Season 8 Episode 3

Short Fuse

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 05, 2010 on CBS

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  • Gibbs and Fornell - Theyre Like a Married Couple

    The plot of the episode sucked - But I loved the Gibbs and Fornell relationship. Poor guys XD Loved it though
  • Fair; but why would NCIS investigate this case in the first place?

    The good:
    ¶ interesting, mysterious, complex crime-detective case. Not great, but OK. Female Marine kills "burglar" who broke into her house about 2 AM. We are led on an investigation of who the "burglar" was and what he was after.
    ¶ lots of good humor about an advertising crew photographing Tony for a Marine recruitment brochure.
    ¶ I like how Tony shines in this and most of the episodes -- he is always contributing savvy things to the investigation. I don't why many fans complain that he is virtually always shown as a buffoon. .
    The bad:
    ¶ My main gripe: I like to "suspend disbelief" in order to enjoy an episode, but I can only go so far. In real life would a law enforcement/investigative agency have the time and money to investigate further the incident that started this episode? -- a Marine person shoots dead an armed criminal who broke into her home. There is some suspicion that that she had a guest there at the time, and she lies about anyone else being present. Is that such a big deal that it would warrant an investigation?
    ¶ more flimsy, "lucky" detective work after NCIS figures out the marine was the target of a killing, not a break-in: they call her by cellphone which doesn't answer, so they go to the trouble to travel to the location of the cellphone, a hospital; find by luck that she visits her brother, a gunshot patient; they delve into the brother's criminal case and happened to discover that the FBI guy (who was at her apartment) recommended immunity (for info on other crimes) for the shooter of the brother, and so on.....
    ¶ In real life could McGee eliminate all the cell users in the area at the time of the shooting to narrow it down to one person? Other improbabilities too. Why didn't the bad guy try killing her himself rather than hire a hit man?
    ¶ Here, as in many, many NCIS episodes, the team --improbably-- swoops down on the villains at the end of the episode right at the key moment when they are about to kill someone or do some other dastardly deed. Too coincidental.
  • Great episode. The case plot was interesting and engaging, but wasn't so important it took over everything. Gibbs and Fornell were funny, and the Tony as the face of NCIS subplot was great, though once in a while it would be nice

    Great episode. The case plot was interesting and engaging, but wasn't so important it took over everything. Gibbs and Fornell were funny, and the Tony as the face of NCIS subplot was great, though once in a while it would be nice if Tony actually got the happy ending for once. Whenever something happens to Tony like this, something always screws with it. For example, when Gibbs calls Tony "irreplaceable" then negates it in "Missing", or when Ziva invites Tony to dinner in "Boxed in" then he finds out that the rest of the team already went, or when he thinks he's up to inherit a lot of money, it turns out he's in a lot of debt. It's become almost part of NCIS's recipe, that it could be predicted that something would go wrong, which just made the whole subplot disappointing in my opinion.

    But overall, the case was good, everyone got their moment, Gibbs called McGee "Tim." Abby and Ducky weren't in much, but were still instrumental in solving the case. I'm pleased.
  • Such an intricately intertwined web of detail and excitement!

    This was another top-ranged, and, in my opinion, highly underrated episode of NCIS! This episode was so good because it had so much detail, and one thing kept leading onto another, seemingly in a endless fashion.

    I really thought that someone was after the FBI Representative, but NCIS surprised us when the real target was revealed. The amount of detail that was put into this episode, so that everything just fell into place was phenomenal, and I have to commend the writers for this amazing episode!

    Please keep it pu guys! I feel that Season 8 has started off amazingly well, and I hope that that is to continue! Great job and great work guys!
  • Short Fuse

    Another very good episode of this show; especially the friendship between Fornell and Gibbs that obviously needs only short one-liner questions and answers; and they reminded me of an old couple. When Gibbs asked whether his wife has mentioned his name and Fornell answered: "Not for years." The food Fornell brought for dinner and Gibbs threw it in the bin after one bite and came back with a bowl, milk and cereal and Fornell asked after he was having the first bite of the food whether Gibbs has another cereal bowl. I was really laughing out loud. Rather disturbing was the sight of Gibbs ironing while watching Western on his old B&W TV.

    Also the subplot that Tony is supposed to become the face of the new recruitment brochure. I guessed already that he would not end up on the cover, but Gibbs. Tony just tries sometimes too hard.

    What was really kind of weird was Abby and her usually very sweet relationship with Gibbs, there was no real interaction between the two. I always like the way he talks to her and that she is the only one who gets a "reward" for her work. The agents get a slap on the back of the head, but with Abby is Gibbs very gentle.

    The plot itself was gripping, you did not know what the characters where up to and who was the target and why. I am actually good in figuring that out, but not in this episode. Well done!
  • just being a regular office POUGE didn't cut it for me...

    It's like bringing the hurt locker together with NCIS...
    While DiNozzo's thoughts are more focused on his role as the new poster-boy of the NCIS recruiting brochure, the team investigates the death of an unknown hitman. what seems to be self defense, turns out to be more than a simple home invasion gone wrong. And the EOD Sgt. is all but a detached person who simply acts like it's not a big deal.
    FBI has its role too as Gibbs and the team soon realizes that thay have something to hide.
    Nice episode, good mix of humor, plot and acting, it was also good to have Fornell back. A little bit more action would've been great, but that's not a real complaint.
  • As always...

    ...the good guys are never quite what they appear to be, the bad guys are never quite who you'd expect, and the guys to whom we entrust our "good guy" roles?...well, they're mere humans after all.

    Good outing for all, but especially Tony who's spidey senses are actually more like...well...cheaty senses. He can pick a cheat scene out of thin air. He's usually right, though this time it wasn't the wife. HA!

    Some of the usual moments of frivolity that make this series the best at the game and probably number one of the night once again.

    Best moment?: The cardboard guy head slap...which Tony still felt!

    Weirdest moment?: Gibbs ironing??!!

    No wait. Weirdest moment?: Gibbs on an NCIS Recruiting Poster??!! I mean, Gibbs on an ANYTHING poster!!

    I laughed and I laughed...
  • I'm not sure... Did anyone else notice weird Abby?

    Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE this show, but I miss what it used to be. Somehow it seems that Abby and Ducky barely have any screen time. And in this episode, Abby was in an extremely weird mood. She seemed agrivated at everyone. I honestly wondered if she is pregnant and that's making her in a bad mood. Used to this show was about the team. The team was the A story and the crime/mystery was the B story. Now I'm not so sure... I am in no way giving up on this show EVER, but I didn't feel satisfied after watching :(
  • short fuse

    Interesting. Interesting would be the word I would use to describe this episode of NCIS. The scenes with DiNozzo and his photoshoot were amusing, and it really baffles me how a drama can be funnier week in and week out than most of the sitcoms on this network, but I digress. The actual case this week is where I draw that interesting adjective from. It had me hooked, it had me wondering what was going to happen, but did it really entertain me as much as some of the classic plots on this show have? Now that I am not sure about.
  • Team Gibbs joins up with Fornell and the FBI to solve a case regarding a bomb squad girl and her home invasion gone wrong.

    This was your typical NCIS episode, with nice casework and teamwork. There was a little something for everyone. I loved the "Odd Couple" aspect to Gibbs and Fornell this episode, the greater attention paid to Tiva, and how Tony's ego *didn't* inflate to unbearable proportions because of his poster boy status. In fact TPTB were able to make it a really funny subplot, keeping Tony's newfound maturity intact. The end was a nice, heartwarming twist :D LMAO at Tony's absolute glee because his shoulder still got into the cover. Monsters Inc. flashbacks anyone? :)

    My ONLY issue with this episode was Abby. She just was not as perky as usual, barely even cracking a smile. Maybe it was frustration with the gun but it seemed overkill. I wonder if the writers are setting up her character for that upcoming Abbylicious episode? Anyway, things luckily went back to normal with her in the NCIS basement once Gibbs came around. Maybe she was just having withdrawals, LOL.

    All in all a very fun episode! Can't wait for more!
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