Season 8 Episode 1

Spider and the Fly

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 21, 2010 on CBS

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  • The 8th Season Begins With Paloma Ambushing Jackson Gibbs Inside His Store But He Survives The Attack. Gibbs Goes On The Hunt To Find The Demon Of His Past.

    After watching all the episodes so far, I think it is safe say that "NCIS" does better season premieres than finales. And this episode only proves it. "Spider And The Fly" is one of the best episodes ever. The opening scene was absolutely terrific. It was full of action and that is what I like. The suspense throughout the episode is the highlight. There were twists and turns which seemed plausible. The "Paloma Reynosa" plot was an amazing story arc but it has got to stop eventually. The best scene was when Paloma's brother threatened the team in the headquarters. Jethro's plan was clever and well executed. I certainly hope "NCIS" can keep up the good work. An excellent start!
  • Wait, the new season has started already? At least it starts of well...

    Over the last season I felt NCIS was loosing its magic. This episode has restored some of my faith in the show, or at least has shown the writers are still capable of delivering some decent work. There are two reasons I liked this one:

    1. It contained all the key elements I want to see in an NCIS episode. The plot was interesting without being overly complicated, there was tension, pressure, and outsmarting the bad guys. The pacing was good. Nothing more, nothing less. A big contrast when compared to the previous season, in which (in retrospect) a lot of the episodes focused too much on silly drama and had mostly uninspired, forgettable cases.

    2. It neatly tied off last season's multi-episode story arc. The bad guys are either dead or caught, case closed. I'm not a fan of these kinds of arcs as I feel they are often too drawn out and detract from the show's strongest quality, which is not drama but solving interesting cases with a cast of characters we know and like.

    Season 7 started off decent but ended up feeling almost like a chore to watch and has produced maybe 2 or 3 memorable episodes. I've always been more of a fan of the one-case-per-episode detective part of the show, which I hope is what the coming season will be about. I also sincerely hope that the cow that is Gibbs' past has finally been milked to its last sourly dribbles. Character development = good; forced drama = bad.
  • 801

    The eighth season premiere of NCIS is a great start for another year of the long-running series. They did not try too hard, they did not try to accomplish too much, it was just what this show does better. They had the comedy between Ziva and DiNozzo, they had all the action scenes you can ask for, and the story was just easy to follow, no stupid distractions and detours along the way. The hour seemed to fly by and if someone watched this for the first time, they definitely became a fan of NCIS. Great start to the new year.
  • Would have been a ten if it was two parts.

    I loved this episode but I felt as if it were a bit rushed... Now I'm not one for the multiple drawn out over four episodes arc type thing, but I do feel that this episode would have been better as a two parter. First, you never felt as if the team was in any actual danger. The closest we got was some voodoo dolls on cars. I would have liked (in my weird mind) to have gotten something more than that. Maybe like McGee gets shot at, or something almost happens to Abby. Doesn't matter which character, just some danger. Anyway, I still had my nervous moments! It was still a great episode, and the ending left me with a "Come on! Don't end there!" feeling. NCIS is in its 8th season and it's still (imo) the best show on television!
  • The old adage: "two wrongs don't make a right"...

    ...just might not apply in the case of LJ Gibbs. In a way it's nice and it's fitting that Gibbs' 20 year old deed gets buried in a box 4 floors below sea level where all such deeds really do go. NCIS did not try to gloss over it nor did they try to absolve Gibbs; it did show us that sometimes shades of grey rule the day. Kind of sad really, but there you have it...and it was telling to see Vance handle the situation in much the same manner that Franks did all those years before.

    And speaking of grey tones, I wish I did not feel extreme satisfaction that Paloma's brother will have to live a long tormented life because of his deed, just like Gibbs. But I'll be damned if that's not exactly how I feel!

    Good opener. Papa Gibbs is okay, Jethro is home helping him get back on his feet, Franks is "allowed" to go home and Vance is looking like a team leader. All is right with the world, except... ...Hart is not officially gone, though they did allude to the fact that she may be washed up on some beach (?). Just one more shade of grey I guess...
  • Delivered, just as NCIS always does

    This was a sure premier. The writers definitely knew what they were doing, how they wanted to tell the story. The actors, as always, were brilliant in portraying the personal effects of the case, especially Mark Harmon and Ralph Wait. Unlike last season's finale, the premier was clean cut; there were no confusing, unecessary details. We were left to wonder the unfolding tale in peace, well, more like awe.

    After the end of last season, I was left wondering where the story was going, what the characters would face. This episode answered all those questions in brilliant fashion. The way Reynosa was constantly out of reach, yet always too close for comfort set an exciting pace to the story. The constant threat of her bloodlust, or thirst for revenge hung over the characters the entire time, and certainly kept me on edge.

    And just as Vance is hiding the shadow of Gibbs's past, perhaps forever, and we are all feeling warm and fuzy, content with the way the story has finished... wait, what is this? A text message... from the mysterious and enigmatic Eli David himself. Looks like the story is not over yet... or is it the beginning of another?
  • great start to season 8

    i was glad to see the episode rap up in 1 show. The last 4 episodes of season 7 pretty much dealt with the brother and sister setting up gibbs to take the fall. Everyone did there parts well as i expected. tony and ziva doing the usuall cat and mouse game, she really knows how to push his buttons. I really liked vance in this episode and i know alot of people didnt like him at first but i thought he was ok from the start. he had alot of good lines in this episode. Glad to see where gibbs gets his attitude from, his own dad and glad to see gibbs sr. alright. Franks was a toss up untill he showed up at gibbs house, he is probably my favorite recurring guest star. I like how gibbs handled the brother and sister and getting them to take the bait at the end. Glad to see vance burry gibbs past deep in the archives only to get a text from eli david saying "i found him" what does this mean? who did he find? cant wait to see where this story is going to take us the viewers. only reason for 9.5 is i would have liked to see more danger involed with team gibbs, besides the subtle threats and dolls.
  • What an amazing start to the Eighth Season!

    This was such an amazing episode, and I definitely would consider it to be a personal favorite! I thought that the episode showed us just how smart Gibbs really was, and his plan at the end was so cool, and I was in awe!

    The storyline was extremely interesting and captivating, and I enjoyed the way that the episode answered our questions from the Season Seven finale!

    Great to see the cast all back again, and I thought that they were all their usual amazing selves! I'm hoping that Season Eight will be just as amazing as this episode! If it its, then we definitely will be in for a treat!

    Keep it up, NCIS, and I think that this was a job well done!
  • Awesome Episode!!!!!

    I have to say, I really enjoyed this episode. I thought it was a fantastic opener for the season. I really do love Gibbs. He's passionate and really cares about his coworkers and they really care about him. I loved how protective he got when Alejandro threatened Abby. I also loved how much Vance defended him. Speaking of Vance, I'm truly curious as to what he was talking about to Eli David. it looks like later in the season we'll be getting some Ziva drama(since it involves her father) and Tony also got a message from his father so I guess he's gonna make an appearance as well. I'm super excited for the season!!!
  • Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River...

    Season 8 starts with an episode which ties up a lot of loose ends from the last season, while leaving not so subtle hints to new mysteries.
    Gibbs has sent his father under protection detail to protect him from the reynosa cartel, meanwhile scattering his team around the continent to find a lead or something to track down the drug dealers. questions are being answered, while little hints are placed about new and old issues... Daddy David and DiNozzo will be back.
    sounds good...
    Again great performance by the whole cast, too bad Tony Ziva and McGee didn't have a biggest role in the episode; though Vance, Franks and Jackson definitely met the expectations.
    bring it on!
  • NCIS knew what was good for them.

    NCIS knew what was good for them.Finally Paloma Reynosa got what she deserved though I'm confused whether she was shot accidentally by her brother or if she was shot by Mike Franks.But,either way it was incredible!I knew they wouldn't kill Jackson Gibbs,I was relieved when i saw he was still alive. Yes, he was still alive !!!! Rivero got arrested, Reynosa got what she deserved, happy ending for all except Reynosa and Rivero, Brother, Sister, and Father got what was coming to them. The reason Rivero didn't get Abby's report was cause Vance kept the report away from him. That was intriguing.
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