Season 9 Episode 10

Sins of the Father

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 22, 2011 on CBS

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  • Great! Just as good as any episode, this season!


    I don't know why people think so, but according to the episode rates for season 9, a lot of people think NCIS's quality is decreasing! That is not true! I've been a fan loyal fan since season 1, and I can say that the show is in It's prime! Ok, so maybe they're running out of ideas in that cramped little writers room. Even I can admit that. But come on!!! THIS IS NCIS!!!!!! Voted America's Favorite Show! Those writers have given us 8 seasons of top quality story lines and now, just because the show is losing a little bit of quality, most of you want to reject it???!!! Give them a break! They're working day and night to please viewers! I want NCIS to continue for a long time. And I'm sure many others would agree with me. So even if you don't like an episode as much as an older one, please consider giving it a high rating. The better rating the show gets, the longer it will last! State your true feelings about the episode in a review, but don't bring the show down!