Season 1 Episode 5

The Curse

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 2003 on CBS

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  • Team work

    Good episode with an interesting case. Good interaction with Agent Wilson, liked the tension between him and Gibbs. The ep. also illustrates the investigative skills of the team. They really worked together, especially in the end when even Agent Wilson joined them. THAT's what's missing in season 11, writers, that everyone in the team brings in something, and not one clever girl solves it all and is oh-so-smart! Apart from the things I mentioned in the reviews before it's still an episode I like.
  • Old murder

    So.. a body is found in aircraft carrier cargo (what's the right term?). Anyway.. they have old case, old investigator who did not do his job well, and some interesting suspects. And did I mentioned there was big sum of many involved? So, that all created quite intense atmosphere and it's always tricky to figure out those old cases. And the whole mummy thing added to it. The talks about curse and the tension there was between Gibbs and that old investigator. But I totally understand it.

    But.. in the end.. from the minute we saw that woman.. we knew it will be her.. so.. it was only to figure out how to connect her to the evidence.. Maybe expected something more.
  • An interesting mystery solved ten years later.

    Another piece to the Tony puzzle – he's been with NCIS two years. I find it interesting that we've gotten info about Tony in every episode so far, whereas not for anyone else, even Gibbs. Can I hope this is leading up to a proper revelation about how Gibbs met Tony? Why else would they be dealing out clues?

    Owens is an embarrassment as an agent – his entire investigation consists of one line and a really fast two day search of a carrier.

    Kate is showing a disturbing tendency to jump to conclusions – this isn't the first time and I'm disturbed to say it won't be the last.

    I think this is the first episode where Tony starts calling Gibbs 'boss'?

    Now this was a fun episode, an old mystery which has to be pieced together.
  • Not the best, but still worthwhile.

    Well, for starters, The Curse did provide some great quotes, most notably:

    Tony: Radar Intercept Officer. Also called a GIB's, one B. Stands for Guy In Back.
    Kate: Why do you need two B's?
    Gibbs: Second one's for 'bastard'.

    Well, apart from the great quotes that this episode provides, the episode was quite suspenseful and quite interesting. If you have a queasy stomach or have just eaten, I don't recommend watching this episode because of the mummified body!

    The story to this episode was not my favorite, but I still enjoyed watching the NCIS team in action.

    This episode is truly one full of great quotes, and I felt that mentioning one was necessary, to really show you my opinion of this. I would highly recommend reading this episode's quotes, because there are some great ones!

    To conclude, add a more interesting case, toss in the great humour of this episode, and you produce pure magic!
  • A mummified body of a Navy Lieutenant is found in a F14 cargo pod in the middle of a forested area. NCIS is tasked with finding out who and what this body from ten years earlier was doing in the pod and why he was killed before being dropped in the pod.

    Great comeback episode from the prior week. This was one solid show with great performances all the way around. Especially cameos by David Ramsey as Special Agent Owens and Melora Hardin as Ensign Erin Toner the Black Widow.

    What a great job of deductive thinking and presumptive work to put together the intricacies of this case. Everyone except Ensign Toner was dead at this point and without a little bit of slight of hand they never would have got her. Agent Todd especially bluffing about the call back to duty to testify was a brilliant bluff that got her to come voluntarily. The faking of the print on the murder weapon in Mexico was the coup de grace in this case. She confessed in front of six NCIS officers without being coerced. I would say that would hold up in military court.

    Also the clearing of Navy Lieutenant Mark Shills whose body was mummified can now be cleared and his wife and daughter can be properly compensated for his loss as well as the changing of his dishonorable discharge to died in the line of duty is huge. What a terrible thing to have had to live with when it wasn't true all of that time.

    The only hole in the story I could see was why Ensign Toner thought she could hide from the authorities using a fake winning lottery. You would have to think they would follow up on that kind of lead. Of course you know what they say about criminals. If they were all that smart they wouldn't get caught. A wonderful episode with great dialogue, well written, and a terrific ensemble cast. Episodes like this would have to make real fans out of the viewers of this show.

    Thanks for reading...
  • Not my favourite but still a good episode

    This episode opens with a body being found inside of an aircraft drop tank. The team go to investigate taking Ducky with them. The body has been mummified. They take the tank with the body still inside back to the lab. Abby and the team open it up. Ducky discovers that he was murdered and then put into the tank.

    Kate tracks down the wife who is now re-married and sets off to go and get her. From the visit we learn that she and Mark (the victim) had a daughter together, who he never got to see. Her new husband worked with Mark and never told his wife that he knew Mark before he went missing. One of the main suspects in Mark's murder, has been cleared as she doesn't have the stolen money, she instead won the lottery. It later discovered that she won $37,000 not $2 million as she said. It is discovered that he was killed and his body was put in an orange mail bag, after he was made to open the safe. His body was then dumped into the tank and dropped. The team learn that she (the murderer) then later on killed her accomplice, and won the lottery 2 days later.
  • This episode will slap you upside the head...

    Everyone has slid comfortably into their characters. The interaction between colleagues, such as the sign language between Abby and Gibbs, DiNozzo's headslaps, and Ducky's recaps of memories-- past cases, or other knowledge.

    I reckon this episode had a decent plot. Tony trying to find out Gibbs' age was a hilarious moment that had me laughing till my eyes started to weep.

    There are too many wonderful quotes which made me laugh out loud for instance, "Don't strain your eyes Gibbs" by DiNozzo that was slipped in just at the right time. Top notch acting, writing and directing.

    Oh, by the way, the red-head at the end of the episode, this is what the third time I have seen her pick Gibbs up after finishing a case, who is she?
  • You have to love the interaction...

    Personally, this episode in particular is a must-see if you're a fan of the inner-team dialogue. What with the beautiful sign language between Abby and Gibbs and the headslap for DiNozzo, an NCIS fan would think they were in heaven.

    I reckon that although this episode had a decent plot, the main aim was to show the character interaction. Tony trying to find Gibbs' age was a hilarious moment that had me telling all my friends about.

    There were many memorable quotes which made me laugh out loud such as "Don't strain your eyes Gibbs" by DiNozzo that was slipped in just at the right time. Top acting, scripting and directing in this top episode.

    Absolutely loved it.
  • I loved it as much as I did Bete Noire!The Curse is fun and light.

    Great dialogue from the whole team, lots of Abby and Ducky, good and effective teamwork.Kate was brilliant in this episode.My favorite part was when Kate uncapped her coffee. I knew Gibbs was going to wake up with the smell of coffee around! And then to go and pick up Kate's cup and take a long drink from it!!! I totally loved the look on her face:D
  • A funny episode with a tricky case...

    The cast is getting more comfortable in their characters, I found anyway in this episode. Kate, seemed more laid back with the NCIS team and it was so funny watching her with the 'country clubbers'!
    Abby takes the spotlight in this episode, with her theory of the mummy's curse. And even Gibbs cracked a smile. The case may have been tricky but together the team solved it "NCIS style".
  • A dead sailor becomes part of TFOA-- how did he get there?

    Another fine episode that illustrates the excellent investigative skills of the team. A mummified sailor is found in a cargo pod that fell from a plane 10 years earlier. This dead sailor is also connected to money that went missing from the aircraft carrier where he was stationed. The NCIS team must determine how the sailor ended up in the pod and the location of the money. It's not with the sailor, so, where is it? So begins the investigation into others who could have been involved, and in the end, the team bluffs the suspect into confessing!

    This was another really great episode! I loved the competition between Tony and the other NCIS agent from Hawaii. Gibbs sarcasm reigned supreme in this ep, and Kate is still working her way into the boys' club! I love it when Gibbs puts together a bluff to trap a suspect!

    Favorite lines: "Why do you need two B's?" "The second one's for bastard."

    "Sailor on the half shell!"

  • Another puzzling case for Gibbs and his team.

    This episode, in my opinion, brought forward a lot of the human aspects of NCIS, for once they didn't all focus on Kate. In previous episodes, she has been the one to "care" about the victims, so to speak; she does it again here, but this time, it seems as though the rest of the team is equally motivated. Plus, seeing her diss the "country clubbers" was just plain hilarious. Abby also shines in this episode, and Tony and, almost surprisingly, Gibbs also contribute with some of the humor in the episode. And, of course, they solve the case at the end, with suitable flair.
  • First headslap!

    *happy* Gibbs with two b:s gave Tony his first headslap in this episode =D
    I watched the re-run today and i was starting to wonder when the headslaps started. ;)

    Realy funny when Gibbs tries to read the file right after Tony wanna know Gibbs age XP

    And why the h*ck would tony wear glasses?! first scene in the bullpen when Gibbs tell them they got a case.. realy buggs me! If anyone else has watched Dark Angel you know he wears glasses there too -.- as Logan -.-
    :p Hate Logan Love Tony
  • Sailor on the half shell.

    The Curse is an episode, full of the usual humor, about a Navy dispersing officer who turns up mummified in a cargo pod that fell off of an aircraft. This is the man who supposedly ran off with a bunch of the ship’s money. But if it’s not with him, where is it? As the team tries to track down the money and sort through suspects, they must also deal with the laid back NCIS agent that originally investigated. Once again, the best way to get a suspect to confess is through a convincing bluff. Yet another great episode of NCIS.
  • Getting better and better!

    The show is getting better and better and that it
    Has become the hit it has really become after a pretty slow start and trying to create and cave in it's own identity after JAG
    A Marine has been missing for ten years and his remains of his body have been found!
    Now the team must find out what has happened to him when he got killed as he was also carrying a millon dollars with him!