Season 2 Episode 6

Terminal Leave

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2004 on CBS
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When an Iraq veteran is threatened by a group of terrorists, the NCIS team steps in to protect her. While trying to convince an FBI Agent to help them, the team is convinced that they've discovered the bomber. However, things might not be what they seem.

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  • Making a choice

    So.. this episode seems to be about family.. A Iraq veteran is taking a leave to be with her family when she happens to become target.. And not only her but her family too. So we have team trying to protect the family.. what is not easy as some of them are not very co-operative. Kate has to have few hard moments with the girl and Tony want to be more liked than McGee.. But behind all that family dynamic and tension.. there is somehow easier answer to it all.. and even if the hints were before.. then.. that last scene.. driving away.. everything looking ok.. and then Gibbs realizing.. that was good way to end the episode.moreless
  • A very interesting case.

    I laughed when Shields asked whether her *exploding car* wasn't an accident?! Do her cars explode often? If so, I'd like to know what kind of car she was driving!

    Gibbs can be so funny sometimes, he actually bit the flash drive! He's so adorable when he's teasing.

    I don't know who's worse – Ducky can be as bloodthirsty as Gibbs, either they've rubbed off on each other or Ducky's got a really dark side that's well hidden.

    The Shields family is having a rough week – first terrorists then a deranged affair-gone-wrong. It does balance the scales – Mickey brought the terrorists into their family's lives but her husband brought the psycho girlfriend.

    Not a favourite episode of mine but I think just because I didn't like the actress that played Shields.moreless
  • One mighty episode! I love this one a lot!

    This is a rather excellent episode, if I might say so. The storyline is unprecedented, and I enjoy seeing cases that are different to anything we have seen before.

    I thought the episode was really funny as well. There were a lot of funny scenes, and I particularly enjoyed the scene with Agents DiNozzo and Todd in the bathroom. For me personally, the dynamics between those two characters is one of a kind.

    For me, the case was also well planned. However, one little let down for me was that the ending was sort of predictable.

    I recommend this episode very, very highly, along with this season's premiere. Personally, it is one of my favorites, and I really enjoy this episode time after time!

    Great work, NCIS!moreless
  • A family is put under threat

    This episode open with a woman going food shopping and as she goes in the car park, her trolley slips away from her and goes into her SUV, which causes her SUV to explode. The potential victim Nikki is a Navy aviator, who was working in Iraq. She was recently involved in an explosion in Iraq which killed some people. Due to the team thinking that it is a terrorist threat against her, the whole family are put under protection by NCIS. As Tony and Kate follow Nikki as she goes for her morning run, they notice that they are being followed, and then a parked car by the side of the road explodes. Luckily no ne got hurt. The team manage to find out who the bomber was, and he gets arrested. As the NCIS team leaves, Gibbs realises that the two bombs used, were completely different and therefore were not done by the same people. As the team go back to the house they see that a neighbour is inside the house. It turns out that while his wife was away the husband was having an affair with her and she wanted Nikki out of the picture, so that they could be together. Nikki killed the woman who had a gun in self defence.moreless
  • Interesting case.

    This wasn't really your typical NCIS episode, or so I at least thought, but it's still a very good NCIS episode. The whole family drama in this episode, was very realistic. I loved it that they didn't do the whole happy family, I mean every family has problems. So I was glad that they did something a little more realistic. The ending was very shocking, I really did not see that coming. I mean what was that woman thinking. I will never understand some people. This episode had enough action in it, and humor to keep it a real NCIS episode. Especially love the scene where Kate is in the shower and Tony is also in the bathroom, that was funny.moreless
Mark Harmon

Mark Harmon

Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs

Sasha Alexander

Sasha Alexander

Special Agent Kate Todd

Michael Weatherly

Michael Weatherly

Special Agent Tony DiNozzo

Pauley Perrette

Pauley Perrette

Forensics Specialist Abby Sciuto

Sean Murray (I)

Sean Murray (I)

Special Agent Tim McGee

David McCallum

David McCallum

Chief M.E. Ducky Mallard

David Henrie

David Henrie

Willy Shields

Guest Star

Mary Page Keller

Mary Page Keller

Lt. Commander Michaela "Micki" Shields

Guest Star

Elizabeth Peña

Elizabeth Peña

FBI Agent Lina Reyes

Guest Star

Brian Dietzen

Brian Dietzen

Asst. M.E. Jimmy Palmer

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • GOOF: Before Gibbs does his U-turn, there are four people in the car, but as the car spins you can see that there are no passengers in the back seat.

    • TRIVIA: M.T.A.C. stands for Multiple Threat Assessment Center, as McGee states while playing Unreal Tournament.

    • GOOF: When Tony, Kate and commander Shields are out running, Tony mentions that they are being followed by a white van. Just after, in the next shot, we see the three of them running and Tony has his weapon out, even though he doesn't get it out until the shot after that.

    • GOOF: The reporter calls Silver Spring, MD, "Silver Springs."

    • TRIVIA: Towards the end of the episode, when Gibbs makes a sharp U-turn in the middle of the street; the shot used is exactly the same one from episode 1.17, "The Truth Is Out There."

    • TRIVIA: The FBI agent got pretty angry when Gibbs removed the USB "thumb drive" from the computer without properly unmounting it. However, this isn't such a BIG deal with today's operating systems as they take it into account that most people just pull it. So, as long as files aren't actively being read or written at the time, then she shouldn't have lost any data.

    • TRIVIA: Ducky says he is going to do a "forensic autopsy" on the dog. Technically, only humans are autopsied. With animals it is called a "necropsy."

  • QUOTES (35)

    • McGee: Gibbs is prepping Roland Alan Moore for interrogation.
      Reyes: Prepping? You mean like physically abusing him?
      McGee: No, no, no, no. Gibbs never lays a finger on a suspect. At least not after we have them in custody.

    • Abby: Cool. So, what is he? Some sort of killer shop teacher?
      Gibbs: Killer squid. Thanks, Abbs.

    • Abby: (About Reyes) I think she has the hots for you. (Gibbs gives Abby a look) Okay, you're right, she is so not your type.

    • Kate: I'll take the front door.
      Tony: Then I demand to take the rear.

    • Kate: (talking to herself) Two! Twenty-two, fourteen, twenty two!
      Tony: Women, Willy. Can't live with them... Can't think of a reason why you'd want to.

    • Willy: Goal! Hey, touch me, it's child abuse.

    • Gibbs: While you are hoping, I have a Navy family living in fear they'll be executed on the way to the mall.

    • Micki: Okay. NCIS. So I take it this wasn't an accident?

    • Willy: Have you shot anybody?
      Tony: Not this week.

    • Tony: I want double overtime for this, boss. That kid's a nightmare.
      Gibbs: He reminds me of you.

    • Kate: I don't trust her.
      Gibbs: Good. You're learning.

    • Gibbs: We going to let these people get on with their lives, or we going to stand here and stare them to death?

    • Palmer: Yeah. When I was a kid, I used to bury our pets under our porch till my mom found out. She was pretty upset.
      Ducky: They didn't want you to bury your pets?
      Palmer: No. We lived on the tenth floor of an apartment building.

    • Tony: Hey, listen. You..You and me, we're kinda going to be hangin'.
      Willy: You are kidding.
      Tony: It's gonna be great.
      Willy: It already sucks.

    • Tony: Hey, yeah. I remember how I felt when my dog died, Willy.
      Willy: Bite me.
      (Tony growls at Willy)

    • Kate: Running out in the open? This is not a good idea.
      Tony: Well, she's stubborn, won't listen to reason, and is definitely used to getting her own way. Kind of reminds me of someone.
      Kate: Yeah, like a female Gibbs.
      Tony: See, I was thinking you.

    • Reyes: Don't worry, okay? After that, the FBI will pick up protection.
      Gibbs: Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of.

    • Kate: Daughter's boyfriend. Probably not the first time he's snuck in, but I guarantee, the last. Mom packs a Glock.
      Gibbs: Where is Romeo now?
      Kate: On his way home to change his pants. And Juliet is getting her butt reamed by the Capulets.

    • Kate: I've run presidential protection details, Reyes. You don't assign two undercover units without coordination.
      Gibbs: She's not interested in protection, Kate.
      Kate: You wanted them to try again.
      Gibbs: The FBI thinks the assassination team after the commander is part of a much larger operation.
      Kate: And we're the bait to draw them out.
      Reyes: Our Intel indicates that they were planning something catastrophic. We were hoping by observing this team that they would lead us to the rest of the network.
      Kate: And if the commander and her family just happen to die in the process? Wow. And I thought Fornell was a bastard.

    • Gibbs: My people are protecting that family. If they have to, they will die doing it. If that happens... ask Fornell what I'd do.

    • McGee: If Gibbs sees me playing this...
      Gibbs: Hey. McGee.
      McGee: Yeah boss?
      Gibbs: Status report.
      Willy: YES! Haha!
      Tony: McGee.
      McGee: Uh... girl is-is in a room. Um their parents are-are in the kitchen with Kate and, uh, I guess you know where the boy is.
      Gibbs: Yup.
      McGee: Won't happen again.
      Gibbs: I know.

    • Kate: You know, you should be flattered. I used to protect the President.
      Jen: Of what?
      Kate: The United States.
      Jen: Really? And now you're protecting me.
      Kate: And your whole family.
      Jen: What a waste. Might be four people... but it's not a family.

    • Reyes: Hey. Where the hell are you going? Gibbs. Oh, you must be Gibbs. Fornell's mentioned you.

    • Gibbs: I'll get their names.
      Reyes: Oh? How? You going to force feed him your coffee?
      Gibbs: You see, DiNozzo was wrong about you. You do have a sense of humor. Don't miss the 6:00 news, Agent Reyes.
      Reyes: What the hell have you done?
      Gibbs: Nothing yet. But isn't our FBI using an American family as terrorist bait news?
      Reyes: You'll blow our entire operation.
      Gibbs: Sure. But I'll also get Moore in my chat room.
      Reyes: Look, even an agent as arrogant as you are has to know that what you're threatening is a career ender.
      Gibbs: Only if he doesn't talk. If he does it's a career maker. Suzanne McRoberts, please. Special Agent Gibbs, NCIS. You've seen Suzanne on TV. She's cute, blonde, does the anchor on the news. That had better mean we have a deal or you're going to lose a finger.
      Reyes: You don't crack Moore, the appendage that I'll cut off will mean so much more to you than a finger.

    • Kate: You're being too hard on yourself, Commander. From where I stand, you're a role model.
      Micki: You know what was my biggest fear in the Navy? This feeling that ... everything that I was fighting for, everything that I wanted to protect ... wouldn't be here when I got back. And now I've brought the war home with me.

    • Kate: What are you doing?!
      Tony: Uh... listening.
      Kate: That is just wrong.
      Tony: Sneaking your horny boyfriend into a house filled with armed federal agents who are on the lookout for Al Qaeda assassins-- that's wrong, Kate. Me? I'm just trying to gather some valuable intel so I can do my job better.

    • Kate: (coming into the bathroom as Kate showers) Tony! Out of here. Now!
      Tony: What? I'm just brushing my teeth. Oh, hey, don't use up the hot water 'cause you've been in there forever.
      Kate: Tony, how long have you been in here?
      Tony: Long enough to know you can't sing... and haven't shaved your legs in a week. 'Outrageous.'

    • Kate: Tony...
      Tony: Yes, Kate, dear?
      Kate: There's only one bathroom downstairs.
      Tony: And your point is?
      Kate: The seat stays down.
      Tony: Unless it's up.

    • Tony: Oh, sounds like we're goin to need the infrared scope on this one, McGee.
      McGee: The one that can see through walls at night?
      Tony: Better than pay-TV, and, the best part? It's free.
      Kate: And that's the reason why, Tony.
      Tony: Why what, Kate?
      Kate: You'll never get my home address.

    • Kate: Where are you going?
      Jen: Bathroom. Why, you want to watch me pee, Special Agent Todd?

    • Micki: It's a run. What's the worst that could happen?
      David: Uh, you could get shot by a sniper.
      Micki: That would solve a lot of problems, wouldn't it?

    • Gibbs: It was your people that were lucky today, Agent Reyes.
      Reyes: Oh, yeah? How do you figure that?
      Gibbs: Because my people shoot to kill.

    • Gibbs: I see something.
      Abby: You see speckling, Gibbs.

    • Abby: Um. Machine making pretty pictures now.

    • (Kate hands something to Jennifer)
      Kate: You tell anyone where you got it, I will deny under oath.
      Jen: A blank hall pass.
      Kate: Signed by the principal.
      Jen: Undated.
      Kate: Erasable ink is the key. It's always worked for me.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Mary Page Keller joins the group of people who have appeared in both of Donald P. Bellisario's Navy shows. She had previously appeared in 3 episodes of JAG, also as a Navy pilot.

    • The song Kate is singing in the shower is "Outrageous" by Britney Spears.

    • Original International Airdates:
      Croatia: October 06, 2005 on NOVA TV
      Finland: March 17, 2007 on Nelonen
      France: September 09, 2005 on M6
      Germany: October 06, 2005 on SAT.1
      Sweden: June 04, 2005 on TV3
      Denmark: November 16, 2004 on TV3


    • Boy at school: Are you gonna go with me or not? Yes or no. What's it gonna be Jen?!

      This line paraphrases a stanza in Meatloaf's song "Paradise by the Dashboard Light."

    • Gibbs: Where is Romeo now?
      Kate: On his way home to change his pants. And Juliet is getting her butt reamed by the Capulets.

      From Shakespeare's famous play, Romeo and Juliet. Romeo used to sneak into Juliet's bedroom at night.