Season 1 Episode 7

Sub Rosa

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 2003 on CBS

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  • Say hello to Agent McGee

    This episode opens with a body being found inside of a chemical container (tub). In this episode we are introduced to Agent McGee. Before the team leaves, to go to the scene, Kate accidently knocks over Gibbs' coffee and as Tony says. I've never seen Gibbs without his morning coffee; we're in uncharted waters here. Ducky discovers that the victim died from a fracture to the skull. It is discovered that he may have been out into the chemical to prevent him from being identified. The team believe that there maybe someone posing as the dead sailor on boat the ship, as no one has been reported as missing. Kat & Gibbs go on a boat and then a submarine and interview the new recruits, and also take their prints. Abby recreates the face of the victim. It doesn't match of the Gibb's possible suspects and so is hanging round the Navy Base, where the victim was staying before he was killed. Abby & Ducky decide to locate original photos of the possible imposer through independent sources. When Tony & McGee track down someone who may have altered the sheets on the imposter, they discover that both of them are environmental terrorists, and believe that the Navy are killing the whales. They believe that they are going to be using serum gas, as part of their attack. We learn that the victim is Petty Officer Drew. When the Sub get word of who the imposer is, they realises that he has just left to go to the bathroom. Or so he told them.

    They discover him, dead, after killing himself in his bunk. Abby discovers that the canasta the gas is in is activated by the cold. When Gibbs and Kate and given ice cream (after they made room for the body in the freezer), Gibbs realises that the castratos are inside of the dead officer, and it has already started leaking inside of him. So they decided to get him off of the boat the only way they know how, through the tornado tube. As the body is released, they rush to put the ice cream back in the freezer. Back at NCIS headquarters, McGee turns in his final report, before he goes for lunch with Abby.
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