Season 3 Episode 4

Silver War

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 2005 on CBS

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  • Great!

    I loved this episode. Ziva is much more interesting than Kate. Loved the scene when Tony and McGee experience driving with Ziva for the first time. And of course one of my favorite lines "They called me the little poo boy". LOL!
  • Great episode... again! And Ziva David can stay... wow... excellent chemistry with Tony and Gibbs.

    Yes, it looks like I'll keep repeating myself, but this was a grade A episode. I cannot understand why a lot of people dislike Ziva... is it the character? Is it the actress? Or is it the fact that people refuse to get used to the fact that Kate is gone?

    I was severely ticked off by the lack of our Mossad agent in the last episode, though it was good episode still. Seeing Cote de Pablo during the credits made me all happy! I like the way how she spars with Tony. And I loved how Abby was all hostile with her, which of course we all know will just last a few episodes.

    The episode itself was okay, the story about the Civil War Re-enactment was interesting, but you could guess the bad guys from a mile away. A bit predictable for my taste, but then again... if I want clever twists I'll watch CSI or something. The way Ziva handles the bad guys in the end is nicely done, and I expected no less from her, I mean she is a Mossad agent.

    So, I'm just hoping NCIS will keep up the good work. And dare I say... Kate who?
  • Kate will be missed, but I think Ziva can hold her own and this episode proves it.

    Honestly, I didn't like the character Ziva David in the Kill Ari episodes. Even though she did kill Ari, I thought she was way to pushy. Then in the next episode Agent Cassidy returned and I thought she did real well and I hope she returns for more episodes. However, after watching Silver-War and the return of Ziva David, I believe she will be a good addition to the cast. She has good chemistry with Tony, McGee seems to be ok with her and I believe Abby will eventually come around. With Gibbs, he trusts her but how long are they going to keep what actually happened with Ari a secret.

    Keep up the good work.
  • Musket bullets and old graves

    I think the whole reactment thing have been used in quite many series but I still loved the whole episode.

    First of all: Ziva. The way she just acted.. the whole way of trying to understand how to work on that environment were noone wants to want her.. I know.. it is so soon after Kate.. and in so many things, it feels like she is replacing Kate... but I like that even if they have bring another strong female char, there is so much about Ziva what makes her different.. the whole weapon scene with Gibbs and that they have secret with Gibbs.. that looks interesting..

    But.. the case.. I loved Ducky in situation he did not memorized that woman.. I loved how they had to give over the map.. the whole dynamic of the episode. Great
  • Great episode – a treasure map, a mummified body and a grisly hand holding a treasure map.

    One of the more unusual episodes - a good old fashioned treasure hunt.

    Tony really looks terrible – hair unbrushed and ungelled, unshaven and probably unwashed. Yet another less-than-favourable first impression on Ziva.

    Gibbs suppressed the fact that Ziva killed Ari. He trusts and likes her but publicly treats her like everyone else. How sweet, Tony gave Ziva his old hat, the one with the bullet hole.

    Not only badly hurt, bleeding, buried alive and suffocating but the sadist gives him a working cell phone which can't send or receive.

    The mystery redhead again.

    What a fantastic case – a great era, a exotic crime and an anthropologist using her expertise to commit grave robbery!
  • Not the best of episodes, but some exciting scenes.

    This episode doesn't go down as one of my favorites, because for a start, the case wasn't the most interesting, even though it was rather unusual and different.

    I found quite a few funny scenes in the episode, however, most notably when Officer Ziva David attempted to drive the NCIS van.

    I didn't particularly enjoy much else about the episode, but it is still more interesting than some othre episodes I have seen in the past.

    The episode's ending was really interesting and it had a rather unpredictable twist to it, which made it very interesting.

    Overall, for an NCIS fan, this episode is a good one, but for s casual viewer, this isn't an episode that I would recommend.
  • First NCIS episode i saw, so it holds a special place in my heart.

    okay so a while ago i was flipping through channels and saw this episode airing on USA so i decided to watch it. I instantly fell in love with Ziva, Abby, and Gibbs but was i little confused until i watched more episodes. Anyways Ziva's my favorite and i really cant decided with the rest of the characters they're all so great! But anyways plat and storyline i think were great in this episode. The twist at the end and everything. Though i still am fuzzy about if Ducky actually knew the one lady or not. Oh well. Over all great episode:)
  • Ziva arrives as the new member of Gibb's team unbeknownst to him and his team. A Marine Sergeant is found suffocated in a sarcophagus and the team must decipher a number of leads including civil war maps and a mummified hand with a special ring.

    Episode in which Ziva is assigned to work with Gibb's and his team. She is still a Mossad Agent but she will be working under Gibb's and be responsible to his team as sort of an exchange person from the Israeli organization to observe and pick up techniques and exchange information.

    Gibb's of course is not happy about being told who is on his team after Agent Todd's death. Of course Shepard points out that he wouldn't have been agreeable anyways. So he accepts her but relieves her of her firearms and tells her to observe to begin with.

    Everyone reacts different to her showing up. DiNozzo seems very happy to have someone to pick up on. McGee is happy not to be the new guy anymore. Abby actually seems a little jealous of McGee's attention to Ziva so she is a little cool to her at first.

    The scene with Abby in the business suit and the high heels is hilarious. Some guy showed up with a letter telling her she was not in appropriate attire for a NCIS operative. Of course Gibb's could care less as she probably is one of the most brilliant Forensic Specialists alive and for those kind of people you sort of bend the rules.

    When Ducky discovers that the sergeant was not dead when he was put in the civil war sarcophagus things get a little strange. Dr. Burns the women Ducky supposedly had a fling with in Hawaii is a forensic pathologist and is familiar with the Civil War period and is asked to come in to help the team find out if they missed any details. Of course that fling turns out not to be real as she is in on the caper. The giveaway was the fact that Ducky did not recall her at all. Strange for a man with his memory.

    McGee and Ziva get to take a bath in a fountain when two thugs steal the map the dead Marine had put in a safety deposit box. As they were leaving the bank they were accosted and forced to turn it over.

    In the end Ziva apprehends the group when Gibb's decides to give her back her weapons before going out to the sight of the final scene. She puts a knife directly into Dr. Burn's heart from about twenty feet and holds two other men with her firearm. Very impressive but not surprising.

    Good episode with some interesting personality quirks brought out. A lot of fun and some good action throughout. Thanks for reading...
  • The Ziva 'goof' in the summary page is wrong.

    The 'goof' shown in the episode summary about Ziva's value of the guns dug up at the end, is not correct. I just saw the episode (March 16, 2009) on Sleuth channel. What the criminal says is the guns are worth THIRTY Thousand each, not Three Thousand. So Ziva's comment of $1.5 million total value is actually correct.

    Could someone with a higher rating please either correct the 'goof' entry or just remove it?

    The 'goof' shown in the episode summary about Ziva's value of the guns dug up at the end, is not correct. I just saw the episode (March 16, 2009) on Sleuth channel. What the criminal says is the guns are worth THIRTY Thousand each, not Three Thousand. So Ziva's comment of $1.5 million total value is actually correct.
  • Ziva joins the team full time

    This episode opens with a documentary show being filmed. They open up a casket from 14o years ago to discover a body inside which also had a cell phone. Back at NCIS headquarters, Tony arrives for work and finds Ziva sitting at Kate's desk. It is here that we learn that she is joined the team as a Mozart Legation. Gibbs didn't know about it. When Gibbs comes in he goes and see's the Director about it. In the end he agrees.
    During the autopsy Ducky discovers a bullet, which is then sent up to Abby. McGee and Abby try to get the cell phone to work. Ducky discovers that the bullet did not kill him, only injured him, and he was then buried alive. We learn that the victim was a Civil War Rene actor. When McGee and Abby get into the cell phone they discover that he tried to dial 911 multiply times and that he had a text message last sent, that leads the team to a safety deposit box. When Ziva and McGee go to safety deposit box and as they leave they are stopped by a man. They were made to hand over the map which they found inside the box and a hand, and the man pushed them into a fountain and the van drove off. Ziva manages to draw the map from memory. They find out where their main suspect is, at a re-enactment and so the team head there. Ziva follows the map at the re-enactment site and comes across, two grave robbers, who have dug up a grave and have found the guns inside which were used during the civil war. Just then we see the other doctor the female one who was at the start of the episode, has Ducky at gun point. She was in on it all. As Ducky is pushed to the ground Ziva puts down her gun and kills the woman with her knife and kills the other two men, who were the grave diggers. Back in the office, Ziva tells Gibbs that Kate is gone and that she doesn't think that she would mind, Ziva using her desk. Ziva gives Gibbs Kate sketch pad, with all of her drawings in it of the team. Including Gibbs himself.
  • Lots of great moments in this episode between McGee and Abby in this episode.

    Silver War

    Lots of great moments in this episode between McGee and Abby. I enjoyed the scene where Abby caught McGee looking at her as she was getting dressed, and he is flustered and responds that he didn't see anything he liked. Abby's face was priceless and caused him to respond in the affirmative.

    I also like the expression on McGee's face when Abby said sometimes I think I love you. You can tell he still cares for her, and has feelings for her. I think he was hoping she really meant what she said on a more romantic level.

    I also like to see Abby outside her usual goth apparel. It was very unAbby. The exchange between Ziva shows Abby hidden feeling for Ziva. She doesn't like her possible because she thought Ziva was taking over Kate's spot. Gibbs noticed Abby's hostility for Ziva, and when he gave Abby a look she grabbed McGee and took off like a child who had just be reprimanded. She seemed to treat McGee like a toy, and the scene could not help remind me of one in a later episode where Abby pushes McGee into another room, and Gibbs walks in saying he told her he wasn't a toy.
    I enjoyed this episode very much.
  • Welcome Ziva!

    For me the episode already started great when Ziva was introduced as the new team member. I also really liked the scene between Ziva and Gibbs in the elevator. I think that the team really can use someone like Ziva. The case that they have to solve really intrigued me and was well written. I didn't found it who it was before they did, so that's always a good thing. It also kept me excited throughout the episode and that is what I like to see in a show like NCIS. I think that the ending of this episode really proved that Ziva will be a valuable member of this team.
  • good episode...

    Ziva is now a member of the team and it's interesting seeing all of her interactions with the different team mates. She was really funny when she met Abby... Anyways, a man was found burried in a iron casket and it turned out that the scientist just wanted some tresure, old guns to be exact. I suspected it the whole time so it wasn't very shocking. I liked how Ziva kicked butt at the end; that's a good introduction. I also liked Ducky's awkward moments with the lady doctor. That was funny. Overall, thought, I didn't really like the story. What made the episode so good was the humor with Ziva being new.
  • great episode

    A corpse of a dead marine is found inside a tomb that's supposed to be a civil war relic. The team discovers that the sergeant was buried alive and he sent text messages while he died slowly in his tomb. Ziva returns to NCIS, Gibbs and the others are surprised that she's going to work here as a full time agent. The writers used the same NCIS storytelling, the same style of the scenes. The story went hand in hand with the traditional theme of the show. It starts to feel new and at the same time, the changes in the show are starting to look like a good part of the show.
  • Introducing Ziva to the team.

    First let me say that I love the Ziva character - brave, sexy and smart - she was exactly what NCIS was missing.

    The only thing that bothered me in this episode was the depiction of Mossad agents. From my experience (I won't go into it) Mossad agents don't have to show up for work at 05:00 in the morning. They also don't drive around like crazy in a peaceful city, out of fear for IED's and ambushes. They are smart enough to know when it's safe to stop pushing on the gas paddle like race car drivers.

    The story line was weird, as usual on the show, but good show nevertheless.
  • I don't kick butt!

    I love this episode!
    Probably my favorite of the series so far, it's really good written and very well played out.

    I love the fact that Ziva has to prove herself towards the team and that she's handling it very well, too!

    Unfortunately, I missed Mind Games and I think I missed an awful lot with that!
    I was angry about Kate being gone, I thought the series would lose a lot of magic, but in fact, and don't jump your horses now, I like the series better now that Ziva is in!

    There is a lot of tension between Ziva and the team, Gibbs gives her a hard time when the others are around, but whenever he gets the chance, he winks or smiles at her to show that he doesn't mean it bad and that he appreciates that she's there.

    Tony gives her a hard time, no matter who's around, Abby makes very clear that she doesn't like her...
    The only people who don't give her a hard time are McGee and Ducky, and Ziva is really hurt by it, but she's determent to prove them all that they're wrong.

    She's a tough chick with an attitude like "America? Tough? COME ON! It's Disneyland compared to where I've been..."
    And she's right, Gibbs' team could learn from her!

    Gibbs is no longer the only one who can sneak up to people, and I love it!

    Ziva is sad that she isn't accepted in yet, but she won't let anybody walk over her, not even Gibbs!

    An attitude like 'watch it you, I can kill with a thought' I really like Ziva and I can't wait to see the rest of the series!
  • "Really funny episode and exciting."

    This episode was so funny. Well, I guess Ziva didn't look as a good character in this episode, but she actually is.

    The whole episode was really great, exciting, although they didn't focus to much on the case, it was more about the characters, which is ... really good, although I didn't expect that I will like this episode.

    I laughed at scene when Ziva drove the car, and Tony and McGee's faces were also funny.

    I didn't like the way Abby treated Ziva, but they will get along. :) It was so sad to see Kate's drawings of NCIS members.

    Anyway, I really liked this episode, it was definitely better than the previous one.
  • Agent Ziva David’s official introduction to the team: well written!

    Can I say it? I loved it!! It was fun, smart, light, clever, tender, and tough! And all in one formula: keep it simple!!

    This episode is of the kind you MUST watch at all moments. More than ever, the non-verbal communication was tuned on! A new member is added, there is tension, incomprehension, competition, need for acceptation, and all is showed in the looks. Especially those of Gibbs and Abby!

    Assertive Ziva had a chance to pair up with all the members of the team, except Abby. She saved Ducky’s life. DiNozzo found his master. McGee is free from the burden of being the newbie. And Abby, well, Abby still wants to be convinced that she is the right one after Kate. All of that under clan Chief Gibbs’ observant eye. Agent David is a tough cookie and she is on the path to win everybody’s heart!

    PS: We see some of Abby's famous tattoos! And McGee just desn't know how to react to this vision... :)
  • Interesting - to what the heck were they thinking!!!

    On the whole I love this show But!! Sorry guys not a Ziva fan at all. Replacing Kate with her was a no go in my book's. It's a good thing they haven't changed the other characters to much or one would have to reconsider watching this series. Some one like Agent Cassidy would have been my preference as the team already know her and would more willingly accept her into the fold. But I will continue to watch this and see how it pan's out. One thing I do hope to see is a little cat fight or two between Abby and Ziva. would make for an interesting side story
  • If I'm allowed to be cynical...

    To say I was shocked when Kate died in the end of last season would be an understatement, and was the only reason I saw the season finale, and the only reason I saw the new season premiere. Somehow, I survived the first 3 episodes long enough to make it to this one... and was truely surprised to see that the character they chose to replace Kate was Ziva.
    It's OK. I don't mind her too much. The interaction with the rest of the character is fine, and as long as Abby is there... what do I care.
    But why? why did the casting director/producer/PTB put a spanish speaking actress to play an Israeli Mosad aganet? And why are they making here say things in Hebrew? She can't speak Hebrew. Granted, probably most people who watch the show don't even know that, but she mispronounce even the simplest word.
    Her conversation with Ari in the pilot was bad enough, also her conversation with Tony.
    If the writers are going to continue throwing words in Hebrew just to remind us where she is supposed to be from - maybe they should trhow in a language coach to teach Cote how to pronounce the words without sounding too "foreign".
  • I don't like Ziva but Abby was wonderful

    I don't like Ziva on the show. The woman they had on last week was much better. I really like Lauren Holly as Gibb's new boss though. Abby was great dressed up like career girl barbie. You finally got to see more of her tatoos. I guessed at the beginning that the blond doctor lady had something to do with it. She kept trying to get them in a different direction.
  • Ziva David is a great addition to the NCIS team.

    While I had reservations of what was going to happen to the show post-Kate, I was quite surprised by how it is turning out.

    In the previous episode, they had brought in a feamle NCIS tech, which I thought that she would be the new permanent female. However, I was quite shocked that Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) is the new addition. I really like her character as she has had experience unlike the others on the team, and brings a new twist to the team dynamic, especially with her interaction with Abby and Tony. It was quite funny to see her read the same men's magazine as Tony. It's nice to have another female who can trump Tony. It makes the show humourus. I really want to see how they're going to develop Pablo's character and blend her into the team.

    The episode plot itself was quite interesting, having the team investigating grave robbing. It was probably the best episode that incorporated Ziva, and showed a great side of strong females in the story. Abby was also very entertaining in the new outfit.

    All in all, a great episode especially with the cast change.
  • Good filler but I don't like the new girl.

    I knew who the big bad was when Ducky didn't remember a liaison with an attractive woman. Ducky is a true gentleman and if he didn't remember her, there must be a reason.
    I do not like the idea of McGee and the new girl together. I do not trust her and I feel that the character is not an asset to the show. Diversification is all well and good but this is not Interpol.
  • Ziva is ruining the show.

    It was a good show; take out the obvious and noxious attempt at making us like Ziva, and her amazing abilities, and it would have been a great show. It has nothing to do with her replacing what’s her face, but more to do with building up someone that is, for all other purposes, invading our group of known and liked/loved characters. It’s annoying, it’s painful, and frankly I have no desire to see her as part of the team. The list keeps building, she kills Ari, Tony wasn’t even there, she basically solves this case, it’s turning more into a “Let’s love Ziva” than a show, and it’s sickening. This season for the first time I watched an episode I did not like, Kill Ari(part 2), and now, I watched another I did not like, and it’s for the same reason, your putting someone in front of our characters, namely Tony, and even somewhat Gibbs. The show is going to turn into a soap opera.
  • This episode is exilerating. Yes....I really like the mix of Civil War and modern investigating. The reenacting world doesn't need a murderer in their numbers so they encourage the NCIS team to rid them of the bad apples.

    I enjoyed the quick climpse of horses in the field investigation part. Sure wish there were more horseback riding in the serries. Mark Harmon is an accomplished rider and that should be expanded. The use of Civil War troops in period uniforms was a big plus.
    I enjoyed the cross over from a dead soldier in a civil war casket to the text message on the cell phone. Very creative writing. you think an average dead soldier would be buried in a metal casket? Would there even be one available? Highly doubt it. Most were buried in a blanket or poncho and simply covered with soil. If later internment was done it would be in a wooden casket at best.
    Entertaining and well directed. I especially like the three camera shooting. I rate this a 10.
  • Well I do not know about you but I had the bad guy figured out before Gibbs knew.

    I think that they are trying too hard to intagrate Ziva that the plot suffers.
    I knew who was behind the whole thing at about the half way point just on things people should know already with out being told.
    I do like the interaction with Tony and Ziva though.
    I thought Abby's wardrobe crisis and caffine high was a good personal side note.
    Although I did not think that Abby really needed McGee's help in the times he has been asked to help her were as in the past it was clear abby needed his help.
    I do not know but I think that the writers are slipping.