Season 10 Episode 11

Shabbat Shalom

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 08, 2013 on CBS

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  • Great episode!

    Loved this episode. Not sure why the score isn't higher, as this was the best episode this season. Especially poignant was the way they showed how Ziva loved her father, but not what he did. Her cry when she realized he was dead was heartbreaking. The only things I didn't like was Jackie being killed and Ziva going to Israel with no member of Gibbs' team with her (that really made no sense either, since as far as they knew, her life was still in danger).
  • OMG! Loved it!

    Fantastic episode. Loved the interaction btw Ziva and her father. The only thing I didn't like is killing off Jackie. Don't get why the episode score isn't higher, considering most of the reviewers gave it a score of 9+. Apparently some Ziva haters created multiple accounts just to lower the score!
  • Excellent!

    Excellent episode! Really showed what CDP can do when the writing is good. I almost started crying when she did. I think this episode showed that even though she didn't like what her father did, she still loved him. The only thing that didn't make sense is it looked like no one stayed behind with her.
  • Ziva, you are so amazing!

    Ziva, as usual, gets me all emotional when she cries. This episode also brings out the saddest time Vance will have faced, and as a result reveals a chilling scene in the next episode...
  • An episode to remember

    From an episode that started with a dead journalist in a lake ended in tears and the episode is one of the best yet In the episode Eli comes to see Ziva and things went bad from there when Ziva finds out Eli killed the journalist and she gets really angry with him but it turned out to be her last words to him when he is shot and killed in Vance's home I really felt sorry for her when she was crying with Eli in her hands not knowing what to do It it turns out Eli wasn't the only one shot because Vance's wife was also shot and I was really expecting Vance's wife to make it but when Vance said she died it was a real shock Really looking forward to Shiva.
  • Unbelievably amazing!

    This episode just took my breath away! Literally! I couldn't believe some of the things that we saw! It was extremely hyped up with the advertisements here in Australia and it lived up to that hype and then some!

    I wasn't expecting some of the things that happened to happen. And now they want revenge! In more ways thatn one!

    This episode was flawless an d epic! Aside from the Harper Dearing storyline, this episode is without doubt the best episode in the last three years if not more! I'm so impressed and I hope next wee k is just as good!
  • shabbat shalom

    This was a terrifice episode. I wast otally shocked when they killed off Jackie Vance and I felt for Director Vance. However Ziva stole the whole show with her "ABBA" toward the end. I was not prepared for her to show so much emotion for a man who treated her badly all her life .This season so far has been much bette repisode wise than the last couple of years. Mr. Walid nailed this episode beautifully and I look forward to more such superb episodes the rest of the yearr
  • Abba!

    great episode, but very very sad. Why kill off Jackie and Eli?! I was crying my eyes out. Guess they think this person is leaving the show, "lets kill them off it, it will be more dramatic and we'll get better reviews and ratings!"
  • Why now?

    Why did they have to kill Eli and Jackie? I guess they wanted to shock the audience and shocked we are. But I wonder how will this affect them. Like Vance, does this mean we're going to see less of him becuase he has to take care of his children. Or will a new character be added like an aunt or grandmother to help Vance with his children, pretty like in Criminal Minds following the death of Hotch's wife and he considered leaving the FBI but his sister-in-law offred to help him with his son. And I wonder how this will affect Ziva; with Eli's death, all of her family is dead.
  • very bad

    useless deaths - what's the need for killing vance's wife and ziva's father? - added to impossible situations (can you imagine the head of mossad entering the US without anyone noticing him, and even if that was possible him moving around without people knowing it, or the house of the head of NCIS without security ever or even more when such a guest is there?) make this a really really bad episode.
  • The most exciting NCIS episode ever!

    I watched this episode and did not move until Ziva(in her best role) screamed ABA!! . The complexity of the episode with its twisis kept me speechless.

    I was very sad to see Eli shot dead and he has been colouring NCIS once or twic a year for the last several seasons. When ZIVA (in her best role) cried "ABBA" my heart jumped. It was a real tragedy to see that Eli and Vance's wife have been shot. I am counting the seconds to watch SHIVA which means in Hebrew seven; and the term is used in the traditional seven days of fanily mourning.

    I am amazed that after nine complete great seasons the NCIS tean comes with such fantastic episode. Can this excellence be topprd? Only time will tell.

  • No Words

    That episode was absolutely amazing. I have no words. I sat on my couch and cried when Eli died and Ziva did her hair-raising and heart-wrenching "Abba" scream. It was an amazing plot twist and my heart hurts for poor Ziva and Vance. So excited for Shiva

    Wow! Amazing!

    I cried like a little b1tch... I literately think my heart tore into two when Ziva cried 'Abba!'. I'm sad they killed Eli off, I'm not going to lie, I'm a fan of Eli, but maybe this is redemption for all he has done :/ I can only imagine the emotions Ziva is going through, the last contact she had with her father was looking at him in disgust... she'll remember that forever :/ I bet she wished she had forgiven him... and now, she's alone, the last of the David bloodline. I'm not gonna lie, I'm looking forward to the next episode, she's gonna go all badass ninja XD I'm looking forward to some Ziva/Gibbs comfort scenes, I love the way he was the one to pull her away from the shooter after he died.

    I'm absolutely gutted for Vance :( I had a feeling Eli was gonna go, but Jackie was a complete surprise :/ Two kids without a mother, so sad :( I can see Vance and Ziva teaming up and getting revenge, I do so hope it happens. Let the Vance-David dynasty live on!

    Amazing episode and I cannot wait for 'Shiva'! One of the best so far and definitely in my top three XD I hope CdP wins an award for this!
  • I knew the second I saw Eli that he was a dead man


    But I couldn't believe they killed off Jackie. When Vance said she was dead, I was as shocked as if she had been a friend. Then, all I could think of was the good fortune that their children were absent from the dinner. Jackie and the kids were the only characters who could bring out Vance's better nature.

    Cote was fanastic in this episode. She demonstrated incredible range.
  • He that lives by the by the sword. Old Testament

    Gutwrenching end,after watching i felt lose like i ......
  • great awesome episode

    great episode was just awesome
  • Speechless!!!!!

    This episode left me amazed .... speechless ... and heartbroken for Ziva & Director Vance ....

    Couldn't hold my tears at Ziva's reaction to her father's death

    It's simply an AMAZING episode.
  • Oh My God !

    After a relatively entertaining - but usual- first half the second half just about blows your mind. Israel and Iran. Ziva's father and Mrs Vance. When Ziva's father died it was heartbreaking, Cote de Pablo's acting was amazing. Was crying at the end of it. Who the hell knows what's going to happen next week...
  • israeli music

    love the fact Ziva was listening to Sarit Hadad when she left the gym
  • Shabbat Shalom

    Amsterdam revisited?
  • Fantastic, but still alive

    Great episode, as well on the story telling as on the emotional side. My guess: she is still alive and the murder attack was not aimed at Eli but at Vance and his wife. Eli was just collateral damage. That fits with the idea that this will/must not lead to war.
  • What just happened?

    *CAUTION: Spoilers ahead!*

    This must have been one of the most heartbreaking episode of NCIS, getting 2 characters killed. Eli David getting killed was kind of expected for me with all the redemption and stuff. But getting Vance's wife killed?!?! The moment when Vance came out, I was so hoping for good news but when he blurted it out, those words gave a stab in the heart. Vance will never be the same person again. I feel for both kids losing their mum...
  • Shabbat Shalom

    This episode was easily the best in the season (so far), and it's the only episode of NCIS, in quite a while, that has made me cry. Can't wait for next week's episode!! :D
  • awesome

    Writers keep me interested every episode!!!
  • Pro-war propaganda

    This episode and the one upcoming will be extremely telling especially since there is so much talk in the media of this war with Iran.
  • Amazing

    amazing. just amazing. with the cahracter deaths, this episode makes you question why they left it to air now, instead of during november sweeps? Makes you questions Vance's future as sirector, he never told SECNAV anything about Eli being there. witholding info to his superiors plus now having two kids to take care of may make you question his future nad what the hec the writers plan for the season finale