Season 1 Episode 7

Sub Rosa

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 2003 on CBS

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  • Good episode, I like the submarine environment. And the ice cream!

    We get our intro to Mcgee here, yay. He can be annoying sometimes but for the most part he is a nice addition to the team. I like that him and Tony are different so when they're competitive it's usually about different things so Tony is better in the things Tony is better at and vice versa. Unlike Kate who, like in this episode, insists she's better than Tony at absolutely everything and acts like he's some sexually perverse, scum of the earth, ignorant .. many other words. She believes here she's more qualified because she's a trained profiler, even though so far she's gotten everything wrong and was still useless in this episode. Furthermore, she constantly puts Tony down acting better than him but then acts all skanky and implies she was 'fun' in college, but if Tony said that he'd be a pig.

    Tony has shown us his skills at interrogating in the JAG episodes and he would be qualified for this.

    One thing I don't get (and it could be totally obvious) is what did Kate spill if "that's not coffee"? I mean it can't be alcoholic legally and because Gibbs is more stand up than drinking on the job. If it was tea, than ok, she can go get you tea.. so it was obviously something. Unless by coffee he meant it's not JUST coffee then ok that sucks.. but still I feel like I missed something here ha.

    I like how this show doesn't hide the bodies from us, being a forensic student who doesn't get to see enough gore in real life, it's cool seeing these sorts of things.

    I liked the story line, I could believe an eco terrorist was doing this, and how he got on the ship. I also liked how the real identity was discovered and his back up plan was quite smart with the sarin gas.

    I don't like the McGee Abby relationship.. I don't know.. they are definitely cute later on and have a cute friendship, but here and early on it's quite annoying and I just don't feel it.

    I have to ask though, wouldn't it be dangerous to release the gas in the ocean though? I mean that tiny canister could kill everyone on an entire sub. What could happen to the environment in the ocean? Ah well.

    And if McGee really did just get a tat on his ass because Tony said Abby likes that, before he's even met Abby... that is actually really creepy.. And Gibbs wouldn't know about it, so either he's always had it and just acted like its new (which is believable) or it was an in joke between them and he didn't get it.

    And naturally Gibbs makes a sex reference when Kate says "wow" and he says "I get that a lot" and she doesn't care, finds it funny, even though she gives the COB a death stare for also finding it funny. But Tony does nothing that bad and gets critiqued. Yeah right see where her girly crush is.

    I do like this show, a lot, but Kate has always annoyed me, even before I became a fan of Ziva (who has her bad moments), but having watched these episodes before now I kind of just want to rant about what's annoying, because maybe others feel the same way and nobody else will listen. I know nobody listens to me :)
  • Funny episode

    Didn't like that Kate persisted she was better qualified for the job on the sub than Tony because she clearly wasn't. Tony showed his skills as an interrogator much earlier (JAG), and like Gibbs he has a good instinct for people. And I wasn't convinced by the case - I mean, an eco terrorist who commits suicide to save whales? However, the storyline of the case was interesting, exciting, and offered a lot of twists and turns. Also really liked the interaction between Kate and Gibbs on the sub, including some sexual tension. ^^

    Nice introduction of McGee, good interaction with Tony. McGee's interest in Abby and Tony trying to discourage him was funny - but I never liked that they had an affair. The interaction between Ducky and Abby was very enjoyable to watch as well. In all, one of my favourite episodes.

  • Submarine

    I loved the story, to be honest. I mean.. carrier last time, now submarine. That's just great. And the whole reason why they are there: some is on that boat who should not be. The idea of something like that even possible! And then Gibbs and Todd trying their best to figure it out.. and the way noone seems to be the one they are looking.. those exercises.. and getting under the sea.. and that emergency rise.. and then when the guy is dead, they realizing that his plan is not over. So, a lot of action, tension, excitement. Liked that.
  • Very cool submarine story.

    First intro to McGee. Tony bullied McGee from day one and interestingly, McGee called Tony 'sir' but Tony only made fun of him for it once McGee got reassigned. Tony is insane! Playing 'football' with McGee was hilarious. It's a wonder that McGee ever takes Tony seriously.

    Kate thrown into Gibbs' arms and Gibbs' joke was great. Again playing up the Kate/Gibbs thing but seriously, why bother, there's no chemistry there at all. It's a sad fact there there's more chemistry with Tony/Gibbs than there is with Kate/Gibbs.

    Liked the eco terrorist storyline, someone using their access to further their political aims. 'Drew' was absolutely committed to his plan, even committing suicide to get himself into the freezer, very smart.
  • Another great episode!

    This episode is a great one, but it provides me with bad memories, because as I watched it, I found out that my DVD was faulty, and the episode froze!

    Anyway, after getting my faulty copy replaced, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode! It was a truly great case solved by Gibbs and his team.

    This episode is also the first time that we see Timothy McGee, which was great!

    I enjoyed watching Gibbs and Kate in a submarine. I really personally enjoy seeing the team in various positions, and this really helps character development.

    The episode had a superb ending, in my opinion. The case was pieced together well and this allowed the episode to just flow. And Gibbs and Kate nearly suffered the fate of the weapon, when the guilty party swallowed the capsule!

    Overall, great work! A remarkable episode with twists around every corner! I loved it all the way!
  • this episode is funny and good

    hi this episode is very very funny Mcee comes in it for the first time Mcee mets gibbs tony kate for the first time Mcee cannt stand the died body it's funny when kates walks outside when gibbs talks to the guy about taking kate to the sub rosa and gibbs won and it's funny when kate say that i am better then tony and she say why am i not giong cause i shave my legs and not my face and when the sub went up and when kate was on top of gibbs and she said WOW and he said yep that is what they all say that is the funny bit
  • Say hello to Agent McGee

    This episode opens with a body being found inside of a chemical container (tub). In this episode we are introduced to Agent McGee. Before the team leaves, to go to the scene, Kate accidently knocks over Gibbs' coffee and as Tony says. I've never seen Gibbs without his morning coffee; we're in uncharted waters here. Ducky discovers that the victim died from a fracture to the skull. It is discovered that he may have been out into the chemical to prevent him from being identified. The team believe that there maybe someone posing as the dead sailor on boat the ship, as no one has been reported as missing. Kat & Gibbs go on a boat and then a submarine and interview the new recruits, and also take their prints. Abby recreates the face of the victim. It doesn't match of the Gibb's possible suspects and so is hanging round the Navy Base, where the victim was staying before he was killed. Abby & Ducky decide to locate original photos of the possible imposer through independent sources. When Tony & McGee track down someone who may have altered the sheets on the imposter, they discover that both of them are environmental terrorists, and believe that the Navy are killing the whales. They believe that they are going to be using serum gas, as part of their attack. We learn that the victim is Petty Officer Drew. When the Sub get word of who the imposer is, they realises that he has just left to go to the bathroom. Or so he told them.

    They discover him, dead, after killing himself in his bunk. Abby discovers that the canasta the gas is in is activated by the cold. When Gibbs and Kate and given ice cream (after they made room for the body in the freezer), Gibbs realises that the castratos are inside of the dead officer, and it has already started leaking inside of him. So they decided to get him off of the boat the only way they know how, through the tornado tube. As the body is released, they rush to put the ice cream back in the freezer. Back at NCIS headquarters, McGee turns in his final report, before he goes for lunch with Abby.
  • A fork lift driver accidentally tips over a tub of acid to there dismay they find a body. Thanks to Ducky and Abby's wonderful vision, they find a mark and learn that the victim was a submariner.

    Gibbs ascertains there have been no reports of any crewmember missing on any sub, so he persumes that one of the subs has an imposter on board. With this new information, the team must find out who the victim is to learn which sub the man posing as the victim is on and what his intentions may be for the sub. When Gibbs and the team arrive on base, protestors are picketting about save the whales infront of the main gate. Special Agent McGee (Sean Murry, I saw him on JAG today) helps with the investigation.

    Over all this has been one of my favorite episodes. I like Sean Murry I hope to see more of him.
  • this episode was hilarious! it had a lot of humor, which mad it perfect!

    it had a lot of romantic happinings. there was abby meeting mcgee, and kate bumping into gibbs, which i cracked up on! i watched that episode over and over and over again! i still love watching it! it is a very interesting episode, expecialy with the man that seems very bloated, even though he has gas in him, and could kill the crew, gibbs and kate. and i loved the ending, you know the part where mcgee tells tony about the tatt on his butt, that says "mom" on it?! this episode was defentily perfect! i love ncis, its the best show ever so why wouldnt this episode be awsome?!
  • I liked the interaction between Tony and McGee. They worked well together.

    Sub Rosa is the first episode with the appearance of agent McGee. It was a great introduction to the character. I loved the reaction from Tony when McGee told him he got a tattoo on his ass that said "mom." It was interesting that he would go to those lengths to be Abby's type. How Gibbs knew is anyone guess! His file probably told Gibbs what schools he attended, but the tat? It's another NCIS mystery. LOL

    I liked the interaction between Tony and McGee. They worked well together.

    The plot was strong. A whale hugger tried to poison the submarine when they moved his dead body into the sub freezer. The only concern I had was putting the body into the torpedo and shooting in off into the ocean. Something seemed wrong about it environmentally.
  • One of those episodes that makes you glad you watch the series!

    I loved this episode! This is the first episode that you get to see Mcgee in, and he was really funny. The part where he sits on the breifcases and Gibbs pulls one out from under him is halarious! AThis is also where you get to see Mcgee's piking interest in Abby.
    The thing that I really liked about this episode though, was the whole fact that Gibbs stood up for Kate even when she didn't think he would.
    Humor was definately a big part of this episode! Like when Gibbs kept urging Kate to hydrate, just so she would have to go to the bathroom. Plus, I'll never get the whole emergency blow scene out of my head. It was steamy and funny at the same time!
  • When a whale-hugging environmental terrorist murders a submariner to get on a Los Angeles class attack submarine the NCIS team must find the guy before he can kill everyone on the sub.

    WOW! Another great episode! I enjoyed getting to meet Agent McGee in his ferst appearance of the NCIS series. His innocence in the field is a perfect foil for Tony's wit and sarcasm. They also used Kate very nicely to introduce viewers to Navy terminology such as COB (Chief of the Boat) and ASW (Anti Submarine Warfare). It was a great mystery with lots of twists and turns and enough humor to keep the mix from getting too intense. The working relationship between Ducky and Abby was very enjoyable to watch as well. This episode is just one more reason in the glut of reasons that I continue to watch this show.
  • i love this episode. it would of been better if they had kissed when kate fell into gibbs arms

    This episode rocks and i wish they gave us more of the kate and gibbs story line.the writting was amazing and have kate fall into gibbs arms the way she did was amazing.We need them to make kate's daeth a dream and find away of bringing her bk so we the fans can see the relationship between her and gibbs develop even more it's so obvious that that they are so in love with each other and i've only been watching it for the past 3 weeks.Dinozzo is cool and so is,abby,mcgee and of course ducky ncis rocks and is cool
  • First appearance of Agent Mcgee!

    Outstanding episode, and not only because my personal favorite, McGee appeared for the first time. The story is great and well written. After Kate spills Gibbs' morning coffee, things only go worse. Gibbs is more difficult and unpleasent than usual. I feel sorry for Kate for the little discrimination incident she has, but as always, Gibbs saves the day. And Tony is being hard on McGee as usual. :)
    This episode got me thinking about living on a submarine. When the skipper lists the dangers of living that way.. they must be really brave to go under water. I could never do that, being claustrophobic. Really great eisode!!
  • Another great episode with lots of twists and turns!

    I really loved Gibbs in this episode!Tony’s interaction with the “newbie” agent was hilarious.Kate and Gibbs’ interaction was great.My favorite scene when Kate crash on Gibbs during the emergency blow-I just love the face of the both and the officer! And when Kate came back to give the guard at the door that dirty look I about fell off of the couch!!!There were so many things they coulda shown to demonstrate the sub angling quickly. Kate coulda fallen off a chair or somthing, but no, they had to make her fall into Gibbs' arms. All of the characters had their share of good lines; I like the equality of the quality of the dialogue.
  • nice episode

    there are great twist and turns in this episode, when mark harmon (leroy gibbs) is on the field, he drives the plot of the episode. michael weatherly is also a great supporting actor in this episode. the lab team make their own appearance like the CSI team of the CSI shows, only this one is in the navy. they did a good job with this one. making an eco terrorist a plausible threat in this show. setting the events inside a submarine is an exciting backdrop, that means there will be action, and action it does. this is a great episode.
  • "I've never experienced Gibbs without his morning coffee. We're in uncharted waters here, Kate"

    An imposter aboard? What do you do? Send NCIS of course!

    This episode was exciting and very very well written. Gibbs and Kate have to rush to save the entire submarine crew, as well as themselves! Abby, Tony, and McGee help from on land, while Gibbs and Kate plunge into the depths.

    I loved how Gibbs and Kate connected in this episode. She was still pretty new to the team and she got to be more independant. "Unhydrate" has to be one of my favourite Gibbsisms. Very funny. It definatly added something!
  • An investigation on a submarine...

    I loved this episode! There were so many great things about it! After a body is found in a barrel full of acid, the NCIS team goes to track down a possible imposter on board a submarine. They suspect he's there to do some damage, and through the collaborative efforts of Abby, Tony and McGee, and Gibbs and Kate, the team confirm that something bad is about to happen. In another intense ending, Gibbs and Kate rush to save the entire submarine crew, as well as themselves!

    This episode was so full of the characteristic wit and sarcasm seen in most NCIS episodes. Some of my favorite parts-- Tony trying to discourage Abby and McGee from going on a date, then being shocked speechless at McGee's confession; Kate getting slammed into Gibbs during the emergency blow (Kibbs, anyone?); Gibbs intimidating McGee and not caring if people think he's difficult... so many more moments made me laugh out loud!

    Favorite lines (mostly from Gibbs!):
    Kate: I wonder what he said to make Tony speechless?
    Gibbs: He told him he got a tatt on his ass.
    (Love Gibbs' smile as he walks away!)

    Kate: Wow!
    Gibbs: That's what they tell me.

    Gibbs: I'd like to think it's me.
  • Agent Tim McGee's premiere! Kate on a sub! Gibbs eating ice cream! Tony making fun of whales!

    When a canister is descovered in Bethesda containing a cadaver and a whole lot of alcohol, NCIS is called to investigate the case. The body's flesh has been mostly disintegrated, but Gibbs deduces him to be a submariner based on a tattoo. The team comes to the conclusion that the man was killed so that an imposter could take his place aboard the sub. Kate and Gibbs go aboard to suss out the fake. Overall, an excellent episode, made better by Sean Murry's wonderful performance as nervous new agent Timothy McGee. Kate and Gibbs on the sub was a wonderful segment, and all in all, in my opinion, this was a near-perfect episode.
  • the body of a submariner was found in a barrel of acid in order to make it unidentifable. there are no cases of missing submariners. the killer took the place of the submariner in order to sabotage and kill the crew. the team must find out who it is.

    this episode was great. i loved it all the way through. of course the episode had the witty, funny comments as they all do. another intense ending as it's a race against time before the entire crew of the submarine is killed by whatever the killer brought aboard. and whoever heard of pumpkin ice cream???
  • Kate gets to go under.. on a sub!

    this has got to be one of my favorite episodes.. i love the scene with gibbs and the sub commander explaining why kate should go.. totally not what i expected, but made me like gibbs way more then before.. and it really helped kate get more established as an independent character, not just part of the group.
  • Great show yet once again!

    No wonder that I miss Sasha Alexander's Kate and that
    She is still missed by others like me as she
    And the rest of the team are trying to find a missing
    Navy sailor as his body is filled with acid and
    I just love Abby as she is the perfect comic relief
    In the show! Great acting and writing once again!
  • A body is found in a tub of acid. They learn that he is a person who works in a sub.

    A body is found in a tub of acid. They learn that he is a person who works in a sub. There are no records of anyone on the sub that has died. So there is an imposter. So Kate and Gibbs go on to the sub to find out who the imposter is. The end of this episode makes me laugh so hard! :D
  • Gibbs and Kate goes on a submariner to find out if there is any "hinky";) people there and at home where DiNozzo with McGee:)

    I think that this was a very funny episode, they really did get in some funny stuff in all the serious.
    One of the funny stuff was when McGee tells DiNozzo that he thinks that Abby sounds sweet and DiNozzo asks if he ever has thought about tatoo hes buttox adn McGee says no and Tony says that in that case are they never going to talk about her again:)
    Another thing was at the sub with Kate and Gibbs, it was emergencyblow and when the sub is going up does Kate fall in Gibbs arms and she says wow at the emergency blow,but Gibbs says, for fun of course, that he always get´s that coment from women:)