Season 8 Episode 3

Short Fuse

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 05, 2010 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • GOOF: The lense cap is on in the beginning of the episode when the lady is taking pictures of Tony.

    • GOOF: Ducky tells Palmer that pineapple contains an acid called pectin that can remove fingerprints. There are a number of errors in his statement: First, the enzyme in pineapple that allegedly has this effect is bromelain, not pectin, and its effect on fingerprints are far from generally accepted. Second, unlike many fruits, pineapples actually contain little to no pectin which means that in order to make pineapple jam, pectin has to be added for the jam to set. Finally, neither pectin nor bromelain is an acid (at least not in the sense of their action of fingerprints). Bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme (i.e. it breaks down proteins), and that property is said to be the cause of its effects on fingerprints. It's possible that Ducky has confused Pectin with Papain, a protease similar to bromelain that is found in papaya.

    • GOOF/NITPICK: Gibbs took the time to move a plastic bottle from the garbage can into the recycling bin. Why he doesn't have an environmentally friendly thermos coffee cup?

    • GOOF: In autopsy, Ducky asks Palmer to scratch his nose and uses a cotton tip to scratch the right side of the nose (Ducky's left). In the next shot when Gibbs walks in, the cotton tip is on the other side (Ducky's right side).

  • Quotes

    • Gibbs: You were supposed to be here one hour ago.
      Fornell: My daughter had a performance at school. I told you. Be nice to me. I've just spend two hours with our ex-wife.
      Gibbs: Yeah, did she mention my name?
      Fornell: Not for years.
      Gibbs: Hey you shaved your beard.
      Fornell: That's very observant.
      Gibbs: What is that?
      Fornell: It's rice.
      Gibbs: I thought you were picking up cheeseburgers.
      Fornell: It's lamb curry from the Punjab Express.
      Gibbs: We both agreed we hate that place.
      Fornell: We did, but I got a two for coupon on the meal.
      Gibbs: Well, did you order it spicy or mild?
      Fornell: Atomic!

    • Abby: Guns usually speak to me. They tell me what I need to know. (to the gun) You, sir, are not cooperating.
      Palmer: This is getting scary. Dr. Mallard talks to the dead, and now you're talking to evidence.

    • Ron Sands: All right, Tony, just pretend like you're working at your computer.
      McGee: Yeah, that should look very natural. He does that all the time.
      Tony: Like working for real?

  • Notes

    • Rocky Carroll is credited but doesn't appear.

    • Featured Music:
      "Every Time I Turn Around" by Joss Stone

    • Original International Airdates:
      Canada: October 6, 2010 on Global
      Australia: November 2, 2010 on Channel Ten
      United Kingdom
      : November 5, 2010 on FX/FX HD
      Sweden: November 30, 2010 on TV3
      Norway: December 21, 2010 on TV3
      Spain: January 28, 2011 on LaSexta
      Germany: February 27, 2011 on SAT 1
      Finland: March 22, 2011 on Nelonen
      Slovakia: August 10, 2011 on Markiza
      Czech Republic: January 16, 2012 on TV Nova

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