Season 2 Episode 5

The Bone Yard

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 26, 2004 on CBS

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  • A undiscovered dumping ground for dead bodies, what more can the mafia ask for?

    Kate's more than a little scary and has issues – what she did to McGee was like kicking a puppy. It was hilarious when Tony and Kate make McGee walk in front of them, staying well back.

    Fornell being the mole is ridiculous – he's the FBI's version of Gibbs.

    Getting hacked – the computer geniuses don't even think to pull out the power cable.

    Tony and Kate undercover at the clinic were brilliant – it's worrying that they were so convincing as white trash.

    Gibbs is unorthodox but gets the job done. Grabbing the son and faking Fornell's death to expose the mole, he comes off as a renegade yet stays (mostly) within the law.

    Perhaps not a favourite episode but very good.
  • Expect unexpected

    Ok.. that was good episode.. what had unexpected things happening from the start: I mean.. that man waking up in field what is bombed.. Abby getting hacked. Then that FBI agent coming and saying it was him.. that lead even bigger mess as that agent was thought to be mole, he killed himself.. just to walk across the office in the end. What a brilliant twist, specially as Tony and Kate were telling McGee that they got it quite long time ago, who the real mole was.

    So.. it had tension.. it had some great char moments with Gibbs.. loved the scene on the elevator and how it ended.
  • this is a great serie

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  • I don't know, I personally didn't enjoy this one as much as most others, but it is still a fairly decent episode.

    First off, I would like to mention that I found the episode slightly difficult to follow, the first time I watched it. I would recommend watching it at least twice to fully understand the story.

    The case was fairly interesting, but I don't particularly enjoy Tobias Fornell too much, and the episode was centered quite a bit around him.

    The episode did have one great element, which was to "expect the unexpected". Really, absolutely everything in this episode was unpredictable, and this did very well.

    However, I did not understand the ending and how Fornell was still alive.

    Overall, not my favorite episode, but it is still worthwhile. It is interesting, but not overly exciting and it is rather unpredictable. Good episode for me, not a great episode.
  • Another good episode !

    This episode opens with a man waking up in a car, with a dead body next to him. He realises that he is tied up and he manages to escape. We then see that he is on a training base for the army and that a bomb was just dropped on top of where he just was in the car. The NCIS team are called in and then we learn that the victim died in the bomb attack. As Gibbs investigates he discovers the other victim which was all ready dead in the car. As Abby and McGee run the prints through AFIS, their computer gets hacked. When they finally manage to trace it back they find that the FBI were hacking them. Ducky calls the team into the morgue and we learn that the first victim (the one already dead in the car), was a missing man who went missing in 1999, although it appears that he died recently. Ducky then reveals that he was killed and then frozen. The FBI leader is then arrested for being involved with the Mafia, who trapped and killed many victims on the army training base site. We then see him hanging himself in his cell. Gibbs sets up a met with the Mafia to try and find out who they really have on the FBI pay role, and to help clear the FBI leader's name.
    The FBI man on pay role was the one who Gibbs took with him as back up. At the end we see the FBI leader who hanged himself walking out of the NCIS building with Gibbs. The entire team look shocked.
  • Exciting episodes.

    I'm not too sure why, but usually when it comes to the mob I'm always interested. And that counts for this episode as well.

    I've always been fascinated between the relationship of Gibbs and FBI Agent Fornell. I think it's a very weird relationship, because they show it in a strange way, but they are certainly friends ( well in my opinion then). When Fornell hung himself in this cell, I was really shocked cause I didn't see it as a thing that Fornell would do, so I was glad when it turned out to be a setup. End the shocked faces on Kate, McGee and Tonys' faces was hilarious. I did have my suspicion about who the mole in the FBI was, and I was right about that, so it didn't came as a surprise to me.
  • The main storyline of this episode is alright but it is the bits in between which make this episode so great.

    The main plot is a mafias bone yard. There is also a subplot containing the F.B.I. centring around the 2nd coming of Gibbs- Agent Fornell. A connection and well yes friendship is formed in this episode as the agents of 2 different organisation come together. All the characters personalities are reinforced in this one episode which makes it enjoyable even to those who arent regular watchers of the show. The relationships between the members of N.C.I.S. are also highlighted in this particualr episode. While there is all this goin on though the credit really must go to Tony and Kate. Tony does a fantastic job of ....just being classic Tony, a loveable moron i guess you could say and the relationship between Tony and Kate is stressed bringing humouress consequences. An altogether good episode worth watching more than once.
  • Really good episode with HIlarious parts

    This is one of those episodes that I never tire of watching. The opening explosions were very well done. I always love scenes with the team training together so the part with Tony boxing with Gibbs and Kate grappling with McGee were priceless. "They teach fighting!" CLASSIC When they get to the field and Tony and Kate make the poor Probie walk point continues with the lovely hazing that they put him through. The investigation itself really does keep your attention. I didn't like that other FBI guy from the start. McGees idea to get the DNA is brilliant and the scene at the clinic is one of my favorites from the whole series. HEEHEE They really do act like they belong on Jerry Springer. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Gibbs' tactics to reveal the mole were genius. I loved the primer cord! The big reveal at the end was good, cuz I remember when I first watched the show that my jaw was on the ground when they walked around the corner.
  • Watch this episode. It's very well written.

    Bone Yard was intriguing from beginning to the end.

    It started with an undercover FBI agent being tied up in a car at the navy bomb testing site. He frees himself from his restraints only to be blown up by a bomb before it can be recalled.

    Fornell and Agent Gibbs pull together to find a mole in the FBI who has been leaking sensitive information to the mob, leading to the death of the undercover FBI agent. The people in charge think that it is Fornell. Fornell asks Gibbs to prove he is innocent. The scene between Gibbs and Fornell in the elevator is dramatic mixed with slight humour.

    What I liked about this episode was that the acting was great, the plot was amazing, and there was an interestng twist in the end.
  • The NCIS team finds a place where the mob has been dumping bodies for a long time, and one of the victims is an undercover FBI agent. The FBI suspect a mole and arrest Fornell. Gibbs sets out to find the real mole and clear Fornell.

    thoroughly enjoyed this episode it was so refreshing to see Kate appear to be top girl, kicking msgee where it hurt, Tony still getting hit by Gibbs, but it was great to see Mark take a bit more compassion, he was good when talking to Fornell, and figuring out how he was gonna get him out of the "basement, but more light".The bit where he was going to devulge his ex-3 wifes names and address's was as you would say classic. The final closing scenes just make you know how much of a pro MH is in acting. this as I have said is prob one of the best yet.
  • When an unknown man is killed on a gunnery range at Quantico the NCIS team is hurled into a maze of Mafia Mooks, undercover FBI agents and a mole.

    I really enjoyed this episode. The scene where Jimmy Naps threatened to "kill your brothers, your uncles, your father and then after the funerals" to kill Gibbs engendered a classic line from Gibbs. "No brothers, no uncles, my father passed years ago. I do have 3 ex-wives and I will gladly fax their names and addresses on to you." The interplay between Gibbs and FBI Agent Fornell was an interesting look into the make up of both characters and touching on a gruff, manly sort of level. The plot twists kept me guessing to the end. Another great episode in a great series.
  • A man suspected of being a Mafioso is killed on a military firing range. Gibbs and the team discover more bodies and more mysteries when they bump up against the FBI yet again.

    Great opening sequence, with the victim of the ep. trying to outrun a Navy fighter dropping fire on the range, with inevitable results. The NCIS team are soon presented with more mysteries, as FBI agent Tobias Fornell is arrested on suspicion of being a Mafia mole. Nice juxtapositions of humour and emo with great suspence; the sparring session in the gym is priceless. The climatic scene where Gibbs goes to meet a high-ranking Mafioso and pick up the mole in exchange for releasing the man's son, arrested on other charges, is oe of the most entertaining in the series so far for showing Gibbs' coolness in a deadly situation. Since I viewed this ep for the first time after season 4 began, I already expected the last scene, but for those viewing the program's episodes in sequence, it must have been a nice twist.
  • A man wakes up to find himself in a car with a dead body on a bomb range.

    A man wakes up to find himself in a car with a dead body on a bomb range. He tries to run away because he hears that the bombs are going to drop (on a radio in the car), but he lost the outrunning of the bombs. At the beginning You see with the team a fighting training. Tony is with Gibbs and looses and Kate is with Gibbs who kicks McGee's butt (figuritively) and something else, literally! They then go to check out the crime scene. They soon find out the Mafia is connected to the 'bone yard' Fornell is surprising in this episode! Hinky! :P