Season 4 Episode 12


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 16, 2007 on CBS

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  • Showing the Hicks as what they are... "hicks" tends to ruffle some feathers... But sometimes that's what people need to open their eyes!

    This episode has one of my all time favorite scenes... the suspect is in the interrogation room with Zeva and the hick deputy walks in... Deputy: "You know... it really IS a screwed up religion where you have to blow yourself up to get laid!" Zeva immediately pounces and jerks the douchebag's arm around behind his back! Zeva: "When you insult HIS religion you insult YOUR OWN and MINE!" Now apologize!" I have few shows that the characters really impress me... but ZEVA (Even though she is Jewish) defending a Muslim against this stupidity just gave me a thrill! Now if only life would imitate ART! (I don't see it happening though... people letting go of their ignorance too much to ask for sadly!
  • A marine is killed in a "boondock" town.

    This was a pretty boring episode, we learn nothing new about any of the characters except at the end.

    At the end of the episode we see that Tony and his girlfriend Jeanne are being photographed by some unknown party. Personally I think that Jeanne is a terrorist or working for terrorists who is getting close to Tony, or that Jeanne is going to get hurt or killed near the end of the season, or that she is a terrorist and she gets hurt or killed. And if she is in fact a terrorist and does in fact get killed, something tells me that it will be Tony that has to kill her.

    There are too many episodes in this type of show where deaths are being investigated. We need more threats to the whole national security thing, America is at war after all.
  • To sum it up in one word; average.

    This episode was nothing too special, in my opinion, and I really don't think it can compare well with some really great episodes we've had in the last few, therefore, I was disappointed slightly by this one.

    The storyline was, at first, quite interesting, and I liked seeing the 'spark' between McGee and Ruby, but after a little while, the plot became boring, with yet another terrorist cell. Although this is an interesting aspect of the show, in my opinion, it is unoriginal, and should not be used so frequently.

    It wasn't the funniest of episodes, either, but still had its moments.

    I wouldn't recommend this one, and I feel that this was one of my least favorite episodes of all time, but like I said, it did have its moments.
  • The paranoia of the terrorist era we now live in.

    This is a federal investigator's worst nightmare – basic small town investigation with almost no evidence – seriously, *four* baggies of evidence?! The kid did good work though.

    Tony is the cliché womanizer with a heart of gold – meeting the right woman reforms him, even if most of it's a lie. She's obviously his connection to Jenny's obsession – La Grenouille. They're even under surveillance.

    People are now so paranoid about terrorists that an Iraqi moving into the neighbourhood is watched by his neighbours, and the two who weren't suspected and bought their way into the country really are terrorists. I was surprised there wasn't a scene of taking the poor guy home, if I were Gibbs, I would have made a bit of a show of it to show the small town they were wrong about him.
  • A great episode

    This episode opens with a man leaving his motel room in the morning wearing just a towel and going to get a briefcase out of the boot of his car. He gets locked out of his room and so tries to find someone to let him back in. He goes next door and finds himself standing in blood, which is coming out of the room through the front door. It takes 3 days before the victim is discovered to be a marine. She booked in under a false name and NCIS are called in. The police who are already running the investigation have a suspect and s the team head to his house. Ziva believes that they have found a bomb factory. The next day the suspect returns home and makes a run for it. He is shot but survives. Abby and Ducky believe that the victim was killed by 2 different guns and therefore there may be 2 different killers. The suspect was relocated from Bagdad to the United States. The victim was his case worker. He tells them that the explosive stuff in his house was planted. The evidence supports what he says. The team learn that the Deputy had keys to the house and so they ask him to remove his trousers so that they can check for explosive traces. The test comes back positive. He plants the explosives. They discover that it was one of her own bosses who killed her believing that she was about to find out that he got rich Iraq people into the United States. When Gibbs & Ziva head to their house/head out they discover that they were making hate videos put on the internet and also had explosives.
  • another great ep.

    I loved the bit with Tony and McGee doing Dueling Banjos. And that Gibbs just let them. Loved the dinner with the girlfriend. Tony really is a romantic. Gibbs telling the deputy..."I can get Officer David to do it for you if
    you like."LOL.He packs his own coffee for road trips-how cute!:D
  • Very interesting plot...or multiple plots.

    First off, I liked this episode ... a lot!! I don't know what it was, I just really enjoyed it. More than some other recent ones. I thought that the multiple story lines, all the secrets, and everything else made this a very good episode.

    Does anyone else wonder what is up with Tony? He seems really into his girlfriend. More than usual. And then there was the ending. Creepy. Who was watching Tony? I will definatly tune in next week (not that I wouldn't anyways) to see if they tell us. At first I thought it was Ziva, but then I thought it couldn't be. And now I'm not sure. I just thought this was a great episode.
  • With so many different story lines, you won\'t get bored. And who\'s watching Tony!?

    This episode has so much going on in it.From a murder in a small town, to someone taking pictures of Tony and his secret girlfriend. The way that the writers portrayed the small town was pretty true. Believe me, I grew up in a small town. Anyway, all the twists and turns in the investigation kept me guessing until the end. I would love to know who is taking pictures of Tony and why he hasn\'t told anyone about Jeanne. I wonder if she really is an undercover job, but Tony\'s falling for her anyway. If it turns out she is just a job I think he is going to be in pain whatever happens.
  • Someone knows Tony's MOAS!

    I really enjoyed this episode and thought they did a wonderful job of portraying all the new characters from the small town. Of course we have the narrow-minded deputy, but what kept it from being too cliché is that the sheriff was not, and allowed NCIS to do their job. Also the Iraqi in question was NOT a terrorist, but 2 others were found to be. Just goes to show that there are both good and bad people wherever you go. We also get introduced to Ruby, who is BEYOND adorable, especially with McGee. I really hope they find a way to bring her back, for good! Maybe Abby needs a new assistant. And then there is Tony, who has the MOAS, and it seems someone has figured it out!
  • I see a long term plotline developing here..

    The episode develops more of a side to the NCIS team than we usually get to see. COmmon characters such as Director Sheppard and Jimmy Palmer do not appear, Ducky and Abbey Make brief appearences but do not play major roles. In my opinion this is to develop someplotlines that seem to have been in the works for a while. DiNozzos Girlfriend and DiNozzo getting closer, although many see with an alterior motive i beleive he is working her, but also falling for her at the same time. His first real, deadly serious relationship. Even if it turns out to be a case, when it breaks, i think he will be hurting what ever the outcome. Zivas caring side for Tony, I think this is a side developed in conjunction with the previously mentioned plot. So Tony has someone there when it all goes down the pan. Unfonrtunately Gibbs is as hard to work out as ever. Its sometimes hard to see if he cares for Tony at all. But, im sure the NCIS writers have some big plan to reveal all, and i dont see us having to wait much longer to find out what the bigger picture is.
  • When a Marine intelligence officer is found shot to death in a small town and the local LEOs have already processed the crime scene the team must sift everything to find the truth.

    This was another well written, well acted, well directed episode. I really enjoy the way story lines from previous episodes are being woven through to maintain their continuity. This episode had several plot twists that kept me guessing almost to the end. The new character they introduced, Ruby, was smart and charming and I hope they include her in subsequent episodes. I wspeciaolly enjoyed it when McGee called her "Probie". I also liked the fact that the sheriff wasn't characterized as stupid or small minded even though they portayed his deputy that way. They also showed in the interplay between Ziva and the Iraqi that there may be hope that one day we'll come to understand one another and live in peace. It also looks as though La Grenouille has caught onto Tony.
  • OMG Tony!

    PERFECT! First I would like to say that unfortuatley they captured the minds of small towns perfectly. I know because i grew up in one. Second, holy crap! someone is taking pictures of Tony! It has to be those people he was watching cause they saw him. Tony is gonna be the next Gibbs I can see it now. He is gonna lose the only woman he has ever really loved because of his job. holy smokes drama. I love this show!
    Oh yeah I liked that Ruby chick too, kind of reminded of how they introduced McGee to the series.
  • Wait... who's taking pictures of Dinozzo?

    The episode, was great... in so many words.;) I still can't believe there are people out there who so much as looks at a middle eastern person, and gets scared. Get over yourself!! Not all Iraqis are the same, not all Iranians are the same, regardless you come from a small town, I don't give a rats a$$, this is America... you don't have the right to play God on anyone. For that deputy to say THEY all knew he was guilty is just plain ignorant. Again, yes... the 9/11 tragedy was absolutely painful... but we can't go around trying to frame every muslim we see... we can't go around harassing taxi drivers or 7-11 employees... wtf is wrong with America? One word, plain & simple: Ignorance!
  • OMG Someone's watching Tony!!

    Lol, the poor fat man. He just wanted his suit case and got locked out. Twice, then ended up finding blood under his feet….naked with only a towel. ROTFLMAO Tony and McGee get me laughing so much. I love it when they break into song. Oh Tony he’s so romantic and funny. Watching him transform from being a playboy to a guy who keeps his eyes on you no matter how good looking some other women are walking by. Meeting a guy like that when I get older would be so cool.

    I figured there was something suspicious about that deputy guy. I’m glad we’re getting him for something. I don’t like him. Ruby reminds me of McGee when McGee was just starting out. Only difference is the lack of stuttering. I’m glad she broke the case! OMG Someone’s watching Tony! Here’re my theories: It’s Ziva or someone working fr that group he was watching last episode. EEEE Can’t wait for the next episode!!
  • I didn't see a ton of this ep, because I was making sure the picture was good (the antena...:() But from what I did see, it was good!

    A woman is found dead and they search a house for explosives. They find some. The team is in a hick town and the police and stupid and somewhat mean! They (hick police) shoot at a suspect without even stopping to talk to them. I like how Ziva stands up for the man who is shot. I am so freaked for Tony! I will write more about this ep, when I rewatch the ep!