Season 10 Episode 19


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 26, 2013 on CBS

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  • Superb!

    This episode featured a really interesting case that I loved watching, and it was yet another amazing episode in a row!

    It also addresses a storyline that has been a long time coming! And I was really excited by that! It played out nicely!

    Great episdoe!
  • McGee's dad shows up.

    This season there has been 4 father episodes and in this episode it's McGee's dad who comes back after not being the best father to him and it seems that Gibbs has been more of a dad to McGee than his actual father McGee still cares about his dad when we see a good scene where Gibbs interrogates John and learns he has cancer This was a fairly good McGee episode.

  • Classy Tim

    This was a wonderful episode and I loved it. Tim showed a lot more class than his father. I loved the way Gibbs didn't like the way the Admiral was always belittling Tim and had his back. He really is the true father figure to his whole team. My only criticism is that we have already lost Eli and Jackie this season and this seems a little excessive even though he isn't dead yet. Stage 4 is not good. The writer for this episode was new and he did a great job. Great job NCIS.
  • Yet another nicely Mc-centric episode.

    And this one was the most emotionally powerful one, to date. I mean, let's face it. When we (the viewers) first meet Admiral McGee, he comes off sounding like Tony DiNozzo's evil twin, the way he bad-mouths his own son right in front of Gibbs!

    But, after watching this show for two-thirds of its nine seasons, it finally occurred to me that DiNozzo's insults are more like the affectionate teasing of an older brother. Whereas, the admiral's so-called "teasing" sounded more like a never-ending attempt to hide bitter disappointment with Tim. As if what he truly desired in a son was 49% brain and 51% brawn!

    Yet, once the truth comes out, regarding the state of the admiral's health (and that's relatively easy to deduce, even before the in-story deduction), you realize that Admiral McGee wasn't so much disappointed as worried. Worried that his supposedly soft son might not be emotionally strong enough to handle the bad news. Or, even worse, secretly rejoice in it!

    Which makes me doubly glad that Tim proved him wrong by being the bigger man. By accepting the news with genuine and gracious concern. Perhaps, next season, the writers can do an episode where we (the viewers) finally get to meet Tim's mom.

  • Squall

    Wonderful. The actors on this show say more with expression and glances than some performs say with pages of dialogue. This episode was superb.
  • I liked this episode but...

    I think considering the great move of bringing Tim's dad into the story it could have been better if the actual case centered more around Tim.

    Otherwise really touching undertones about so many issues: family, dedication, sacrifice greed, substance abuse in the military, Tony's flailing love life! Really a lot going on but it didn't feel jumbled.
  • Far Winds and Folloiwng Seas

    This was a wonderful episode.

    I the chemistry and relationship betwenen McGee and the Admiral was perfect.

    to SugarTrim, I do not recall them actuall saying the what Jenny was dying of only that she was terminal.
  • Daddy Issues

    I'm a vet and from a military family - Career Officers of Flag rank give up everything for their country. Good to see Daddy finally realize what he really gave up; but I doubt he would change his life. It's a calling, a dedication of your life, and a harsh mistress. Well done NCIS, showing the scope of that dedication.
  • NCIS.

    i absolutely LOVE this show. Great story. Quick question: why when the cast leaving the show they always fall ill. First Jenny had brain tumor then Mike Franks had Lung cancer now McGee father have Cancer.
  • great show

    loved the whole shw, was glad to finally have tim's father in it

    Great McGee and Gibbs episode.