Season 11 Episode 23

The Admiral's Daughter

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 06, 2014 on CBS

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  • Weird story but Tony at his best

    I loved Tony in this episode! He got rid off that girl for a while, and he immediately showed how good NCIS still could be without her. Also loved Palmer and was happy for him finally becoming a dad.

    But - I disagree that Amanda would be a much better choice than Bishop. Too young, not really believable as an undercover agent. When she was playing the party girl I liked her but I wasn't all too keen on the twist when she turned out to be an agent. (By the way I really loved the scene in the bus).

    But - the storyline was horrible. Bringing home an admiral's daughter for being naughty - a job for NCIS-agents? Everyone at the Marseille's office had been shot JUST RIGHT before Tony arrived there? The French police woman was the killer? The case in DC and the case in Marseille were connected, and Tony was sent to Marseille at the same time Hazan was found dead in DC? How did Amanda call her party friends when she had broken her phone right before? How could they message Tony the names and the backgrounds of Hazan and Amir via that app? How did they get the car and back to Marseille? How did Gibbs know exactly where they were when Tony didn't contact him again? I could go on with that for a while. So, lousy storyline but I enjoyed this episode, though, because there was so less Bishop. It was a highlight when Vance asked her, "Why are you here"? Good question! :D
  • Finally Tony gets to be an agent

    Tony got released from Bishop Babysitting duty, and surprise! he's a real agent again. Great Tony episode. He had more chemistry with Amanda in one episode than he had in 16 episodes with Bishop. Overall this was the best episode of a really lousy season.
  • The Admiral's Daughter

    Amanda could have fit right in with NCIS if they wanted to make her a full-time character. This was one of the season's strongest episodes though. Great work with DiNozzo and Amanda, and a great story about dealing with corruption overseas and the difficulty of being on the run no matter where you are.
  • Woulda Coulda Shoulda.....

    I have to admit that Meg Steedle (The Admiral's daughter) would have made a better replacement for Ziva than Emily Wickersham. I've given Wickersham plenty of time to fit in, however there is just something not right with the way she portrays her character. Unfortunately, she's probably firmly entrenched within the cast and there's probably no hope that she'll move on anytime soon or at all. I've seen a half dozen women pass through storylines, all of which could have been a good replacement for the character of Ziva. I have to wonder if Wickersham is a close relative of someone higher up.
  • DiNozzo Shines in Marseilles

    Best episode of the season. Tony can really shine when he has a strong woman to play off of. I loved everything about this episode. Autopsy Gremlin . Palmer's discovery of Tony's message was a creative and fun touch. As much as I enjoyed the show I still feel Bishop is a false note to the show. Some fans like her but a large number don't. Why would NCIS bring back a character that is so divisive to fans for Season 12? But it seems that have decided to do just that for reasons I cannot understand. In any case loved t his episode and next season NCIS may not be my go to show anymore but I will probably still check in now and then especially for episodes like this one.
  • Seriously?

    Once again, Michael Weatherly saves the episode, but come on !!!!!!!!! There are so many inconsistencies and it is so utterly predictable that I don't know where to start. This show ( and the fans) deserve better scripts !!!

    First as soon as you see French characters you know they're bad and/or incompetent as in almost any Tv show. So no big twister here!!!

    Second it is illegal to carry weapons in France even (especially) for foreign law enforcment officers, just like in the . or almost any country in the world. I would love to see an overseas cop try to enter the United States with a gun. He or She would probably end up in Gitmo!!!!

    Third the app. As soon as you see them playing you know it is going to be important in the episode. When Tony gets framed and stuck with a bunch of socialites..... Well you get it.

    I could go on but I'll stop.

    I love the show. I love the chracters. The actors are doing great job even though the scripts are getting little easy in my opinion.

    This was the worst season so far. I really hope the writing improves next season or I'm done.

  • It's Marseilles!

    Paris was for Tony and Ziva.

    Amanda (Meg Chambers Steedle, the admiral's daughter) would have been a better choice than Bishop if they wanted someone for the younger crowd.

    It's Marseilles! Stop saying "Paris"! France is more than one city! Sheesh.

    Great episode.
  • Tony was surprisingly good

    This was one of the few episodes that Tony was not "written" as being the "office/class clown". He was actually acting grown-up! The story line was just okay. I was more impressed by Tony's acting in this one.
  • okay story but ...

    Wish something --- ANYTHING - would happen to McGee. Hate that he's such a last minute thought in the scripts. He's never hurt and they can't seem to figure out his character.
  • Good one

    I really enjoyed this week's. Bishop is settling in slowly I think
  • "Am I being punked?"

    This episode was smart and well-written. I am definitely enjoying NCIS fully again.
  • Brilliant! Unique!

    This was a standout episode for me - it was intense from the start with an interesting scene before we flash back 36 hours and pick up the story from there. I really loved particularly the use of the game app to communicate - it was so clever and unique, I really loved that!

    I really liked the scenes in Europe as well - it ws a great episode and the storyline took a few turns I wasn't expecting.

    Overall, definitely a memorable episode! I really enjoyed it!
  • Best show ever

    I loved the episode. Classic NCIS.
  • Tony Goes To Paris

    First off, I am getting sick of people giving low ratings simply because they don't like Bishop and miss Ziva. I miss Ziva too and wish Cote would come back. This show is still a great show even with Ziva gone even though I haven't warmed up to Bishop either( though don't hate her like other fans do).

    Anyway to the episode, good episode. Only negative being the dirty cop was way too easy to spot. Besides that one obvious twist, I enjoyed it. I wish there was time for Tony to reminisce about his last time in Paris and start an email convo with Ziva about it, but oh well.

    The way Tony got word out was creative and enjoyed it. The spoiled brat ending up being a spy was a decent twist. Happy for Palmer for finally becoming a dad.
  • Good Episode... except for....

    I've read a lot of the 'reviews' posted here and am rather surprised at all the negative comments concerning the Bishop character. I'm not overly fond of her either, but I do think she had some good moments in past episodes if not so much in this one. The thing that bothers me the most (and this is very trivial) is those BLACK eyebrows! LOL! Yeah, really..... she has pretty, blonde hair and a fair complexion to go with, which makes those black eyebrows look completely ridiculous, which makes her much less believable as a NCIS agent. Sorry, folks, I know it's nit-picking, but there it is.

    As for this episode in general, I thought it was pretty good. Perhaps not up to normal NCIS standards, but interesting enough to keep me watching. Tony was exceptional in this one, and I really did like the Admiral's daughter. I do agree that she would make a much more believable agent than Bishop, and do hope that maybe this episode was a lead-in for making her a permanent part of Gibbs' team.

    I've been an avid follower of NCIS since its inception, and have no plans to stop watching just because of one agent I don't care for. I'm surprised and disappointed to see that some who've posted here will give it up because of that one actor. Not true fans, I suppose. I, for one, am in for the long haul and am glad there will be at least one more season.

  • Fun with Tony!

    I loved the episode. I think the whole season has been very good. I'm so sick of the Bishop-bashing by a few, but very loud "fans". An average of 17 million watch the show on a weekly basis. If Bishop is as terrible as these "fans" claims the ratings would drop. Just remeber how McGee was in the beginning. He was insecure and not very cometent. He grew with the team. Give Bishop a chance as well. The team like her. And the cast and crew also likes Emily Wickesham. They wouldn't make her a regular otherwise. I think this hate for her is bullying. Especially when the comments are about her eyebrows, hair and when the question how she got the job.

    As for the episode, I want that symbol-game! The twist with the admiralsdaugher was surprising. I didn't see that one comming. Happy news for Jimmy and Breena. Let them have this child and be happy. One of the team deserves that. Looking forward to the finale where they will pay tribute to the late Ralph Waite.
  • Day of the Condor

    DiNozzo is framed for murder while trying to extract the daughter of a high ranking admiral. the team finds out the daughter is connected to other killings while they try to help/find Tony, who is being chased by corrupt French cops. They use a cool app to communicate, and Jimmy gets good news. And Abby gets a Kat-Pow for the first time in what seems like FOREVER!


    And they just announced that they have the full cast re-signed for 2 more years. That may be the end date, and if it is I am sure they are already planning a send off that covers 2 seasons. I am hoping it is not. I want 3, maybe 4 more years. Beyond that I am fine with it ending.
  • Admiral's daughter average at best - which means it is the best this season!!!!!

    I own the DVD's with every season up to now. This year I am not getting the DVD unless it is part of a bundle.

    The Admiral's Daughter is the best episode they have had this season. Most of the episodes have been embarrassingly bad.

    Sad to see a good show lose it's way.

    If next season starts out like this one the show won't make it to the halfway point:(
  • Good Episode

    When Rocky Carroll said to Bishop why are you here I was thinking the exact same thing. The show was better before she can along when it was just Gibbs, Tony and Tim. Give us the other Abby from The Coast Guard, she would fit better on the team.
  • GG needs to go if he thinks fans will like the changes this season!

    Just as bad as almost every episode this season! GG has no idea what fans want or just doesn't care. When is he and CBS going to get it through their thick skulls that most fans want Bishop gone ASAP! GG thinks this season was stellar, which shows how clueless he is, as ratings are down from last year and I have never seen so many negative reviews posted by fans any other season but this one. Ratings have dropped so far in France that NCIS has already been cancelled!
  • Very good show mainly with Tony D. BUT

    the downfall was whenever the new little agent was in it. What about her comment 'oohh, I knew that" - Very childish sounding...

    Everyone else did well & I especially like the admiral's daughter - much more so when she let Tony know she was also an agent & ACTED LIKE ONE. - not at all like the new little agent...

    Actually, I figured this daughter would be sooooooooooo much better as a Gibb's Team member...

    But because of the little girl agent, the ratings go down.

    I keep wondering, HOW in the World did this little girl get the part - WHO does she know.........

    Because she DID NOT get the part for her talents as an NCIS agent.