Season 1 Episode 4

The Immortals

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 14, 2003 on CBS

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  • A bit weird but good

    Good episode with an interesting case, although with some mistakes, sometimes a bit weird, but I didn't mind. I liked that Tony had a little payback on Kate, and she got into some trouble with Gibbs. Made her less perfect and more human. Loved Abby and Ducky in this episode, and it was fine that Tony and Kate worked together in the end without any bitching. Sadly, they didn't show how they solved the problem with the cabin they had to share ... :D
  • Sometimes dead make more sense than living people.

    Ok.. fantasy game aboard a navy ships gets out of control as one sailor is found dead and soon it comes out that he has left somekind of legacy of threat behind.

    What I most say.. some parts of the episode, it felt really interesting. Loved Abby's and doctor's moments. They were just great.

    But the things on the ship.. I am not sure. At first it was really exciting but when it came out that it is about game.. it maybe got.. little weird but I think that was the point.

    And the whole thing with trying to find the threat. That was surprising.. specially where it was
  • Where's the line between fantasy and reality?

    Online gaming is a big thing these days and it's not surprising that unstable people could take it way too seriously. It does make me wonder – don't the military have to regular psych evals?

    I naturally thought Tony's attitude to telling the guy's mother is odd – then it's very well explained, that Tony never did it before.

    Kate's quite spoiled – she expects a warm welcome on board the ship then is shocked when all three agents have to share a small room. Doesn't she know how cramped military ships are and this isn't a carrier we're talking about.

    A very interesting story – a sailor who becomes so delusional about an online game that he walks off the side of a ship wearing weights around his waist. I did like that it challenge Kate's assumptions about how the guy wouldn't commit suicide just because he's catholic. It's probably a good thing it happened early, jars her out of her entrenched attitudes.

    One of the most interesting and unusual episodes of season 1.
  • Marvellous!

    This episode was another great episode of NCIS, in my opinion. The team enters the world of role playing games and why someone could kill over that.

    Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo ventures to Puerto Rico, in search of the sword that could help crack the case, while Abby attempts to play her way through the game, in order to see if there are any secrets to be found.

    I thought the story in this episode was well structured and carefully planned. We got to see more into the personalities of all the characters. The episode was also very entertaining, and I heard a couple of great quotes that I won't be forgetting anytime soon!

    Great episode!
  • A sailor is found sunk to the bottom of the sea wrapped in weights near the Bahamas. His ship had passed thru recently and Gibbs, Todd, and DiNozzo go aboard to investigate while Mallard and Sciuto work from the lab.

    Sort of a strange episode using the MMORPG rage as it basis. Two sailors are competitors in The Immortals an online role playing game and one of them takes the game a little too far.

    Todd does not believe the sailor committed suicide even though there did not seem to be a struggle in the sailors death. It's almost as if he just stepped off the deck of the ship and sank to the bottom of the sea. Which in the end is exactly what happened.

    The part with the officers swords in Puerto Rico was interesting. There always seems to be someone trying to make a quick buck in this world. In this case it ended up costing a man his life.

    I have played these game sand I believe it is possible to become delusional playing these games for hours at a time. I'm just not sure if I buy the premise of this episode in its entirety. We are suppose to believe that all of this happened on a US Navy Destroyer without any one else noticing either the game playing or the sword fighting. Unless everyone on the ship just turned a blind eye, but it didn't seem that any of the sailors were blind.

    I also wonder how the other sailor who egged the one into jumping would be handled as obviously he is an accessory to the death. It would not be murder though. Just a delusional man causing his own death. Pretty weird episode. Also, trying to blow up his Captain? Reaching! Well acted by the cast just not exactly the story line I would have followed. Thanks for reading...
  • Computer games can be deadly.....

    This episode opens with a gang of college kids on a boat and one of them dives into the ocean and finds a dead marine starring back at him. So the NCIS team are called in. During the autopsy they find that the victim had been weighed down with weights and also had a sword attached to him. The team go on board the victim's ship, to investigate further into his death. As they investigate it is still unknown if it was suicide or murder. Ducky discovers that the victim had water in his stomach and lungs. The team discover that the Seaman was playing online role playing games. We had one friend in particular on the game, who was possibly also on the ship. Abby discovers what site the victim played on and also discovers that he has a personal online website where he also kept an online diary (blog). The main suspect has an alibi for the night the victim died. After reading his diary Kate is convinced that he didn't kill himself and that he has planned something. Gibbs believes it is a bomb and goes to inform the captain. The team learn that the marine believed that he was immortal and so to prove himself he was going to swim to shore and to make his point he wore weights, after he was challenged by the main suspect. They discover that he is after the caption of the ship, and not the actual crew. As Tony and Kate race to get the skipper/caption, as they run with him and Gibbs from his room the bomb goes off. Luckily no-one was hurt.
  • A diver finds a sailor in his dress uniform with a sword around his waist on the ocean floor. Was it suicide or murder?

    It is scary when the lines between reality and fantasy become intertwined and mistaken for the other.

    As always love Tony's enthusiasm about Puerto Rico and the continued development of his brother/sister relationship with Kate. And no one but Abby could have succeeded in breaking into the world of RPG.

    When you really think about it this episode was quite disturbing realizing that there really must be people who believe their fantasy is actually reality. Let us all pray that they are not enlisted in the military!

    It was pretty nerve wracking at the end as the team are trying to figure the dead seaman's endgame before sunset.
  • "When you're a computer geek invading dungeons and fighting ogres, Jethro doesn't cut it."

    A diver finds a sailor in his dress uniform with a weight around his waist on the ocean floor. Not your typical case, of course they never are with NCIS.

    This case is hard for Kate, she strongly believes that a Catholic would never commit suicide.In the end though she learns that objectivity is key in solving crimes. Tony's love for Puerto Rico was priceless and no one but Abby could be so successful in the relm of RPG.

    I loved this episode; there was alot of drama at the end as the team was figure out the dead seaman's threat. We see that in the end the NCIS team always comes out on top!
  • A look into the dangers that come when the lines between reality and fantasy are blurred...

    A diver finds a sailor in his dress uniform with a weight around his waist on the ocean floor. Was it suicide or murder? This case becomes highly emotional for Kate as she desperately tries to prove that a strong Catholic would never commit suicide and Gibbs as he tries to teach Kate the importance of emotional detachment during investigations. Loved Tony's enthusiasm about Puerto Rico and the continued development of his brother/sister relationship with Kate-- even though I was always hoping for a romantic development between them! And no one but Abby could have succeeded in breaking into the world of RPG.

    Ultimately, this episode was quite disturbing as the realization dawns that there really must be people who can't separate between fantasy and reality. I just pray that there aren't actually some in the military!

    I really did like this episode-- it was pretty intense at the end as the team was racing against the clock to figure the dead seaman's endgame. But in the end, nothing and no one can escape the investigative skills of the NCIS team!
  • the team investigates a body found at the bottom of the ocean. they come to find the man was a little whacked out. the ending becomes intense as they're trying to figure out what this whacked out person placed aboard the ship he was a part of.

    i personally loved this episode. it centered around a computer game. i love computer games. so it really interested me. we find that 1 out of the 2 men aboard the ship was completely whacked out and dylusional. it's amazing, cuz i somewhat know how it is to really get involved with a computer game. and it wouldn't surprise me if a person is depressed enough that a computer game becomes their life and distorts their view of reality. and like i said, the ending started to get very intense as the team had a small amount of time to figure out what the seaman put aboard the ship. awesome episode.
  • This is an okay episode, not the best though.

    This is an okay episode, not the best though . A man is found at the bottom of the ocean. With a sword, (which Ducky demonstrates with) He was been weighed down. The guy was part of an online game that may have had some reason to the cause of his death.
  • Why is a sailor weighted at the bottom of the ocean in full dress uniform?

    The Immortals is an up close look into the world of online role playing games. An actual death because of an online game? I’m surprised the two seamen involved passed their psych tests when they enlisted. Either way, it’s still a fun episode. We get to see Tony’s child-like excitement at the prospect of visiting Puerto Rico, watch Abby get worked up fighting the ogres to get into the castle, and see Kate start to come into her own as an NCIS agent while learning to put personal feelings aside during an investigation. During which time Gibbs is trying to solve a case with the ship’s personnel being evasive. It’s really a fun episode to watch despite the senseless death portrayed.
  • Great show thanks to wit and charm

    The show is great due to wit and charm and
    Also the chemistry of the actors and their characters as
    A seaman's body is washed off all due to the game
    Wizards and Warriors or something like that as the team tries to find out what caused the seaman to die due to that game. Again a great show and with great acting!
  • A good episode... not too wonderful, but good enough for me.

    An interesting episode, with plenty of laughs from Tony and Kate, as per usual...although, as a MMORPG player myself, it was pretty funny anyway. Although I was nowhere near as fanatical, and I don't do it much anymore. :) It was a good ep...certianly well- written with a clear plot and resolution. Only bad bit was that there was little of Abby.