Season 10 Episode 12


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 15, 2013 on CBS

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  • Shiva

    This is such a sad episode and the song at the end was so beautiful only I cannot find the name of it or the artist. Please can someone tell me??
  • Very good, but really wanted the revenge.

    Very good episode, except for a few things. Most notably, why no NCIS agent was sent with Ziva to Israel when as far as they knew, she was still a target. And why did Gibbs talk to Vance about revenge, but not Ziva!? But I did like the interaction between Ziva and Tony, especially Tony's attempt to get Ziva to open up. And the reaction of the team to Bodnar was fantastic. "Well that depends, who's your grandmother"? Priceless! Really wanted Ziva to get her revenge, and it was quite obvious she still wanted it at the end of the episode!
  • Song, Fear, then back to Song!!!

    Okay the song at the end is just perfect. So my chin is relaxing on my hands, my elbows on the table, leaning forward... Spellbound. Then I am overcome with paralyzing fear and rage and anticipation and a little bit of disbelief. Something few would have noticed, something fewer would pay attention to, and even fewer would react to. The camera angle which viewed Ziva as she was picking stuff off the trees made me think she was going to get shot by Buddner. I really thought I was going to hear a gunshot, then the episode would end with Ziva laying on the floor... Boy was I scared. I was thinking, how could she get shot? Please no! This moment is too perfect! Ziva noooo! Then I forced myself to realize it won't happen, and allowed myself to enjoy the magically perfect song once more!

    Intrigue, intensity, doubt, infiltration, uncertainty and certainty... words that make up this fascinating episode.
  • Spectacular!

    This episode was just spectacular, and a phenomenal continuation of what he has in the last one.

    Brilliant developments throughout the episode. I just loved the first secene as Ziva searches for revenge.

    There were superb developments at Crime solving as well, with interesting scenes at NCIS headquarters, mainly with a new Deputy Director around. I wonder if we will see himagain? He seems to have some sort of history with Gibbs.

    The ending was really good too. I can't wait to see this continue!
  • Shiva

    Even with the killer of Eli and Jackie dead the person who hired him is still out there and this episode shows how the team will do anything to get him This has been a brilliant 2 part storyline from start to finish The man who hired the killer was Mossad deputy director and even though he has got away NCIS won't stop there This was a perfect ending to the episode and I look forward to the next episode.
  • sad sad sad

    very sad episode

    poor ziva thats awful she has no family anymore

    but i have noticed one big episode deals with ziva or gibbs it 'll be great if they write something on tony for a change

    but its my opinion

    i loved that epi
  • shiva

    This was a terrific episode, well written, directed and the acting was superb especially Cote and Michael. Cote deserves an EMMY for her performances in the last two episodes. I fear that will never happen because the supposed Hollywood elite do not have any respect for this military related show. Writers keep up the great work as this year's episodes have been much better than many of the episodes over the last two years. I will readily admit many of those episodes were ruined by Sarah Jane Morris and Jamie Lee Curtis and that Hart person and I hope to never see those characters ever again .Love NCIS.
  • Another very poor episode

    I can now understand why NCIS is losing so many fans. Lose either Tony or Ziva and move on. They story is going nowhere fast or very slowly depending on how long you have been waiting for something to happen. The storylines are now becoming dis-jointed and rushed. Losing interest in this show badly. COME ON WRITES, LIFT YOUR GAME.
  • shiva

    This was the most moving episode I have ever watched and have been waiting all week for it to continue as I was hoping Ziva and Tony would finally realize that they were meant for each other. No two tv actors have ever moved me as much as they have and I am just so angry that you are just dropping the whole scenario and going to something else. I went through two weeks of channel 2 to see if you are going to continue this and find nothing. DON'T DISAPPOINT ALL OF TONY AND ZIVA'S FANS BY ENDING THIS AS YOU HAVE . IF THEY DO NOT GET TOGETHER IT WILL RUIN THE WHOLE SHOW. I AM TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED IN YOUR PROGRAMING NOW . UP UNTIL NOW I RATED THE SHOW A 10 AND WAS TOTALLY ENTRANCED BY WHAT WAS FINALLY HAPPENING NOW I CANNOT RATE IT THAT HIGH
  • Shiva

    the saddness was still in the air, but it was a great episode. very touching and heart filled.
  • what did Tony say to Ziva?

    I liked this episode except for when she was leaving ..

    Why didn't Tony want her to leave and what did he whisper to her?

  • Shiva

    Hats off to NCIS. YOU have in abundance what is sadly lacking in all other shows values, honor, loyalty, decency, friendship,
  • More to what Tony said

    Thanks to 'Alexandra1995' and What Tony Said Michael Jackson lyrics to '"You are not alone" is a must read.
  • Brilliant

    Brilliant episoThe Shabbath blessing scene was very genuine and touching. Thw insistance of Kazmin that he is really interested in peace was very appealing and the entire cast performed well and in unison.

    I was very confused and surprised to find out the bad guy is Eli deputy.

    Tony, Ziva and the rest perforned another great and emotional episode!
  • Clever Writers

    Great episode and Good acting. Had me guessing until the end

    Fabulous episodes! NCIS has finally gotten back to its roots with top quality writing and acting. Cote de Pablo has been amazing and so has Michael Weatherly! (Loved the Christmas episode of Tony with his Dad). Television doesn't get much better than this!

    Can't wait till Illan gets his... and see how. I'm sure it will be what he - and we - least expect!

    PS - Way to go McGee & Ducky!
  • great acting

    I just LOVED it. Great acting from Cote, Michael and Rocky.

    Rocky (Vance) was just great, it was beautiful and so sad. I liked the new assistant director he was fun and serious (it's Richard from Ally Mc Beal, LOL).

    Gibbs was Gibbs, great as usual. I loved the tie thing with Jerome. ;)

    Jarvis was a bit more human in this episode and it was nice.

    Tiva was just AWESOME because it showed how close they've become and Tony inviting Schmill from NY, just so thoughful. The nightmare part, the hug at the end, loved it. We get to see a more mature side of Tony without loosing the cute fun part, it's a good evolution for the character and for the Tiva relationship.

    Cote (Ziva) was great playing a mourning Ziva who doesn't want to break. And that look at the end of the episode. Badass ZIva is still there!

    Abby with the cookies, just soooo Abby :)

    Mc Gee stepping up to the Mossad guy, very good. I like it when they show how his character has grown up since the beginning of the show.

    Ducky's retort to the "Grand father" thing: just AWESOME :)) LOL, I think I rewatched it at least 3 times ;)
  • What Tony Said

    Tony said to Ziva "aht lo leh-vahd" which actually means "You are not alone" in English. It's what the song is called at the end, after she walks away. I'm a huge fan of NCIS, I think it's brilliant <3
  • The FEEEELS!

    Oh my, so many emotions, so many underplayed, understated, heartwrenching feelings!

    Ziva's pain so clear, yet so contained and so very, very Ziva, Gibbs quiet support both for his grieving friends and for the poor deputy director being thrown in at the deep end, McGee stepping up to the plate and last, but certainly not least: Tony's strength and maturity and clearly heartfelt love for Ziva. <3

    I loved the way they played this, how they dropped the goofball act when it mattered and let the "real" Tony shine through, the veteran agent who will always stand by his near and dear, and is smart enough to once trip up Director David himself in interrogation - when TONY was the one being interrogated. (Kind of like Black Widow. ;) )

    I'm crossing my fingers, hoping with all my heart that we'll finally get to see Tony and Ziva open up about the strong emotional connection and LOVE between them, which they've been dancing around for so long.

    I can't help but think that Director David wouldn't be entirely displeased to have Tony for a son-in-law.
  • Loved all the characters' acting in this

    They all did an excellent job, especially Ziva, Vance, and Tony. And I absolutely loved the scene with Ducky and Tim standing up to the Massad agent. But I would love to know what Tony said to Ziva in Hebrew before she boarded the plane. Gibbs as always, was perfect.
  • McFever!!

    Last two episodes have been brilliant, stepped back up to the mark! Man whens tiva gonna happen :P
  • Actually

    What Tony said to Ziva in Hebrew translates to roughly "I won't forget you". Is he thinking she's not going to return or going to be killed tracking the Massad killer???????
  • It shows she can do it so well

    This episode showed NCIS in its best. Not only chasing the bad guy but also showing what it can do to people too. It was so great to see how well Cote played all her emotions within the boundaries of her character. Although I do not wish for bad things like these to happen to the characters all the time, I do hope they can keep up the extra quality for some time.
  • Shiva

    Just one word: Phenomonal!
  • deputy director

    Amidst all the sadness, emotional talk and stuff, I like how they have written the deputy director to be. You can see that he's a little not confident about himself when talking to Gibbs (just shows how powerful Gibbs actually is although he's not director) and respects his boss, Director Vance. To tell the truth, I half expected the deputy director to be a bastard and just vie for the Director's place.

    I'm looking forward to see how they put everything back to have an episode of "Just another day at the NCIS office".
  • You are not alone

    Tony whispered "You are not alone" to Ziva as she was about to board the plane.
  • The shows writers should be

    what is there to say but this was one of the finest episodes ever, and that's saying a lot considering how long this show has been on the air. Having lost my mother when I was young this episode really struck home for me.
  • unavailable in Romania yet!

    I'm still waiting this episode in my country, but from what I read untill now in the reviews below, I think I will really love it, just like the others. Excelent work, guys!
  • tonys words to ziva

    Tony whispered something to Zhiva at the end it was Hebrew if anyone knows the translation please share I can't get it to translate out anywhere
  • Very Emotional

    If you wanted the action packed, gun firing NCIS episode, then you were probably disappointed. What this episode did do was have maybe the best emotional interaction between characters that I've ever seen on NCIS. My favorite part was when Vance was asking Gibbs if it helped to get justice, and Gibbs just looked over at Vance's kids. I also liked the choice for the interim director's character. Someone needed to be not completely dreary in the episode, or it would have been too mellow. I'm not sure when they will come back to this story line with the Mossad guy, but I look forward to it.