Season 8 Episode 19


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 29, 2011 on CBS

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  • Very sad that again episode after episode Di Nozo is detroying the pleasure in watching NCIS. In every normal company he would be fired and never would have a job again. Not only that, he also would be put tocourt.


    Very sad that again episode after episode Di Nozo is detroying the pleasure in watching NCIS. In every normal company he would be fired and never would have a job again. Not only that, he also would be put tocourt.

    But not in NCIS there he can do what he wants, stealing things, sexual abuse, etc etc. Everything is possible, but working NO WAY.

    And then they say that he is the best agent??

    It say everything about NCIS.

  • This was a bit of a disappointment for me. Two reasons.

    Firstly, I would like to say that the cast performed their roles in exceptional style, as always. Mark Harmon and Joe Spano are a wonderful duo in this episode. Job well done.

    Now, to the thick of the episode. The writers of this episode, Nicole Mirante and Reed Steiner are clearly fans of Tom Clancy novels, as this episode holds a lot of commonality to the novel 'The Teeth of the Tiger', by Clancy. I'll explain.

    The episode contains a plot about a counter-terrorism operation known as BIRDSONG, involving the elimination of terrorist arms dealers. The leader of the operation was a Marine First Lieutenant - Brian Caruso was a Marine Captain involved in Special Operations in Afghanistan, as per Clancy's novel.

    One of the murder victims in this episode was drugged with the substance Succinylmonocholine. The substance that Domonic and Brian Caruso in Clancy's novel was the same thing. They used it to terminate known or linked terrorists, because it leaves very little trace in the target's body because it metabolises rapidly, giving the look of a myocardial infarction. It is also noted in both the book and the episode that it would take a very persistent and exceptionally thorough medical examiner or forensic scientist to isolate the drug once administered.

    Bottom line, it is appearing that NCIS is beginning to lose originality points.
  • 819

    "Tell-All" is just another season 8 episode of NCIS. I am sure that it will satisfy most of the show's older fanbase, but for a younger viewer like myself I was left a little bit disappointed. I got into NCIS thanks to reruns on USA Network, much like a lot of people I believe. The show used to build on these characters and feature episodes that did not solely focus on the case at hand. That kind of writing has been absent as of late. Just look at today's show. Entirely devoted to the case and maybe one minute at the end about Gibbs feelings for a woman. One or two minutes of him in his basement working. I would have liked to see more of Jethro's take on life and less of the fairly pedestrian case we had this week, but it seems like that it is not the ratio NCIS is moving in as it seems more intent on creating episodes to get more syndication dollars than to expand creatively.
  • A nice return to NCIS basics

    This episode is refreshing after the last two. This is a basic "classical" NCIS. The suspicion that a double murder has been committed resulting from an illegal weapon sales of a prototype turns out to be the traditional jealous husband with a twist of a mistaken identity. The episode is well thought off and exciting to watch and it seemed that every indication leads to the prototype weapon issueand a seemingly loving and worried husband turns out to be the real bad guy. I enjoyed this episode a great deal and hope that the next few episodes this season will be of the same level of entertainment and suspense. As usual Gibbs and the rest of the team are great!
  • Not a bad episoed. The case was a tricky one to solve.

    I really enjoyed this NCIS episode, because the case was a difficult one to solve. THE NCIS team had been looking at the case from a military perspective, regarding Operation Birdsong, but the motive was actually much more simple and typical.

    The motive was a great moment in the episode, as they led us to believe they weere after terrorists. I also enjoyed the interrogation of the 'arms dealer'. THat was really funny!

    There wasn't too much great humour throughout the episode, although Gibbs' and Fornell's ex-wivfes getting married was a funny story! Neither fo them decided to go!

    All up, a great case! Hope hthis trend will continue and I can't wait for next week's! Keep it up, NCIS, and I highlly recommend this episode!
  • Back to the NCIS i love :D

    I must admit that the last few episodes were a bit of a disapointment for me (and that is extremely hard for me to say because i love the show), but i absolutely loved every minute of last night's episode. after last weeks 1 hour episode set practically all in the interrogation room with no sub-plot, i was hoping for a better episode this week. and that's what i got! firstly, i loved the whole sub-plot about the marriages. i think it got the characters to speak a little bit about their ideas on marriage too (especially TIVA). it still annoys me though that tony is lying about Barrett to Ziva, but lets just see what happens next week when ray comes. anyway, back to the whole marriages thing, i especially found the scene where tony was reading the letter in the women's shower room and ziva found him there really amusing. i think the NCIS restrooms have a specail importance for TIVA! i felt really sad when Fornell said to Gibbs 'I just gave the bride away'. really sad, but it also shows that maybe gibbs didn't go because he was sad. i laughed at the fact however, when we found out that Diane was marrying a homeland security guy! seriously! the murder story was good too, although people are claiming it's similar to a book, but i don't really care. i loved the interrogation scene with the college girl. she was, well lets put it this way, evil. it annoyed me that she didn't care about all the people she killed. hopefully, NCIS will continue like this in this season and i'm looking forward to the finale :D
  • well, nothing happened

    I had such high expectations for this week's episode, especially to see Vance again, in his usual downer mood.

    But, there was a crime with 2 victims, with a connection a book. Tony referred the connection to the movie "the Ring", although I couldn't understand, why there was such a reference. Just as Dinozzo always predicts, the killer was the "spouse", the husband, although, he wasn't even interrogated in the first place (that's a little weird).

    Besides the "usual" plot. I admired Gibbs, when he kind of humiliated the Admiral who refused to answer on Gibbs' questions about the investigation.

    It was a plus to see Fornell again, and also we saw DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency). Moreover, we learned the Fornell and Gibbs' ex-wife was getting remarried and they were both invited.

    There is nothing more to this episode. Only thing we can do is to wait next week's episode and see what Barrett is up to.
  • 2 dead bodies and a book

    I like the twist in tonight's episode. The two deaths were investigated as caused by a book about what transpired in some secret assignment to curtail terrorism but the deaths were not due to the presumed arms' dealer plot but because of a jealous husband. It only show that whatever the reason, however domesticated the reason is, a murder is a murder. It is sad when people choose the route of murder when they feel betrayed by their loved ones or those that they trust -- instead of just walking away and as Gibbs said -- he (the killer) should have just divorced the wife!
  • A standard murder story, albeit with a little twist, and a few nice moments in between.

    I have to say, this one didn't really excite me like the previous few episodes have. The story was good, but I have come to expect more from NCIS, especially after the likes of "Defiance" and "Kill Screen."

    Though the episode started out as a standard murder with national security implications, I'm glad it took a different turn towards the end. I'm not saying I don't like the "high-stakes" terrorism storylines, I just think they should be used sparingly so as not to lose their impact. The theme was certainly handled well here, though the episode as whole wasn't particularly memorable.

    Aside from the story, there were some nice little character moments throughout, such as the Ducky/Palmer chat in the morgue, Tony/Ziva in the bathroom and the lab (funny!), and Gibbs/Fornell; I particularly liked their reminiscing and Gibbs' line, "She caught her finger in a car door once," in response to Fornell asking him if there were any good moments in his relationship. Kudos to the writer. The only qualm I have with Fornell is that his reasons for appearing in the series sometimes seem a little contrived, as is the case in this episode.

    On the subject of characters, I noticed Agent Barratt was again missing from this episode, only to be mentioned by Ziva. I'm starting to wonder if there is a storyline developing between those two and it will be interesting to see what happens. I predict the producers are keeping her guest appearances down this season so as to increase the surprise of her joining the main cast next season, in place of Director Vance. But only time will tell!

    This was also another episode that seemed heavy on the guest actors. Aside from Joe Spano (Fornell), I only recognised Carl Lumbly (of Alias fame) who played the role of the Admiral well, but I think for me, Melissa Farman (Alexis Ross) stood out from the rest. She played the role of the rude, stuck up student well and it would be nice if she was able to come back in a future storyline, though I doubt it will happen.

    In conclusion, I neither really liked nor disliked this episode. It was an average story with some great little moments here and there and a nice twist at the end. But these were not enough to bring it above many of the other - great - season 8 episodes. I'm rating this one 7/10 - good, but not good enough.
  • Good typical NCIS episode, with some qualms.

    Another typical, good NCIS episode. It moved quickly from one red herring to another, and the characters were always a joy to watch interacting.

    The producers never bothered to show us how the arms dealers (the Admiral and the coed) learned about the upcoming book, obtained a manuscript and knew that a copy was kept at the author's locker (and yet they didn't know the identities of the author or his comrades). But that is OK with me; the writers can keep certain things unexplained.

    What troubles me some are the following, in inverse order of importance:
    (1) in the introduction, I got furious about the obnoxious boyfriend complaining about EVERY comment his girlfriend made about enjoying the nature scenery.
    (2) the whole thing about the wedding invitations was amusing but stupid once you think about it. Gibbs threw the invitation in the trash, but it was obviously an RSVP. Maybe if he had answered, he wouldn't have received three invitations? I also don't know why Tony should care who sent the invitation or why Gibbs should keep it a secret. The whole thing seemed childish to me.
    (3) why would the victim Casey write (in blood) "Birdsong" on the rock? Very misleading and a long word. Much better and natural to have written "Archer," "Mr Archer," "Derrick" or "Elise's husband" etc. Archer would surely have told Casey why he was about to kill him.
    (4) I get tired of Ducky explaining in too many episodes how the victim died a slow and painful death, as in this one regarding the special bullets. Frankly, I could do without his long explanations in general.
    (5) Melissa Farman, who played the arms dealing-coed, was a terrific presence and should have a great future, but her character's simpering reaction to the certainty of being sentenced to a long jail term for arms dealing and the explosion (even if she didn't kill anyone) was unbelievable/crazy. (6) I can understand the bad guys making hasty, stupid decisions, but still -- the husband-murderer should have at least ditched the murder weapon bearing his prints, and shouldn't have used a rare medicine that could only be used by EMT-type persons such as him.
    (7) a real fluke that Tony came up with the key charred piece of paper about the bad guy "clearing his throat" (leading to the Admiral and a hard copy of the book).
    (8) bad move of the wife (Elise Archer) not to take out that dedication page, "For E A with love and thanks for the happiest days of my life." -- what with the book on the nightstand for days in her and her husband's bedroom.