Season 4 Episode 3

Singled Out

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 2006 on CBS

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  • Interesting episode.

    Loved Ziva as a geek. So unlike her, it was hysterical. Also liked how hard it was for Tony to step down as leader.
  • "I like computers . . . and that thing you do with yarn"

    Ziva David speed dating may be one of the funniest moments on NCIS.
  • Question?????

    is this the episode where ziva is in morocco undercover if not then what episode and season is it
  • Tony must decide about his future at the team and Ziva goes undercover.

    Gibbs is back but Tony might be on his way out when the director has a job offer for him to lead his own team and Tony must decide about his future and I was glad to see that he didn't leave the team and why would he.The best part of the episode was Ziva going undercover speed dating as a geek to find a killer which brought some really funny parts to the episode but she didn't find the killer but the team managed to get him in the end.
  • This episode was all about Tony DiNozzio and was an interesting character study of him. Michael Weatherly was excellent in this episode.

    I liked the way that this episode still dealt with the return of Agent Gibbs, but did so in a way that focused on other characters and the ramifications his return has on them, especially Tony.

    DiNozzio continues to be a very well written, well acted and well defined character for this series. I have to admit that Abby was a bit annoying in this episode for some reason. I hope they tone that down.

    Ziva was excellent, especially going undercover as the nerdy 'speed dater'. It really showed how she is still uncomfortable being seen as a woman, fearing that it might make her appear weak in some way. Good character study of Ziva who has been an excellent addition to the cast.

    The story was a little weak in places and the 'she gets mixed up with the wrong guy' storyline wasn't the best of the NCIS lot, but as a character study it was a great episode.
  • The ending with Ziva in the speed dating was the best. I loved when the guy grabbed her behind.

    This episode was the series standard. It was good and predictable. But I loved the way Ziva was figity (sorry for spelling) and so uncomfortable with the geeks. I really hate the mustache on Gibbs. It so needs to go. I love how you see a little more between the director and Tony. He had a secret mission. Plus, why does he call her by her first name? Poor Tony is worried about Gibbs calling ziva kate. Then he goes and turns down his promotion. I loved the scene when Tony wants to talk to McGee and he just ignorews Tony. TIm does not want to be probie anymore. I thought it was low he threw in Tony's face that he was not promoted to his own team when in secret truth Tony had. It shows Tony has changed by not telling. I loved how Dr. Mallard helped without a body and kept dissing Gibbs for leaving. I like how tht was not just blown over yet.
  • What a delightful surprise – Misha Collins guest-stars.

    Misha Collins in a leather jacket – proof there is a god! I much prefer his deeper Supernatural voice though, his normal voice just doesn't fit. If only all criminals were that gorgeous.

    Tony turns down a promotion for NCIS Spain. He's on first name terms with Jenny and on a secret job for her. It is obviously hard for Tony to readjust to not being the boss anymore, after 4 months.

    Gibbs isn't the only one who's being 'snitchy' – McGee's sudden dismissive attitude to Tony is completely unfair. Just because Gibbs is back doesn't lessen Tony's authority or competence. I was impressed Tony didn't slap McGee with his promotion, he no longer feels the need to prove himself to others. Jenny is equally discrete – feeling Gibbs out, she never mentions that she's already offered Tony his own team.
  • This episode was excellent, but unfortunately, it is the last excellent episode we will see in some time to come this season.

    This episode was a rather different one and I found it to be really interesting. I was hooked from the opening scene, which was really good, and this continued throughout the entire episode.

    I really enjoyed Ziva undercover as a 'geek', which was so entertaining to watch, but that scene was a little weird!

    I was also in suspense throughout the entire episode because I was anticipating what answer Agent DiNozzo was going to give Director Shepard about having his own team, and I wasn't surprised by his answer!

    This episode was really interesting. It lacked humour, but overall, and amazing episode, and I highly recommend it for the reasons I mentioned above.
  • Another great episode

    This episode opens with 2 women driving in a car and spotting a man driving next to them. They flirt, and as he drives on they see a woman in the back of the car screaming and covered in blood. Tony is called in to the Directors office and is offered a team of his own, now that Gibbs is back. He declines for now. We also learn that he and Jenny are working on an operation all by themselves. The team are called in when the car is found. It belongs to a sailor, and there is blood all inside of the car. The car belongs to an Anne Sylvan. The two women from earlier called 911 and reported what they saw. Tony is finding is hard now as Gibbs is back in control and in charge. Gibbs follows a trail left by the missing woman. Tony & Ziva head to Anne's apartment and find that it has been trashed. They find peoples profiles in the victim's apartment on the floor and find a file called potential targets 2006. We learn that the man driving the car was called Jason.
    Tony heads out to get coffee and sees Jason being brought in to NCIS. He has turned himself in. HE claims that he didn't kidnap her and doesn't know where she is. Jason tells Gibbs that he thought someone was following him. When all of the prints are run from inside of the car they discover that someone else was there. When searching the computer of Anne Abby discovers that she has a piece of software on there that retail at $5,000, and she was using it to predict what he children would look like when they were adults(using a variety of different men's photos). The team discover that she was on her way to a dating service which lasts for 3 days, when she was taken. Ziva is sent undercover at the 3 day event and is dressed as a dork (as she says herself. Before she goes in, Ziva asks if someone can explain to her what speed dating is. Tony talks to the bartender and discovers that she is a regular at the speed dating. The bartender points out a man who she was with on the night she went missing. They get his print but it's not a match and so they take him in for questioning him anyway. They trace the call to a warehouse. They go there and discover that the bartender and most of the other member of staff are working on a heist. The team find the girl just before she is killed and arrest all of the people involved.
  • Ziva goes speed dating.

    Ziva dressed up as a dork makes her uneasy. She goes undercover to find her victims potential date. This is the first time Ziva ever heard the term speed dating. When it's explained to her she thinks they are kidding. Too bad for her they aren't. It makes for a very fun couple of scenes.

    She comes off derranged it the begining of her speed dating experience but by the end she is a pro. I loved her mood scanner. I can't believe that the guys fell for it.

    Ziva and Tony's computer simulated child was kind of wired, but Gibbs and the Director's child looked great. It's too bad we didn't get to see a McGee/Abby compilation.
  • great episode

    A couple of girlfriends driving along a highway spots a minivan with a woman at the back of the car with blood on her hands. This sparks an investigation with the NCIS. The team finds out that the woman at the back of the minivan is a naval officer. She's someone who goes to a dating service on a regular basis who might have attracted the attention of her kidnapper. Ziva goes undercover at the dating service to figure out who the kidnapper is. The team races against time before the kidnapper strikes again. This is a really interesting episode, I really enjoyed watching this one.
  • good episode...

    The team investigation leads to a single convention where Ziva has to go undercover...funny. She already has problems with many American cultures and now she has to be a very desperate single. It was halarious. The overall case in this episode was interesting, but nothing great. It was interesting to see Tony get the offer for a promotion, which he denied. It shows that he can be a leader, but he still wants to be part of the team. The part of this episode I really didn't like was Ducky's part. He was pyscologically (excuse my poor spelling) profiling the victum by looking at all of her personal items. It was annoying and boring. Oh well. Overall, good episode with a pretty good case and plenty of funny moments.
  • It's gotta be that damn moustache!

    It is hilarious to watch Ziva get 'dorked out' for speed dating and then she turns around and asks what speed dating actually is. I reckon Gibbs is rather mean in this episode and Abby can see it too. It was good to hear Gibbs say 'Good Job' to Abby. Everyone is annoyed at Gibbs' new installment=the moustache and this episode is full of funny quotes & everyones opinion on the moustache. I think the 'dork' version of Ziva is really cute especially on her and it was funny when she didn't know what knitting was called. I laughed my head off.
  • GIBBSSSSS!!!!!!!

    GIBBS!! Welcome back :) I missed you :o Haha I saw the first 15 minutes Sunday but then on Sat 1 (German(y)) it was so funny I didn't understand it, well some words =') Aaahh Gibbs please remove that mustache, it makes you much older... and you're not the same beautiful guy 2 weeks ago. GIBBLETS!! I'm a Gibblet and you =')?? w00t that baby was sweet, you see: Just like his father^^ I hope that Jenny's flowers come from Gibbs :) Oh I the first thing was cool.. These green things DiNozzo are stalks^^ You sweet handsome adorable wisecrack =)
  • i love watching ncis and the actors they are fun to watch and also brilliant

    i think this episode was really awsome and found some parts of the show was funny maybe that was only me probably think that, any how this is why i gave it a high rating because i cant wait for all the other episodes to be on because im sure all they are going to be awesome, and also the actors in this show are brilliant, and how they get into there characters day after day, thats why it is great to watch can see that all the actors get a long every well because thats how the show is awsome
  • Very nice episode!:D

    I liked the Director in this. I like how supportive she is of Tony.Gibbs smiling and laughing while Ziva did her "geek girl speed dating" routine was so adorable. But scary as well. Gibbs still isn't Gibbs. I imagine Gibbs lost some major Hero points in Tony's eyes. He's still *Gibbs* to him, but now he can also allow himself to call him by his first name without freaking out internally. If he calls Gibbs Jethro to his face regularly, and Gibbs just accepts it .........Tony sounds really grown up these season, even if he still has this playful attitude towords life -and I love that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Excellent interpersonal revelations

    There is an tension between Ducky and Gibbs, probably due to Ducky feeling left out in that Gibbs hadn\'t told him about his wife and daughter. This probably explains Ducky\'s new interest in Psychological Profiling and Gibbs reluctance.
    Tony\'s job offer, and his declining shows a coming of age for him, he knows he isn\'t quite ready, and Magee has graduated from probie, and now it\'s time for him to learn from Gibbs, something I think we will see more of in the future. The mention of dating being Ziva\'s kryptonite, also brings up and interesting sidebar, if I wasn\'t mistaken the love child of Gibbs & The director was Erica Durance, (Lois Lane from Smallville) unfortunately the timeline is all out for any sort of appearance by her as an unknown love child, not that their couldn\'t be one but she would have to be younger, no older than say 14-15. All in all some interesting times lie ahead for the NCIS team.
  • Finally Gibbs is back full-time. Some things changed and some things changed places. Young woman goes missing after speed date. Was one of her dates not what he told he is? That\'s for Gibbs & CO to find out.

    I found the plot rather interesting (being single myself:)). To approach dating and finding you soul mate as a millitary operation? Brilliant! Will have to think about it myself. :)
    I loved the way they handled Gibbs\' return. And Tony turns out to be an adult after all. I killed few points of my usualy 10 only because I don\'t like Gibbs\' \'tashe. I know I know I\'s very imature and very not professional but that\'s my review and I can judge it my way. Plot was well paced and I just love interactions between crew memebers. It\'s a pure bliss to watch them every time.
  • Get back to the NCIS case, missing Navy lieutenant. Try to find perfect man for her on the date service may not a good idea which get her into trouble.

    The most interesting part of this episode is how McGee 's house is same as Lieutenant's. It is showing how lonely Mcgee is, and showing personality of computer people or hacker's life.

    Another part is Ziva go undercover, she is still look the same, but after that glasses, she is kind like that kind teacher type lady. Last part is when Tony use the software compare Jenne and Gibbs see how their baby look like, so pretty. Tony and Ziva, so cute boy with the angry mouth. How about McGee and Abby?

    The case is so suprised which is not sigle kidnap...
  • Gibbs comes back temporarily at the behest of his old friend and is persuaded by Jenny to stay. Nice to see Gibbs’ gut back in action.

    I knew that Tony would not take the promotion that was offered to him. This reminded me of the ST:TNG episode where Riker is offered his own ship and turns it down. Gibbs and Magee think they know Tony but this episode proved that they don’t know him that well. Instead of shouting it from the roof tops that he is worthy of his own team he kept quiet and opted out. I can see why Tony is worried about Gibbs, aside from the moustache which is so very YUK! Gibbs has undergone a personality change. I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing. Only time will tell.
  • Interesting, Dating, Revenge of the Nerds?

    This was a really interesting episode. A young woman is presumed murdered, and we find that she's been doing a little research, aptly named by her as a Profile Target list of eligible bachelors. (Seems the girl wanted a hubby). Ziva goes undercover as a relative lookalike of the girl. (really rather ... erm ... nerdy?) And that's how we track down the killer, as well as the woman who is saved in the nick of time by the NCIS team. (of course it's all wrapped up in the midst of a theft. Those crazy thieves!!!) Very good eppy, and no one even had to die, which is sometimes refreshing with shows like this. On a side note, the tug of war between Gibbs and Tony is really fun to watch. Can't wait to see more of it
  • OK not the most exciting case but I really enjoyed the character interaction in this ep which for me, is what NCIS is all about!

    As my classification says..."exactly why I watch this series" - the character interaction in this show is what makes me love watching NCIS. Even if, as with this particular episode, it's an average storyline, there's always moments to enjoy in the relationships between all of the main characters. NCI has managed to maintain what other shows (IMO Stargate SG1 for example) lost the longer it went on. That would be a comfortable familiarity which each and every character and makes you want to follow them every week. Saying that, I hope they're building up to a big storyline with that brief mention of Tony's undercover work - that would be something to look forward to and hopefully provide a strong story arc to define this season.

    Oh and also......I LOVED the fact that Tony got some recognition, at long last!!
  • Not the best story

    Gibbs and the facial hair need to have a parting of the ways. The speed dating plot was ok but as soon as I saw Tony talking to the bartender I knew he was the bad guy. Nice to actually have a victim live for a change. Gibbs telling everyone he is proud of them is strange.
  • Gibbs is here to stay!!!

    It was nice to see Gibbs back for good, but to be honest, I was a little disappointed. It just doesn't feel like the same team anymore. Gibbs is different from how he was before and he doesn't treat his team the same. It's almost like he's a different character.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to see Gibbs back, but I think the writers changed him a little too much.

    I thought Tony should of stayed team leader because he was doing such a good job, and Gibbs should of been more of a mentor to them. The director had been saying how she was worried that he would get into a coma again and that's why I thought Gibbs would have more of a desk job.

    I'm REALLY glad to see him back, but I feel like something is missing and I don't know what.

    I thought this was another great episode and I can't wait to see next weeks.
  • Gibbs is back finally!

    Gibbs is finally back and the show just wouldn't be the same without him. As a gay LT in the Navy is found dead and bloodied all over. That Tony & Ziva enter the world of speed dating as Ziva doesn't know what that is. And Jennys makes Tony an offer that is done behind the team's back.
  • Wonderful episode! Women kidnapped, twist and turns and Tony and Ziva's child!

    This was a very cool episode! So many parts in it made me laugh my head off! Especially Tony and Ziva's child!! HAHAHA! This episode is intriging and good! A couple of girls spot a hot guy driving a car and they are trying to catch up when they see a bloody woman in the back. Once the NCIS team takes the case, it leads them to a hook-up-dating place, called 'Singled Out' Then Ziva goes undercover to find the woman's kidnapper!
  • Another entertaining episode!

    Despite the teasers released by the network I don\'t think anyone really believed that Tony would leave. I have to say that on one point I need to disagree with sylverkat on the development of McGee\'s character. I found it very interesting to watch McGee work with Gibbs investigating the Leutenant\'s disappearance. I really enjoyed watching Gibbs walk Tim through the crime scene and show him how to trace the evidence and develop a theory on what might have occured. Then watching the light dawn as Tim starts putting it all together.
    I love Abby but she seems to be acting like a child looking for attention from a beloved parent. I hope they resolve that soon. Also, I see a time coming when Jethro and Ducky will have to resolve the issues between them, particularly Ducky\'s apparent anger at what he clearly sees as Jethro\'s betrayal in quitting.
    I love this show and can\'t wait for the next episode. I\'m also waiting for the Season 2 DVD like a kid waits for Christmas. I didn\'t discover NCIS until about halfway through Season 2 with the \"Meat Puzzle\" episode. I was instantly hooked.
  • It's Gibbs first case back on the job...a guy steals a car with a bloody woman in the trunk(unbeknownst to him)..and Ziva needs a date!?!

    It's great to see Gibbs back in the saddle(except for the him actually being somewhat nice part) and the whole team back together again. Tony is having a hard time giving up the role of team leader...he says what Gibbs says and at the same time too(funny stuff)...Also, it's very amusing to see him argue with Ziva about stupid things like they used to..and he's back to calling McGee "probie" much to Tim's annoyance..It was interesting to see that Tony was offered a promotion and the opportunity to have his own team and he passed it up!!!(he's sure come a long way since the first season) However, I have to say the highlight of this episode was Ziva going undercover as a geeky single at one of those timed dating services, trying to act all nerdy yet sexy at the same time and not having a clue about any of it. Pure television gold!(especially when that one guy grabs her bum) Now all we need is one of Ducky's pointless stories...
  • A great episode with a great plot, but we need more character development for McGee's ne "image".

    This was a well written and interesting episode. We saw more character development for Gibbs, Tony and for Ziva. There was even some insight into Abby ("I will never take those two words for granted again"). We are seeing a different side of Gibbs. We saw Tony accept that he isn't ready to man his own team, and still wants to learn under Gibbs. We saw weakness in Ziva, as she appears to be very uncomfortable with dating (and being a geek). I feel like McGee's character is lacking the development that has been dedicated to the other characters of late. We have seen a transformation in McGee and in his persona. He is demonstrating a more laid back approach to his work, but we aren't really seeing and development with his character interacting with other characters. Other than not wanting to be called "probie" we haven't really seen what this new McGee is all about.
  • Snitchy ! Interesting episode.

    Tony in Jenny’s office ( what’s with all the first names in this episode?). He’s offered a promotion but he passes on it because he wants to continue working on some undercover operation, and he is worried about Gibbs’ memory.
    2 girls flirting with a guy, and then spotting a bloody woman in the back of his car.
    The NCIS team arrive at a parking lot where the now abandoned car is parked, it belongs to a Navy Lt. Sullivan. They find blood smears on the concrete, as well as a trail that leads away from safety, indicating the woman was forced to walk that way. Tony will not allow Ziva to drive ( what a surprise). Tony has got a new mystery girlfriend (called “undercover op”).
    They go to Sullivans house, and find several profiles, so she was targeting people. They take the computer back to Abby so she can try and piece the hard disk back together.
    The driver Justin voluntarily turns himself in, and it turns out he really didn’t know there was a semi-dead abducted woman in the back of the car he stole.
    Ducky finds out the password the Lt. is using ( does that ever really happen ? I know mine is completely unrelated to anything I do/like/collect… ?) and they find she was trying to find a husband. She even used Morph Pro to have a sneak peak at the possible offspring. Add abit of bad luck and the only thing she found was a psycho. The driver remembered her yelling she was “singled out”, turns out that was some speed dating event. So, Ziva’s turn to dress up ( or down ) and have some fun as a geek. They almost find the guy, he did report a stolen silver Honda accord ( same car), but his print doesn’t match. He does everything to try and prevent them to tell his wife ( the sleaze!). But he should be lucky his arm is still attached after grabbing Ziva’s butt. Abby’s got a cute little plastic doll thingie resembling her next to her computer by the way, funny! Through phone records they finally find JKL Warehouse, Ziva picks the lock and they find a scale model of a hotel inside. Lt. Sullivan stumbled upon a waiter and his gang and they are currently robbing the hotel and the coin (?) exposition. The second before he is going to shoot the Lt. Ziva comes to her rescue. All ends well.

    Great to see how the team is still getting used to Gibbs being back ( especially Tony doesn’t really glide back into his old role easily ), and how Gibbs sometimes is struggling himself ( man, I hope he gets rid of that moustache soon ;) ), although they often fool us by having us think Gibbs has forgotten something, while he hasn’t ( notepads).
    Ziva was great ! “snitchy” !
    And I think I like having Ducky profile people on the side.