Season 9 Episode 10

Sins of the Father

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 22, 2011 on CBS

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  • BAD episode

    How bad it can be. The dad of Dinozzo is under suspect and his son brakes every possible rule, without any punishment. It is really the time now that NCIS continues without the DiNozzo clan. It would make the show much more better!!!!
  • Awful

    Look at all the reviews , im probalby the only one who thinks the show has took a turn for the worst. The dad of an investigator as suspect............. Seriously?? Since this season writing has been off , unbelievable and just childish. I how they get their game back very fast.
  • Finally an episode up to scratch!

    I was very hppy about this episode after a couple of below par episodes throughout the course of this season. This episode, however, was one of the best of the season.Anthony DiNozzo Sr. episodes have always been exciting to watch, and this one was no exception!

    I'm not sure if I prefer this episode over the other two in which Senior came to town, but they have all been great episodes! I do hope we see him again this season! And I hope the rest of this season is as good as this one, if not better! Keep it up, guys!
  • Not certain at first


    But it just got better. Wagner played his act very well. so well that i would have hated to have a father like him - kind of got on my nerves - but was well played.

    All the rest was good too. The problem was not much field work - was mainly inside headquarters.

  • All episodes with Tony's dad are lame!

    I know I'm probably in the minority here. I really dislike every episode Tony Sr. appears. Most likely, it's because I don't like the actor who plays him, but I think it's also how they have Tony act whenever his father appears. About the only thing I liked about the episode was McGee and Tony wrestling over the evidence Tony wanted to look at!
  • A very well presented episode featuring the aging Robert Wagner as Toni's father


    This episode is a very entertaining as well as very touching. Toni's father is falsly accused of murder that he obviously did not commit. A methodical investigation reveals step by step the guilty party with grid the ultimate reason. It is a bit ironic that the gridy guy was killed by another gridy lawyer

    The end is really endearing. Toni expresses his emotional attachment to his father as the father expresses the same feelings.

    This episode is a real winner!

  • Father and Son time again - he can still get into trouble and the other still has the ability to get him out...


    You know -a real quality of NCIS is that it works on so many levels - good scripts, good actors and good support!

    The choice of Robert Wagner as Tony's Dad just simply "works" as do so many of the other interactions and nuances involved in the show... the casting crew have done a teriffic job in selecting a credible and realistc "character" for the role.

    "Hats off" to the accomplished actor who carries off the role with pinache - and the really great thing is that it dosn't overshadow the other cast members in thier "core roles".

    Not the most "smashing pumpkins plot" but great TV entertainment!

  • I enjoyed this episode and the other two co-starring Robert Wagner as Tony's father.


    I'll limit my observations here to some non-lethal quibbles:

    In real life the NCIS team would have given DiNozzo Senior special dispensations due to his work in past episodes helping NCIS, especially being crucial in solving the the murder case and preventing the sale of an errant nuclear bomb in "Broken Arrow." For example, they didn't have to hand cuff him. They never even made a reference to his past help in this current episode.

    Here they handcuff Senior and take him to Interrogation, yet initially don't tell him why they are doing it, that a dead body was found in the trunk of his car. That seems harsh (see above paragraph) and even illegal.

    Interesting to note that this is one of so MANY cases that NCIS solved because the bad guys took the extra effort to frame someone for the crime, while if they just simply murdered the guy and left it at that, they would likely get away with it. In this episode the murderer really didn't need to frame someone; anyone could have been the murderer since the victim mistreated everyone who crossed his path in business!

    It was ill-manered and very inadvisable --at the end of the episode-- for Gibbs to discuss with Senior Senior's personal relationship with Tony while Gibbs knew that Tony was eavesdropping on the conversation. It's like letting someone listen in on a sensitive personal telephone conversation.

  • daddy time


    Good episode tonight. It was not predictable at all. There were funny moments.

    I like seeing Gibbs protect his team. And for the nth time, here he comes again protecting Tony with his father. I hope this time around Senior will exert more effort to be a dad to Junior.

    Abby and Tony were the heroes of tonight's show. Actually it was Tony who broke the case. Good he didn't listen to stay out of the case :-)

  • Great! Just as good as any episode, this season!


    I don't know why people think so, but according to the episode rates for season 9, a lot of people think NCIS's quality is decreasing! That is not true! I've been a fan loyal fan since season 1, and I can say that the show is in It's prime! Ok, so maybe they're running out of ideas in that cramped little writers room. Even I can admit that. But come on!!! THIS IS NCIS!!!!!! Voted America's Favorite Show! Those writers have given us 8 seasons of top quality story lines and now, just because the show is losing a little bit of quality, most of you want to reject it???!!! Give them a break! They're working day and night to please viewers! I want NCIS to continue for a long time. And I'm sure many others would agree with me. So even if you don't like an episode as much as an older one, please consider giving it a high rating. The better rating the show gets, the longer it will last! State your true feelings about the episode in a review, but don't bring the show down!