Season 5 Episode 12


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 08, 2008 on CBS

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  • Funny Episode

    I really liked the beginning of this one. I was really hoping for a knockdown drag out match between DiNozzo and McGee, but they just froze the scene. grrrr that would have been cool to see. The prank gag throughout the episode is what stands in my mind. DiNozzos black eyes and then Ziva's fear of repercussions. Having Jardin in this episode was cool too because I really liked her, and Tony using her to scare Ziva was hilarious.

    I usually don't try to figure out who dun it, but this one was kind of obvious from the beginning. I didn't really like the bad guy in this one, but I guess your not supposed to. I did like the drug addict though cuz he seemed to want to get away from it. I thought he was gonna shoot Tony there for a second. *whew* I like this new girl in Metro PD, I hope we see her again. Dinozzo's facination with her case was interesting though, He's never really shown interest in outside cases before, but I guess he explained it well enough with the whole "feeling guilty cuz I could have done something" bit. Then the part at the end with Ducky. . . . Hmmmm whats going on there? Is the Director sick, or did she find her Father and now he is sick? I am glad to hear that it wasn't Ducky, cuz I couldn't have handled that. I guess I'll have to wait and find out.
  • One of my favorite episodes, and I am hard to please.

    One of my favorite episodes, and I am hard to please.


    A good episode and done in typical NCIS fashion. I liked the way the plot moved along, adding new details as it progressed: First we have McGee walking down the street amidst drug dealers and hookers. Then we learn that he is part of a stakeout observing the storage place across the street. Then we learn that NCIS received an an anonymous tip that the stolen radar was there. It becomes more ominous when we learn that the radar is vital for national defense. Meanwhile, NCIS is trying to trace the cellphone that gave the tip and the fudged fingerprints on the storage rental agreement. Meanwhile, Rowe is killed near the storage place in what looks like an unrelated drug deal gone bad. But, by chance, the young girl, whose borrowed cellphone was used to forward the tip, recognizes the picture of Rowe on an NCIS monitor as the one who used her cellphone. Rowe's financial transactions lead to his selling short the stock in the radar company, and his connection to the head of the radar company is established, which is the next to last nail in the case! Wow!

    It is also a typical NCIS episode in that what starts out looking like foreign espionage or high-level stealing of defense secrets, turns out to be a fairly low-level personal crime -- here, manipulating a stock price when selling short.

    It might have been easy to GUESS that the radar-manufacturer was a bad guy, but it was impossible to guess that the main crime was done by Rowe, a man hired by the manufacturer to steal his own radar machine because it was defective and thus he couldn't fulfill a Navy contract on time, and then Rowe double-crosses the manufacturer by anonymously emailing NCIS that the defective "stolen" radar is in a particular storage place and --at the same time-- selling short the stock in the radar manufacturing company. Wow!

    Inter-spaced in the story is wonderful banter and practical jokes between Tony, Ziva and McGee. It is interesting that Ziva had nothing to do with solving the crime, but her magnetic presence shines throughout the episode. I loved the scene when she calls a "John" (slang for the customer of a prostitute) a "Jack" by mistake. Tony, correcting her slang, says "John." Ziva replies, wide-eyed, "Oh, you know him?" ... There is also a good interaction between Tony and the female detective on the murder case.

    One small criticism is that throughout the episode Gibbs remains remarkably relaxed and casual after the radar, which he has been treating as bait, is stolen -- radar that is crucial to our naval defenses. This is something that could ruin his career. (The one exception is that he is angry/upset right after McGee announces that the storage space is found empty.)
  • Minor improvement over the previous episode, but still a very uninteresting one, in my opinion. They could've done much more with this concept.

    I did enjoy some of the 'stakeout' episodes from previous seasons, such as the one where Tony ends up dating a male disguised as a female, but this one was quite mediocre, when comparing it to that episode.

    There were some good moments in the episode, and it had a fairly unpredictable outcome, but it was quite soft, overall.

    I also thought that this episode improved in terms of the humour, with some interesting moments, such as DiNozzo with black eyes!

    The end is superb though, and it is a great suspenseful ending. I can't wait to watch the next one!

    Overall, I would recommend this episode fairly highly. I don't find it to be great, but it had some interesting aspects, and the ending may be critical in future episodes, so for that reason, I think it is a must see.
  • i dont remember much about the episode, but i remember video replaying on a loop and gibbs headslapping. lol

    i love this episode b/c it is the very first episode of ncis that i ever watched. it was a while ago, i remember something about a security video being replayed on a loop, tony and ziva playing pratical jokes on each other, my sister being sad b/c abby, her favorite character wasn't in it much, liking ducky on as soon as i saw him, lets see... oh! i remember recognizing mark harmon from another movie i saw, and i remember falling in love with this show. anyways, NCIS rocks my fluffy socks, best show ever, hope they have many many many seasons to come.
  • They are working a tag-team stakeout and inadvertently witness a murder. Ducky keeps a secret.

    I liked this episode. I especially like all the references to the Richard Dreyfuss and Emilio Estevez 1987 movie of the same name. The stakeout at the beginning. They are cold and complaining just like the cops were in the movie. The black stuff on the binoculars is a direct pull from the movie. And just all the practical jokes in general. When Ziva's chair fell apart, we laughed out loud. It was an unexpected very funny moment. I'm surprised they didn't have Tony make a reference to the movie. That was a big oversight by the writes, wasn't it?
  • The team are on a stakeout

    This episode opens with McGee and Tony doing a stake-out. We learn that they are there trying to learn who stole navy radar and stashed it across the way in another building. We then see Ziva & Gibbs are also on the same stakeout. We then see a drug buyer dead. The team hand the case over to Metro. McGee goes back into the building o check on the radar, and we then see that the storage space is empty. What they have been watching for days has been a loop. The team trace a tip off email and find out that it was sent from a teenage girl phone, which she leant to a man sitting at another table. She lent her to get her to do a sketch she sees a picture of the dead man (drug buyer), and tells the team that it was that man who borrowed her cell phone. The team discover that one of the Navy men who designed the radar was the one who stole it. He also murdered the other man, Scott Roe. He had the radar stole because it didn't work.
  • great episode

    The NCIS team goes on a stakeout to investigate a thief who is stealing top secret naval radar technology. but the stakeout goes horribly wrong when they find out that a radar equipment that they used to bait the thief vanishes right under their noses. Just as they thought everything is screwed up really good to the team. They start finding clues to where the stolen radar equipment might have gone to. it's a really exciting episode. the writers came up with a really cool episode. i can't wait for the next one. there's always a really cool episode with this show. can't wait for the next one.
  • NCIS is back, with an episode that is worth the whole wait!

    "Feels like we've been stuck here for months doing nothin'"... And now they're back to action!
    The whole team is on a stakeout trying to find who wants to steal a Navy radar, when suddenly the usual routine is broken by a murder.
    Tony and a Homicide detective join their forces to find who did this and solve the mistery of the stolen radar, who was in the meantime stolen under Gibbs' eyes.
    Two apparently different cases eventually become clearly connected each other, and finally get solved.
    Great character interaction, the whole prak-challenge between Tony and Ziva is absolutely priceless, is worth the entire episode.
    If all of the post strike episodes are well written like this one, well I guess it's time to give the entire NCIS cast a reward.
    Simply perfect.
  • I am starting to get the impression that the Season 5 writers haven't watched the preceeding series.

    I am starting to get the impression that the Season 5 writers haven't watched the preceeding series.

    Why did McGee have to create a model to show Gibbs the video tape record and transmit? All he had to say was "Remember when we fooled the bad guys when you were held hostage? Well, this time they did it to us." Or better yet, "Have you ever seen Speed, Boss?". They used the same plot device in Bait, what's the big deal?

    I did like the 'Starving like Lee Marvin' reference back to Untouchable. At least they watched that one. Or maybe they were inadvertantly re-using lines as well as plot.

    Apart from that, the plot was up to expectations with outraged scientist appearing in an array of tasteful pink outfits having the word "guilty" stamped on his forehead.
  • A little predictable...

    I think the twist in the plot was not hidden enough; since the beginning was really easy for me to realize that the "high-tech naval radar" device was not working, and that the Chinese guy was hiding it… That's why i'm giving it so low rating.

    Nonetheless, it was a funny ep, specially the Ziva-Tony "affair", with all the practical jokes and stuff, and also the new girl with his "Monk-Style" phobias. I really think the show is one of the funniest in TV to date, but I miss the twisted plots… even so, it's still my favorite show, and I'll keep watching it.
  • I'm so glad the writers strike is over and NCIS is back but this was not the best episode. It defiently needed to be in the season but I don't think that this was the right time. Maybe I'll change my mind when Gibbs finds out Jenny's secret.

    This episode was not the best but it defiently had its funny moments. Like after Ziva pranked Tony and then spent the rest of the episode trying to figure out how he pranked her back only to finally fall for his prank...literally. Anyway, this episode was ok, but I don't think that it should have been the return episode. I like it when Gibbs has chick-flick moments so I would have rather had Directer Sheppard go to him than to Ducky. Also, if Abby had really been that worried about Ducky, I think that she would have taken the extra step to see whether or not the blood was Ducky's blood type or not. I also like the episodes better when DiNozzo and Ziva flirt, but this episode didn't really have any of that, it was more like...siblling rivlery or something. I don't know, the episode was ok, but it was defiently not my favorite. It think that NCIS should do more episodes like they used to during season 1, 2, and 3.
  • I'm happy NCIS is back, but this episode was just ok...

    The team is on a stake out to attempt to figure out who stole some high-tech radar equipment. It was obvious to me who it was from the beginning so the case was boring for me. The good points in the episode were the characters. They are always interesting and always solid. Tony flirts and practical jokes...great! I didn't like how Ziva looked just like Kate at the beginning...The other main thing I didn't like in the episode was Ducky's "secret". I was hoping for more, but it was just crap about Jenny. I'm tired of Jenny and her story line. Oh well, I'm happy NCIS is back but I was hoping for more. Just an average episode.
  • Gibbs and the team are on a stakeout when a murder is committed. Practical jokes made this a perfect NCIS episode!

    Months without NCIS was horrible but it was kinda worth it when I saw Tuesdays episode. It was a great way to come back to TV! Tony and Ziva's practical jokes were great...but I have to hand it to Ziva for the binoculars; she definately had the upper hand. And the look on Ziva's face was priceless when Tony finally retaliated! Ducky was being very secretive about blood tests on a John Doe, but I am really hoping that it's not bad news for Director Shephard. I like her in the show and she plays the director great! Gibbs was definately a sight for sour eyes after the long, long writer's strike!
  • Great return to tv!

    I was so excited to hear that this show would be returning after the writer's strike, and tonight's episode did not disappoint me at all! I thought it had the charm and wit that NCIS is known for. I did find it interesting that in the beginning Ziva looked like Kate so much it made me do a double take. Maybe I am the only one who thought that, but it was kind of weird. I did think the plot of the episode felt a little scattered - almost like they were trying to make up for all the time lost in one single episode. However, it was still good and I thought the twist at the end was good. It will certainly keep faithful watchers coming back. I hope that the new editions to the cast were only temporary. I like the team just the way it is! Welcome back NCIS. I hope the rest of the new episodes are just as good as this one.
  • A stakeout and the gang gets restless. The guys wrestling, Ziva and practical jokes and Ducky's mysterious behavior. What more can we ask for in the first post-strike episode!!!

    This is one of the best epi's I've seen in awhile, and man did it deliver. Loved the way McGee 'scrambled' Tony's eggs and the whole practical joke war with Zive had me laughing out loud. Ziva is a great character and I loved her 'goose is fried' line. The binoculars trick was a riot and I liked the humor it brought to the episode. Gibbs was a sight for deprived eyes and so was my fave lab rat in the world Abby. The subtle jab at the strike was duly noted and met with a chuckle too. Great to see Ducky but worried about his odd behavior. Got me worried that he was the sick one and had me guessing up til the end. Great job NCIS.
  • A nice return of the series. Welcome back.

    I liked the way we were kept guessing. Zeva and the way they have her mixing metaphors and of course adding modern twists to classic fairly tales.
    The practical joking between Zeva and Tony will be something for a few episodes. I saw they brought back the germophobic analyst who adds a little twist to the episode.
    Are they setting the stage for the loss of Jenny and replacement with someone with a hard ass attitude, but the new director will not be Jethro.
    I was watching an old series the other day and saw Abby, Pauly Perette in Murder One Season 2. I was so surprised on her age, I did not expect her to be that old. Of course David McCallum was doing TV over 40 years ago and when I thought about it he looks good for his age too.
  • NCIS is back! And how!

    The character interaction was superb; definitely brought home how far the characters themselves have come. The stake scenes alone made the episode watching. The practical joke war that Ziva & Tony had going was fantastic. And the reactions of Gibbs and McGee to what was going on were hysterical. Little was said, but the looks and double takes were well done.

    The story line about the stolen radar system was a bit weak, but the teamwork between the agents and cooperation with the police made for a surprisingly enjoyable viewing.

    Tony and McGee have both changed since they first appeared. Tonys' telling the detective that he had a gut feeling and McGee's calling Tony 'Racoon Boy' were subtle demonstrations of their growth as characters. Each showed initiative and had no problems pursuing it without consulting Gibbs. The writers subtlety combined with the actors talents show how under-rated this episode is.

    Abby and Palmer both had small parts in this episode, but nothing particularly significant in my book. But Nikki Jardines' appearance, neurosis and all were fun.

    The 'Big Secret' that Ducky is hiding is still fairly secret, but was only a minor part of this episode. The 'secret' part of the episode was the only thing that kept this from being a '10' for me.
  • NCIS is back!

    Glad to see NCIS is back and that this is the first episode since the strike and it shows that they haven't lost a step at all despite the strike ruining Hollywood for a bit. Ziva and Tony seem to really like one another but don't want them to get together just yet. As Magee seemingly is coming into his own and there is less and less calling him probee like they have been for the past couple of seasons. Loved it when they showed Tony's face blackened as he is looking into the binoclaurs. What is Ducky hiding from the trusted team? That is a big mystery in itself! Humm!!
  • On a stakeout, Tony and Magee clash. Ziva and Tony play tricks on eachother and a man is killed. While watching a radar, it mysterriously disappears which get Gibbs in major trouble. They learn a starling discovery, find the radar and the killer!

    I really liked this episode! It was great to see all the familiar faces again! YAY! I loved Tony and Magee fighting at the start and the little tricks Ziva and Tony play on each other. I thought it was evil to bring in another cop to flirt wit Tony because it is clear that Ziva likes him. And i think Ziva and Tony going out would be SO cute! Magee and Abby should go out too! I wonder what Ducky is hiding from Gibbs. And i bet that favor Tony owes Ducky will be to help Director Sheperd. So I thoiught this episode was good!
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