Season 10 Episode 7

Shell Shock, Part II

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 20, 2012 on CBS

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  • a real shocker.......

    although ptsd is very important, the two-parter was a little of a disappontment for ncis standards i am sorry to say.
  • Okay Plot, But Better Insight into Tony

    This epi was fair, but not really all that suspenseful. You would have to have been asleep for the last 9 seasons not to see the resolution coming. What I like about this epi more than the storyline is the very well done Tony/Ziva interaction which reveals very subtly at the end Tony's fascination for movies and how it ties in with his mom.

    "...I know it is not the same thing, but maybe if you close your eyes it would be like you are at the opera. And maybe like Taly is there with you." Just substitute movies for opera and mom for Taly, you'll get it.

    i am so happy that they are successfully doing a story about PTSD...Brad Beyer's portrayal of the marine affected is so good. he has a look in his eyes that spells out his confusion,grief and trauma and it brings out the pain involved in PTSD..the men/women with the unseen wounds is seen thanks to his great acting... i saw him in "Jerico" in reruns...but not since,hope he ends up in another series soon...the story was sad with regard to the terroist because they made him someone with post trauma also;taken advanage of by people pretending to care and losing his way for the idea of family;one that didn't exist...i won der why the writers made his story so sad,a child lost and feeling abandoned,rejected by the only family left alive in his life that he felt safe with and running to them 6 x's,with rejection always the answer. they could have given him any backround. had to be the study of 2 differant men with PTSD,one being saved and the other lost??? I don't personally know anyone who grew up in foster homes,never having a family but it has to be one of the worst most unfair horrors a kid can endure. and then of couse there are the ones with families who are either way, good eps...
  • Siggi

  • Awesome episode

    This has one of the best endings of an episode of NCIS ever. Oh how I will miss those endings and those looks when she is gone next year. I do wish she would change her mind and stay especially because of all the wonderful TIVA scenes we had last year. It is hard watching these reruns and the ones on USA knowing she will not be on the show next year. I do however wish her luck in whatever she does in the future.
  • Some big positives, but not quite a flawless episode tbh.

    I still rate this a ten because the storyline was amazing and it was a great continuation! There was a lot of amazing surprises and shockers, most notably with the girlfriend, and I really enjoyed that. Those types of moments are just great!

    The insight into Tony's and Ziva's pasts were brilliant adn I though it was great to see. The ending of the episode was really touching for me.

    The biggest negative for me is that this case did NOT need two episodes. Not by any stretch of the imagination. If they wanted a two-parter, they should've at least sent the team to go after more of the members of this terrorist group hthat the guy was a part of. It seems like they wasted what was shaping up to be a great story plot.

    There are also other cases that we see which definitely need more thatn 42 minutes... recently the episode 'The Missionary Position' of Season 9 comes to mind, but there are heaps of others from previous seasons too. I would have preferred this case as one episode and to spend two episodes on a more intricate case.

    Having said that, event though I think this could've been squeezed into one episode, the two episodes were great and I did enjoy it. Looking forward to more!
  • Thanks for the insight into Ziva and Talia

    I'm a Tiva fan, so I loved this episode. Thank you, writers, for telling us a little bit more about Ziva's sister.
  • Question

    Does somebody knows the name of the song at the end of the episode ???

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  • Exciting, Intense, Intriguing

    loved this show; the action, the emotions. why someone might 'think' changing sides was good (even though it isn't). Showing the horror that so many of our brave soldiers go through. I pray they all get the help they need. They are our Heroes!

    --And I especially enjoyed the end when tony played the opera music for ziva and left her to listen and also remember her sister alone.

    --[And I am always impressed at just how well harmon (Gibbs) has aged - WOW! lookin' good as always.. And I believe he has been married to the same woman for years.... ]
  • Fantastic acting and storyline

    The acting in this episode from the cast and guest stars was brilliant. I thought the story was beautifully written and I was really caught up in the emotion of what the characters were experiencing.

    I also loved the Tony and Ziva moments.

    I do hope that there is an episode this season that takes the time to look at the bond between Tony and Gibbs,,,as much as this episode showed the empathy Gibbs had for Westcott. This is something we haven't seen for too long.

    Great job NCIS, this is one of the strongest seasons ever.
  • great

    great episode