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Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 10, 2005 on CBS

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  • A good one.

    I already know I'll be in the minority and get some downvotes, but I both love this episode a lot and have some issues with it. it's hard going from an insufferable, hypocritical, rude Kate for 2 seasons to this 'amazing', 'selfless' Kate. I feel like they kind of wanted to shove this 'amazing' person down our throats before they got rid of her to make her death that much more shocking. I mean it's not out of character for her to do this I suppose, just felt a bit over the top with how 'selfless' she supposedly was.

    BUT, I do love this episode.

    I love it from the start with the bickering and Tony going through what he has to burn and them having showers together and Gibbs knowing about Honey Dust and all the heads posting out of the shower ha. And McGee listing all the diseases it could be and moving on to baby powder etc.

    I like how its explained how the disease survived in the letter and not just another thing unexplained. I felt this episode was thorough, the biohazard procedure seemed legit etc.

    Lol, way to go Ducky not letting Gibbs leave!
  • Tony gets the plague

    This was one of the best NCIS episodes ever when Tony gets the plague while the rest of the team have to find out who caused him to get it while Tony is fighting for his life but still making jokes and referring to films.Kate also stays with Tony and gets very emotional when he gets really sick.It was a fantastic episode that made me want to continue to watch.
  • Tony dying, Kate crying, Gibbs in a state... what more could we ask?!

    I love this show! A TATE shipper, I adored this episode! Kate finally shows she has feelings for Tony (see her lovingly watching over him right at the end! Plus she *cried*!) But even if I wasn't a shipper, this episode was awesome! If you wanted to introduce someone to the family dynamic in the show, this is the episode. I *loved* the way Gibbs was out of his mind with worry for his 'children'. If you didn't get choked up during Gibbs' 'you're not gonna die' speech, you're just not human! I've always loved the fatherly attitude Gibbs adopted towards his team, especially the way he and Tony are together, they sparkle! Then of course there's Kate and Tony banter, Tony torturing 'little brother' McGee, Tony and Gibbs' gorgeous relationship with Abby (how many bosses do you know who kiss their employees on the head?!) and don't forget 'uncle' Ducky, who wisely watches over them all. I love this show!
  • good episode...

    SWAK is a good episode, but I don't really like it as much as everyone else seems to. The first time I watched it I thought it was great and funny and had some good moments between Tony and Kate, but when I watched it again a few months later it was really boreing. A good episode stays good after watching it several times, and SWAK just didn't do that for me. The story was kind of annoying and farfetched and just wasn't interesting enough. The whole point of the mother wanting the case reopened has been done so many times by TV and I was expecting more for TV. The gnumonic plague and quarantine was pretty funny. I guess the reason the episode was good was because of it's funny and not because of it's story. What a shame...
  • Swak

    I have pretty much said that the Cote de Pablo era trumps the Sasha Alexander era, and I still feel that way, but the latter still produced some very good episodes, like the one here tonight. A great story from top to bottom that saw Tony open a package containing a biochemical attack on NCIS, which stems from an alleged rape incident a long time ago. We saw our favorite agents to the navy struggle with the idea that they may not be breathing tomorrow, only for them all to survive in the end.

    The episode showed that NCIS will tease us about a possible Tony relationship, and one day we might actually get one with a fellow agent (nah, we probably won't.)
  • Probably one of the best episodes yet!

    This ep was sooooooooo good. It made me want to cry. Yes, I knew that Tony would be alright, but I still got really worried about him, even though he was fine at the end. What I liked about this ep was that not only was it suspensful, but there was some humor in it too. I think that they did an amazing job writing this episode because very rarely do you get an ep that has suspense and humor together and it fits together perfectly. The part that I liked the most was probably when Kate broke down in front of Ducky and told him that Tony was gonna die.

    Overall, I would give this ep an A+++ because its not that easy to get an both suspense and humor to work together so well.
  • Great episode

    That was one of those major episodes.. Really major episodes. It starts like any other.. team picking on each other.. fun, laughter.. until the moment Tony opens the letter.. and from that on, it gets really serious. They have been attacked.. Tony and Kate are sent to isolation and Gibbs his on the edge, pushing everyone.. making people not follow protocol as they all know: time is not on their side and they need to have answers soon before it is too late for Tony.

    I totally loved the tension, the heat.. the fast motion on this episode. And all Kate and Tony interaction was good. And the explanation of what really happened.. specially when they learned that the event pushing that woman that far, never did happened.. So.. really good one
  • Definitely the best episode yet.

    Following a brilliant season of NCIS, the penultimate episode could probably be put down as the best episode of the show ever aired. There isn't a Tate fan out there which won't love this episode forever, and there isn't a fan of the NCIS team which will not adore every minute of it.

    In a way, each of the characters shows just how much they care for Tony after a mistake almost cost him his life. The episode keeps the viewer on edge since the very beginning to the very end. I loved how Kate stuck around Tony even though she knew she wasn't infected, and how the team fought to save Tony, knowing that this isn't just another one of their investigations, but that the life of their agent is on the line.

    Loved it!
  • very good!

    This is one of the best episodes i have ever seen. It made me cry seeing Tony on his death bed. And also seeing how Kate was so sad to see him that way and how much she really cares about him shone through and made me see that they would have made cute couple. Everyone is working hard in this episode especially Abby, where she is soon to discover that what Tony has is something that cant be stopped. Seeing Tony in the stage where it looks like he is going to die and he is still making jokes makes my see that without him it would be a much less interesting show.

    This is a very emotional episode and i absolutely love it.
  • A very emotional episode

    I have watched this episode loads od times and each time i find something new to take away from it. The way the whole team pull together in their own way when one is threatened is wonderful to watch. The frustration of Gibbs when trying to get to the bottom of the case. The comradeship of all the team is part of what makes NCIS so special. Mark Harmon portrayed the frustaration and genuine concern perfectly. Sascha showed how much Kate really cared for Tony. Micheal Weatherly, well what can I say. He played the ailing Tony in such a convincing manner that I thought that that Cough was real. He played it with the right amount of comedy and he also showed in his face just how worried he was whilst still maintaining the typical Tony Dinozzo that we have come to love. All in all this episode took the Dinozzo/Gibbs relationship to another level. Tony clinging onto the phone that Gibbs gave him symbolised him trying to cling on to life because Gibbs had ordered him to. Didn't like they way they showed the reason the plague was put in the envelope, that flashback with the screaming just gets on my nerves, but it was needed in away because when the woman said she wasn't raped, the look on Gibbs's face just said it all. Tony had nearly died for nothing. I love this episode. This is my first review and I hope you like it
  • This is one of NCIS' best work!

    I love this episode. This is one of NCIS' best! I only started watching when Ziva was here so I'm not too attached to Kate (I do like her, though). I wonder how Ziva would have reacted should that have happened in her time rather then Kate's... =]

    I love how Tony is still Tony even if he thinks he's minutes away from death. I remember being so close to crying when I first watched this, and I was going in my head: Tony is still alive in season 5, he will survive this, he will survive this!

    I love this episodes, one of my personal favourites. One thing I didn't like though, was the blue lighting. Very uncomfortable to watch.
  • A truly remarkable episode, and perhaps the best of all time!

    This episode is remembered by many as the best, and I can't disagree with that statement, because it was remarkable.

    The episode was extremely suspenseful and the bond between Agents DiNozzo and Todd is evident in this episode, and I think they truly cared for one another.

    Apart from that, the episode is also thoroughly unpredictable and there was also a great element of humour, especially when Gibbs thought Abby had said that he needs another wife.

    I really can't think of a better episode. This one simply had it all. Especially seeing the life of an agent put in danger made it even more special.

    This is remarkable done by NCIS. Truly sensational!
  • Very emotional... one of the best....

    Very emotional... one of the best.... i was one the edge of my seat the whole time.... i was always crying, especially the last fifteen minutes of the episode.... how come kate didn't get sick though?... that was only the odd part... but the rest of the episode definetly made up for it.... everything in this episode changes.... friendships.... relationships.... everyone is pushed to the hardest by everyone else... especially by Gibbs.... it shows how hmuch he cares and that he cares for every team member like they were his family.... one of the top ten... must see NCIS episode!
  • Such an amazing episode!

    This episode is defiantly one of my favorites, and every time I watch this episode, it's like I'm watching it for the very first time, and then you know that you're watching an absolutely amazing episode.
    A pretty mysterious letter shows up at NCIS, and the only that it says is: To Special Agent. And then nothing, at the end of the letter is a SWAK kiss ( hence the title for this episode), Tony right away thinks it's for him and opens the letter. But is turns out to be some sort of attack. Later we find out that Tony has got the plague and has a big change of dying. I was super worried, just like the rest of the NCIS team and of course Tony himself. It's not every day that you are so close to dying. I was praying for Tony to get better. So yeah it was a pretty emotional episode. Luckily all ends well, and Tony won't die so yay!
  • One of my all time favourites !

    This episode opens with Kate having a cold and McGee sorting out the mail for the team. A piece of mail received simply reads, Special Agent. It also has a SWAK kiss on the back and so Tony presumes the letter is for him. When he opens the letter and blows it, a white substance is exposed. Gibbs informs everyone else in the building to leave and so the protocols are started, due to the fine white powder maybe part of a terrorists attack. As part of the protocol, the team hit the showers, and are then taken to Ducky's lab. Their blood is drawn, before Tony is taken away. When they learn that Kate has a cold she is also taken. Abby discovers that the powder inside of the envelope (which also contained a letter), is genetically altered plague. In the letter it talks about an NCIS case, which the sender of the letter wants to be made public. When McGee opens the case file, he discovers that it was a rape case, Gibbs asks for the NCIS on the case to be brought in, but he can't as the NCIS on the case was the agent who sat behind Kate who was murdered a few episodes ago. When the doctor who is looking after Kate & Tony gets the blood work back we learn that everyone is ok, except for Tony. He has been infected. When checking the case, the team believe that the person behind the attack is the female victim's mother. When further investigating is done, the man who altered the plague is found and from him we learn that Tony has a 15% chance of survival. When Gibbs re-interviews the rape victim they learn that she was not raped and that her boyfriend tied her up as a joke, He didn't come back and she later learned that he was hit by a car and died. Back in isolation Kate says with Tony as he is no longer infectious, and his chance of survive seems good.
  • When Tony opens a mysterious letter thinking it's for him, a small puff of white powder comes out, releasing a possible deadly virus. Kate calls for help and as a precaution, she and Tony are isolated in a bio-hazard isolation room.

    I don't normally watch NCIS but I gave this one a chance. It had me glued almost from the get-go. Although I thought the animosity between the two, even in isolation, could've been pushed aside, it was a touching moment of friendship. It just goes to show what disasters can stike in our society & how just a touch of consideration & teamwork can help solve a problem. Great acting, gripping episode! Not a forgetful one!

    While McGee and Gibbs are determined to discover who sent the envelope and how to cure their friends before its too late for them, Tony's health gets worse.
  • This heartwrenching episode tops all episodes from Season 1 to Season 5 so far. A classic indeed.

    This episode just show how genius Bellasario is - is he leaving for sure? MW acted out Tony to perfect 10, with the right dose of whining his 'DiNozzo' style to camouflage his fear of dying. He evoked so much sympathy to audience, that those who found his 'on the surface' juvenile behavior irritating could have change of hearts after this episode. It was heartwrenching to see him deteriorate and weak.

    The same fear of losing Tony, was potrayed differently but excellently by all characters. Gibbs' fierce concern, Ducky's determination, McGee's nervousness, Abb's open worry and Kate's love and sadness. Even knowing Tony would not die, I still cried unshamedly 3/4 of the episode. This episode tops all episodes from Season 1 to Season 5 of NCIS. A classic indeed.
  • Misterious letter shows up... White powder?! Bio attack?! Anthrax, maybe?! Scary at the start, but in the end it just showed why NCIS is such a great success.

    Scary stuff, Tony gets the plague and Kate pretends she got it too to make him feel better for a while. He was sooooo worried about her and the rest of the team... Because he opened the letter, thinking it was for him and could had killed all of them. Nice to see a sentimental part of him and how kate cares about him.
    Beautiful the way Gibbs reacts when one of his team is in jeopardy. In the end, when he slaps Tony's head and kinda order him not to die.
    It is not just another episode, it is THE episode and totally the BEST!
  • Best NCIS episode ever!! My favourite!

    I love this Navy N C I S episode. It is probably the best in my opinion because of all of the emotion in it. It's so sad to watch Tony slowly deteriorate, have trouble breathing, cough up blood. And Gibbs and McGee trying desperately at anything and everything to save him.

    Kate is really good in this episode, staying with him and it's really sad when she has to leave, runs up to Ducky and begins to cry, saying "He's dying, Ducky".

    I love this episode, I've watched it twelve times now and i still could watch it more. Really deserves 10/10.
  • NCIS SWAK review

    When a letter is sent to the NCIS office addressed to a special agent, Tony sees the lipstick mark on the back and decides the letter is for him. He openes the envelope and white powder comes out of the letter. Everyone is sent down to the showers to protect themselves from possible infection of the plague. Tony and Kate are sent to isolation to determine if they have been infected.

    Sadly, it turns out Tony has been. Kate has not been infected but she lies to Tony and says she has so she can stay with him. A close relationship between the two is revealed, despite their endless fighting. This episode was very compelling, full of angst, and team bonding. It is a great watch!
  • The classification says it all.

    SWAK. One of the best if not THE best episode of all of the NCIS eps. The drama is spectacular. The team is not shown as colleagues but as a family. Everyone is worried for Tony, Kate risks being infected with pneumonic plague to stay with him. It is revealed that under all the snarky insults she really cares for him, and him for her. Regarding Kate's violent and untimely death in the following episode, one could say that the Tony/Kate relationship reaches its peak in SWAK. The other genres of the show are also present: the comedy of the shower scene, the action in the interrogation/arrest.
    Overall, SWAK is an exceptional episode. A definite favourite.
  • Possibly the best episode of the series, thus.

    Yes, I admit, I wasn't exactly watching the series when this episode aired, but I now own the NCIS Season Two DVD, and I'm absolutely infatuated with this episode! It is amazing! The character development, the drama, the comedy, the humor, the suspense, everything about it is absolutely amazing! And, of course, we must keep in mind that this was the episode before Kate was killed. With that in mind, we appreciate the situation more. Kate shows her appreciation to Tony by staying with him while he is bedridden with mnemonic plague. It is like it is a last gesture that Kate shows Tony. This episode, to me, marks the end of the Kate-era, whereas twilight, Kill Ari I & II are sort of a limbo state between the Kate-era, and the Ziva-era. This episode, is spectacular!
  • A letter is beeing opened at NCIS, and its contains some sorts of powder. Terrorist? Tony get ill, will he die?

    This is one of my favourites.
    Its exciting, heartpumping and sad.
    And also, you get to see Tony and Kate, caring for oneanother.

    I personally think this is one of the better episode, because when someone in the team is in like Tonys situation, in this episode, they all show another side of them.

    This was also the first time you saw someone in the team being this close to dying, especially for that long time of the program, from beginning to end.

    And the showerscene, thats something I probably never will forget.
    Gibbs are the man, he really know how to chock the others.
  • Lovely episode

    This episode was so great, it really showed how well Michael Weatherly can act, this was his episode! a personal favourite, i loved that tony was hit with a killer disease, but in the end he survived, it also showed how much the team cared about him, gibbs threatening people more then usual, Kate tellign him she also had the disease, staying with him in the inclusion unit and crying for him, and i loved the fact that even though everyone thought he was dying tony still managed to make everyone laugh and stayed in high spirits, this was an extradinary episode one of my favourite episodes out of all the shows i watch, EXCELLENT!
  • DiNozzo opens a mysterious envelope releasing a white powder, unknown to him and the team at first, they later find out it is the Bubonic Plague. DiNozza and Kate are put into isolation, but only DiNozza is infected.

    I just re-watched the first two seasons again on DVD, this episode was definately one of the bests episode's to date. It really shows how good Michael Weatherly and Sasha Alexander are at acting. What made this episode so good was that, throughout the first two seasons, Kate and Tony were always bickering but by the end of the episode it really showed that the two have bonded and become more like a brother and sister than just team members. This is definately a pivotal episode where NCIS is concerned, it not only shows Tony and Kate in a brother and sister context, but it also shows the team as a whole as a family.
  • Really good episode.

    I began watching this show when it made it's debut on JAG and liked it from the beginning.
    SWAK is now my 2nd favorite episode. I liked seeing the characters vunreable and showing how much they really care for each other, it's a nice balance with the humor of the show.

    Gets a 9.5 rating due to the overlong scene with Sarah explaining to Gibbs and Cassie why she lied about being raped. Scene should have been shorter and without all the flashbacks.
  • samrt old tony opens evelope filled with plage. and you biggs, how he wont quite until he finds his answer. this is a very sad episode!!!

    this episode still makes me cry when i watch it, even though ive aeen it a million times! it was defintantly a sad episode, i really thought tony might die. tony got lucky but next time he might not get that lucky. i would be crushed if tony ever died because i really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • whoa

    this is one of my favourite episodes of NCIS. i have seen it so many times that i know it off by heart. i think it is a real tony and kate episode (TATE FOREVER) and i thought it was really sad. i know the big fight between them in the middle like the back of my hand. i think that most people don't really want to know about NCIS HQ and just want to go back to the scenes an Bethesda. i know i do. correct me if i am wrong. i take that back i do care. i can't believe i said i didn't. i'm such liar. anyway, i loved this episode and i anways will. there are some really great quality lines in there and i can watch it anytime i want cause i have it on DVD and recorded on at least 3 tapes because it is that great. brlliant
  • WHOA! Intense!

    The classification 'Series Classic' does NOT sum up this episode. Something like incredible or mind-blowing would be way better.

    I heard all the hype leading up to me watching SWAK and I wasn't expecting it to be so unbelievably sad to watch. The scenes with Tony looking as if he was living his last few minutes of his life were amazing. I was in tears and let me assure you, I do not cry easily.

    The characterization was brilliant. I don't know if it was just me but Tony and Kate definitely bonded. I loved the way Kate let her guard down and cried towards the end. It really showed that she cared.

    This ep is definitely going at the top of my favourites list. 10/10
  • Tony opens a letter containing white powder- a possible bio-weapon. Tony and Kate are sent to Bethesda while Gibbs, Abby, McGee and Ducky try to find out what the powder is and who sent it. Meanwhile, Tony begins to get sick and time is running out.

    I LOVE THIS EPISODE! Not only is it the first NCIS epsiode i ever watched (so it holds some sentimental value) but it is a fantastic story!

    It's sad to see Kate get upset as she begins to realise Tony might die, reafirming how close they and the whole team are (but making what happens next in 'Twilight' so much worse :-(

    This epsiode also sets itself apart through the fantastic story. I loved the aspect of using a bio-weapon, a very real part of our own society, especially with the threat of Anthrax.

    However, as much as i love this ep, i did feel like the ending was a little weak. It almost seemed like they ran out of time and ended it all in a bit of rush. But it was nice to see Gibbs come in and make sure Tony wasn't going to die (we all know Gibbs likes Tony, even if he might never admit it!)

    Fantastic Episode! Definitly a favourite!
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