Season 6 Episode 11

Silent Night

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 16, 2008 on CBS

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  • Great christmas episode.

    This was an enjoyable episode with the NCIS team searching for a man who was supposedly dead and Abby trying to reunite him with his daughter This episode proves christmas means nothing to NCIS This was also a really funny episode like when McGee got stunned I knew that when the suspect was holding the stun gun up to everyone he would choose McGee.
  • Finally a Christmas episode!

    Well, after all of these years. We get to see a Christmas episode of NCIS. Like they did on Halloween, this is their first ever Christmas episode. Is not Vance, the new director supposed to be a Scrooge. Either that, or something is wrong with this picture. But nonetheless it all made, for Christmas fun. As the team work overtime as a man, who is discovered alive. After being thought of dead in 1991. But he reappears after his poor wife and daughter, with a baby of her own. Were left feeling guilty. Funny how Tim was tasered. And Tony and the gang were watching "It's A Wonderful Life!" While Gibbs had the man, go to his family and said Merry Christmas to his dad.
  • Just like a christmas episode should be.

    Oh boy, I love this show. There was major expectation from the fans towards "Silent Night", the very first NCIS christmas episode. The Nielsen ratings and the fans say there was no reason for disappointment.
    The plot was a little emotional and light-hearted, as a christmas episode should be. A civilian couple is murdered on christmas eve, at home, and the main suspect turns out to be a a marine who's supposed to be dead for the past 17 years (Ned Quinn, played by great Peter Coyote). To solve the case, the team has to work alongside Tony's "frenemy", Detective Camp (whose wife Tony used to have an affair with a long time ago).
    We have interesting interaction between Ziva and Tony, in a conversation about his affair with Camp's wife, kids and marriage. Tony is bothered by Ziva's inquiry to the point he does not look her in the face; he almost cries and quickly exits the car with the excuse of catching a suspect. Proof that we don't really know a lot about Tony, and he has not always been the "Don Juan" we assumed. The episode conclusion (warning, spoilers!!): it turns out the bad guy is none other than the household's quirky Security Guard himself, who had the couple killed while robbing their safe (ring any "Home Alone" bells?). The estranged marine, who was until then a suspect, is set free and gets a second chance to redeem himself with his daughter and family. The priceless (and tearjerking) moment was Gibbs telling Quinn he'd give anything to be able to hold his daughter Kelly in Christmas. And calling his dad Jackson afterwards.
    We learn how Abby must be a very lonely person after all, as she comes back from the church(!!) right to the lab just in order "to be with my team". I missed Palmer though. The team watching "It's a Wonderful Life!!" togheter was a very good catch. To a team that is as a family itself, nothing better than watching an xmas movie with a wonderful family plot. Congratulations once more to Bellisario productions, and Happy Christmas to the whole NCIS crew!!
  • A Xmas episode of NCIS

    In this episode of NCIS, the following happens. The prints of a dead Petty Officer are found at a crime scene. An eye witness gives a sketch artist the details and the sketch matches that of what the man would look like now. We also learn that Ducky was the one who signed the death certificate.
    The team go to see the Petty Officer's former wife and daughter and they claim that neither of them had any contact with him, since the divorce was finalised. They tack down the Petty Officer, and he is brought into NCIS. Soon the murder weapon is found and the prints on it match the Petty Officer. The team soon learn that it was the patrol guard for the alarm company ho murdered the couple and he also planted evidence. He gets arrested, but not before he tazzers McGee. At the end of the episode we learn that Gibbs's one wish for Christmas would be to hug his daughter. He then drops the Petty Officer off at his daughter's house. Gibbs then rings his father to wish him a merry Christmas.
  • Quite a good episode, but not the best in my opnion. It was very funny, though!

    This was quite a good episode, in my opinion. It was great to have a Christmas episode, at long last, and hopefully it will be a regular thing, like the Halloween episodes.

    I thought the stroyline was intriguing. It didn't seem to be 100% original, for some reason, but I definitely thought it was wlel written. (Dad gone for 17 year was good!). I think that it was certainly a very funny aepisode, as well, and Abby's 'Christmas Caf-Pow!' was quite cool!

    Overall, defenitely an episode that I would love to see again. It was interesting, funny and touching. It was missing that special moment that would make me give it a 'ten', but otherwise, a fantastic episode! All-round, purely amazing! Keep it up!
  • Its Great!

    I love how this episode is placed at Christmas! it show differences in the characters. I love how Tony ex girlfriends husband is the officer it just really funny how his love life caught up with him! Also i love Abby's enthusiasm for Christmas its so adorable. My favourite line is:

    Abby: Merry Christmas tiny Tim!

    its so cute!

    Also the endind where Gibbs does a good thing and reunits the family and then soon afterhe calls his own father. I think that is so sweet of him that he does that. It also makes me wonder would he have remembered it if he did not have to investigate!


    Anyways i rate this episode a 10! as it is one of the best i have seen!
  • Yeah, Abby there is a Santa Clause.

    It is plain to me why this is one of the best shows on television. Our team is saddled with a murder case over the Christmas holiday. A case involving a veteran, who thinks everyone including his daughter, is better off with him dead. But unfortunately, he's a prime suspect in a murder investigation. Gibbs however, looks deeper as does the team and finds a link to a former flame of Tony's. But as usual we are surprised by the actual perpetrator who turns out to be a security guard, who's simple motive is greed. Gibbs' scene with Ned at the end was touching. He gives him a chance with his daughter and unfortunately Gibbs will never have.
  • not what I expected, but okay...

    This episode was definitely not what I expected. Like many others I had hoped that some people would finally give in to their feelings for each other. I was real pleased with it. But it seems that the tensions between them that has been built up this season were turned a bit off. This is probably why I was a little disappointed when I saw the episode. Had expected much more. But if I had not had such high hopes for this particular episode this would certainly still been a good episode.
    It is a fine example of NCIS, it was a good episode but as I said not what I expected.
  • A good way to kick off the holiday break

    I think more than anything... I was just really glad NCIS finally did a Holiday episode. ( granted I didn't watch a bulk of the first season so i could be wrong on this) I mean they are in DC and yet this was the first episode where they had snow... This episode was more than just another bloody corpse fest and one about this season so yeah it might not have been the greatest story line, but it reminded me why i like NCIS so much and thus i give it a 10.

    Besides how could you not "awwww" at the whole scene with Santa and Abby? Merry Christmas!
    Happy Hanukkah!
    Happy Kwanzaa!
  • I knew it...

    If you've been interested about the close interaction between Tony and Ziva then you probabliy would have bet that this episode had plenty of emotive talks, allusions, or whatever...
    After all, it's a Christmas episode. what a clichè.
    That's why we didn't get any of it.
    Nice plot, everything is mixed up perfectly and even though some parts were a bit predictable; the episode still managed to somehow surprise me.
    Maybe it was a bit fluffy, and maybe some of us were expecting more... but if there's a thing that I've learned from this Tv show, is that if your gut tells you something about an upcoming episode, then you'll most likely disappointed.
    Gut feelings work only for Gibbs!
  • Definetly the cutest episode since poor Jenny died!! It really reminds me that even though she's gone, NCIS will always have the cute aspect!

    This was one of those episodes that you keep in your heart. Definetly cute, I'm so glad that Gibbs is reconecting with his dad. Abby is just adorable! She is sooo cute looking for gifts for Gibbs and all the teammates, putting the mistletoe in her lab then kissing Gibbs on the cheek, feeling sorry for Mellissa the daughter of the dead man, she was absoulutly the star of this episode. Ziva was really good in this episode too. It was funny to watch the security guard hit on her (It reminded me of when she told Tony she punched out a guy cause he liked her). This was definetly and episode worth watching, It really made me think that maybe NCIS isn't dead now that Jenny (and Kate) are gone.
  • Not what i had expected.

    this NCIS episode was deffinatly not what i had expected it to be, i expected more, like a exciting plot. with maybe some reveling feelings from all the characters. i liked the episodes, not LOVED it, but it was fine. i think there should've been more action. Like betwwen tony and ziva? seriously! when is all that feelings for each other stuff going to be tottaly revealed???? but back to the episode, i thonught the whole ex-soilder finding his daughter thing was very cute. I esspecially liked the part when abbey was trying to hook father adn daughter up again. :) abbey's so sweet! she was definatly a highlight in this episode.
  • the best episode! very christmasyy! well done NCIS!

    i truely think this episode was one of the best episodes this season! it was a very happy and emotional episode! i loved how tha last five minutes were surrounded about Gibb's... i literally broke out in tears during that whole sceane especially when he said that if he had a christmas wish it would be to hug his daughter buut he cant do that.... man Gibb's you know just what to say!! and i also loved how in the end he called his dad (his dad was speed dial #1) there were also very special tiva moments and i thought there were a few mcabby moments! :) i was very very very very satisfied by this episode! well done NCIS and Merry Christmas!
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