Season 11 Episode 22


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 29, 2014 on CBS

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  • Shooter

    Who was the real life photographer that took real photos of the homeless people in tonights episode
  • And again and again

    So they let this investigate by a guy who only lie, cheat, disobey all rules and has a very big sexual problem? It is always funny to see how those writers show the rest of the world how bad US investigation departments are and what kind of idiots are working there. Yes, I mean Dinozo of course.
  • What exactly was this episode about?

    A shooter in Afghanistan? A murder at an investigative photographer? Homeless veterans? Run-aways? Organ trade? Obviously, the writers couldn't make up their minds. Besides, they over-egged the pudding. I liked Abby in this episode, but it was a bit too much that she managed to convince Emma to call her parents and go back home.

    I agree with Toparty, but it was a clear mistake in the script. The writers forgot about McGee's allergy. And Tony sprayed first, and asked then. Nevertheless, it wasn't funny at all. - A funny bit for me was that Tony was talking to Bishop about that he likes to sniff around in other people's privacy. He hasn't asked that girl a single thing so far - you can't show more clearly that he isn't interested in her at all. You have to make up your minds, writers, they can't like her and not being interested in her at the same time!

    I liked all scenes without the girl, except the one Toparty mentioned. Hated it that Tony had to go into the field with that girl again. They are the worst pairing ever. And why does she have to be in almost every scene? Can't the "boys" do anything without her? Or can the writers at least give her anything more suitable and believable to do? The picture of her in the street of the homeless caused pain. She looks like a stiff-legged barbie with a constant frown on her face - so weird and out of place. And why did SHE arrest the clinic chief when much more experienced and intimidating Tony and Gibbs stood right next to them? Sorry for moaning about her again but I can't help.
  • Another Dem talking point episode

    Last time it was sexual assault in the military. Now it was the homeless. I also hated the depiction of our troops in Afghanistan as heartless killers of innocent civilians. Who wrote it - John Kerry?
  • Shooter

    A really dull episode of NCIS tonight. It insisted upon itself too much and tried too hard to be this emotional story that I never connected with.
  • McGee assaulted again

    Once again the writers think it is funny for Tony to bully Tim. Tony KNOWS that Tim is allergic to cats. Spraying him in the face with cat urine is likely to blind him. Malicious deliberate intent to harm.

    Strange that the writers thought this was funny. But then they seem to think all bullying is funny and appropriate behaviour from Tony.
  • took the writers long enough.....

    It was nice to see that Abby has not taken a step or two back character development-wise. McGee showed some maturity as well. least he hasn't regressed more. Bishop's involvement was thankfully, minimal. Pity it took til this late in the season to have a GOOD episode.
  • Best episode this season

    The writing this season has been horrible. This episode, however, harkened back to the "good old days" of NCIS. The subject matter (homeless vets) would cause ANYONE to hang their head. And, Abby actually took some "BIG" steps when walking around the homeless area, instead of her tiresome hopping/skipping baby steps.
  • Isn't that a Mary Poppins song?

    This was a great episode of NCIS, with a veryy interesting case that was really moving and in many ways. I pretty much loved the whole lot of it, but my favourite part was defintiely Abby and the homeless girl Emma and how Abby tries to help her. It was really poignant and beautiful, with a great ending!

    The case itself was same as last week in the sense that it explored an interesting issue, and it certainly did it well. The case took us in several directions and I really enjoyed that.

    All up, a very good episode - I look forward to more, and the end of Season 11 is certainly near!
  • Definitely NCIS getting back on track

    I was shocked to see a 6.9 rating for this episode, come on there was a lot of things going on and the emotional response it brought up after seeing this, was just wow...

    Not really a FAN of the Bishop yet, might cosy up to her after a season or this episode was definitely one of the better ones in the recent past, really liked Abby being part of the episode more....
  • Good one

    Ncis is slowly navigating back to its roots. I liked how they dealt with the issue this week as well!
  • Missing Pieces

    Definitely not the best episode, but better than what we've been getting lately. Although the episode was heavily set on honoring our navy, (in which I heavily respect), this episode was missing on a lot of what the old episodes used to have; a solid, and intense plot.
  • guest actors shouldn't be listed by their actual involvement in the murder

    y only problem was that the moment I saw Charlie Shatter's name in the opening scene, I knew he was the bad guy. Didnt matter that I didnt see him for the first half of the show, he is semi-famous and was listed first. they have to do a better job of trying to not give it away.
  • honoring our veterans

    I rate this episode a 10 because it brings attention to the issue of how our veterans need more assistance when they return from service. It also shows that a little help can be given by anyone to change someone's life. As Vance said, "there by the grace of God".
  • Yellowfang39 review is correct

    The only reason I rate this episode 1.5 instead of 1.0 is seeing more Abby. I hope the trend will continue and Bishop will be sent to Oklahoma and the writers will bring some zest into the fading show.
  • Great episode

    It was an amazing episode. So important subject. Congratulations, show gets better and better. People who cant forget Ziva keep complaining, but this is the best show on tv. They can complain as much as they want, giving 1 to the episode.. Does not matter. The show is great with or without Ziva.
  • NCIS going down in flames!

    Every new episode is worse than the last one. Writing is terrible. Actors look like they are just going through the motions. And why on Earth is the horrid character of Bishop still there when more than 85% of fans hate her! I really want to know who at CBS EW is related to, because anyone else whose character is disliked so much would be off the show by now!
  • Eyebrows

    NCIS is by far my favorite show ever. While I do not mind the new character Bishop... I HATE HER EYEBROWS!!! She's got bright blond hair and dark brown eyebrows. It annoys me every single episode. I wish they would do something about it. Am I the first person to notice it?? I can't be!! It's so obvious!! Ugh!!