Season 2 Episode 2

The Good Wives Club

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 05, 2004 on CBS

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  • Pretty good episode. Some quibbles.

    I'm a big fan of the show and liked the episode, as usual, for the characters, camaraderie, banter, humor, etc.

    I'd like to take the opportunity here to list some quibbles, which apply to many other episodes as well:
    ¶ after discovering the first bunker with the dead woman in a wedding dress, it was a big guess for Kate to assume that the murderer was a serial killer who wouldn't stop killing till he found his perfect "wife."

    ¶ it seemed far-fetched to take the whole team down South to a Naval base there, where there is a missing female petty officer, largely because they found a Southern beetle in the first bunker. But again, I guess NCIS has time and money to burn.

    ¶ it seemed wasteful (to me) from a time and expense perspective for Kate to reconstruct the bunker at NCIS headquarters.

    ¶ although there were a few other clues mentioned, one of the main reasons for Gibbs' suspecting the cleric is that he might have worn silk "shawls", and a thread of silk was found in the first bunker. A "thin thread" for an assumption if there ever was one! When Gibbs and Kate approached the cleric the second time, it was foolish for him to shoot himself -- after all, what evidence could they have against him?

    ¶ Gibbs had no good reason to RUSH the expensive full throttle search for the missing woman at the end -- based on his far-fetched assumption that the cleric would turn off the oxygen again, or that he had time to turn it off.

    ¶ finally, I am glad that Gibbs (and the others) have mellowed some since the early seasons. I seem to find a lot of unnecessary, mean, nasty jibes thrown at each other in early seasons. For example, when Gibbs announces he is going to interview the missing woman's roommate, the female NCIS officer comments that she already did this. Gibbs gives her a condescending look, and merely says "yeah" and leaves for his interview. He could have made a more considerate remark to spare the woman's feelings.

    Still, I liked the episode.
  • Playing home

    That episode had quite a different case.. and quite a scary one. The whole concept behind it and that man took his own life instead letting others know where she is. That was something really cruel.. not that what he did was less cruel but.. That disturbed me quite much.

    And I loved the little twist when Tony found her. That she was messed up by that chaplain and attacked Tony. And somehow the whole Tony vs McGee tension and whose name is named first. It was weird to see Tony so unsecured as that was McGee's part. And I felt some moments it went way too far. Maybe that will be their new way of dynamic and I just have to get used?
  • One of my favourite episodes.

    This is easily one of my favourite episode of the series to date and of the series total. It's fascinating, creepy and bizarre. As if the story couldn't get more disturbing, Swain – already obsessed with finding 'the right man' – develops Stockholm Syndrome. Poor Tony, getting cracked over the head just as he 'rescues' her.

    McGee's first day as an official field agent. It's made Tony paranoid. I've noticed before that Gibbs plays with Tony's head sometimes and I actually think the 'name order' thing Tony got so upset about was actually deliberate – witness the psychological effect it had on Tony at the end.

    This is also not a flattering episode for Tony – Tony is even more obnoxious than usual. Strangely enough, his chauvinistic attitude actually *does* help him get in the suspect's head. From a character POV, it's a smart thing to do – a character must have flaws and this episode showcases Tony's.
  • An unusually entertaining episode.

    First off, I felt that this episode was really weird. It was really different to anything they have shown us before, but I thought it was extremely odd.

    Having said that, I thought it was a very funny episode, with two great quotes. I really loved the quote after Gibbs introduced the agents and said DiNozzo's name last. That was hilarious!

    I also enjoyed the quote about Jane's daughter being anorexic. That was just as funny!

    This episode probably contains the best humour to this point, it is also quite interesting, and has a quite weird ending.

    Overall, I recommend this episode to those who enjoy humour. Very funny. Great job, NCIS!
  • Another one of my all time favourites

    When a house is being torn down on a navy base, the construction men discover a dead body. When NCIS are called in they discover that there is a tunnel beneath the house. The body is found in a wedding dress and it tied up within the secret room. When further investigating is done it is discovered that the body belonged to a missing NCIS officer who had disappeared 18 months before. Ducky put hr time of death at about a year ago. The NCIS team then learn that another officer is also discovered missing and that she went missing over 4 months away. Further into the investigation leads the lead to the priest, who is now the main suspect. When they go back to re interview him, he kills himself. When they go to his home to investigate tony discovers a photo album hidden in his vinyl player which has all photos of the murderer with his victims. From the photos they are lead to an abandoned army bunker and it is there that they find his last victim. Tony finds her and as he phones Gibbs to inform him she hits Tony over the head and knocks him out. We then learn that she is suffering from Stockholm syndrome.
  • Indeed a fine example of why I watch this show.

    Very creepy episode, and I agree with Tony This is really sick. Stephen King'd love it. That's so true, and you know what does mean.

    This episode was very weird/ strange, but then in a good way. There was also some humor into it, but that's true for almost all NCIS episodes.

    The fact that the latest kidnap victim, formed a bond with her kidnaper was both quite sad/ freaky and very realistic. I wasn't really expecting that, but that does happing in real live, so I l liked the fact that they put it in of their episodes. All in all, a weird, yet very good episode.
  • Construction men are driving a truck over the dirt when suddenly the ground starts to seep in making a small opening. When one of the men looks down in the hole he finds a mummified body in a wedding dress.

    I am very agressive whe it comes to what men want for and from women. Why can women not have dreams and wish to be treated or paid the same as her male colleages? Why do men think that women are suppose to stay home take care of the house, children, laundry, and dinner? Men could stay home and do all that too!

    On a different note! I love classics, such as cars, and movies!

    I did like the episode! The producers seem to be making Tony to be a solid character. He is a collector, watches oldies, he has a sense of humor, and loves women. I have not see anything I do not like about Tony or NCIS.
  • A mummified remains of a woman are found in the abandoned compound. The team discovers that the woman was missing for several months, was wearing a wedding dress when she died, disappeared after going to work.

    The search for the murderer leads them to Florida, where they start looking for another woman who mysteriously disappeared after going to work. One of the clues they have is, the old manual for good wifes, which of course McGee knows all about, and Tone just thinks is brilliant. The funniest bit is when Kate remakes the room and Gibbs moves the lamp 1cm, what a perfectionist. Oh and the bit Gibbs You wear the dress!!
  • Serious and humouress

    This episode was a very psychologically driven one exploring the nature of gender politics and its evolution. Tony shows himself to the be macho man but can't help but seem slightly slimey about it. McGee on the other hand seems to have realised that in order to understand women you have to read what women read, its an insight not often encountered and as shown it really attracts the ladies.

    The bride chained to the bed is a horiffic senario perfectly handled as usual, the chaplain who was doing such was troubled but clever, in not getting caught for several years, we assume. The bride they found alive was seeking a perfect relationship which hints at some of the days social problems and showed how her personal problems had affected her. Her emotions at the end are understandable.

    Tony this week also seems insecure when Gibbs call for him after McGee though it could be an ego thing, with Tony I'm not sure.
  • Exactly why I watch this series literally. This is the eppy that got me hooked, read on to find out why...

    This episode may not be the most exciting or dramatic but I love it anway. This is the very eppy which got me hooked on NCIS and obsessed. It has a very good story line and is a great example of why NCIS is praised for being original, ect. I loved it and I recommend it to anyone who loves well crafted plots!
  • Considering the usual high standard, this one was just okay.

    This episode was okay- it wasn't awful, but it didn't really float my boat. An interesting storyline but fairly slow and not well sequenced. Kate was slightly irritating and Tony acted especially sleazy. Slightly dissapointing. And did anyone else think that one of the girls looked a bit like Abby?
  • So funny but very srange. About a man who abducts girls

    About a man who abducts girls and makes them the perfect wives by locking them up under ground and forces them to read a Good wives club guide. The funny thing is Tony Dinozzo agrees with what the guide says... apart from the abduction and locking upo bit of corse!