Season 4 Episode 13

Sharif Returns

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 23, 2007 on CBS

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  • Sharif returns.

    In this episode Sharif comes back after he escaped on episode 7,Sharif who is obsessed with Gibbs threatens him throughout the episode and lies about poisoning him but Sharif does it in a different way so he can kill Gibbs himself but Col Hollis Mann was able to save Gibbs Overall it was a fairly good episode.
  • Sharif Returns

    A very good episode of NCIS that featured some well-timed DiNozzo comedy lines and an intriguing storyline from start to finish.

    One thing I do not like about this show is how often Leroy Jethro Gibbs gets hurt. I understand that he is in a dangerous line of work, and his reckless devil may care attitude is bound to get him a high spot on the death lists of several bad guys, but it seems like every other week he's getting shot at, or drowned or trapped. I get that people are going to go after him, but try to keep it within reason NCIS.
  • More terrorist episodes, seriously!

    As I said in my review of the last episode, there are too many episodes in which NCIS goes after terrorists, and they go ahead and put another one here, straight after it!

    However, this episode was much more interesting than the last, and that was the plus side.

    The opening scene was really well made, in my opinion, with the SOS signals and the accident, they truly couldn't have done that better!

    The episode also contained a fair amount of suspense, such as when Sharif told Gibbs that he had been infected.

    I also really enjoyed the ending to the episode, and the relationships of Jethro & Hollis and Tony & Jeanne are developing rather nicely!

    Overall, this episode is quite unoriginal, and that is my main concern, but as a whole, still a great one.

    Oh, and as my previous reviewer mentioned, a very lame title!
  • What a lame title, is this the best they could come up with? I'm deducting points just for that.

    Army CID is back and Mann is just as annoying as before and boy, Jenny *seriously* doesn't like her. Abby proves they would have ugly babies, so there! Yuck. Gibbs usually has much better taste – how does he go from the awesome Jenny to the bleached bimbo? I may throw up.

    Gibbs' boat is gone and he's started a new one.

    Tony's is shockingly good – the way he charms his way into Jeanne's apartment was impressive. Then sneaking onto her computer - it's obvious why Jenny chose Tony, his abundant charm lets him snake his way into Jeanne's life.

    Sharif is very smart – he finds a way to use a topical application of the BZ gas for a terrorist attack. The little cockroach who altered the stuff thought he was being smart but Sharif was smarter.
  • A dead Marine is found thanks to an SOS message

    This episode owns with a car accident as the signal lights are playing up, it is then that someone notices that they are saying SOS. A body of a marine is found under the town where the signal lights are controlled. He is dead and missing one eye. During the autopsy they discovers that he was killed by a gas, and that he removed his own eye and ate it. They learn that a terrorist known to NCIS is planning an attack. He phones Gibbs after 6 people have been attacked to tell him that Gibbs is also infected. This turns out to be false. They manage to work out what the attack is, he is putting the substance onto money and handing it out, to attack as many people as possible. Through an on line hand held game which he places the team track him down to a railway station. Gibbs seems to be acting strangely, and as the terrorist runs Gibbs chases after him. Just as Gibbs is about to arrest him, he collapses onto the floor. Just as Gibbs is about o be shot, the Cornell comes in and saves the day. They manage to give Gibbs the anti-dot in time. At the end Gibbs goes to see the Cornel at home and he tells her thank you. They then kiss.
  • excellent episode

    An SOS signal gets NCIS to investigate a death of a marine. The marine died of unknown causes. When NCIS is lead to a bowling alley, they bump into a CID investigation team. Gibbs get reunited with an old acquaintance. NCIS discover that they are indeed dealing with a terrorist that they lost track for some time. It's a really suspenseful episode. The writers really made it interesting bringing back a terrorist from a previous episode. The cat and mouse game between NCIS and sharif is so riveting. It keeps your eyes glued on the tv. I really enjoyed watching this episode.
  • OMG wow what an episode!!! Go Gibbs!!!!

    I love this episode!!! I love Gibbs and Mann scene!!! There is chemistry between them. Poor Jenny, lol. Hope to see more of Mann. I'm wondering too, how on earth did Gibbs get the Boat out??? Gibbs has flashback too, and only Jenny sorta notice it, and Abby also looked at him weirdly. I think she know that there was something wrong, but just didn't say any thing compare to Jenny.

    Highlight of this show for me would be the ending, lol you can't miss that. OMG love it!!!

    Ohhhh!!! Next week looks interesting, as it may relate to Jenny. Can't wait!!!
  • awesome episode...

    Sharif comes back, as the name of the episode states. He has some type of chemical weapon laced onto money, but there is a cure. Gibbs is infected and almost dies before they get him the antedote. I really liked this episode. Sharif is an interesting bad guy and was a good case. NCIS going after terrorists is very interesting, in my opinion. I also liked having Mann in this episode; it addes a sort of funny romantic twist to it. It was also great when Sharif died at the end. I didn't want to have another Aris so I'm happy they killed him after two episodes instead of keeping him around. Overall, great episode and one of my all-time favorites.
  • Great ep all the way!!!:D

    There are so many things I like in this ep.The Gibbs/Mann thingy was of course my interest. Gibbs deserves to be hapy and the two of them are a great if not perfect match...

    Shepard: You'll be working under Agent Gibbs. Is that a problem?
    Mann: No problem. I'm just ...
    Gibbs: ... used to being on top.
    Mann: In command, yes. The whole eyes thingy reminded me on Reveille- Kate/Gibbs coffee-scene.It's funny how the first thing that came to my mind was the "eyes can lie"-line from the infamous coffee shop scene.When in "Sandblaster" I heard a comment "bring an umbrella, if we are going to have a p*ssing contest",that reminded of Kate and the empty jockstrap/frog comment from Yankee White. But liked the whole Sharif thingy too.
  • Awesome episode, it continues to grow, mature and get better with each episode.

    I thought that this was a great episode. I was actually quiite surprised to see the outcome with Shariff. I am actually kind of sad to see him go, as I like him as the antagonist. I thought this was a powerful and thoughtful episode. I want to address a couple of things that were mentioned in other reviews. One of the reviews mentioned two characters that have the same name, one in the first season and this episode had a character with the last name of mann. I, personally work with three people that have the exact same name who are not related, John Smith. I can pull up the employee directory and find 15 boudreaux, of which two are related, and 35 Smith's of which none are related, and the list goes on. I think that in real life it is quite common to come across people with the same last name, so I do not see where this is a problem with the writers, just part of the natural fabric of life. I also think that there are people wacked enough to sell information, chemicals, nuclear and biologicals. Let us just think to when the USSR dissolved, it is a proven fact that traditional weapons, as well as nukes and other weapons were sold to the highest bidder. It is an age old problem, people will do unbalanced and crazy things for money, love, or revenge. Anyway, it was powerful and great episode.
  • The plots just keep getting better & better !

    Humor, Romance, Edge of your seat Suspense!! NCIS has it all. One of the best shows on TV. Once again we me meet Shariff, the villain from "Sandblast", he went from bombs to biobugs, the nasty man, Felt slightly sorry for him because of what happened to his family. Loved the jealosy between Hollis & Jenny, Jenny you snooze you lose, Hollis Rocks! Maybe Ziva has a crush on Tony? Maybe they will re-incarnate Ari!!!!
  • MORE!!! This episode was great, Gibbs and his little blossoming romance was so well done. Although I was more interested in the scene that finished the last episode - what is happening with Tony? I enjoyed the episode greatly.

    The episode seemed different from the others as it was just about dead body = case solved, which made this episode that little bit more special.
    What was really good about this episode, even the series over all, is that it shoots out some of the best T.V. Mixing comedy with action just makes every episode 'Insert amazing word here'. The episode is immense and I can't wait for the next one.
  • Sharif, the guy who killed the marine on the golf course with the grenade is back. And he has revenge on the mind, we learn that his family was killed by an American smart bomb in Afghanistan.

    We finally get more of a glimpse into Gibbs' personal live. In the scene where Colonel Mann and Gibbs are in Jenny's office, it looked as though Director Sheppard was a little jealous of Gibbs' new partner.

    The thing with Tony and his new girlfriend that he seems to actually love for once and not treat like a piece of meat. He's putting a lot at risk for his new girl, ignoring Ziva's calls and leaving from work before the case is over, something Gibbs is hardcore against.

    Also, does anyone else out there think that it is a little weird that writers give a woman the last name Mann? Also what is a little strange is that the writers already used the last name Mann in season 1 episode 17, the bouncer for the club where the marine was found is named Antoine Mann (with 2 N's and they do specify that). And he is a tall African-American. Are the colonel and this man related? well they have the same last name. Writers really need to get stuff like that straight.
  • A great episode! :D A guy is found dead missing an eyeball.

    A guy is found dead missing an eyeball. He sent an SOS through the streetlights to get attention. They find that someone was recording what was happening to the guy, and watch that tape. They soon find out that the guy ate his eyeball...ew...I liked the reference to the toe from Gibbs. Then the team finds out that he was poisoned by gas. And that that certain gas has a ton of it missing. Sharif. Gibbs gets a call from Sharif. Sharif says that there are 6 people infected, well actually 7 counting Gibbs!! eek! Great episode! :D:D
  • What a great episode! A couple of love stories, a chemical attack by a terrorist and a missing boat?

    This was a very fun episode to watch. Especially with all of the double meanings, "She's used to being on top." I sensed that there was a little tension between Jenny and Col. Mann over Gibbs. We got a little more depth into Tony's new love, Jeanne, and some of her past. Evidently an ex-lover wants back into her life and she isn't interested. I also found it to be gratifying to have someone save Gibbs life for a change. All in all, this episode had everything I watch NCIS for, the humor, the action, the drama and all the very human foibles that are part of life.
  • Humor, drama, suspense, and action all rolled up into one!

    This is a great show once again and that I
    Love the humor, drama, suspense, and action all rolled up
    Into one. As a terrorist is about to release chemicals as
    The team tries to stop the terrorist named Sharif. Meanwhile, Tony has girlfriend issues. As well as there could be a potential love interest for Gibbs and the Col. Gotta love that Ducky as I love British guys!
  • Sharif buys BZ gas and releases it through money...whats there not to love?

    This was a very good episode. I liked how Ducky thought that Gibbs was OK, until the gas hit his bloodstream. The scientist guy who sold the gas was very stupid. You don't seel a biological weapon, modified or not, to a terrorist. That is just plain stupid. Who in their right mind would do that?

    It was kinda disgusting that the BZ gas made the guy pull out his own eye...and then swallow it. How do I know it was swallowed and not eaten? It was whole and in-tact.

    Anyways, a great episode. Gibbs almost connected with Sharif when he was talking about it being for revenge and not for money. That was a really good scene. I liked this episode.
  • (As Abby would put it) Icky the adults were kissing!

    Bio chemicals are taken and used as an act of revenge against citizens of the US. You know, I half expected Tony to be hit with the bio chemical given his history and all but no, it was Gibbs, not that there's anything wrong with that. Although, it would have made it interesting if it was McGee who was poisoned.

    Tsk, tsk, Agent DiNozzo. Skipping out of work to see your girl. I have to say, she is a hottie and all, but still, you shouldn't do that *waggles finger*. The concern in Gibbs' voice was so touching when Tony wasn't there. You could practically tell what was going through his head. The ending was really baad though. Why'd they have to make it Gibbs and that Colonel kissing when it could have been more Tony/Sarah action?!?! Oh well, beggers can't be choosers. THat was an excellent episode.
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