Season 3 Episode 5


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 2005 on CBS

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  • Switching places

    Mm.. This case did not looked too interesting. I mean, it was very confusing in some moments because of the double identity.. it was very shocking in other moments as you did not expected that.. but the pearl of this episode for me, was the team interaction. McGee playing that man and trying to get the package.. the whole tension with Ziva as Abby does not like her.. I really like that twist with the story as everyone else accepted her quite easily. And then ofcourse the box thing what bomb squad blow to pieces.. it looks like the meat puzzle - storyline what will come back later.
  • I really enjoyed this one. It was very exciting for me.

    Although not the best of episodes, 'Switch' is still a personal favorite, because I really enjoyed the storyline throughout this one.

    I thought that the case was a very difficult one to solve, because at one point, it seemed that nothing fit in place.

    I also enjoyed the reference to my other favorite show, The Amazing Race, which was made in this episode.

    I thought the episode was extremely unpredictable and there was an unexpected twist around every corner.

    All in all, I would recommend this episode really highly. However, the episode lacked comedy, which was perhapd the only down side.

    I also loved the very last scene with Abby and Ziva in the elevator.

    Great episode by NCIS!
  • A man is killed whilst talking to his wife.

    The episode opens with a man on the phone to his wife having an argument. As they talk, he get shoot and the car keeps moving and ends up going down a hill. The team are called in to investigate. The wife is there, who tells the Ziva that she heard a shot, and that she could hear him moaning for a few minutes after. The name of the petty officer killed, is Jerry Smith. When Tony & Ziva go to information his CO, that he is dead, they discover that Jerry Smith is sitting at his desk in the next office. They learn from his CO that he is hardly the brightest petty officer, in the office. Ziva & Gibbs go to visit his wife and have to inform her that her husband was not who he said he was. During the autopsy Ducky discovers that the bullet didn't kill him, the effects of the crash did. When Abby runs his prints she discovers that he actually is Jerry Smith. The one which Tony & Ziva went to see was the real impersonator. The team believe that they had the whole swap thing planned, for a while. The team manage to track down the impersonator, and the team learn that they swapped places as the new CO was the husband of a wife who the real Jerry was caught sleeping with. His CO is their main suspect in the murder, but he has an alibi. The team then turn their attention to his wife and learn that he cheated on her on their wedding day and she confesses to killing him.
  • I enjoyed this episode.

    I quite liked this episode, but it wasn't anything too special in my opinion. I did thought that is was well written and the case was very interested. It kept me guessing throughout the whole episode, which is always a good thing. I really didn't know what was going to happen, and who really was who ect. I liked the part with the monkey, that was funny and made me laugh. I enjoyed the elevator conversation between Gibbs and Ziva. I really like them together in one scene, this is mainly because Ziva isn't intimidated by Gibbs. She dares to speak her mind in front in him and I really admire that in Ziva.
  • good episode...

    The team investigates the death of a marine that was shot while driving. It turned out that he switched places with another. In the end, his wife was the one that killed him. I actually was not expecting the wife to be the culprit, which was interesting. I didn't really like the story line. The whole idea of two people switching lives was just not interesting. I did like the elevator conversation with Gibbs and Ziva; that was more great character development. . . Overall, this episode didn't have an interesting story, but still had good humor and good character development.
  • great episode

    A naval officer is shot dead while driving on a freeway. The NCIS team investigates the death and they find out that the officer have switched identities with another sailor. But the NCIS team analyzes that dead sailor's final message, it leads them to another clue that they didn't expect. It's a great episode, it's action packed, a lot of things happen within this episode. I enjoyed watching it from start to finish. The writers surely came up with a nice plot this week. The mystery was unraveled slowly, and when it leads to a very satisfying climax. It's a great episode.
  • "An average episode. It was definitely not funny, but it had some good parts."

    "An average episode. It was definitely not funny, but it had some good parts."

    I was actually disappointed. The previous episode, Silver Wars was definitely great, and this one was really... huh... average.

    Yes, of course, there were good and funny parts in the episode, like the one where Gibbs is trying to see the picture upside-down, and McGee says "I can flip it, boss." and Gibbs gives him ... a Gibbs-look, or the one where he is squintinq with Abby. :p

    Hmh, anyway, without those parts... huh, just an average episode. Well, at least, next episode is really good. :)
  • Another suprising episode from CBS.

    At first glance the episode seems to be rather similiar to other previous episodes. This however is not true. The real Gibbs is back and watching his interactions with Ziva crack me up. He treats her the same as the rest of the team but also seems to have a greater level of respect for her. I really find it amusing that she's such a mix of all the different characters on the show. Palmer falling down the hill was pretty funny. He should have listened when Ducky told him to get different shoes. The resolution of the crime was great, although somewhat unexpected.
  • This was a great episode. I didn't guess the ending.

    This was a great episode. It was setting up info for future plotlines. I like that Abby hates Ziva. Everyone else seems to be tolerating her. I wish we could see more of Lauren Holly. The interaction between her and Gibb is great. The plotline of switched identities was a great, it had a slight twist.
  • Gibbs continues to be the big tough guy and Ziva is starting to fit in...

    I love NCIS, but this episode was a bit on the boring side. Is it me or is Gibbs being more of a harda$$ than usual? Granted most of it is because of the addition of Ziva. The best part was Gibbs and Abby squinting at the message in blood. Gibbs made sure to look around first to make sure no one was watching!
  • Ziva is getting better.

    We are starting to learn more about Ziva. She doesnt enteract with women well. I thought she did alright. Her and Gibbs interaction is getting good. ANd I think things will be alright with her and Abby after awhile. Gibbs telling Abby he would start popping her like Tony and not on the head was great. The look on her face it was like she was heartbroken. Good episode. Keeps getting better.
  • Identity Theft or Blatant Lying? Great episode.

    Identity Theft or Blatant Lying?

    I loved how this episode started with McGee having a possible identity theft. Of course, it's not identity theft I found funny but what was purchased and the fact that Tony told him.

    The case started off to be a challenging one with the corpse being somewhere downhill, and Ziva not knowing how to deal with women. What a way to bring in a new female agent that can't connect with her own sex. I found this episode developed Ziva more, and proved that she does have the ability to be a great investigator. She caught on very fast despite her lack of experience in the investigative field. But she really is a person with no sense of humour, except when dealing with Tony. She is a strange one though, defying Gibbs at times. But it gives for great and interesting dynamics. She was really revealing today, self-disclosing to Gibbs.

    I love that McGee and Tony are helping out Ziva, as opposed to when McGee was new. Are they giving her better treatment because she's a woman?

    The Petty Officer (John Kirby) that stole an identity is a geek. No way to describe it but a geek, and according to his C.O., a stupid geek.

    I really noticed the music in today's episode for some reason and found it to be a great addition emphasizing certain points in the show.

    I really hate it when important witnesses keep information to themselves. It just makes me hate them all that much more for being idiots. That being said, it's always a great way to complicate an investigation.

    The ending, though shocking, was not surprising. However, I like that Abby and Ziva are trying to get a friendship.

    Scary & Disgusting Moments:
    1. McGee knowing the Career Barbie outfit.
    2. For once, they showed a full autopsy, and that was disgusting, eventhough it was a dummy on the slab.

    Funny Moments:
    1. Tony teasing McGee on pornography and identity theft.
    2. Palmer knowing how to hike, but losing control downhill leading to a sprained ankle.
    3. Tony: "How about you kill my experienced buttocks?"
    4. Reference to the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese sandwich on EBay.
    5. Tony's love for Aloha shirts and Magumn P.I.
    6. McGee in an Aloha shirt being tapped on the face by Ziva.
    7. Ziva: "Keep what in his pants?"
    Tony: "You're kidding, right?"
  • Please tell beloved could not wait for commercials. GGRRRR! I saw the "geek" being interrogated and then the ladies in the elevator. What was in the evidence box? What do they need to solve? What happened in between? Thank you. I did enjoy

    Please tell beloved could not wait for commercials. GGRRRR! I saw the "geek" being interrogated and then the ladies in the elevator. What was in the evidence box? What do they need to solve? What happened in between? Thank you.
    I did enjoy Abby & Gibbs squinting. I wonder who will become romantically involved.
  • Identity theft a few times. The team is still trying to mesh, jell, whatever, and not much excitement.

    I didn't think much happened in the episode. I did enjoy the tension between David and Gibbs, but it wasn't enough to excite me unduly. I will still watch the show, and I will still praise it to my friends. I just hope that future episodes are more enticing and live up to my expectations.