Season 4 Episode 3

Singled Out

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 2006 on CBS

Episode Recap

Two young women are riding a red sportscar, and eyeing a man in a SUV. They speculate that he is checking them out, and begin to write him a note. The SUV pulls away, and one of the girls urges the other to hurry, "before he gets away." As the SUV pulls ahead of them, the camera zeros in on a bloody hand reaching up splayed against the rear window from the inside -- a young woman pulls herself up, presses herself against the rear window, and screams a silent "HELP!" as the girls in the sportscar scream, "Omigod!" Cut to title.

The next scene opens with Tony waiting in Jenny's office for a meeting with the Director. He surveys photos on display, and, noticing a gift of flowers on her desk, he quickly snags the gift card. Jenny walks in and demands to know why he is touching her flowers. Tony claims that "flowers are his passion", and Jenny is skeptical, asking him to identify them flowers. He fails miserably, and sheepishly hands her the gift card, which he claims "fell out" when he was sniffing the flowers. Jenny gets down to business and asks Tony to rate his performance over the last few months as Gibbs' replacement. He quickly says, "I'd say a B", then, misreading the look on Jenny's face, he quickly reduces it to "A B minus?" At her continued stare, his face falls and he says, "I'm being fired, aren't I?" and reassures Jenny that he has no problems going back to a subordinate role as a member of Gibb's team. Jenny replies, "In a manner of speaking," and hands Tony a folder. He is being offered a promotion to team leader, assigned to an NCIS office in Spain. Jenny reassures him that his performance has been exemplary, and congratulates him. However, Tony is uncertain. He asks about the ongoing investigation with La Grenoille, and wonders if perhaps the promotion should be delayed a few months while the investigation proceeds, since he has made a great deal of progress. Jenny isn't buying it -- she points out that he is waffling over a promotion that everyone in the building would kill for, and asks what the real problem is. Tony sits and confesses that "he is worried about Jethro." Jenny tries to dismiss his concern -- Tony gently mocks Gibb's new mustache, but then points out that Gibbs called Ziva "Kate" the day before yesterday. He is worried that there are still some holes in his memory, and wants to stay until Gibbs is 100%. Jenny wonders when that will be, and then tells Tony he has 72 hours to make a decision, and points out that if he passes this up, another opportunity like this may not come up for years. Tony nods, asks that she keep the offer quiet, and walks slowly out the door.

As he is walking down to the squad room, Tony receives a phone call, obviously from someone who is under the impression he is still the team leader. He directs them to Gibbs, and then, in response to an apparent flip question from the caller, snaps, "It makes a difference," and hangs up on the caller. He goes to his desk, and Ziva asks him who it was. Gibbs' phone begins to right as Tony answers shortly, "Wrong number," but begins to pull together his gear. McGee asks why, and Tony asks "What's my motto, McGee?" McGee thinks and then replies, "Never date a woman who eats more than you do?" Tony laughs shortly and says, "Well, yes, that's true, too, but -- 'Always be prepared'". Gibbs, still sporting the new mustache, finishes the call and tells the team to "grab their gear." McGee, amazed, turns to Tony and says, "How did you know?!" Tony modestly proclaims, "It's a gift, I choose not to question it." As they walk to the elevator, McGee asks Gibbs where they are going, and Gibbs deadpans, "I don't know, it was a wrong number -- ask DiNozzo." Tony has a pained look on his face, realizing that Gibbs saw through his face-saving maneuver.

The team is in the field, surrounding the empty SUV we saw at the beginning of the episode, containing several vivid bloodstains. Ziva wonders why they are "investigating a stolen car," and Tony sarcastically replies that "since the car belongs to a sailor and someone appears to be slaughtered inside of it?" Ziva responds to his tone by accusing Tony of being on edge since Gibbs returned. McGee reports to Gibbs that the SUV belongs to a Navy lieutenant computer programmer who was reported missing that morning, and the assumption is that the young woman in the SUV was the lieutenant. Gibbs, looking for a pad of paper, becomes impatient with the reorganized team truck -- McGee offers to switch everything back, but Gibbs refuses. Back at the SUV, Ziva notes that there is not enough blood for a "slaughter" -- that the bloodstains appear to be the result of superficial skin injuries, not a serious wound. McGee has the lieutenant's address in Culpepper, Virginia Tony, forgetting that he is no longer the team leader, instructs McGee and Ziva to go to Culpepper to check out her apartment, then stops himself as he realizes that he has just committed a faux pas as Gibbs comes to stand beside him. There is a moment's awkwardness as everyone looks at Gibbs -- Tony anxiously, realizing that he has overstepped his authority, and McGee and Ziva cautiously, wondering what Gibbs will say. Tony and Ziva end up driving to Culpepper to visit the lieutenant's home. Gibbs and McGee continue to survey the site, with Gibbs encouraging McGee to reconstruct what has happened. They discover one high heel, a few drops of blood, and evidence that she has been forced into another car.

Tony and Ziva bicker as they enter the lieutenant's apartment, with Ziva trying to taunt Tony into telling her who his new "mystery girl" is. The apartment has obviously been thoroughly and messily searched. Tony notes that the apartment is amazing similar to "McGeek's" -- the victim is a high-level computer programmer. They find scattered coded profiles of people the lieutenant was obviously researching.

Back at the office, the Sportscar Girls have given the police a description of the woman they saw and the driver. The drawing of the victim is very similar to the lieutenant's personnel picture. McGee notes that an APB has been put out on the driver, and both Gibbs and Tony say in unison, "Any hits?" Tony stammers, "Oh, sorry, boss . . ." Gibbs gives him a look, and McGee stands between them looking like he wishes he was somewhere else. Taking a deep breath, McGee notes that the artist's drawing is very similar to a mug shot of an ex-car thief. Gibbs praises McGee and off-handedly tells Tony, "not bad, either, Tony". McGee and Tony speculate that the mustache is making Gibbs "more human."

Abby is going over the sequentially-numbered profiles collected from the lieutenant's home, noting that one is missing, AB1016. Gibbs muses that the AB designation was used in the Corps to designate bombing targets. Ziva notes that nothing else that was stolen -- money, jewelry, just the profile, and points out that the information on the profiles is all available from public records. Abby volunteers that all of the profiles were printed on the same printer, and then theorizes that the information is probably still on her computer, so perhaps that way they can find the missing profile. Unfortunately, because the lieutenant is a computer expert, the file is heavily encrypted and Abby is running into problems decoding it. Abby is pleased to tell Gibbs that she has identified the handprint found in the back of the SUV "belonged to . . ", and Gibbs beats her to the punch by confirming, " . . . Lt. Anne Sullivan. McGee already figure it out." Abby is temporarily chagrined, but then perks up and states that she also knows who the driver was -- which Gibbs, again, forestalls her by saying, "His name is Justin Ferris". Abby is puzzled how McGee found out before she did.

Back in the squad room, Tony is on the phone hounding the police to find Ferris while McGee is quietly working at his desk. During the conversation, Tony gestures at McGee and hisses, "Probie!! I need you over here!" and McGee ignores him. After Tony hangs up, he sarcastically inquires, "Do you have a hearing problem?" McGee looks up from his computer, obviously a bit irate, but calmly observes that, "I thought I heard you say "Probie", but since Agent Lee has been transferred back to Legal department, I wasn't sure who you were referring to." Tony chuckles and, leaning on McGee's desk, says "Oh, I get it, you don't like being called 'Probie' anymore?" McGee observes, with an edge in his voice, "Things change," and Tony says, "Yes, I used to be team leader, Probie." McGee looks Tony in the eye and says, "TEMPORARY team leader, and that was only because McGee quit." Tony, thinking back on his earlier conversation with Jenny, retorts, "You don't think I rate my own team?" and McGee, obviously still irritated at Tony, shrugs and says, "You wouldn't be here now if you did, now, would you, DiNozzo?" Tony stares at McGee's desk for a moment, swallows down a snappy comeback, shakes his head and quietly says "Yeah, maybe you're right," and then straightens up and declares that he is going for coffee. McGee, realizing that he has just hurt Tony's feelings, tries to apologize, but Tony waves him off as he strides to the elevator. Gibbs appears quietly beside McGee's desk, and mildly asks him, "McGee, how long have I been an NCIS Special Agent?" McGee thinks quickly and says, "Almost . . . 16 years?" Gibbs smiles gently and says softly, "Do you want to take a wild guess at what my first partner still calls me?" McGee is chastened as he realizes that the term 'Probie' also carries a measure of affection and regard. As Tony enters the elevator, he is delighted to encounter two policemen escorting the man in the SUV, Justin Ferris, and chortles, "You've done it again, DiNozzo!".

In the interrogation room, Gibbs is interviewing Ferris. Ferris quickly points out that he surrendered himself when he heard the APB, and admits that, yes, he did steal the SUV, but that he didn't kidnap anyone. Gibbs asks him to explain the bloodstains, and Ferris shrugs and says, "I didn't know the chick was back there." Gibbs responds forcefully, holding up photos and saying "Her NAME is Lieutenant Anne Sullivan! Where is she?!" Ferris gasps, "I don't know!" and goes on to point out that he was confessing to grand theft auto and shouldn't that be evidence of his good faith? Gibbs responds "Not if it's covering up kidnapping and murder!" Ferris seems genuinely surprised -- "She dead?! No way -- she was alive when I left her screaming in the back of the SUV!" Gibbs asks what she was screaming, and Ferris responds, "I dunno -- something about being singled out by some guy . . ." "WHAT GUY?" "I dunno -- I didn't exactly stick around to find out, okay?" Ferris reiterates strongly that he didn't kill her. In the observation room, Tony and Ziva are watching the interrogation. Ziva muses that Ferris may be telling the truth. Tony quips "what do you think about (Gibb's) mustache?" Ziva comments that it makes him look distinguished. Tony maintains, "It's not Gibbs." Ziva rolls her eyes and says "People change," to which Tony declares, "People, maybe. Not Gibbs." Ferris goes on to describe how he stole the SUV -- "the door was open, the engine was running -- I couldn't help myself, Agent Gibbs." Gibbs demands to know where the SUV was when he stole it. Ferris replies, "At the Texaco station on Wildwood Road. Honestly, the first time I knew the chi . . I mean, Lt. Sullivan . . . was in the car was when she started screaming. The last time I saw her was in the lot where I dumped the ride. Hey, I even called 911 -- I didn't say anything, but I called, that should count for something, right?" Gibbs is exasperated with Ferris and begins to walk out. Ferris then volunteers that there might have been someone tailing him, a silver Honda, and he was afraid that they had seen him steal the car at the station. He didn't see the driver's face, though, because of a ball cap. Ferris points out that the man in the Honda may have been the kidnapper and exclaims, "I'm not a kidnapper!" Gibbs bitingly replies, "No, you're just the dirtbag who left her there to die."

Tony meets Gibbs outside the interrogation room with news that Ziva is tracking down the gas station lead. Gibbs and Tony confer briefly, and Tony tells Gibbs that Ducky wants to talk to him. When Gibbs asks why, Tony shrugs and says it's something about a profile of Lt. Sullivan.

In the lab, Ducky is talking into a recorder, musing that she is "quite a fascinating woman, my dear, but unfortunately, due to Darwinian evolution, men tend to cherish women's bodies rather than their minds. I must admit, I sometimes fall prey to that, too . . ." His narrative trails off as Gibbs enters the autopsy room and inquires dryly, "I thought you only talked to bodies?" On the autopsy table is a photograph of Lt. Sullivan, along with a collection of items from her apartment, including books and movies. There is a noticeable tension between Gibbs and Ducky. Ducky responds that he doesn't need a body to conduct a "psychological autopsy." Gibbs offers congratulations that Ducky passed his test (assume it was a psychological analysis certification). Ducky replies coolly that "Yes, it was very rewarding -- all my friends were there," with the pointed emphasis on "friends", since Gibbs obviously was not there and is no longer counted among his friends. Gibbs gives him a look, and then gets to business: "What have you got?" Ducky frowns, turns his attention to the table and points out that the lieutenant's DVD collection was primarily "chick flicks", but it contrasted with her taste in literature -- like McGee, her taste in books runs to detective and spy novels. Her fitness reports reveal a brilliant tactical mind with little tolerance for failure, one who is driven. Ducky notes that she is well traveled, as evidenced by the number of photos of her at various world landmarks, but in all the photos, she is alone. Ducky then, as an aside, says rather testily to Gibbs, "I imagine you know something about that". Gibbs is catching the undercurrent of ice and glares at Ducky, asking him "Are you going somewhere with this, Doctor?" Ducky backs down, and notes that the victim is a highly motivated loner with a odd desire for secrecy, and that the profiles may indicate a desire to control her environment and the people in it. Gibbs asks Ducky, "But you don't know who they are?" and Ducky replies, "Well, this isn't an exact science!" They are interrupted by Abby and McGee on the intercom, who are excited to find that the fingerprint found at the lieutenant's apartment isn't Ferris' -- which means it belongs to someone else.

Back in the squad room, Tony and Ziva are reviewing Ferris' testimony, and conclude that it doesn't explain Lt. Sullivan's collection of profiles. Ziva comments that they could be for any reason -- blackmail, espionage or assassination. Ziva leans over to picked up a dropped pen, and Tony admires the view of Ziva's backside -- as Ziva quickly straightens, she realizes that Tony has been oogling her and glares at him. Ziva then goes on to suggest that Lt. Sullivan could be a covert operative. Tony dismisses the notion, declaring that she is a "Navy computer geek who worked worked on software for base housing -- according to co-workers, she's a female version of McGeek!" Gibbs walks in and asks about the gas station. Ziva says that the security camera has been broken for months, but that tire marks fit Ferris' story because they match up with a factory issued tire for a Honda Accord. Gibbs says, "Well, lets hope Abby and McGee have better luck."

In Abby's lab, McGee and Abby are still trying to unravel the encryption on Lt. Sullivan's computer. They have identified some sort of time line of events, but the event names are encrypted. Tony encourages McGee to hurry up, and then comments that "the chances of finding her alive drop to almost zero after 48 hours . . ." but then realizes that he's talking to Gibbs and trails off with " . . . but I'm sure you knew that." Gibbs smiles wryly. Abby says that they have recovered a few programs from the lieutenant's computer, one of them called "MorphPro", a high-end morphing program which takes a man and a woman's picture, and comes up with a suggestion of what their child may look like. She comments that the program is very expensive -- about $5,000 -- and Tony wonders how she can afford it on her salary. Tony remarks that it's like the end of "Saving Private Ryan", when the guy morphs and "it really confused me, because I thought for sure that the old guy was Tom Hanks . . ." Gibbs looks at Tony as Ziva comments that similar software was used to digitally age pictures of Nazi war criminals to make them easier to find. Gibbs turns to Abby and comments, "So, we have nothing?" Abby admits that they have nothing until they crack her encryptions. Ducky walks in and asks "Would her password help?" Abby sighs and says "Well, YEAH, but we don't have it!" Ducky goes on to explain that he has spent a great deal of time in the lieutenant's head, and he has some suggestions for passwords. He then throws out a few to try: "Coral Gables. Fiddler's Green. Hampton Inn. . . ". None of them work. Gibbs becomes impatient and begins to walk out as Ducky continues . . . "Spanish Rose," which is the password and opens the files. Abby is ecstatic, and declares Ducky's identification of the password to be "mindblowingly amazing!" The timeline is decoded -- it is a timeline for with the target event labeled "Wedding." Ducky observes that she was using all of her military skills "for finding a husband!" Gibbs observes that "She found herself a psycho, instead, Ducky."

Back in the squad room, McGee is playing with the morphing program, observing that Lt. Sullivan had been using pictures of her target to predict the appearance of future offspring. Tony declares it "creepy -- no wonder she couldn't find a husband." McGee disagrees, stating that it is difficult to choose the person you want to spend the rest of your life with without knowing all the facts. Ziva asks, "But isn't that what dating is all about?" Tony quips, "Yeah, McGee, you should try it some time." McGee grins, and then wonders aloud what Ziva and Tony's children would look like. He puts their images in the program, and says, "Guys, meet your lovechild!" and a picture of a chubby-cheeked infant appears in the morph. Ziva smiles, Tony looks skeptical. They look at each other, grin, and say at the same time, "Do Gibbs and the Director!" McGee quickly combines Jenny and Gibb's photos, resulting in a strikingly sultry young woman with long red hair. Ziva comments, "Well, now, that's not a bad combination!" Tony agrees, and says, "Even with Gibbs as a father, I'd date her!" Gibbs comes striding into the squad room declaring, "Never more than once, DiNozzo!" Abby walks in, sees the photo and comments, "Aww! You and the Director make nice Giblets, Gibbs!" Gibbs ignores her, and instructs McGee to open a website. He announces that while they were playing, Abby had discovered where the lieutenant was the day she was kidnapped -- a speed dating event. Abby explains that there was an email invitation on her computer, and Gibbs points out that the SUV was stolen two blocks away from the hosting hotel. McGee is intrigued by the website, and pipes up that "I've heard of this -- apparently, they're supposed to have an 85% success rate!" Ziva asks, "In WHAT?" McGee says, "For marriages!" Gibbs asks, "What about for kidnappings?" Abby points out confidentiality laws in Virginia mean that the company doesn't disclose its client list, so Gibbs orders McGee to grab a warrant, and says that the men that were there Sunday night would be the same ones that will be there tonight, the last night of the event. She grins and says, "Want to know how I know?" McGee, with a slightly dreamy look in his eyes, says that the event "is designed to introduce successful men to a wide assortment of eligible women. Each night brings the promise of romance and a chance of meeting your soul mate . . ." By the time he is finished obviously reciting the marketing information for the event -- and at the same time betraying his interest in it -- he suddenly realizes what he has given away and quickly says, ". . . so I've heard . . ." No one is fooled. He then confesses that he had thought about going to one -- one time. Tony looks at McGee in exasperation, and declares "After all of this is over, you and I are going to have a little talk." Abby reminds everyone that while the men remain the same, the women change each night. It's decided that Ziva will become one of the "eligible women" at that evening's speed-dating event, "Singled Out," as part of a stakeout to identify the kidnapper.

In Abby's lab, Abby is putting the finishing touches on Ziva's severe hairdo. Ziva is dressed in a very conservative, unflattering suit, with a demure ruffled blouse. McGee is looking at Ziva doubtfully and says to Ducky, "Are you sure about this?" Ducky assures him that they have recreated a replica of Lt. Anne Sullivan, super computer geek, hoping that she is similar enough to the lieutenant to provoke a visceral reaction in the kidnapper. Ziva wonders aloud if the kidnapper will actually be there, and Ducky assures her that he probably will be, to avoid suspicion. McGee gives Ziva a pair of horn-rimmed glasses with a built-in video camera. Tony comes into the lab and congratulates McGee. Ziva stares at herself in a mirror and gloomily announces that "I look like a dork!" Tony assures her that that is the whole point. Abby gives Ziva a fingerprint scanner that will automatically feed a fingerprint back to the lab. Ziva wonders what excuse she will need to use to get fingerprint of the right middle finger from all of the men. Gibbs reminds everyone that they are also trying to figure out who has a silver Honda accord. Before they start off, Ziva has just one question: "Will someone please tell me what 'speed dating' is?"

At the hotel, Ziva is seated nervously at a table waiting for the event to start. Over the microphone, Ziva is inquiring as to the likelihood of second dates. Gibbs reassures her that "I've had marriages that lasted shorter than this!" and Ziva mutters, "Now I know why." Gibbs asks Tony for a situation report, and Tony reports on the personnel staked out in the parking garage. He also notes that Ziva looks very nervous, and quips, "I think we've found her Kryptonite, boss -- our big, bad spy doesn't do 'geek'!" Ziva, in her nervousness, misunderstands and demands, "Did you say 'Greek'?!" Gibbs hushes them both, and the evening starts. The first man is Larry, who declares that his passion is astronomy. He asks Ziva to tell him about herself, and she says unconvincingly, "I like computers. And that thing you do . . with yarn?" She makes a gesture with her hands, and Larry guesses, " . . .knitting?" Ziva breathes a sigh of relief and agrees quickly, "Yes, knitting!" The rest of the team is becoming alarmed/amused at her obviously nervousness, and Gibbs urges her to get a fingerprint. She clumsily refers to her scanner as a "mood detector", and giggles awkwardly, adding, "So I can tell if someone is "in the mood."" Larry leers. Ziva cringes, and asks him about what kind of car he drives. Larry is immediately defensive and says, "What difference does that make?" Ziva assures him that the right car "makes her hot," so Larry tells her that he drives "a Porch." Ziva looks at him and corrects him -- "You mean, a Porsche?" Larry agrees eagerly, but offers the excuse that it's "in the shop, I'm driving a rental tonight." They move on to the next man, as Gibbs admonishes Ziva to "turn on the charm, Ziva David. You're a geek, not deranged." A series of men follow -- Ziva becomes more confident, and develops a quick technique of obtaining the necessary fingerprint. McGee and Abby are busy in the lab identifying fingerprints and photos, Gibbs is in MTAC watching the video feed, amused at Ziva's antics, and Tony is sitting in the adjoining bar, scanning the event and keeping an eye on Ziva.

At the bar, the bartender asks Tony if he's with the speed dating event. Tony is offended and asks, "Do I look like I need that stuff to get a date?" The bartender shrugs and replies, "Sorry, sir, I have to ask, the participants get 15% off." Tony shows him a picture of Lt. Sullivan, claiming that she is a blind date, and the bartender remembers her -- "dry vodka martini. She's a regular. She's here on Sunday afternoon" and confirms that last Sunday, she was there with two men from the speed dating event who were buying her drinks. Tony asks if any of the men are there tonight, and the bartender points out "the guy with the glasses sitting across from the nerdy-looking girl" -- Ziva's current "speed date". Everyone is on alert. Ziva can't get a print on the man, so she decides to be aggressive, and lures him away from the table to a secluded alcove with a suggestive smile and comment about "animal attraction." Still unable to get a print, but using the facial recognition software, McGee identifies the man as Calvin Hooper, who reported a stolen silver Honda Accord the previous Sunday in Fairfax. Gibbs order Tony to "take him down." Ziva is still trying to separate Hooper from the crowd with a suggestive, "Let's skip dinner and go straight for dessert!" as she bats her eyes at him and presses up against him. Hooper reaches around and grabs her rear. Ziva gasps in indignation -- at that point, Tony flashes his badge and Hooper is confused. Ziva grits her teeth and tells Hooper to "remove your hand or I will rip it off and beat you to death with it!" His confusion is apparent, but his fingerprint is not a match. He is brought in for questioning, anyway.

Back in the interrogation room, Tony and Ziva are interviewing Hooper. Ziva, still stinging from the number of idiots she has had to deal with all evening, and still angry at Calvin's grabass maneuver, is extremely hostile. Tony is trying to reassure Hooper that he is not under arrest -- Ziva finishes the sentence with a biting, "YET!" Tony glares at Ziva, and Hooper, who is getting increasingly nervous, declares that they did not read him his Miranda rights. Tony, attempting to be calming, says, "Because you're not under arrest!" Again, Ziva destroys Tony's calming attempts by biting out another "YET!" "Ziva!" "Sorry!"

Jenny and Gibbs are watching the interview. Jenny comments about DiNozzo, "You should be really proud of him. After you left, there were some rocky moments, but Tony really held the team together." Gibbs stares at Tony and replies, "That what I trained him to do." Jenny continues needling Gibbs: "I just thought you should know he excelled at it." Gibbs responds, "Then give him his own team." Jenny is quiet for a moment, and thens asks, "Do you think he's ready?" Gibbs gruffly replies, "I wouldn't have left if he wasn't." Jenny smiles and says, "You should tell him that." Gibbs rolls his eyes, laughs and exclaims, "Oh, trust me, when DiNozzo thinks he's ready for his own team, you'll know about it. Hell, the entire worldg will know about it!".

Back in the interview, Tony discusses the fact that Calvin Hooper has filed a false auto theft report -- instead of being stolen from his Fairfax, Virginia home, it was actually stolen on Sunday while he was at the speed dating event, unbeknownst to his wife. Ziva declares that she is going to call his wife. Upset, Hooper confesses that he has been married for 18 years, he and his wife had just had a baby, she had gone to visit her sister and he "just wanted to have a little fun." Ziva and Tony look at him scornfully. Hooper admits that on the first day of the event, "I struck out," to which Ziva exclaims sarcastically: "Shocking!", and describes the theft of his car by a man about Tony's height, wearing a Chicago Cubs hat. Ziva sighs in exasperation and says, "Not good enough, Cal -- you grabbed my ass . . ." and starts dialing his wife. Hooper, increasingly frantic, begs her not to, and adds that when he drove up to the gas station, the man was at the pay phone outside.

Back in the squad room, Tony, Ziva and Gibbs put together that the kidnapper had stopped to make a phone call, but the SUV containing Lt. Sullivan was hijacked. Realizing that he had to get Lt. Sullivan back, the kidnapper, in turn, hijacked the silver Honda Accord. The phone is brought into the lab so that Abby can check for fingerprints, which match the mystery print that they obtained from the SUV. A check of the phone calls made show only four calls that day. Abby goes off on a tangent explaining how cell phone usage has killed the pay phone industry, but that one of the calls was to a warehouse storage space in Fredericksburg. Abby gets a "good job" from Gibbs as the team moves to act on her findings.

At the warehouse, Ziva quickly picks the lock and the team fans out. No one is there, but there's evidence that Lt. Sullivan has been there from her purse, with her military ID inside. The team finds a replica model of the speed-dating hotel, with a detailed itinerary of a planned heist of rare coins at a coin convention. Ziva theorizes that Lt. Sullivan discovered that AB1016's story didn't line up and started questioning him about it, frightening him into the kidnapping. Gibbs realizes that the heist is already underway, and they dash out.

Back to the hotel, we see a few members of the "hotel staff" behind the scenes quietly transferring tables and carts with meaningful looks at each other -- obviously part of the heist. In a truck at the loading dock, the kidnapper is taunting Lt. Sullivan, who is tied up, surrounded by laundry bags, with a large piece of duct tape over her mouth, looking the worse for wear. He tells her that at first, he just thought she was FBI or a detective working for the hotel, or maybe a cop. As he is fastening a silencer to his gun, he comments that he would wish her luck with the whole husband thing, but that, unfortunately, he wasn't the marrying type. A knock from outside of the truck causes him to turn away to open the truck. A member of the staff is standing on the loading dock with a large hamper of laundry, and he snaps, "You're 8 minutes behind schedule." She is obviously uncomfortable, but pushes the hamper towards the kidnapper. He accepts the hamper, closes the door, and then turns back to Lt. Sullivan with his gun trained on her, and says, "It's nothing personal, you just know too much." Lt. Sullivan is sobbing behind her gag. Suddenly, there is a motion from the laundry hamper, and Ziva springs up and tells the kidnapper, to "drop your weapon, or if you prefer, I can shoot you in the spine. Would you rather be a para or a quadriplegic?" NCIS descends on the truck, taking the kidnapper into custody.

Ziva is comforting the lieutenant, McGee is interviewing the accomplices. Tony and Gibbs are surveying the confusion, and Tony asks Gibbs, "Don't tell me you didn't miss this, boss!" Gibbs says, "For about two minutes,". Tony looks puzzled, and Gibbs goes on to say, "About the difference between putting the lieutenant in a body bag -- or an ambulance." Tony looks at Gibbs thoughtfully.

Later that evening, Tony taps on Jenny's door. Jenny smiles to herself and calls out, "Come in, Tony!" Tony walks in, serious, but confused: "How did you know it was me?" Jenny says, "Because your deadline passed hours ago." Tony walks and stands in front of Jenny's desk and says solemnly, "I've made my decision." Jenny nods and says, "And I respect it. Sometimes I even wish I had made the same one, myself." Tony is even more confused, and says, "But I'm passing on the promotion, Jenny." She says, "I know." He asks how she knew, because he wasn't even sure until he was standing on the other side of her door. She responds: "To get here, in this office, especially as a woman, my career has been on the fast track my entire life. And between you and me, sometimes I wish I had taken it a little slower." Tony chuckles and says, "So, you're not disappointed?" Jenny assures him, "No. Actually, I'm feeling a bit proud at the moment." The cocky smile returns to Tony's face. He lifts his chin a bit at the compliment, and they exchange a look. Jenny urges Tony to go home and get some sleep, and Tony begins to leave. At the door, he turns -- the old Tony is back. He quips, "I don't suppose this is the right time to bring up the possibility of a . . . performance award, or . . .?" Jenny gives Tony A Look and says firmly "Good night, Tony!" Tony shakes his head, laughing, and ruefully replies, "I didn't think so . . ." As he closes the door behind him, he says softly, "Good night, Jenny." The door clicks, and the scene freezes with Jenny gazing thoughtfully at the door, her face framed by the flowers from the unknown admirer.
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