Season 10 Episode 12


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 15, 2013 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • TRIVIA: In this episode, when Ziva tells Gibbs she's fine, you would think Tony, the movie buff, would quote The Italian Job from 2003 on what "Fine" stands for: Freaked out, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional, which Ziva would be considering her father was murdered.

    • In this episode, Shmeil tells Ziva that he told Eli David's escorts that Eli hated peanuts, yet in Enemies Foreign (season 8 episode 8) Eli tells Vance how incredible peanut butter in a pretzel is while he's eating them.

  • Quotes

    • Ziva: You did not have to come.
      Tony: Well, you always forget your gum and magazines when you fly, so...they'll find Bodnar, Ziva. Mossad's looking, CIA, Navy Intel, Schmeil's got your back. Schmeil, the Man of Steel. Don't do this.
      Ziva: I'm going to a funeral, Tony. I'm delivering my father's eulogy.
      Tony: How's this for ah, an opening line? "He did it his way."
      Ziva: My father was, um, not an easy man to understand, and yet...
      Tony: Complicated runs in the family.
      Ziva: Tony, I....
      Tony: What? (Ziva hugs Tony) Aht lo leh-vahd.
      Ziva: (smiles) I know.

    • Leon: (speaking to Gibbs) You know, this whole ordeal has made me realize something that I didn't expect. It's helped me better understand your choices. Always thought I had a sense of how you felt at the time, Gibbs. Now I realize I wasn't close. I never wanted that kind of justice before...but since the other night, hell, that's all I think about. Was it worth it, Gibbs? It had to be some relief.

    • Ziva: Why must I be kept away? I have known Ilan since we were children. He always fancied himself a-a son to Eli, a part of my family, which he is not. I am blood. And I am not allowed the same access?
      Tony: What do you want me to say, Ziva? The guy's Mossad.
      Ziva: I was Mossad.
      Tony: And now you're the daughter of a dead man. Why don't you let yourself act like one?

    • Bodnar: Where is Ziva David?
      Abby: And you are...?
      Bodnar: Ilan Bodnar. Mossad Deputy Director. I have reason to believe that Director Eli David has come here to see his daughter.
      McGee: Well, I'm afraid she's not here right now.
      Bodnar: Yes. I've been blessed with the gift of sight. What I want is answers.
      Ducky: Take a number.
      Bodnar: Excuse me? And whose grandfather would you be?
      Ducky: Well, that depends. Who's your grandmother?

    • Gibbs: Ziva, go.
      Ziva: Go where, Gibbs?
      Tony: My place.
      Ziva: I have my own place, thank you.
      Gibbs: And you can't be in it, or here, until we find out who did this.
      Ziva: You know I can help.
      Gibbs: And you know my answer.
      Ducky: He's right, Ziva, this is no place for you. It's a time for mourning. People who love and admire you have matters well in hand.
      Ziva: I have matters in hand, Ducky. Look at me. I'm fine.
      Gibbs: Then go be fine, just not here.

    • Ducky: (about the shooter's liver) Riddled with inoperable tumors. Doesn't appear to have been under treatment. I would have given him six months.
      Gibbs: Made killing himself easier?
      Ducky: Pity does not validate cowardice.

    • Ziva: What do you want?
      Tony: I want whatever you want. Whatever you need. A friend to talk to. A shoulder to cry on.
      Ziva: I'm done crying.
      Tony: I'm done crying.
      Ziva: I appreciate that. But sympathy's the last thing I want right now.
      Tony: Okay, then, tell me, what can I do? What do you need?
      Ziva: Revenge.

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