Season 4 Episode 17


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 27, 2007 on CBS

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  • Really good case with a surprsing ending.

    When NCIS find a crypt full of bodies they have to put the pieces together to find this butcher Gibbs gets help from Hollis Mann but nothing could have prepared them for what they found at the end when they thought they had already got the killer but found his girlfriend butchering bodies which was a real shock but reminds me of the episode smoked where the killer turned out to be one of the most unlikeliest people.
  • Skeletons

    A skeleton explodes in a wall of bodies and Abby is upset about something.

    This episode delved into the personal life of Abby and while it was interesting, I think it would be best if she was just there as the kooky forensics expert, and not someone sobbing about her personal life (although I did love the line about Gibbs being so good to talk to when he just stood there.)

    The mystery was alright, and I liked the fade to black right after it was revealed the woman was in on it as well, but I'd be hard-pressed to call this the greatest storyline ever.
  • A really interesting episode!

    This episode was extremely interesting after the first scene, which, although fabulous, was extremely disgusting. The case the team had to crack was extremely sensational, and was a really interesting case.

    The episode didn't have too much humour, although still had a couple of funny quotes, and I also thought that the episode really lacked any suspense.

    The episode also doesn't really help build any of the character's relationships, except a little between Gibbs and Hollis Mann.

    I thought the ending was predictable, but right after they took the culprit into custody, I didn't see the next part coming, and that was a great way to end the episode, in my opinion.

    I highly recommend this episode. It is a very interesting case, and that is why it was so interesting!
  • Excellent creepy episode.

    "Didn't this happen last time?" Another meat puzzle, except this time there's not meat, just more of a stew – yuck. I have to agree with Tony, this is really disgusting.

    Mann again! How awkward. Obviously this was just a fling. Gibbs has gone all cold and distant. Even Jenny starts fishing about why their 'working' relationship has changed. Gibbs probably got chills when his two exes started having a conversation.

    Gibbs is very casual about opening the additional crypts – the last one exploded, giving two men concussions. My expectations would be for the same thing to happen again.

    Abby really liked Marty and he dumped her. Gibbs only has to be there and Abby feels better immediately. I always love the relationship between Gibbs and Abby.

    I knew the girlfriend was the culprit – Len obviously killed his mother but his relieved reaction indicated he didn't kill the others. The only other person had to be the girlfriend – his crazed reaction when he 'confessed' wasn't guilt but trying to protect the woman he loved.
  • Another good one

    This episode opens with a funeral of a marine and someone walking into a mozalem. As two men try to open one of the funeral boxes, it explodes and out pours all human body parts. NCIS are called in, after the bomb squad said that it wasn't a bomb. When they investigate further they discover 4 bodies were inside. They believe that they are dealing with a serial killer. The team have a prime suspect who is linked to two of the victims inside (one of them his mother). They arrest him and search his house. They realise that he is working with a butcher and track down a store which they believe is where his partner works. The owner of the store also had a relative buried in the Mozalem. We discover that she and the prime suspect are having a relationship. When she tries to frame him, he confesses to the murders. We learn that he moved the bodies as he needed the space as he has already killed again. They let the girlfriend go as they believe she is innocent. They follow her after she leaves NCIS and they find her in her boyfriends van carving up a dead body.
  • Enough to put you off meat


    The premise is a cliche, butcher turns out to be mass-murderer. It should be enough to put you off meat, or MacDonalds at least!

    Here we see the discovery of a mass of body parts in a Marine mausoleum, put in with the corpses of long dead marines. The team deciphers that the parts come from 5+ cadavers.

    In the course of the investigation they come across a visiter to turns out not to have anyone there to visit, except ironically that one of the dismembered cadavers is his mother. A clue confirms this and leads to the eventual culprit(s).

    The story is solidly constructed and the acting is the usual high quality expected of this great series.

    Lt. Hollis Mann returns to make things awkward for Gibbs and there is possibily a crucial development where the NCIS director talks about the possiblity of her joining the team with her soon to arrive army retirement!

    Nothing innovative, but still its a high quality episode from one of my fav cop shows.
  • great episode

    A routine maintenance at a cemetery causes an explosion in a crypt. This prompts the NCIS to investigate the skeletons entombed in the crypt. The NCIS summons the relatives of the people that were in the crypt. When Ducky takes a closer look at the skeletons, he discovers that they were murdered and that there might be more victims entombed in the cemetery. It's a really exciting episode. This detective story elevates the detective theme to a much higher level. This show makes this sort of show look so cool. The writers nailed the episode right on the money. I really enjoyed watching this one.
  • It was a good episode

    Lol Mann is back again, poor jenny. Poor Abby… lol she miss her boyfriend. Lol Tony trying to make Abby talk was funny, he made it worst, Mcgee knew about it and didn't go talk to Abby, I was wondering why he didn't go talk to her!!!!

    Lol the beginning scene was funny, Abby stealing Tony's $1, lol, all Tony could think about was his dollar… lol poor Abby… and Ziva didn't know what a nougat was. lol

    I love the scene after Abby talk to Gibbs about her problem, then she saw Ziva and say something about Sanders, and hug Ziva… Lol Ziva was like get off me. Lol, that was so funny!!!!

    Not surprising at who was the killer!!! Poor Mann she looked sick!!!

    Ooohhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Next week Gibbs ex boss is back!!!!
  • good episode...

    The team investigates an explosion at a cemetary and it turns out that there are a lot of dead peices of people inside. Yuck! It turns out to be some serial killer. Anyways, Colonel Mann comes back for this episode. I like Gibbs and Mann's relationship. They are so cute together. I also liked the whole drama with Abby. She was sad because her little man broke up with her and Gibbs was the perfect person to talk to about it... well, he really did not say much. Anyways, another good NCIS episode because of good characters, a good case, and some good developments.
  • They solved another meat puzzle.

    This episode involves the team, with the addition of Mann, trying to find a mass murderer. The bodies were hidden in crypts at a military cemetery.

    Ducky and Palmer put the bodies back together. They solved another meat puzzle. They are getting to be old hands at these.

    The scene with Abby looking for a dollar was cute. I liked it when she took off with Tony's dollar.

    McGee spent the episode worrying about Abby, but not talking to her about it. Tony tried unsuccessfully, Ziva heard bits and pieces, but it was Gibbs who Abby confided in. I didn't care for the scene with Mann and Jen. But then I'm not a big fan of either character.
  • Exploding corpses,and serial killers

    This episode has perhaps the most disgusting opening since i saw the Bones episode, The Truth In The Lye. It certainly got my attention though!

    After that it was classic NCIS, throwaway gags like Palmer's reference to the sci-fi film Soylent Green, (although my personal favourite is still the one were Gibbs when asked what Ducky looked like when he was younger, replied 'like Ilya Kuryakin' it still makes me giggle). The reference to a previous episode where at the autopsy one body part too many appeared. And of course the ongoing references to McGee's literary efforts.

    I also liked the reintroduction of Lt. Col Mann, and the unspoken question of is she or isn't she giong to join NCIS and is she going to be Gibbs's boss.

    all in all it was a very satisfactory episode, although I did think the final reveal of the killers girlfriend was a bit telegraphed, a disturbing scene to end on though...
  • The a bit gory, but meaty interactions between the team make it all worth while.

    The best part of this show was all the small interactions between the team. McGee worrying about Abby and knowing before anyone else that something was wrong with her. I loved it when Jen let Lt. Col. Mann know exactly how things were with Gibbs. She did it with style and grace. My favorites were the two attempted 'girl talks between Abby and Ziva. The first one had Ziva really trying to help, but out of her depths. The seemed like a huge step toward friendship for these two very different woman. There were times I couldn't help wondering if Ziva doesn't seen her bits of her little sister in Abby.
  • Exploding coffins, more meat puzzles, and a lot of filling explanation.

    This episode's crime didn't seem to pack the same kind of punch that it usually does. In fact the crime seemed to be almost an after thought. What was more on the forefront was Col Mann, her apparently off-again relationship with Gibbs and for some reason the chumming with Director Shepard. Was that whole deal building up to her joining the series? Isn't one 'unfinished-uncomfortable' ex enough for the Gibbs character? They want to add another? I think that would be trying to hard. If it was just one woman exerting former territory over the other then I am disappointed - too petty. Also, I don't think Gibbs would stand back while Mann took over his team. She was way out of line doing it and more than a little presumptuous, especially when she answered to the "Boss..." that was directed at Gibbs. Not cool!

    And it was uncharacteristically Abby to have her question herself over a guy... guys come and go and without fanfare. Now this one may have been special but I don't think that Abby's confidence in herself would be shaken so completely... too out of character. Of course they had to find a way to work him out since the actor playing him has recently passed away. They could have handled it better.

    I love that Gibbs and Abby have that special connection. They trust each other so completely - to have someone like that in your life would truly be a blessing!

    When exactly did everyone discover that Tony had a girlfriend? Did I miss that somewhere? It was the best kept secret of the season and now everyone knows? I'm not happy about that!
  • Gibbs and the power of silence

    I think that Gibbs said a lot with silence this episode. For starters, he supported Abby in her problem with her boyfriend who felt that they were not well matched. And I think he strongly suspected that the girl was involved in the murders. But without a confession, he had no way to link her. So he let her go and hoped she would be there when they found the van. There was no surprise on his face at all when he saw her at the table continuing her "work". Awesome.
  • Not up to usual standards

    They finally explained why we haven't seen Marty. And what was up with Gibbs and Mann? Got very annoyed after the third fight of the evening. Abby all upset over a break up was not very convincing. Knew the butcher lady had something to do with the murders as soon as Tony interviewed her.
  • THAT T-shirt. Or is it a sweater? Whooo knooowwws...

    And there goes Ziva wearing that rather hideous jumper/sweater/t-shirt thing (WHAT is it!?) that she did in Suspicion. In a sense, it adds realism to the show; the characters arent prancing around in incredibly amazing and different outfits each episode.

    The whole Abby, being Un-Abby ploy annoyed me for some reason. Perhaps Pauley Perrette's voice is uber annoying when she whinges. Twas also refreshing to have another Jeanne-free episode, to have the episode be focused entirely on the team and the case. The case seemed a little, simple. They didnt go through many suspects and i wasnt on the edge of my seat going "Who did it!? Who did it!?" And is it just me or have the episodes started ending really adruptly lately?

    All in all, the best thing about this episode was the Pork chop scene! I laughed so hard.
  • I thought that this was a fantastic.

    I thought that this was a fantastic episode. Thankfully lots of Abby scenes and absolutely none of Tony and his girlfriend! It had a little bit of almost any pairing you could want, even if they weren't exactly shipped. I liked the bunch of Ziva/Abby scenes, it was cute to see of them begin to bond, even though Abby might still dislike Ziva for replacing Kate. I absolutely loved the beginning scene, where Abby freaks out about her dollar. Having Corin Nemec play the bad guy for once was a bit of a change than how I'm used to seeing him, but he played it very well. I thought overall it was a great episode
  • A crypt kind of explodes with body parts and 'soylent green'

    A crypt kind of explodes with body parts and 'soylent green'. There are body parts missing and Ducky and Palmer soon realize that there are more parts elsewhere. (Gibbs and Mann find the others in a different crypt tomb) The team soon finds out that the people, whose bodies were found, had been murdered in various different ways. The team then goes to explore and talk to the suspects about this. I felt bad for Abby in this episode, but I think that Marty's closure should have been different.
  • Great episode....

    I don't know about anyone else but I really think season 4 is the best season so far. One of the funniest parts in this episode was when Abby stole Tony's Dollar and when palmer and Duckie are going through the bodies and find out that there's more than 2 and look at each other and said "Didn't this happen before?". I really liked Corin Nemec playing Len Grady it was a bit of a switch in characters for him. I'm not to sure but is Gibbs Smiling more at all of tony's jokes because I think he is. This was a very good episode of NCIS and hopefully we get to see more episodes like this one. Later...
  • Cleverly plotted, a little gory, nice suprise ending.

    I thought that this episode was good, not one of the best but good. They didn't really get me into the story like they usually do, but I also didn't see the ending coming. As for Abby.... Anyone who doesn't like Abby should be beaten up. Especially some midget who makes her feel bad because she not short herself. :( Death to the midget Abby hater!!!!!!!! I felt so bad for Abby, and I think the actress, who always does a good job was excellent in this episode. While its hard to choose a fav character, their all so great, she'd have to be it. :) I particularly loved the scene where she hugs Gibbs. It was so sweet!

    So I give this a 9 for Abby and neat story, a negative 10 for gore and not as capturing of a plot as it could have been.

    Still, a great show. Tune in!

  • I could have done without the gore.

    I thought that this was a very interesting way to present a murder mystery. I also enjoyed the return of Col. Mann. I really enjoy the way she interacts with Gibbs and I loved how Gibbs was the first one to throw the phrase "you could have called" out into the mix. The story about Abby and Marty I feel is still to be told, I don't feel like we got the whole story. We're due for an Abby episode soon. Finally, if Col. Mann does join the NCIS team for any length of time, I'd really like to see her in something other than BDUs. She wears them well, but she's an attractive woman and I'd like to see her working in something that flatters her a bit more.
  • Gross concept, but great show.

    As experienced and I am with the blood and guts of these types of shows, I'm with Tony. This was disgusting. But it was very well scripted and loved the twists. As always Abby is my favorite. She has wonderful comedic timing. The oneliners she has are top notch. My favorite scene was between Lt. Mann and Director Shephard. Women exchanging notes, but not really. Interesting though. I like the idea of Lt. Mann being approached about her after military career. I think the dimension she would bring to the unit as well as Gibbs would make for great scripts and some interesting twists.
  • When bodies are found is a crypt that don't belong there the NCIS team must find a common thread to tie the killings to the murderer.

    Overall I found this episode to be very entertaining. The gooey body parts oozing onto the floor was a little disturbing and having Ducky and Palmer sorting through body parts beought back shades of the "Meat Puzzle" episode. I felt very sorry for Abby when we found out that Marty had dumped her because she was too tall. I also enjoyed the interplay between Gibbs and Lt. Col. Mann. So they went out and then Gibbs didn't call her for 4 weeks? Typical date stuff. I wonder if Jenny is going to be offering Mann a position at NCIS when she retires from Army CID? Jenny evidently feels Hollis and Gibbs make an effective team. Another episode that I am willing to watch over and over.
  • OMG Run! Or Abby'll take your money!

    Wow, talk about mood swing central! Poor abs, getting dumped because of her size. At least Gibbs was there to lend a shoulder and ear. This case was a little freaky. I knew it was the guy with the flowers, I was just hoping they'd make it a great discovery.

    Ack! I hope that Colonel isn't planning to get a job at NCIS. She's annoying. Hey, maybe Director Shepard will get a the idea to drive her away and we'll all be happy. Poor Ziva. She finally gets a boyfriend, then he dies. That sucks. Lol, McGee and Tony arguing over gossiping was funny. I figured there was a second party and that the chick was just going to lead Gibbs to them. But it was really her. You'd think she'd wait until the heat was off her instead of thinking that the cops would just assume her boyfriend did all the work. than again, most mass murders get a little ahead of themselves.
  • Rest in pieces????

    What a fun episode. A good intriguing case. Well crafted supplemental characters and good guest stars.

    Corin Nemec and Alexandra Lydon added a layer to the story as victim and killer, not quite in that order...or maybe?

    The ending wasn't as surprizing as I would like, but it was definitely well done and poignant.

    Susanna Thompson once again in the mix with Gibbs adding wonderful development and character story played her Agen Mann close to the vest and thrillingly staid in her affections.

    Abbey with her personal issues added to the fun of the episode and created something universally interesting to pre-occupy the team during this delicate case.

    Special mention goes to Ziva for bearing her pain in plain sight.
  • Abby has a personal problem!

    The team investigates body parts which are misplaces at a masoleum as the killer will strike again. And guess who we run into? That witchy US Col investigator who always seems to show up at the wrong place at the wrong time. As she also seems to pick on Gibbs. Or is this her way of flirting with him? Meanwhile, Abby has a personal problem and can only share it with Gibbs. As she looks up to Gibbs as a father figure. Loved it when she wanted a candy bar and ran off with Tony's dollar LOL! Great episode though.
  • After being called to the scene of an exploding crypt at a cemetary, the team finds themselves investigating a potential serial killer. And guess what army CID colonel finally reappears on the scene?

    He hasn't called her? She hasn't called him? What's up with that? And just what's the director want with Colonel Mann? Sharing a drink in Shepherd's office? Meaningful glances from the second floor to the bullpen? Something's afoot at NCIS. Ziva is trying to pretend that she isn't still hurting from a sudden friendship that ended too quickly. Tony's girlfriend isn't seen but his secret is definitely out. Meanwhile, everyone's favourite happy Goth forensic genius has a big mad on--is she jealous? Or heartbroken? The season of secrets continues as Gibbs and the team work to unravel just who the serial killer is...although that particular storyline is almost an afterthought when compared to the undercurrents of tension between Gibbs and Mann, Abby and everyone, Shepherd and Gibbs,..
    Hang on to your seats, NCIS fans....there's still a lot to reveal in this season of secrets!
  • Once again questions are answered as old issues are brought up again.

    I really liked this episode. For a while you didn't hear anything about Gibbs relationship with Mann. Once again she is brought into the picture and you are filled in on some gaps that were created in previous episodes. I also liked the fact that they finally found away to explain Marty's absence. The whole Gibbs Abby relationship proves to be very vital in this episode. It just shows you how importanat they are to each other. It unsettled me a little though the way the director and Mann were acting. I think that Janny might plan on bringing her in on the team. The way she took charge of the case and how she answered to Mcgee when he said "boss". Also, the way Jen was watching her while she did all of that, suggests that somethings going on. Overall, I think that the episode was brilliant!
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