a killer, having Gibbs have conflict) and the result was a lot of scenes that just lacked substance and that hooking and clever NCIS writing.

    Hopefully the season finale is great, but this did not set my expectations too high.
  • Wow! An amazing way to set up for a season finale!

    This was definitely a very intense and interesting episode of NCIS, on many fronts. Firstly, the case was exceptional, especially with all the heads of all the agencies involvesd in it.

    I also though t that the new ICE agent that was introduced was quite interesting, mainly with her interactions with Gibbs and McGee, but even with Abby and the rest of the team.

    I also thought the scenes between Tony DiNozzo and Michael Rivkin were very interesting, and it heated pup into an amazing climax. There was a lot of suspense in that last scene, and I couldn't believe that I had just scene that scene!

    Anyways, I would highly recommend this episode, and I really can't wait for the season finale. Great work guys, an d this episode is yet another example of why this show is so great!
  • Don't do it! ...don't!

    The NCIS team is forced to team up with FBI and ICE after the death of an ICE agent who was doing protection detail for a inter-agency conference. Evidence leads Tony to believe Rivkin's involved and his realtionship with Ziva hits a turning point.
    What can I say? I couldn't move my eyes off the screen for the whole episode! Well written, portrayed even better, definitely one of the best of the whole season.
    Finally Tony and Ziva are completely the main interest of the show; it'll be great to see how they're gonna deal with the events of this episode in the season finale. This is one of the best storylines I've ever seen; and it keeps getting better!
  • ...and for some strange reason I thought "Legends" was the finale...

    but I'm glad I was wrong. Well, actually I must have been in another dimension. And I'm glad the season will actually get to end in true NCIS form. BIG!
    Tony takes charge...well, until he doesn't. Ziva is human...well until next episode...maybe. And Gibbs...well Gibbs will save the day...whatever thats going to require. I have faith.
    And next season all the characters will be back at NCIS with a fresh new CafPow, and a fresh new outlook on life, love and the pursuit of the NEXT really bad guy.
    I feel if I keep saying this mantra I can actually WILL it to happen this way.
    I told you: another dimension... :o\
  • Great Episode - SPOILERS

    IMO one of the best episodes this season. I loved it when Tony blew that creep Michael Rivkin away. I'm really impressed with how tony managed to subdue Rifkin, even though he had a broken shoulder. I've read that all Israeli military receive Krav Maga training. As a Mossad officer in the field, Rifkin probably would have received advanced training, and Tony still managed to kicked his A$$. Abbey is jealous over the way McGee and ICE Agent Foster were flirting. Poor Abbey, McGee better watch out. I loved the scene where Ducky demonstrated the choke hold that was meant to disable Agent Sherman. And Gibbs amused reaction was absolutely hilarious.
  • Great build-up to the finale!!

    I, for one, loved the outcome of the Tony/Michael throwdown. I was so glad to see Tony get back up, after receiving the worst end of the fight, slam Rivkin thru the table, and pop about five rounds in his chest. It was going to happen eventually, with either Gibbs or Tony taking care of it. If only Rivkin hadn't been so cocky and worried about his vodka, he might have actually took to heart Tony's threat to catch a plane out of D.C. that night instead of being killed. As for the rest of the episode, the so-called "secret poker game" fell thru when one of the agents on security detail outside the house was murdered. That set the stage for a very humorous demonstration (by Ducky on Agent Fornell) of the lethal choke hold used to kill him, and left McGee the rest of the episode to work (mainly flirt) with Agent Foster, the female ICE agent in charge. Which was pretty fun to watch considering Abby could not stand her. To make it even worse, McGee didn't stop trying to get with her, even trying to hold her hand in Abby's lab. Gibbs was told that Director Vance was purposely left out of the poker game, and was going to be burdoned with the task of taking care of Ziva. That leads me to believe that Ziva's the one not coming back from Israel next week, hopefully. I can't wait for the finale!!
  • Really a great build-up to the season finale!

    This is one of the better episodes and I must admit, I really liked the ICE agent that was on there. She was making Abby jealous, to be flirting with her Timmy. Really it was a great show! And that Rivkin and Tony going at it. Was priceless as Ziva, who is a rather private person. Didn't like Tony going after her supposedly boyfriend. Liked seeing Fornell in the show. As he and Gibbs have great chemistry. Because Fornell has been missing lately. Gibbs rules was walk away and never date a co-worker. Rules #11 and #12 respectedly. But now the Tiva aka Tony and Ziva relationship is in danger now. After the ending and the fight!
  • Finally, NCIS is getting back on track at the end of this looooong season. Contains spoilers

    All in all a great episode. When NCIS plays to it's strengths, namely it's characters, then you normally get a good episode, this one was great.

    The Tony/Ziva thing has been drawn out a little bit, occasionally ignored, but it all pretty much comes to a head and this sets things up for the finalie very nicely. To begin with I thought this would be the last episode, but thankfully when coming on here to write my thoughts I saw that there is another yet to come.

    It's good to have more of the long running stories revealed. Which are, what was Ziva up to in Israel and what is Leon all about? Sec Nav says that he can account for every second of Leon's life, so we can expect a drip drip of information about it over the next seasons.

    The thing that pleased me most, I don't mind admitting, was to see the demise of Borat/Michael Rivkin. I just don't want to have to hear that weird accent (was it French?) again and the Mosad super agent thing is silly. How can he be killed? Well, fairly easily it would seem after a bit of a struggle, just shoot him. If only terrorists had thought of that. All in all, he served his purpose as a catalyst in the Ziva/Tony relationship, hopefully we'll hear little more about him.

    Great episode, can't wait for the next one, why haven't more episodes been like this?
  • Secrets.

    Starting off with a catfight between Ziva and Yates was a cool idea. The case itself was great because of the twist and turns regarding the accidental murder of a security detail as he worked a poker game that was a cover for a intelligence summit, with it's topic unknown. Gibbs going toe-to-toe with Yates was great. Yates going toe-to-toe with Abby was better. Tony confronting Michael was the best. I liked the explanation of what went down at the "summit" and how Sherman was killed. I was intrigued by Gibbs' conversation regarding the plans for Vance as well as Ziva. This year's season finale I think is going to be a mind blower. I LOVED Abby's knowledge of poker. Ducky's demonstration of the sleeper hold was hysterical.
  • Semper Fi

    ok now this episode left me at the edge of my seat i have to admit that i cried histerically when they killed kate and i can't bare to see another die especially my flirtatious tony or my loving abby but i have a scenerio and i would like to know your opinions ok here it is:

    Now tell me wouldn't this be a fantastic twist to the show all those years ago when gibbs wife shannon and daughter kelly were murdered what "IF" the only person that died was shannon and that kelly has been in protective custody the last 15 yrs and that this is the real secret that the new director vance is keeping huh what ya think??what would gibbs do???now that would rock.

    this is amazing my husband and i are die hard fans we do not miss any episodes and all i have to say is ziva don't kill tony ok
  • wow thats all i have to say

    this episode i found to be one of the best ever i loved it! i didnt exspect much to come out of this one scinece i was completly and totaly dissapointed with the last to episodes. but as soon as i saw the previews for this one i was like omg i cant wait but i was still a lil bit sceptiacal cause i felt the same way when i saw the previews for the last two lol. but this one was simply amazing the only thing that confused me was the whole vance character and the bald dude but i dont really care bout them i mainly tuned in to see some tiva and man did i get what i wanted maby a lil more. at the end i was like omg omg omg when tony was attacked by micheal bt tony took him well and shot him all up yay. but then ziva walked in she looked like she wanted to kill tony but at the same time she looked conserend about tony because for one he was bleading and he could barly stand up and for two he couldnt bend his arm and he was just sitting theree lookin like he was about to fall over aww poor tony. he was trying to keep the love of his life safe and look what happened but i guess better him then ziva. i love this episode i cant wait till next week and if u saw the preview ull feel the same way somebodys not comeing back! (ziva is who im guessing and prob everyone els in the u.s) but u know the writers theyre gonna throw in some twist and catch us completly off guard but ill just have to wait and see this is gonna be good
    best episode ever best tiva episode ever! well bye
  • Wow - I love this show!

    I was so sure that Ziva would walk into her house and find Rivkin and Tony struggling and it would Ziva who would have to choose which one to shoot. I was so sure she would shoot both of them, just wounding them, so that it did not look like she had a favourite.
    I was stunned when Tony shot Rivkin. Once that happened, I expected Ziva to shoot Tony when she walked in.
    What's with ICE agent Jules? I thought she killed the agent. She seems to be in on something happening behind the scenes. Leon is a whole 'nother story. I trust Gibbs' gut on this one. There is something fishy about Leon.
  • I feel...lost, and worried for Tony.

    SPOILERS (obviously)
    Normally I would rate an episode of NCIS very highly, especially one featuring so much Michael Weatherly(Tony) but tonight, I'm mostly left feeling lost. (and worried about the fallout, if any, for Tony!)

    I admit, I wasn't watching so closely the past two episodes, due to both time constraints in my life, and the fact, that it was just one bit promo for a spin-off I can't really see myself watching. (As much as I LOVE Chris O'Donnell, I've never liked the actress, and the plot doesn't really pull me in.)

    But I am just...confused. I know Leon's got LOTS of skeletons, (such as the fact he's not the REAL Leon) and that Gibbs' guts been telling him something was off with the man since day one. On top of which, that whole file he's had (all year?), and pretty much never looked at. (right?)
    I also remember the whole set up with Ziva's boyfriend/lover/Mossad partner she hooked up with back in Israel while working under her father when Leon split the team up. And that the guy was so obviously bad news, was causing Ziva to lie to the team (much like Tony during the whole Jeeane saga, though this was more about love than his whole secret mission). And that Gibbs and Tony BOTH know/knew something was up with the guy, and that he wasn't there for Ziva (or at least not JUST for Ziva.)
    I also remember way back when Ziva was introduced, her half-brother Ari made some pretty awful claims about how their father possibly purposely got his mother (a Muslim) pregnant, and had her killed the day Ari was visiting him (or something like that.) Which has made Ziva question her father's intentions since, while still wanting to remain a dutiful, loving daughter (as taught in her culture). But this whole deep mission with Leon, and everything has me confused! Do they trust him? What's up with the bald dude? Trust or no? And what about Ziva? Was he trying to insinuate that Ziva was spying on them, in on everything, or something? UGH! This is always my favorite show of the week, ALWAYS. I wait all week for it to come on! *sigh*