Season 1 Episode 14

The Good Samaritan

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 2004 on CBS

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  • Not a bad one.

    See Kate making funny of Tony in a 'sibling' way would be one thing but the fact she automatically assumes a FEDERAL AGENT is untrustworthy, unreliable, and can't even be used as an emergency contact. And it obviously has nothing to do with it being coworkers, because she is happy for others to do it. It just annoys me. Tony seems like one of the most reliable people on the team, just so happens to be able to keep his humour in him.

    If the FBI can just take a case if it's over state bounds, then why can't NCIS just take a case if it includes a Navy/Marine (whichever, I thought it was Navy but they deal with lots of marines). I mean if they're just being nice, fair enough, just seems like they don't have a choice sometimes.

    I actually like this case, while the 'twist' was a bit obvious, it's still an interesting idea.

    I have always liked Gerald, so I kind of have mixed feelings about with ME assistance I like more but I liked Geralds line "I 'actually' find that interesting" - opposed to what lol

    See episodes like this I don't get why the feds say "they don't know we have DNA to match it too" at this point in the episode they think it is her, and if it was her, she'd be aware that she got out of her car and took a piss.. so she KNOWS she left something behind. If it's something like finding a hair, then yes you don't know you may have left anything behind if you thought you were covered, but taking a piss? Not an accident.
  • Similar killings on secluded country roads and, at first glance, no apparent motives. A serial killer? Until the team tries a different approach. Two very valid motives pop up, along with two very valid alibis. Or are they??

    The story line starts out strong. With no apparent motives for the killings a serial killer and a copy cat seem to be the only possibilities. The conclusion that there was no copy cat makes for a valid assumption that the third killing may be the one they have to focus on. Then the team finds not only one but two strong motives for two different suspects. In the end the plot turns out to be the fact that an identical twin can provide an alibi and confuse any DNA proof found on the scene. I found this episode to be very humorous, but as far as the plot was concerned somewhat unfulfilling.
    It is stated several times over that both sisters have an airtight alibi. So if Laura Seeger went to DC between 2 and 3 to provide an alibi for Commander Green and Commander Green went to the bank between 2 and 3 to provide Laura Seeger with an alibi, then who killed James Seeger between 2 and 3 ?? The switch could only have worked if one of the 2 alibis had been found to be invalid. Furthermore, James Seeger filed a complaint against Commander Green for sexual harassment. Given the fact that we later learn that he was her brother-in-law, I would have thought it more likely that Laura Seeger would try to frame her sister for the murder of her husband. That way she also wouldn't have to split the money. But the team simply concludes Commander Green killed on behalf of her sister and that's the end of it. I think they should have perfected the plot making the storyline ironclad.
  • No good deed goes unpunished.

    This is why you don't stop for hitchhikers etc, who knows what kind of crazy you could run into – in this case, someone who wants to kill you, tie you up, leave you naked in a field.

    Can't blame the sheriff for trying – what woman *wouldn't* hit on Gibbs, he's seriously hot, that smile and those blue eyes are a killer. She's a player though – up for election, cozies up to the investigator who agrees to share jurisdiction and gets the credit.

    Twist on the 'Strangers on a Train' scenario – have your twin help you with the murders and a rock solid alibi.

    Quite a cool episode.
  • Both suspects have alibis so..?

    Ok. That was episode I felt was weaker than usual. I cannot say the case was not confusing or mystery enough: it was. But the mystery did not caught me and that sheriff just annoyed me. How more obvious can you make it?

    The woman.. and her twin.. That was a twist but it was not as ground rocking as I was hoping as both of the women had alibis and I was wondering how one forged it. And when Kate said, she has it. I hoped it to be something really shocking. Twin is not shocking.. maybe it even feels like easy way out.

    And the whole way the episode was build. It was not bad, but it was not intriguing too. The only part what I felt was really intriguing was the way the woman took. She was probably huge control freak and she was ready to everything.. until the end.
  • Another incredible episode!

    This episode was almost as good as its predecessor! I absolutely loved watching this one, because the ending was a twist you could never see coming, which is always great to have!

    The team attempt to hunt down a possible serial killer, but their main suspects have valid alibis.

    I thought that this case would be too difficult for the team to solve, but I was proven wrong. I was so surprised at the end, when the killer was unveiled. I was really shocked and surprised!

    This episode is a must-see for NCIS fans. It has a great case with an unexpected twist, which you will never see coming. I thoroughly enjoyed this one, and I think others will too!
  • A very good episode, with a unexpected twist.

    This episode opens with a woman broken down in her car by the side of the road and a man stops her help her and when he shows her his ID she pulls a gun on him. The NCIS team are called in and the Sheriff in charge of the scene seems to have a thing for Gibbs. The team discover that the victim had an obsession with collecting lunchboxes.

    Two county's over another victim is found dead, and his death is the exact same as the first one. The prime suspect is one of the victim's soon to be ex-wife, but she has an alibi. They also have another suspect who is the bases doctor, who also has an alibi for the time of the last murder. They follow the soon to be ex-wife and discover that despite her alibi she was the killer and when she gets into the car her twin sister is there. The twins had been killing people for each other.
  • Another one of my favorites. The outcome is nothing like you suspect.

    Lieutenant Commander stops to render aid to a woman stuck on the side of the road. After identifing himself and telling the lady he does not carry a gun, she shoots him.

    We knew the killer was a woman from the opening scene. Once the second murder took place and the NCIS team went to interview the wife, my suspicion fell on her, the voice sounded very similar to the one we heard at the beginning of the episode. When NCIS went to Laura's house to search based on the DNA results, she points the finger at Commander Green. Although Green did raise an eyebrow, I was not sold on her.

    Of course, when we went to arrest our suspect we found Laura in the car waiting for someone, anyone. After Gibbs puts her in the car, you see another individual, I thought Green. Turns out it was Laura and the person NCIS was arresting was her twin sister.

    When everyone was talking about Swiss Army knives it triggered something for me. I could not put my fingre on it for the longest then, I remember reading that actor Michael Weatherly's (Tony DiNozzo) father was the one that made it big with the Swiss Army Knives.
  • "Feisty and psychic, It's a killer combination."

    This was a pretty funny episode, alot of the humor came from Gibbs and Charlie's interaction

    Multiple victims show up after they each appear to have stopped to fix a flat tire. But as the team uncovers the evidence around the final victim, they realize that all the other murders were committed to cover up the killers motive. In the end, the guilty one comes as quite a suprise.
  • The victims appear to have been killed when they stopped to fix a flat, but all is not what it seems.

    This was a pretty funny episode, with most of the humor coming from Gibbs' interaction with the local female sheriff. Multiple victims show up after they each appear to have stopped to fix a flat tire. But as the team uncovers the evidence around the final victim, they realize that all the other murders were committed as a cover up. The team is able to shatter a suspect's alibi in the most interesting of ways. In the end, the guilty one comes as quite a suprise. Gibbs really met his match in this episode with Sheriff Charlie. What a brash woman! She was completely unfazed by Gibbs' rough exterior and determined to get the credit for solving the case. Tony and Kate's reactions to the sheriff were pretty funny, too.

    Favorite lines: "Don't say anything, Dinozzo." "I wasn't going to. "Don't even think it." "Too late."

    "Did you run..." "Run it through AFIS?" "Feisty and psychic." "It's a killer combination."
  • Funny show indeed!

    I thought that the sheriff that was on there that
    Charley was very funny and also very helpful as she
    And Gibbs had some romantic intentions and it is a shame
    That she hasn't been invited back. Hopefully that she will be as the team investigates a navy dentist who was killed while trying to help a stranded motorist. But instead, the wife may have hired the motorist to kill her husband!
  • A serial killer targets Navy personnel.

    This episode offers everything we\'ve come to love about NCIS. There is suspense, plot twists, good-natured bickering, and stories from Ducky. In this episode, Gibbs is actually in a good mood despite being chased after by an overly aggressive female sheriff. And Abby, who is funny on a normal day, is feisty today. Navy personnel are being executed, stripped, tied up, and left by the road. Both suspects have an airtight alibi. In NCIS fashion, two of the murders are a ploy. It is an elaborately staged scene to cover up a murder motivated by sheer greed. And you won’t believe how the murderer arranged for an alibi!
  • Funny episode

    A navy dentist is shot & killed after he stops to help a stranded motorist. The team want to investigate but the local sherif Charley doesn't want their help & wants to try solve the murder herself because it's an election year. Gibbs gets her to co-operate with them & while they're investigating the killer strikes again.

    The wife is their first suspect but she has a perfect alibi. But Kate works out how the wife mannaged to kill her husband.

    The Sherif Charley has a crush on Gibbs, and throughout the episode he's trying to avoid her but finds it impossible.