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Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 19, 2006 on CBS

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  • Oh look camera guy

    In the Netflix version of ncis season 4 episode 1 you can see a cameraman on the left hand side at 29:37.

    But other wise love the searies.

    Please fix the rating and submit it's glitched.
  • Loved it!

    Great episode. Loved how the team worked together to try to help Ziva. Great to see Ziva reaching out for help, something you don't usually see. And her crying when talking to Gibbs-fantastic! Liked that for once, someone ended up with bruises after a fight!

    this is - and i am writing this after season 10 - one of the best episodes.
  • Gibbs returns to save the day.

    This was a brilliant start to the new season and Gibbs not gone for long is needed to to help Ziva who is running from Mossad and the FBI because she witnessed a political assassination and they are trying to arrest her.It was also weird to see Dinozzo the leader of the team and no Gibbs there but when he came back it was funny to see Dinozzo's face.Things looked to be falling apart for Ziva especially when agent Sax returned but this time to put Ziva in jail.However when Gibbs came back after Ziva phoned him he got to the bottom of it but at the end Gibbs still made it clear that he is going to retire.
  • The 4th Season Begins With The Team Trying To Help Ziva, Who Witnessed A Political Assassination. The Team Must Ask Advice From An Old Colleague.

    This episode was a good way to start the season. Despite its high score, I am not giving it more than a 7.5. As many of you know, the last season ended with Gibbs retiring, but he is still in credits. However, he makes a return because the team needs him. The best parts of this episode were when Ziva was fighting with the suspect because it was so intense and the return of Gibbs because the show would die without him. It was obvious from the end of the previous season that he'd return. The episode started well but after the opening credits, the plot became slow. I found myself bored in many parts. A good season opener! Let's hope NCIS can keep up good work.
  • Gibbs comes back to clear Ziva\'s name.

    Very revealing. Just what is Ziva up to. Is she still in cahoots with Mosad? What was Tony doing at her apartment so often? Just who is this new Probie? I liked how Tony got defensive about his leadership position. He seemed to have grown up alot since the last season. He has become very protective instead of goofballish. You did see alot of Gibbs in him (going against orders and trying to help Ziva--even though Gibbs did it better, hitting people in the head... etc) The beard didn\'t sit too well with me on Gibbs. He needs to shave, go back to the old Gibbs. Speaking of the old Gibbs, I wonder how long it will be before he comes back and retakes command of the unit. Even though he\'s been on the island for a while, Gibbs still has not lost his touch. Finding the camera in that cabin without any clue really. He is still our Gibbs, just not full time yet. I did feel a little disappointed though, there didn\'t really seem to be anything huge or revealing happen, but it was a good episode.
  • Without Gibbs?

    The worst episode till now.
    The main character is not there and the person who is the worst is the boss now. The person who don't take his job serios, who always cheated his collegues? Without Gibbs NCIS is just nothing. Till this episode it was a good show with high quality, but at usual the writers of the show lost every inspiration and destroy the whole show.
    In stead of trying to be realistic with the show, what will mean that Tony will be charged on several points the writers choose that he became the boss. It is pity, but if Gibbs will not return than NCIS is over for me (and not only for me)
  • Lovely episode!:D

    I so loved McGee! He\'s all grown up. No more probie!!!And I didn\'t hate the Director this ep. I like what she said to Tony. He needs to start thinking in HIS own way. ! Oh and I LOVED the meeting in the Morgue!:D .Tony and Gibbs role reversal was very well done-they were my favorite.Tony and Saks like the younger version of Gibbs and Fornell-I hated the new probie girl and I hope she will be out of the show soon!!!
  • Ziva in trouble

    Fourth season kicks off with really episode. Ziva and her crazy driving.. what leads that Ziva is being wanted by FBI and everyone else. And that was really nice way to have Gibbs around again even if he is not in the team.

    The whole team dynamic was different without Gibbs and Ziva and with new agent Lee. And Tony so hard being like Gibbs but somewhere in the episode figuring out he is not Gibbs.

    I also liked the whole thing with Ziva.. she in trouble and how she acted. She trusted Abby and Gibbs.. and in the end, what she said: that she is not only killer but investigator.
  • Good episode. But Gibbs did little to save the day!

    Nice enough episode. I liked it for the reasons others have given: the loving, quirky characters; unit teamwork; and the situation -- the gang getting together to save Ziva while the other US agencies think the worst of her. Good story concept: Gibbs returns to help save her.

    It is interesting, though, that if you look closely, you will see that Gibbs didn't contribute that much! Ziva gets high points for knowing where the safe house was and for losing (at first) the chick fight at the end to get the enemy gal to confess. McGee was the real star with his idea to put out a phony wife beating charge against the assassin so the FBI could help locate him. Gibbs' minor contributions were to build morale, convince Ziva that she was set up (should have been obvious to all), and spot the hidden TV camera in the safe house (alerting Ziva to have them scram quickly before the bomb went off).

    (I've been reading many reviews here, and I find it interesting how virtually NO attention is paid to the mechanics of the crime-detective aspects. All the attentions seems to go to the characters personal interactions and humor, the hallmark of the show.)
  • Shalom

    I am actually in the rare group of people who got into NCIS through watching NCIS: Los Angeles, not the other way around. So now I'm starting to watch reruns of NCIS on USA and am realizing what a tremendous show I have been missing out on for six years. In tonight's episode Ziva was at the forefront as she was framed for murder and it was a very good episode of the show. The characters were all at their best and there was a lot of great dialogue, and a great fight scene to finish things off.

    A great way to kick off Season 4.
  • A good Ziva episode but didn't really like it.

    Tony's turned into Gibbs, Gibbs has turned into Tony and a new agent, Lee. They've even moved desks – Tony at Gibbs', McGee at Tony's, Ziva hasn't moved, Lee is at McGee's. The new team is more relaxed but Tony is still keeping discipline. Tony and McGee seem to getting along a lot better, McGee is even his 'senior agent'. Tony now knows about Ari. His only blatant flaw is that he keeps basing his actions on Gibbs'. Tony's even drinking coffee – he hates coffee! What a pleasure seeing Tony stand up to Gibbs.

    Ziva's father is having her watched and Tony's been visiting her apartment nightly for three months. Her father thinks they're having an affair but I'm not getting that vibe.

    Ziva doesn't trust easily but I've always liked the bond she shares with Gibbs and when she's in terrible trouble, he's the first person she calls. Then again, he'd be the first person *I'd* call too. She's hiding out in Gibbs' basement – it's probably the first place I'd look.

    Very interesting – Gibbs is still having trouble with his memory.

    Gibbs rebuked Ziva for not waiting – but if she had, the Iranian operative would have been gone and Ziva couldn't have proven her innocence.
  • Really interesting, but it doesn't rank in my top favorites.

    Another interesting season of NCIS gets underway in style with 'Shalom', the interesting tale of Mossad Liaison Officer Ziva David's witness of a crime.

    I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Agent DiNozzo as the team leader and I like the new character of Agent Michelle Lee, the new "probie".

    I think that this is the worst season premiere so far, even though it was sensational! All the premieres have been great, but this one is fractionally worse, in my opinion.

    It was also interesting to see Gibbs back, and that sets up an interesting next few episodes!

    I hope there is more like this to come! I recommend this episode as a really interesting one, and it's another great job by NCIS!
  • Ziva is a witness to a crime

    This episode opens with Ziva driving to work. She spots tow people on a motorbike and she has a flash back of herself back home on a mission murdering a man whilst on a bike. She follows the bike and sees an exposition happening of a building. She stops but the people she was chasing have gone. She then sees a man walking away and pulls her gun on him. As she stares at him in disbelief he calmly walks away from her.
    In the office, we learn that Tony is still in charge of the team. Ziva heads to the Mozzard office and explains to them that they were sloppy, the ones who made the attack that morning. We learn that Ziva's father is spying on her and he believes that she is sleeping with her team leader, Tony. Ziva learns that the man she spoke to that morning died over 6 months ago. The NCIS team have not heard from her and start to worry about where she is. Ziva is told that there is a warrant out for her arrest. She is to be kept in Mozzard offices until her father says otherwise. She manages to escape and call Abby for help. Tony goes to see Abby and tells her that they need to contact Gibbs in Mexico. Ziva rings Gibbs and tells him what situation she is in. The FBI are called in and search everyone computers in NCIS as they believe that she may have been working for terrorists whilst in NCIS. So Tony gathers the team in the morgue for a meeting. The FBI believe that Ziva caused the deaths of the men early in that morning. Tonty rings the number that Abby got for Ziva. Ziva answers the phone and when Tony says that he can't get hold of Gibbs she passed the phone to him. Gibbs & Ziva head to a Mozzard safe house and find a body there of one of the men involved in the explosion this morning. They learn that they are being spied on by a camera hidden in the house. The FBI get a tip (from the dead man but they don't know it's him) and tells them where they are. Ziva & Gibbs flee the house and when the FBI turn up the house explodes. Gibbs and Ziva remove the body and Gibbs takes it to NCIS. Gibbs goes to see Jenny and they talk about the case and how Ziva was set up. The team track down where he is staying and Ziva heads there, whilst the team follow on as back up. When they turn up they find the man dead and another woman lying on the floor. Ziva is standing there covered in blood and hands Tony a voice recorder of proof of what happened in the room before they turned up. When Ziva Tony & Jenny go to say goodbye to Gibbs they discover that he has already left. He gave McGee a photo to give to Jenny, she opens it and smiles.
  • Gibbs is back.

    Shalom was a great start to the forth season. Ziva's trouble broght Gibbs back unofficially to helps Ziva out. I would have like to see an episode without Gibbs as the team leader. I would have like to see how Tony handled the job.

    I like McGee's reaction when Abby said she was eating for two. He was very concerned.

    I did like the scene when Gibbs called Tony McGee. Tony was a hurt until he realized the boss was just chatising him for not being able to prevent the situation. I don't think even Gibbs could have done that.

    I like Michelle as the new probie. McGee finally wasn't the probie anymore.
  • exciting

    Ziva witnesses a terrorist bombing. she tries to arrest someone on the scene of the crime, but she is shocked to learn that someone from the mossad is behind it. Things get only complicated for Ziva when the FBI is convinced that she is behind the bombing. Ziva calls retired agent gibbs from his getaway home in mexico. Now that tony is running investigations at ncis, he finds out that he can't function efficiently without the experience of gibbs. it's an exciting episode. the writers cooked up something to start the season, and it looks really good. i'm looking forward to the next episode.
  • Gibbs is back...well, sort of...

    Ziva gets in trouble when she witnesses an assasination. Her own people are looking for her and so are the FBI. Ziva looks to Gibbs, which comes in and helps her. I really liked having Gibbs back...different. He was a lot happier and he was pretty funny. I loved the other characters reactions to him. I knew he wasn't really leaving for good. Oh well. Tony was pretty funny when he was copying everything Gibbs did; he was even drinking coffee. Anyways, overall good episode that really developed Ziva's character and introduced a new side of Gibbs and Tony. I loved it!
  • Tony is the leader!

    I think that this episode is definately critical in establishing Tony as a leader. It also provides some insight into the Israeli side of the partnership that we have not seen before. The group getting together in secret was really touching and says a lot for the "family" that they have become. I would have liked to have had more of an introduction to Agent Lee's character. When McGee came in, he had a few episodes for an intro, the camera just pans over to Agent Lee and thats the intro. She was a little green and anal, but we could have had more. Michael Weatherly does a great job in showing that tony is a force to be reckoned with. Gibbs comes back scruffy, but as awesome as ever.
  • W-O-W

    Shalom is a very special episode and if you saw last season's finale episode you would be sad to see that Gibbs retires...but he least for a while. This episode is mostly centered around Ziva as she is kidnapped but escapes and goes after the person who is responsible for the disasters. With Gibbs to aid her she soon finds out the info she needs from a Mossad woman but a few people get killed in the process. The new probie is creepy and it is funny when Tony gives her a stapler 'from Germany'. Abby is on a sugar high and is missing Gibbs terribly, Tony is trying to be like Gibbs and McGee seems more confident.
  • A very shaky start!

    This was a very wobbly start to a much loved series. Admittedly the two parter closing season three was a hard act to follow, but without Gibbs there was no real cohesion. I don't believe that overnight everyone would have changed character this much.

    I only gave this an 8.1 because they have also introduced the world's most annoying character, Michelle Lee. Here's hoping that she mostly fades into the background in future episodes because she is undeniably irritating and seems to serve only to emphasise the lack of cohesion between the original characters.

    I had hoped for something a bit more gutsy, and occasionally there were flashes of what might have been. Ziva has certainly grown as a character, and she did carry the episode reasonably well. Ducky did not have enough to do, and one was left waiting for the return of Gibbs. An opportunity somewhat lost.
  • When Ziva happens to drive by an explosion where three men die. She recognizes a man leaving the scene as a former Mossad agent & leaves her car at the scene while trying to find out more. This causes the FBI to get an arrest warrant for her as suspect.

    I just loved this episode. I never considered Ziva a good replacement for Kate, and therefore didn't watch many of the new episodes - but this one was great! I was so surprised when Abby was waiting for the boss and then jumps at DiNozzo when he arrived. I was rather shocked to see Gibbs gone. On the other hand, I liked how they all together made Gibbs come back from Mexico. It was not the "we have no clue what to do, you're the best, come back and save us"-stereotype. Instead, it was about trust, and everyone seemed glad to see him back. What was great was how Toni treated McGee the way Gibbs used to treat him (the slap on the head) and how Toni was happy and gave Gibbs a rather long hug to show how glad he was to see his "boss" back again. As usually, there were scenes that had me cracking up, for example when Gibbs hit DiNozzo on the head, and after thinking for a short moment, he says he could now arrest him for assaulting an officer. And of course the way the agents investigate and close in on the perpetrators is fascinating as ever. Especially Ziva's recognizing how she has changed in the year since she's been with NCIS at the end of the episode impressed me and made me want to watch the series more regulary again - maybe I will come to really like Ziva, finally!

    I missed Duckie and Abby a bit in this episode, as they didn't have many lines, but I hope to see more again in the future. After all, there wasn't really a body to examine - and only a few tasks for Abby.
  • jk

    hej jeg er dansker så det er lidt svært at skrive til jer om filmen men det er noget af det bedste jeg har set i mange år jeg har set det første afsnit mens jeg var ude at sejle og det andet afsnit da jeg kom hjem denne gang man kan sagtens se det helle en gang til og så er det fedt at der ikke er raklamer midt i filmen den tager 3 kvater og ikke halvanden time
  • Whoa! Awesome!

    This episode blew my mind. Ziva was so awesome! I don't normally say that, not because I don't like her, but because I haven't seen season three enough to have her at the top of my favourite character list.But seriously, she was brilliant. I have never loved her as much as I did in this episode. I loved the end fight with her and that other girl. You know who else was awesome in this episode? Proibie...sorry, McGee. He's no longer the Probie. It's so great to see him looksen up and put his feet up on his desk. It was also fun to see him tease the new Probie. Poor Abby. You can tell she's really missed Gibbs. The beginning was awesome too. "The Best of David Hasselhoff"! Priceless.

    I really need to find out what Tony's doing at Ziva's place. I can't stand it any longer. It's killing me. That's why I took points off.

    Damn good episode.
  • I thought this episode was an exelant episode of NCIS. this episode is one of the reasons why i watch this series.

    NCIS is a series where twists and turns in the plot are the norm. Although this wasn't the best example of that but is was still very entertaining. I especially like Zeva's character, so seeing this episode was mostly about her i thought it was wonderful. Although the whole terrorists & bomb thing i think is getting a bit old. But i guess there is just so much you can do with it, and 9 times out of 10 it makes for a very exiteing and ebsorbing watch. I enjoy watching NCIS it's an action packed series that never dissapoints.
  • super, magnifique a conseiller pour une reprise.

    bien je ne les pas encore vu mais je pense que cela en vaux la peine je suis fan est j\'espere que cette reprise de saison et a la hauteur de mes exigences.
    j\'espere bientot la voir arriver en france, nous venons de voir le dernier episode de la saison 3 et nous sommes impatient de decouvrir cette nouvelle saisons
    pour ma part le depart de gibbs est une grosse perte pour le show mais je pense que les scenaristes nous reservent de belle surprise.
    je souhaite a plus d\'un tgitre le retour de gibbs, avec son equipe, sinon tony risque d\'avoir la grosse tete.
    vivement la saison 4
  • This was a great episode! I love NCIS. BTW: Trivia is wrong...

    I have to say that the trivia is wrong... the \"doll\" Abby is holding in this episode is in many episodes and it\'s not a doll, it\'s a Hippo and it\'s not Abby that is farting, it\'s the hippo (that\'s why it\'s called \"flatulent hippo\"... it makes a fart sound when squeezed). Thanks. :)
    Anyway... I was SO happy to see Gibbs back! He needs to stick around! The team is just not the same with out him! This was an action packed episode & it was great to see the team working together to save one of their own (once again)! And Palmers \"code name\" was great!
  • Finally, Gibbs is back NCIS, but this time is helping Ziva. Every one still the same, only Tony replaced Gibbs' position and there is new lady in the team, Lee. Again, just like the beginning, Terroist action bomb start all new season.

    Ziva, since she join the team, I don't really like her character. Not fit in the team, but now, every one are care about her when she is missing after the bombing.

    Easy to see how Lee is not the right person fit in the team. From here, I know Gibbs will be back, and Lee will leave the team. It is execting see Gibbs is back, this make the episode so execting. But FBI is too fool in this episode. Moreover, Ziva is showing how tough she is compare with that Irish Agency. Also showing how cute she is. It is good start for new season, but still no see how Tony lead the team after Ziva missing; Lee is not really fit in the team.
  • yet another awesome ep.

    WOW! what an awesome way to start of a new season of the best show on television! (okay.. so i might just be biased) but Shalom is a great episode, the team dynamics have changed, due to Gibbs retiring from NCIS. it features Tony as team leader which i personally loved. i also loved McGee moving into Tony's desk, playing Tony's computer games, having Tony's opinions ("i think she's pretty hot"), and of course... he's change of clothing style!! its so much more casual.. and i think this one suits him better. i love abby as always, just the same as ducky, jimmy, jen and to a much much much lesser extend. ziva. oh, and gibbs in mexico, with mike franks, was hilarious! ("probably the lady director, ready to have a breakdown") lol!!!

    really really cool! continuing the NCIS tradition of brilliant Season Premieres!
  • Why the jump in time?

    I\'m surprised at this season\'s opener. After the Cliffhanger at the end of season 2, I excepted a lot more for the 4th season.

    Why do they jump 3-4 months in time? I would have LOVED to seen the team\'s adjustment to life without Gibbs. In Episode 303, Jenny says to Gibbs that DiNozzo held the team together while he was gone. That\'s what I wanted to see! Seeing the Team Dynamics change as they realize that Gibbs is not coming back, and then maybe 5 or 6 episodes in the new season - that\'s when you bring him back.

    Overall it was a decent episode, but they could have done SO much more with the Team Dynamics.
  • "Thrilling, intriguing and funny."

    So, NCIS is finally back! The season premiere brings us a lot of action, thrilling scenes, a bit of drama and another pack of humor, just like always.

    The entire Zive-story is well written, I must say this is yet another series classic. Gibbs is now retired, but of course, he is back to help his friend. Who knows how many situations like this will happen... Anyway, all the other characters are pretty much the same.

    One of the things that aren't that great is the fact that Ducky doesn't have that much screen time like others, but the scenes in which he does appear in, are either hilarious or full of drama.

    The episode started a bit slowly, and ended very fast. All in all, it's a great season opener. And I can't wait to see what happens next.

    And oh yes, I almost forgot. There is one error that I really hate. When Gibbs and Ziva are in the safehouse, you can see a crew member just as Gibbs is about to put the camera away. Hmmmm, this shouldn't happen.
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