Season 11 Episode 22


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 29, 2014 on CBS
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A Marine photographer disappears after a controversial photo of an Army Lieutenant standing over a dead national in Farah Province of Afghanistan becomes evidence in his court martial. Gibbs' investigation narrows to another story the photographer was working on - this time inside the US.

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  • And again and again

    So they let this investigate by a guy who only lie, cheat, disobey all rules and has a very big sexual problem? It is always funny to see how those writers show the rest of the world how bad US investigation departments are and what kind of idiots are working there. Yes, I mean Dinozo of course.
  • What exactly was this episode about?

    A shooter in Afghanistan? A murder at an investigative photographer? Homeless veterans? Run-aways? Organ trade? Obviously, the writers couldn't make up their minds. Besides, they over-egged the pudding. I liked Abby in this episode, but it was a bit too much that she managed to convince Emma to call her parents and go back home.

    I agree with Toparty, but it was a clear mistake in the script. The writers forgot about McGee's allergy. And Tony sprayed first, and asked then. Nevertheless, it wasn't funny at all. - A funny bit for me was that Tony was talking to Bishop about that he likes to sniff around in other people's privacy. He hasn't asked that girl a single thing so far - you can't show more clearly that he isn't interested in her at all. You have to make up your minds, writers, they can't like her and not being interested in her at the same time!

    I liked all scenes without the girl, except the one Toparty mentioned. Hated it that Tony had to go into the field with that girl again. They are the worst pairing ever. And why does she have to be in almost every scene? Can't the "boys" do anything without her? Or can the writers at least give her anything more suitable and believable to do? The picture of her in the street of the homeless caused pain. She looks like a stiff-legged barbie with a constant frown on her face - so weird and out of place. And why did SHE arrest the clinic chief when much more experienced and intimidating Tony and Gibbs stood right next to them? Sorry for moaning about her again but I can't help.moreless
  • Another Dem talking point episode

    Last time it was sexual assault in the military. Now it was the homeless. I also hated the depiction of our troops in Afghanistan as heartless killers of innocent civilians. Who wrote it - John Kerry?
  • Shooter

    A really dull episode of NCIS tonight. It insisted upon itself too much and tried too hard to be this emotional story that I never connected with.
  • McGee assaulted again

    Once again the writers think it is funny for Tony to bully Tim. Tony KNOWS that Tim is allergic to cats. Spraying him in the face with cat urine is likely to blind him. Malicious deliberate intent to harm.

    Strange that the writers thought this was funny. But then they seem to think all bullying is funny and appropriate behaviour from Tony.

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Charles Schlater, who plays the clinic director (and ultimately the villain) in this episode, played Dr. Jesse Travis in seasons 3-8 of the long running 1990's and early 2000's TV series Diagnosis Murder, which also starred Dick Van Dyke, Barry Van Dyke, and Victoria Rowell.  Part of this episode's plot, namely the harvesting of homeless people's organs, is reminiscent of the Diagnosis Murder Season 3 episode entitled "Living on the Streets Can Be Murder".  In that episode Dr. Mark Sloan ends up going under cover as a homeless person to try and stop a killer from killing homeless people in order to harvest their organs.

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    • Bishop: Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore. (while entering a building used by homeless people)

      This is an allusion to the movie The Wizard of Oz from 1939, starring Judy Garland as Dorothy Gale, who is swept away with her dog Toto to the magical land "Oz" during a tornado.