Season 5 Episode 12


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 08, 2008 on CBS

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  • One of my favorite episodes, and I am hard to please.

    One of my favorite episodes, and I am hard to please.


    A good episode and done in typical NCIS fashion. I liked the way the plot moved along, adding new details as it progressed: First we have McGee walking down the street amidst drug dealers and hookers. Then we learn that he is part of a stakeout observing the storage place across the street. Then we learn that NCIS received an an anonymous tip that the stolen radar was there. It becomes more ominous when we learn that the radar is vital for national defense. Meanwhile, NCIS is trying to trace the cellphone that gave the tip and the fudged fingerprints on the storage rental agreement. Meanwhile, Rowe is killed near the storage place in what looks like an unrelated drug deal gone bad. But, by chance, the young girl, whose borrowed cellphone was used to forward the tip, recognizes the picture of Rowe on an NCIS monitor as the one who used her cellphone. Rowe's financial transactions lead to his selling short the stock in the radar company, and his connection to the head of the radar company is established, which is the next to last nail in the case! Wow!

    It is also a typical NCIS episode in that what starts out looking like foreign espionage or high-level stealing of defense secrets, turns out to be a fairly low-level personal crime -- here, manipulating a stock price when selling short.

    It might have been easy to GUESS that the radar-manufacturer was a bad guy, but it was impossible to guess that the main crime was done by Rowe, a man hired by the manufacturer to steal his own radar machine because it was defective and thus he couldn't fulfill a Navy contract on time, and then Rowe double-crosses the manufacturer by anonymously emailing NCIS that the defective "stolen" radar is in a particular storage place and --at the same time-- selling short the stock in the radar manufacturing company. Wow!

    Inter-spaced in the story is wonderful banter and practical jokes between Tony, Ziva and McGee. It is interesting that Ziva had nothing to do with solving the crime, but her magnetic presence shines throughout the episode. I loved the scene when she calls a "John" (slang for the customer of a prostitute) a "Jack" by mistake. Tony, correcting her slang, says "John." Ziva replies, wide-eyed, "Oh, you know him?" ... There is also a good interaction between Tony and the female detective on the murder case.

    One small criticism is that throughout the episode Gibbs remains remarkably relaxed and casual after the radar, which he has been treating as bait, is stolen -- radar that is crucial to our naval defenses. This is something that could ruin his career. (The one exception is that he is angry/upset right after McGee announces that the storage space is found empty.)
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