Season 8 Episode 3

Short Fuse

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 05, 2010 on CBS

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  • Short Fuse

    Another very good episode of this show; especially the friendship between Fornell and Gibbs that obviously needs only short one-liner questions and answers; and they reminded me of an old couple. When Gibbs asked whether his wife has mentioned his name and Fornell answered: "Not for years." The food Fornell brought for dinner and Gibbs threw it in the bin after one bite and came back with a bowl, milk and cereal and Fornell asked after he was having the first bite of the food whether Gibbs has another cereal bowl. I was really laughing out loud. Rather disturbing was the sight of Gibbs ironing while watching Western on his old B&W TV.

    Also the subplot that Tony is supposed to become the face of the new recruitment brochure. I guessed already that he would not end up on the cover, but Gibbs. Tony just tries sometimes too hard.

    What was really kind of weird was Abby and her usually very sweet relationship with Gibbs, there was no real interaction between the two. I always like the way he talks to her and that she is the only one who gets a "reward" for her work. The agents get a slap on the back of the head, but with Abby is Gibbs very gentle.

    The plot itself was gripping, you did not know what the characters where up to and who was the target and why. I am actually good in figuring that out, but not in this episode. Well done!