Season 4 Episode 10


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 28, 2006 on CBS

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  • NCIS work with the FBI to catch a serial killer.

    This was a very good episode that you can't fault because it has a good storyline with a twist NCIS find a body that leads them to a serial killer but through the whole episode we presume the dead man was the killer but when it turned out to be the his wife I couldn't believe it Its definitely not the first time NCIS have shocked us like that before.
  • Gibbs's Team Investigates When A Mommified Body Is Found In A Chimney. Soon The Body Is Identified As A Dangerous Serial Killer And The FBI Joins The Case.

    During the run of this show, I have found the serial killer episodes tend to be the best. They are very good since the cases take unpredictable twists. This episode is no excpection. I found myself liking the story very much since the opening scene had just the right amount of suspense to get me interested. I was frightened when the team found the remains of his victims. Ii was scary. What makes this episode work, is the end. The guilty's last look to the officers eyes was by far one of the most scariest moments ever in the series. It was very creepy. The side story about Tim's book is terrific. I laughed so hard at many parts. Do not miss this episode.
  • excellent humorous episode, one of the best

    This is one of my favorite NCIS episodes. It is enjoyable throughout due to the humor and interaction of the characters and the skillful way the director segued the story points. Oddly, the crime solving actually took a back seat to that -- for example, there was no list of suspects, intriguing villain, or clever detective techniques .

    We got to see many enjoyable mile posts in the lives of the characters, many of them first-looks in the series, like:

    (1) Tony working on a secret mission for Jenny and interacting with Kort.

    (2) Tony with new girlfriend Jeanne.

    (3) Palmer's dalliance with Agent Lee.

    (4) Ducky and Gibbs reconciling (I never knew they had a tiff).

    Among the entertaining highlights for me were:

    (1) the crew complaining to McGee about his using them as characters in his "Deep Six" novel.

    (2) Ziva flirting with Tony, telling him he set her on fire their first meeting in a hotel room, and she should have let herself go...... but her father objects when she kills a co-worker!

    (3) Tony's bewilderment that the case was practically solved during his two-hour outside job for Jenny ("when you snooze you lose").

    (4) the whole FBI-Fornell involvement: NCIS' computer's inability to trace their corpse' fingerprints because the FBI put a block on it, fighting over jurisdiction, Gibbs gloating that the FBI didn't know the identity of the serial killer, etc. (One particularly good line: when Gibbs trumps Fornell, he tells Gibbs "You are enjoying this, aren't you?," and smiling Gibbs replies "Only slightly more than a lot.")

    (5) the shocking surprise denouement and the glare in the wife's eyes; and the lingering contradiction/mystery on the case, pointed out by Gibbs at the very end.

    One little complaint: Ducky and Gibbs deduce (for no good reason, I believe) that the smoked stabbing victim had to have been killed by someone he worked with or trusted.
  • Is this a smart show?

    This episode included the usual interaction between the characters, even more hyped because of McGee's book. The usual Tony - Ziva banter were nice as usual, one of the infamous jurisdiction wars was fought. A weird corpse in found, and the team investigates his death and life. I was really disappointed by this episode, obviously it's not a show that is interesting and likeable because of it's intellectual challenge for the viers, still, this was a low point for me. The motive of the killer was not at all explained, it seemed that the creators thought that a defect in one's appearance, will make them turn against others. The husband of the killers might as well have done it, because he was living with the two fingered beast. What a poor depiction of a serial killer, what a poor analysis of the killers psyche! The creators needed to watch some great shows like "Criminal Minds" or even "Profiler" to understand how to portray a serial killer properly.
  • A body is found in a chimnee. The body turns out to be that of a suspected serial killer, wanted especially by FBI-agent Fornell. Gibbs and Fornell join forces and find the bodies of the victims and a widow that\'s hiding something...

    First off, I loved the episode, because I love Joe Spano\'s part as Fornell. And I love the puzzling dialog at the end of the episode, between Gibbs and Fornell. But, I do feel the need to warn the producers. It seems that shows that become more and more popular \'dive in\' to the main characters, and their problems and emotions. Somehow - that\'s what I think - producers think that that\'s what viewers want. Personally, I find it an insult to the viewers. Please, give us complicated cases and horrific murders, don\'t spend half an episode on an apology from Ducky to Gibbs, the predictable flirtations between Gibbs and Jenn and the quasi-tragic references to the death of Gibbs\' wife and daughter. Also - what do we care about Tony\'s love life? Why do we have to be bothered by his fear of screwing up relationships, one episode after another? I hope the focus remains on the cases and on NCIS, and isn\'t ruined by exploiting emotions, like Monk was, or by meaningless and annoying quasi-cool one-liners, like the CSI-shows.
  • Another splendid episode!

    This episode was really interesting as NCIS found the body of a serial killer that the FBI had been tracking for several years, but this case isn't as straightforward as it may seem.

    The episode is really unpredictable and has the greatest of endings, which was just sensational. Also, the episode was exceptionally hilarious, as the team read the book McGee wrote about them! That was terrific and a truly magnificent addition.

    I also thought that this episode was rather original and I would highly recommend it because of the great case, excellent humour from the McGee book and really, an all-round solid episode!

    Terrific job by NCIS! Keep it up!
  • NCIS finally gets their revenge on the FBI

    Finally a female serial killer, they are rare but they still exist. I'm getting sick of the book already. Jimmy and what's her name need to just get a room already. Gibbs and Ducky making up was a kind of surprise. I didn't think they were fighting. Abby and the new boyfriend are still cute.
  • Another in a long line of great episodes.

    Proof that Tony is working on secret missions for the Director. Gibbs has noticed too. Tony really does care about her – I think our boy has finally fallen in love.

    The book continues to be very entertaining – the reactions of the team members are hilarious. McGee can insist all he likes that Finally Ducky confronts Gibbs. Gibbs actually apologized.

    Season 4 has shown a creativity of storytelling that the first two seasons were lacking. The series has become truly impressive. A husband and wife serial-killing team, very cool.

    Love serial killer stories and this one has enough twists to be very cool.
  • an excellent detective mystery

    When a dead body shows up dead on a marine base. This gets the NCIS to conduct an investigation. Just as Gibbs and his team gets to the bottom of the case, the realize that the FBI were investigating the case for some time. The teams visit the family and discover something ming boggling. In this episode, the entire team are dealing with the fact that McGee created fictional people patterned after them. This is an excellent episode. The detective story really pans out well for the episode. The plot never slows down one bit. It's action from start to finish. Great episode.
  • good episode...

    The team investigates a serial killer along with the FBI. It turns out that a the suspect's wife killed women that looked like her and cut off their toes. It was weird, and very creepy. I loved the ending when Jethro Gibbs figured out it was her. He was like, get away from her. It was creepy. I love seeing Tobias Fornell again; he's a great character. There were plenty of great funny moments in this episode. Overall, a great case, good returning characters, and good humor. Another great episode of NCIS and this season has been incredibly good so far.
  • Excellent episode

    This was another excellent episode it had everything in it, when Ducky found a human toe in the dead man stomach, to McGee’s book, Tony’s love life and seeing Gibbs and Ducky being great mates again. It’s funny how McGee is trying to explain this is a fictional book and it not based on the NCIS team. Towards the ending of the episode the wife confessed she killed her husband and the way she looked up at Gibbs that was freaky. This was one case that Gibbs couldn’t explain what was a toe was doing in the dead man stomach.
  • Freaky

    Ok first off I would like to say...ew. No matter how many times I see a cannibal in a crime show it grosses me out every time. But "Smoked" was especially creepy. Due to the fact that the cannibals eat toes.

    I love any episode with the FBI in it. Especially Fornell. Agent Sacks really annoys me but Fornell doesn't. At least he's a friend. So I think we can all agree that Fornell is fooled easily. Especially when it involves Gibbs. But the ending to this episode had an ending that even Gibbs couldn't have seen coming. Then add to all of this creepiness, Tony's love life and just Ziva in general and you've got yourself one hell of an episode.
  • wow.. who would've thought?

    this episode rocked!! a toe-eating serial killer who turned out to be a victim, too. at the end, when the wife looked up at gibbs, that freaked me out. that picture burnt in my brain :) i dont even know how im supposed to manage to sleep in the dark efter that
  • Another great episode

    Jen is growing on me as the season.Also loved the DiNozzo/Sacks interaction. I'm very, very glad Gibbs and Ducky made up.Finally! Definitely an awww moment. Was Ziva a teensy bit jealous when she realized Tony had sex? Looked that way to me.
    Gibbs to Fornell: "I've got something to show you."
    Fornell:"You got that mustache in a box, don't you?" :D
  • Toe eating husband???

    This is another great one from NCIS. Smoked corpse fell through the chute while some constrction guys were changing the furnace in a marine school. Apparently, fumigation can preserve corpse up to 5 years. McGee unoriginal book Six Degree, which was based on his co-workers got Ziva and Tony hooked, and Jethrow has to put a halt on that by conficating several copies of the books. Meanwhile, investigations move on, and the FBI intervened in this case, but were much in avail, wonder what was that for? The ending was kind of predictable, the murderer let one deformed left legs (totally conspicuously with footwear on) messed with the mind to result the killings of other women who were normal and looked like her, and framing of her husband. Did she shove some toes down her death husband mouth or when he is alive? Do not answer that.
  • A quick glance at the number of really funny quotes this episode generated will tell you this wasn't just another episode. Even we obsessed fans from the NCIS forum don't usually generate this many quotes!

    Lots of inside jokes, allusions, hilarious one liners, sexy bits, and new looks at old relationships.

    It was nice to see the restoration of the relationship between Ducky and Gibbs, and all kinds of mysterious references to other relationships in the series - McGee and Abby, Abby and Marty, Tony and Jenny, Tony and Ziva, McGee and just about everyone, Fornell and Gibbs.

    Fast paced, lots of laughs, clever twist at the end. I was having a hard time adjusting to the new softer Gibbs, Tony's new squeeze, a new distance between Jenny and Gibbs, and Palmer and Lee unable to control themselves (in the morgue??) so I was really glad to see this episode.

    Best line: You've got that mustache in a box, don't you.
    Wait, maybe it was "Your breath is taking the starch out of my shirt." Or maybe it was "Well, he must have known you were coming, because he's not here." Go look at the list yourself. Even if you haven't seen the episode you will smile. But when you know the context, they are even better.

    Well done!
  • NCIS gets to show the FBI what they are made of.

    This is another great reason why I love to turn the tv on on a Tuesay night. We finally get to see what Ducky has been so distant to Gibbs sice his return. It had my whole family on edge from start to finish. Great plot. We learn more about Mcgees book and how he feels about his co-workers feelens, or so we think, or as Gibbs does point out, it\'s all fiction. We see that this book upsets most of the team, as far as we know. This has to be one of the best, if not the best, epsiode of the season.
  • Great episode!

    Wow that episode was great! Everything Iv'e been waiting to see happen happened (Pretty much). We get to watch Mcgee being tortured about his book, we find out more about Tony's mission (plus Gibbs is getting suspisious), Ducky and Gibbs finally make up, and Tony and his girlfriend...*wink wink* Then we got to see Abby get out of the lab to see Marty and a very jelous Mcgee. We also get to see Fornell and Sacks, but feelings on that can go either way. There was also a small Tiva moment in it for all of the Tony/Ziva fans. This episode had everything! And to top it all off we get an awsome, but kind of disturbing case (which of course NCIS manages to solve in a matter of days, as opposed to the FBI's 12 years of working on it.) I loved it!
  • Graet episode...

    This is one of my favorite episodes of NCIS so far although I liked last weeks better. The same stuff goes on Tony and Zeva are still mad about Macgee's book. I thought what Gibbs said to them was funny "Anyone else talks about this book I'll deep six them". It was also a very freaky episode especially when the woman took off her shoe and like half her toes were gone. We get to see agent Furnell from the past seasons return and it is always fun to see him and Gibbs together because they kind of always try to get one up on the other. I really like the secrets theme this year. Later...
  • An amazing episode!

    This episode had a little of everything that I love about this show. Great plot, interesting one a little predictable but I liked it a lot.

    I loved how Tony and Ziva get together to tease McGee. Tony is falling for Jeanne, I have no doubt about it but I also think there is something they are not telling us about that relationship. And it will end bad at the end when the truth finally comes out. It was very nice to see Tony on his secret mission.

    It was great to see Tony and Ziva teasing each other again, long time no see... And off course, lets not forget the FBI, I always like when they are around NCIS it's fun to see them "fight".
  • A human 'Beef jerky'+ FBI, NCIS prevails once again..

    i think that this was a vey good epiosde, it was a very original storyline and it was full of twists. i did not excpect the maqn's wife to have done the killings but you know how it goes.i loved this epiosde of NCIS and i think that NCIS should be more popular after coming out with a storyline like that, but i can't see it. a lot of people everywhere have never even heard of NCIS, and i think that that is wrong.but this episode was one of the best this season witch is a very good season so far anyway.later.
  • NCIS vs FBI yet again!

    Fornell and Gibbs have like a "love-hate" kind of partnership but has deep down respect for one another as I like Fornell and he is ok
    The team has to work with the FBI as McGee's book is being bought as the others are in a panic as he is about to be embarrassed
    Like the female agent with Tony as there could be something.
  • Tender Gibbs moment and a hot Tony moment!

    I\'m so glad I started watching this show 6 months ago. It gets better and better. Poor McGee, I think he\'s going to end up six feet under if Ziva ever gets the chance. Lol, Abby is so funny. My mom totally adores her. She\'s even better than Greg Sanders from CSI (coming from me that\'s a good thing). I think the one thing society can learn from her is differences shouldn\'t matter. OMG I wonder if Tony going to.......dare I say it.........get hitched?! *gets smacked by Gibbs* What am I thinking, this is Tony, but with the way he and Jeanne have been lately, it could be possible. Then again, I\'m crazy, what do I know?

    I like how on TV the FBI are always looking like the idiots or are second best to the heros of the show. Whne they had the wife in the interrogation room, I knew she had to have something to do with those girls\' deaths. At first I thought she was making her husband do it, then I thought he was doing it as some sort of offering. I was kind of surprised to find out she was the one behinds the murders. Lol, I love Gibbs\' question at the end: \"Why was there a toe in his stomach?\" Leaves a lot to wonder about.
  • WOW! This episode was brilliant! I love watching Gibbs bust the FBI's chops!

    What a great episode! The only thing that would have made it better would have been to have someone come along and discover Palmer and Lee rockin' the van. I found the scene with Gibbs and Ducky resolving their differences to be touching and heart warming, I'm thrilled it finally happened. I thought the actress that played the wife of the corpse was great, particularly at the end when Gibbs revealed that she was the serial killer and she looked up with the expression of a cornered animal ready to lash out and kill anything in her way. The character interplay and story development is everything I've come to expect from NCIS plus a little bit more.
  • It's all about the characters and how they interact with each other-- that's why I watch (and love) the show, and that's exactly what this episode gave us.

    This episode was a lovely example of why I love NCIS-- the fabulous interactions between very well-written, well-developed characters. The one issue I had with <i>Smoked</i> was the intended plot twist was sadly predictable. On the plus side, we get to see a softer side to both Gibbs and Tony, the wilder side of Jimmy, and, of course, that FBI agent we love to hate (well, sort of hate)-- our friend, Tobias Fornell. This show is all about the varied, (and hey, this is TV) usually highly entertaining, relationships. To me, this episode showcased a little bit of a lot of different facets of a lot of different characters. Yay!! And BIG points for everyone consistantly referring to the dead guy as Beef Jerky.
  • The team goes to a marine base where the find a human "beef jerkey" with a startling secret.

    This episode had some great parts to it. I liked that Ducky and Gibbs resolved their issues that they had since Gibbs left. It was nice for them to get along again like they used to. It was also interesting to finally see Tony on an undercover operation for the Directer. We finally get to see what he does...without Gibbs' permission. It was funny because he is gone for two hours and he misses the whole serial killer/cannibalistic twist to the investigation.

    It was also cool that they brought back McGee's book. It was funny how almost all of them hate them because they think he based the book on them. So, Ziva drives them to the crime scene and everyone else is very angry with him. Palmer, for instance, is angry that in the book his charecter does things with a corpes that no one should ever do. I would be more specific, but I think there are some things that you should find out for yourself.

    In all, this was a cool episode...especially when Ducky was telling the story of how he and Gibbs were fugitives from the French police...until a young NCIS agent (Directer Shepard) commandeered a ship and got the charges dropped. That was very funny.
  • A 'Beef Jerky' Is found in a chimney thing. The NCIS team goes to investigate and find something very disturbing!

    A 'beef jerk' man, as he is called the whole time this episode :D is found in a chimney thing. Ducky estimates how old it is. Then Gibbs and Fornell go to talk to his family. The team finds other bodies out in the back yard. But the real disturbing thing is, that Ducky finds a big toe in the dead mans stomach. He was a canabal serial killer. Ducky and Gibbs finally work out their problems and you learn more about Tony-ish...well there is still more to learn. Good episode, creepy and also twisty!