Season 2 Episode 6

Terminal Leave

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2004 on CBS

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  • Making a choice

    So.. this episode seems to be about family.. A Iraq veteran is taking a leave to be with her family when she happens to become target.. And not only her but her family too. So we have team trying to protect the family.. what is not easy as some of them are not very co-operative. Kate has to have few hard moments with the girl and Tony want to be more liked than McGee.. But behind all that family dynamic and tension.. there is somehow easier answer to it all.. and even if the hints were before.. then.. that last scene.. driving away.. everything looking ok.. and then Gibbs realizing.. that was good way to end the episode.
  • A very interesting case.

    I laughed when Shields asked whether her *exploding car* wasn't an accident?! Do her cars explode often? If so, I'd like to know what kind of car she was driving!

    Gibbs can be so funny sometimes, he actually bit the flash drive! He's so adorable when he's teasing.

    I don't know who's worse – Ducky can be as bloodthirsty as Gibbs, either they've rubbed off on each other or Ducky's got a really dark side that's well hidden.

    The Shields family is having a rough week – first terrorists then a deranged affair-gone-wrong. It does balance the scales – Mickey brought the terrorists into their family's lives but her husband brought the psycho girlfriend.

    Not a favourite episode of mine but I think just because I didn't like the actress that played Shields.
  • One mighty episode! I love this one a lot!

    This is a rather excellent episode, if I might say so. The storyline is unprecedented, and I enjoy seeing cases that are different to anything we have seen before.

    I thought the episode was really funny as well. There were a lot of funny scenes, and I particularly enjoyed the scene with Agents DiNozzo and Todd in the bathroom. For me personally, the dynamics between those two characters is one of a kind.

    For me, the case was also well planned. However, one little let down for me was that the ending was sort of predictable.

    I recommend this episode very, very highly, along with this season's premiere. Personally, it is one of my favorites, and I really enjoy this episode time after time!

    Great work, NCIS!
  • A family is put under threat

    This episode open with a woman going food shopping and as she goes in the car park, her trolley slips away from her and goes into her SUV, which causes her SUV to explode. The potential victim Nikki is a Navy aviator, who was working in Iraq. She was recently involved in an explosion in Iraq which killed some people. Due to the team thinking that it is a terrorist threat against her, the whole family are put under protection by NCIS. As Tony and Kate follow Nikki as she goes for her morning run, they notice that they are being followed, and then a parked car by the side of the road explodes. Luckily no ne got hurt. The team manage to find out who the bomber was, and he gets arrested. As the NCIS team leaves, Gibbs realises that the two bombs used, were completely different and therefore were not done by the same people. As the team go back to the house they see that a neighbour is inside the house. It turns out that while his wife was away the husband was having an affair with her and she wanted Nikki out of the picture, so that they could be together. Nikki killed the woman who had a gun in self defence.
  • Interesting case.

    This wasn't really your typical NCIS episode, or so I at least thought, but it's still a very good NCIS episode. The whole family drama in this episode, was very realistic. I loved it that they didn't do the whole happy family, I mean every family has problems. So I was glad that they did something a little more realistic. The ending was very shocking, I really did not see that coming. I mean what was that woman thinking. I will never understand some people. This episode had enough action in it, and humor to keep it a real NCIS episode. Especially love the scene where Kate is in the shower and Tony is also in the bathroom, that was funny.
  • The scene between Tony and Kate in the bathroom was truly outrageous!

    A female navy pilot is targeted by terrorists and the team must protect her and her family from another attack. I loved the interaction between the agents and the children they each were protecting. Poor Tony! He never seemed to hit it off with the boy. In fact to make matters worse, the kid seemed to like computer game playing McGee. Kate, on the other hand, was able to overcome a bumpy start with the teen girl she was protecting by giving her a blank hall pass.

    The scene between Tony and Kate in the bathroom was truly outrageous!

    Despite the teams best effort the navy woman had to protect herself from her husband's crazy girlfriend. Her success was no surprise; after all, she was a marine.
  • When a Navy pilot is nearly blown up in the parking lot outside her grocery store the NCIS team must protect her family while the FBI tries to find the bomber.

    This was kind of a different story line in that the NCIS team has to protect a Navy pilot and her family while the FBI investigates an explosion that nearly killed her. She had accidentally dropped bombs on civilians in Afganistan and had decided to retire from the Navy. The problem was that the FBI was more interested in using the family as bait to draw out a terrorist cell than in finding the bomber. There was a great scene where Kate was taking a shower in the downstairs bathroom and was singing while, unknown to her, Tony is at the sink brushing his teeth. There was great character development in this episode, although I would have liked to Gibbs slap that boy. There was a really great plot twist at the end, too.
  • OMG I love this one episode!

    It was a very exciting episode. It has everything. I\'ve got better at figure out who was guilty and I had right, again! I love when Kate saw Tony in the shower. I really laughed my head off when I heard their conversation. I would see this episode over and over again.
  • oh this one is hilariuos..if you have had a bad day watch this one cauz the tension between tony and kate is funny.

    9.6 this chicks car blows up with the family dog in it so the ncis team gets called to investigate when they realise that they are being targeted so the team has to move in with the family for protection. then you see kate in the shower singin and tony brushing his teeth and a lot of funny stuff happens with them and then the team has a lot of trouble with the kids and not doing what they are supposed to. finally when it all ends kate becomes friends with the chicks daughter and tony and mcgee come friends with the chicks son.
  • Revealling, exciting, and hilarious! three words with sum up the entire episode.

    Revealling, exciting, and hilarious! three words with sum up the entire episode.

    The episode starts out with a family of a commander being targetted which results in Tony and Kate being sent to give the family 24 hour protection... with what could well be considered as one of the best scenes of the season commonly known by fans as "the shower scene" between tony and kate is hilarious.. the scene starts with kate singing along to 'outrageous' and tony outside brushing his teeth unknown to kate.. alls well until she finds out... resulting in Tony getting a sponge thrown in his face.. which he responds to with an "OUTRAGEOUS". doesnt get better than TATE, TATE and more TATE. Add all this with Gibbs' constant smirking or smiling at FBI Agent Reyes and you get yet another killer example of the finest show NCIS.
  • Revealing? Yes. In more ways than one...

    Okay, here's what everyone wants to hear:
    Kate showered with Tony.
    Sorry, don't get too excited, what I MEANT to say was Kate showered with Tony IN THE ROOM.
    Hilarity to the infinite power was what I saw ensue between the pair, seeing Kate's silhouette bopping behind the makeshift divider between her and Tony, both basically naked as she sang something by good-ol' Britney.
    Unexpected, yes. Unwelcome, no.
    Gotta' love your Tate.
    Classic lovable and immature Tony followed after Kate asked "Tony, how long have you been in here?"
    His response? "Long enough to know you can't sing and you haven't shaved your legs in a week."
    Ah, Tony. Our love for you is unending.
    This isn't so much an 'episode' review as a 'scene' review. My favourite scene of the whole season perhaps, and commendably so.
    What this episode/scene showed me is that Kate, although initially uncomfortable having Tony in the bathroom brushing his teeth while she's showering, is still content to continue, only after throwing a sponge at his face, tossing him a sharp glare and retreating back behind the flimsly, plastic curtain.